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News and Commentary for the Week of  Dec 27 - Dec 31

Dec 31 2020 was the Year People Dug Their Own Graves, 2021 Will be... Clive Maund
Dec 31 The Top 10%'s Bubble Is About to Burst Charles Hugh Smith
Dec 31 2021 to Surpass 2020 for Precious Metals David Brady
Dec 31 Why Nick Barisheff Easily Sees The Gold Price Hitting $10,000 Nick Prou
Dec 30 Price Amplitude Arcs/Gann Suggest A Major Peak April 2021 – Pt I Chris Vermeulen
Dec 30 Quantitative Easing: The Fed’s Big Lie Dave Kranzler
Dec 30 Hi Ho, Silver! Stewart Thomson
Dec 29 In Darkness Visible James Howard Kunstler
Dec 29 2020 the "Worst Year Ever"--You're Joking, Right? Charles Hugh Smith
Dec 28 What To Expect in 2021 Part II – Gold, Silver, and SPY Chris Vermeulen
Dec 28 Christmas Awokenings James Howard Kunstler
Dec 28 The Most Hopeful Scenario for 2021 Charles Hugh Smith
Dec 28 The Psychology of Money Alasdair Macleod
Dec 28 Resource Stocks: Juniors Have Leadership Morris Hubbartt
Dec 28 Why Solar and Wind Can’t Save Us Rick Mills

News and Commentary for the Week of  Dec 20 - Dec 26

Dec 24 What To Expect in 2021 – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Dec 24 US In Advanced Economic Collapse, Already Politically Gone Paul Craig Roberts
Dec 24 Our Phantom Middle Class Charles Hugh Smith
Dec 23 2020 Finally Draws to a Close Craig Hemke
Dec 23 Christmas Good Cheer for Investors in the Chinese Stockmarkets… Clive Maund
Dec 23 Tesla Was Added To The SPX – Now What? Dave Kranzler
Dec 23 Silver Bells Ring: Are Investors In Tune? Stewart Thomson
Dec 22 The Collapse of U.S. Shale Oil Production has Now Begun SRSRocco
Dec 22 How to Prepare Your Gold & Silver Portfolio for 2021 Jeff Clark
Dec 21 The U.S. Continues To Import A Record Amount Of Silver SRSRocco
Dec 21 A Run On Gold And Silver Is Starting Dave Kranzler
Dec 21 The Next Dollar Problem has Just Arrived Alasdair Macleod
Dec 21 New Gold-Stock Upleg Adam Hamilton
Dec 21 The Gyre Widens James Howard Kunstler
Dec 21 'A 10% return isn't bad for a dull asset that doesn't do anything' James Burton

Dec 21 Gold & Silver: Candlesticks Are Positive Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Dec 13 - Dec 19

Dec 18 Metals/Miners Shifting Gears – Are You Ready...? – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Dec 18 Metals/Miners Shifting Gears – Are You Ready...? – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Dec 18 When Social Capital Becomes More Valuable Than Financial Capital CHS
Dec 18 Why Gold & Silver Are Set To CRUSH Stock Returns GoldSilverTeam
Dec 17 Can 20 Years of Deflation Be Compressed into Two Years? Charles Hugh Smith
Dec 17 Goldman Signals Gold Rally Ahead David Brady
Dec 16 Long Term Gold/US Dollar Cycles Show Big Trends For Metals – Part II Vermeulen
Dec 16 What's Behind the Coming Flood to Gold & Silver? GoldSilverTeam
Dec 16 Gold: Seasonal Rally Begins Today? Stewart Thomson
Dec 16 No Privacy, No Property: The World in 2030 According to the WEF Antony P. Mueller
Dec 15 Long Term Gold/US Dollar Cycles Show Big Trends For Metals – Part I Vermeulen
Dec 15 Brigadier Gold Hits at Picachos Rick Mills
Dec 15 Offstage Noises James Howard Kunstler
Dec 14 Custom Index Charts Suggest US Stock Market Ready For A Pause Chris Vermeulen
Dec 14 Gold, Silver, and Mining Stock FAQs Dave Kranzler
Dec 14 Gold Green-Lights Miners Adam Hamilton
Dec 14 Shocking Increase in U.S. Money Supply In Past Two Weeks SRSrocco
Dec 14 XME Miners ETF: A Winner For Investors Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Dec 6 - Dec 12

Dec 11 February 2020 COVID Breakdown Gap Acting As Support For Rally Chris Vermeulen
Dec 11 The Patience of a Goldbug David Brady
Dec 11 Chris talks about Platinum with Kerry Lutz from FSN Chris Vermeulen
Dec 10 Copper & Bonds Telegraphed the 2020 COVID Collapse Chris Vermeulen
Dec 10 Precious Metals The Foundation of A Sound Financial Portfolio Nick Barisheff
Dec 10 Why Financial Planners Shriek at My Portfolio... Jeff Clark
Dec 9 Gold's Bullish Fundamentals Craig Hemke
Dec 9 Silver Eagle Sales Blow Pass 30 Million SRSRocco
Dec 9 Gold In 2021: Will It Be Fun? Stewart Thomson
Dec 9 Friend of the Court: Original Jurisdiction Jim Willie
Dec 8 Custom Index Charts Show Clear Bullish Trending Chris Vermeulen
Dec 8 Man Bites Dog Ted Butler
Dec 7 Green Energy Double-Talk Begins SRSRocco
Dec 7 Weekend Gold Forecast December 6, 2020 GoldPredict
Dec 7 Does China Now Have More Gold Than The US? Nick Barisheff & Chris Marcus
Dec 7 Copper, the Most Critical Metal Rick Mills
Dec 7 Gold Wave Forecast – Is Gold Going To $3750 Or Higher? Chris Vermeulen
Dec 7 Silver & Junior Miners: Impressive Action Morris Hubbartt
Dec 7 Yellen’s Appointment Merges The Treasury With The Fed Dave Kranzler

News and Commentary for the Week of  Nov 29 - Dec 5

Dec 4 Inflation Roadmap Alasdair Macleod
Dec 4 Possible Global Depression by 2022 GoldPredict
Dec 4 Waiting on Confirmation That Lows Are in Place David Brady
Dec 3 In loving memory of FREEDOM 1945 to 2019 - Rest in Peace... Clive Maund
Dec 3 Silver To $32 Quickly, Then To $39 Chris Vermeulen
Dec 3 Where Is This Headed? Stimulus, Vaccines, Stocks - Total Insanity GoldSilverTeam
Dec 3 Time for a Turn Craig Hemke
Dec 2 Platinum Begins A New Rally – Gold & Silver Will Follow Chris Vermeulen
Dec 2 The Price Attack on Gold Signals More Fed Money Printing Dave Kranzler
Dec 2 Silver Eagle Sales Surge to Highest Level in Nine Months SRSRocco
Dec 2 Gold $1788: A Price Of Importance Stewart Thomson
Dec 2 News & Views December 2020 Edition Michael J. Kosares
Dec 2 Silver & Gold: Do I Buy Bars or Coins? GoldSilver Team
Nov 30 Gold: Insurance for Prudent Investors Nick Barisheff
Nov 30 Fake News Engulfs the Gold and Silver Markets Dave Kranzler
Nov 30 Early Xmas Gift From the Bullion Banks David Brady
Nov 30 How To Spot The End Of An Excess Phase – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Nov 30 How To Spot The End Of An Excess Phase – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Nov 30 Global Inflation Watch Alasdair Macleod
Nov 30 Moral Decay Leads to Collapse Charles Hugh Smith
Nov 30 Gold & Oil: Key Trades Now Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Nov 22 - Nov 28

Nov 25 Financial Sector ETF Shows Unique Island Setup – What Next? Chris Vermeulen
Nov 25 Another COMEX Price Smash Craig Hemke
Nov 25 Gold Retested $1,800 As We Forecasted Over Two Months Ago SRSrocco
Nov 25 Gold: Is It Time To Buy? Stewart Thomson
Nov 25 Bitcoin Is Free From Counterparty Risk? Not So Much Dave Kranzler
Nov 24 NQ Has Stalled Above 1.382 Fibonacci Expansion Range 3 Times Chris Vermeulen
Nov 24 A Vaccine is Coming, Sell Your Gold and Silver! Jeff Clark
Nov 23 ADL Shows Possible Upside Price Rally In Gold & Silver Chris Vermeulen
Nov 23 Weekend Gold Forecast November 22, 2020 GoldPredict
Nov 23 Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q3’20 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
Nov 23 Americans are Leading the World by Hedging Their Bets in Silver SRSRocco
Nov 23 John Williams – Hyperinflationary Great Depression Coming Greg Hunter
Nov 23 SPY/SPX Island Setups Warn Of A Potential Reversal... Chris Vermeulen
Nov 23 The Next Move for Silver and Gold Dave Kranzler
Nov 23 The Global Reset Scam Alasdair Macleod
Nov 23 XME Miners Lead. Will Others Follow? Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Nov 15 - Nov 21

Nov 20 Pitiless Human Carnivores & Bribery of Public Officials Charles Savoie
Nov 20 Pain Almost Over, Let the Gains Begin David Brady
Nov 19 Silver Market Getting Primed for Another Massive Buying Wave SRSRocco
Nov 19 The Economy, Gold, Silver and Mining Stocks Dave Kranzler
Nov 19 This Chart Signals When Gold Stocks Will Explode Jordan Roy-Byrne
Nov 18 Dow Jones E-Mini Futures Tag 30k Twice–Setting Up A Double Top Chris Vermeulen
Nov 18 Gold's Squeaky Wheel Gets Some Oil Stewart Thomson
Nov 18 Gold & Silver Mining Stocks: What % Are They Of My Portfolio? GoldSilver Team
Nov 17 The Most Remarkable Statistic in a Most Remarkable Year Ted Butler
Nov 17 Freegold Ventures: Holes 3 to 5 Solid Results and a Bit of Controversy Rick Mills
Nov 17 Is Price Inflation Guaranteed Now? These Two Charts Say Yes Jeff Clark
Nov 16 Gold’s Momentous Rally From 2000 Compared... – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Nov 16 Gold’s Momentous Rally From 2000 Compared... – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Nov 16 Weekend Gold Forecast November 15, 2020 GoldPredict
Nov 16 Gold & Silver Update: Including What’s Happening to King Copper? SRSRocco
Nov 16 Gold And Silver Under The Biden Government Dave Kranzler
Nov 16 The Monetary Logic for Gold and Silver Alasdair Macleod
Nov 16 Markets Hate Uncertainty David Brady
Nov 16 Gold Correction: Junior Miners Are Strong Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Nov 8 - Nov 14

Nov 12 Silver Eagle Sales Up Another 1 Million In November... SRSrocco
Nov 12 Recent Economic Data: More Fiction Than Fact Dave Kranzler
Nov 12 There's No Vaccine for the Coming Banking Crisis... GoldSilver Team
Nov 11 Post-Election and Pre-Vaccine Craig Hemke
Nov 11 Corona Vaccine: An Inflation Catalyst Stewart Thomson
Nov 11 There's No Vaccine for a Terminally Ill Economy Charles Hugh Smith
Nov 10 YM Reaches 30,000 on News of COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Success Chris Vermeulen
Nov 10 The Mother of All Seneca Cliffs… And Virtually No One Is Prepared SRSrocco
Nov 9 Options Trading Specialist Shares his Story and Strategies Chris Vermeulen
Nov 9 It’s a Fire Sale in the Mining Stocks Dave Kranzler
Nov 9 Canada’s Warming Arctic – Implications Rick Mills
Nov 9 Tentative Signs of Liftoff David Brady
Nov 9 Gold Stocks: "New Leg Higher" Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Nov 1 - Nov 7

Nov 6 The Consequences of Budget Deficits for International Trade Alasdair Macleod
Nov 6 Silver - The Ultimate Winner In Turbulent Times GoldSilver Team
Nov 6 What We Don't Elect Matters Most Charles Hugh Smith
Nov 6 Thursday Gold Forecaste November 5, 2020 GoldPredict
Nov 5 Will the SP500 Pennant Formation Lead to a Rally? Chris Vermeulen
Nov 5 The U.S. Presidential Election, The Economy, and Gold Nick Barisheff
Nov 5 On Election Day, U.S. Mint Sells Stunning Amount Of Silver Eagles SRSRocco
Nov 5 News & Views November 2020 Michael J. Kosares
Nov 5 The Awful Reckoning — Plus Election Update James Howard Kunstler
Nov 4 Gold Wave Likely Regardless of U.S. Election Outcome Paul Wong
Nov 4 Gold: Is The Reaction Over? Stewart Thomson
Nov 3 Silver Junior Miners Reach Flag Apex Just Before US Elections Chris Vermeulen
Nov 3 The Main Driver Of The Global Gold Market Totally Reversed This Year SRSRocco
Nov 3 Did the Tech Bubble Pop on September 2nd? Dave Kranzler
Nov 3 The Awful Reckoning James Howard Kunstler
Nov 3 Braving the Winter Knowing Spring Is Coming David Brady
Nov 2 Gold and Silver Supercycles Explored Chris Vermeulen
Nov 2 Holter & Sinclair–Trump Win Offers a Way Forward After US Bankruptcy Greg Hunter
Nov 2 Weekend Gold Forecast November 1, 2020 GoldPredict
Nov 2 Market Breakdown May Extend Deeper If Support Is Broken Chris Vermeulen
Nov 2 End of Days for the U.S. Dollar Reserve Currency Status Dave Kranzler
Nov 2 Gold Stocks’ Winter Rally 5 Adam Hamilton
Nov 2 Gold Stocks: It's Time To Buy Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Oct 25 - Oct 31

Oct 30 Gold and Silver Upswing Potential Chris Vermeulen
Oct 30 Australia’s Perth Mint Silver Bullion Sales Surge In 2020 SRSrocco
Oct 30 Why On Earth Would I Sell My Gold & Silver For Dollars? GoldSilver Team
Oct 29 Titans Of Industry Interview Chris Vermeulen
Oct 29 2020 Is 82% Finished Craig Hemke
Oct 29 Gold: Stops Triggered Gary Savage
Oct 29 John Rubino – 2021 A Year of Mass Bankruptcy Greg Hunter
Oct 28 Precious Metals Prepare For Another Price Advance Chris Vermeulen
Oct 28 U.S. Mint Sells Nearly Another Million Silver Eagles Since Last Week SRSrocco
Oct 28 Investor Prep For A Gold Bull Era Stewart Thomson
Oct 28 Gold, Stocks, or Real Estate? This Data Can't Be Unseen GoldSilver Team
Oct 27 Market Turning? Look For These Support Levels Chris Vermeulen
Oct 27 Everything We Assume Is Permanent Is Actually Fragile Charles Hugh Smith
Oct 27 Is The Gold, Silver And Mining Stock Pullback Over? Dave Kranzler
Oct 26 Latest Gold, Silver and Platinum Analysis Chris Vermeulen
Oct 26 Stocks are Strong but be Aware of This Continuing Pattern Chris Vermeulen
Oct 26 Here’s Who Wins the November Election Jeff Clark
Oct 26 The Destruction of the Euro Alasdair Macleod
Oct 26 Food Inflation & Mining Stock Plays Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Oct 18 - Oct 24

Oct 23 Kitco News reviews forecasts of GDXJ, Gold, and the S&P500 Chris Vermeulen
Oct 23 How Does Gold Perform In 2021's CRACK UP BOOM? GoldSilver Team
Oct 23 IMF Confirms Massive Stimulus Ahead Globally David Brady
Oct 22 Sprott Money News “Ask The Expert” speaks with Chris Vermeulen
Oct 22 Do You Own Your Gold? Nick Barisheff
Oct 22 How the Coronavirus is Exacerbating Global Inequality, Hunger Rick Mills
Oct 22 U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Sales Forecasted To Triple This Quarter SRSRocco
Oct 22 The Next Flight to Safety Rush into Gold, Silver and Mining Stocks Dave Kranzler
Oct 21 If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em Craig Hemke
Oct 21 US Stk Mkt & Gold: Robert Mugabe Rides Again? Stewart Thomson
Oct 21 American Gothic Horror James Howard Kunstler
Oct 20 NQ Retests 11,735 Support Chris Vermeulen
Oct 20 Oil Market Update Clive Maund
Oct 20 Getchell Gold completes IP survey on Star Point Rick Mills
Oct 20 How Long Until the New Monetary System? Will It Be Gold? GoldSilver Team
Oct 19 Doji Clusters Show Clear Support Ranges On The S&P500 Chris Vermeulen
Oct 19 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Oct 19 Silver Market Update Clive Maund

Oct 19 Precious Metals Market Update: First Time Ever In The Silver Market SRSrocco
Oct 19 This Week in Money Chris Vermeulen
Oct 19 Gold Market: Short Term Tactics Morris Hubbartt
Oct 19 Hyperinflation is Here Alasdair Macleod

News and Commentary for the Week of  Oct 11 - Oct 17

Oct 16 Crude Oil Stalls In Resistance Zone Chris Vermeulen
Oct 16 Waiting on New Stimulus David Brady
Oct 16 Get Prepared for a New System Based on Gold & Silver GoldSilver Team
Oct 15 Financial (XLF) and Banking (KRE) Sectors Enter Bear Market Chris Vermeulen
Oct 15 My Wife Finally Loses It Mogambo Guru
Oct 15 Craig Hemke – Merry-Go-Round of Money Printing Madness Greg Hunter
Oct 14 Commodity Bull Market Cycle Starts Chris Vermeulen
Oct 14 Surviving Algo Hell Craig Hemke
Oct 14 Gold Miners: It's Time To Buy Stewart Thomson
Oct 13 Gold and Silver Ready For Another Rally Attempt Chris Vermeulen
Oct 13 How We Institutionalized Incompetence Charles Hugh Smith
Oct 13 Money to Be Made in Commodities over Next Five to Eight Years Chris Vermeulen
Oct 12 Precious Metals Update Oct 11th SRSrocco
Oct 12 SPY Retesting Critical Resistance From Fibonacci Price Amplitude Arc Vermeulen
Oct 12 Why Gold, Silver And Mining Stocks are Going Much Higher Dave Kranzler
Oct 12 Gold-Miner Valuations Low Adam Hamilton
Oct 12 Lower Lows or Not? David Brady
Oct 12 Harami Candlesticks: Good News For Gold Morris Hubbartt
Oct 12 Monetary distortions of GDP in 2021 Alasdair Macleod

News and Commentary for the Week of  Oct 4 - Oct 10

Oct 9 COVID-19 Has Pushed Various Sectors Into Positive Recovery Trends Chris Vermeulen
Oct 9 We No Longer Have Markets – Only Interventions Dave Kranzler
Oct 9 Mexico-focused Brigadier Gold discovers new vein system Rick Mills
Oct 8 The Best and Worst Performing Sectors are in Energy... Chris Vermeulen
Oct 8 Precious Metal Price Manipulation Continues Craig Hemke
Oct 8 Silver: What Makes It Valuable and What's Driving the Price in 2020? Lawrence Pines
Oct 7 Long-Term Price Expectations for Silver Chris Vermeulen
Oct 7 Gold, Silver, & Main Street Inflation Stewart Thomson
Oct 7 The Price of Gold When the Dollar Index Hits 70 Dave Kranzler
Oct 7 News & Views October 2020 Edition Michael J. Kosares
Oct 7 Amazing Gold Chart Signals $11,250 oz, But When? GoldSilver Team
Oct 7 Egon von Greyerz – Super Exponential Money Printing & Debt Phase Greg Hunter
Oct 7 Spy ETF Testing March Price Peak – What Do the Charts Say? Chris Vermeulen
Oct 6 Spy ETF Testing March Price Peak – What Do the Charts Say? Chris Vermeulen
Oct 6 The Prognostic Value of Gold & Silver Charts or Lack There of Bill Sardi
Oct 6 Gold in Q3: Record Highs, Now Consolidating and Coiling Jeff Clark
Oct 6 Silver: 2011 Was a Preview of What’s Coming Dave Kranzler
Oct 6 US Mint September Sales SRSRocco
Oct 5 Cycles Suggest Stock Price Reversion Pending & Gold About To Explode Vermeulen
Oct 5 Weekend Gold Forecast October 4, 2020 GoldPredict
Oct 5 Custom Index Charts Suggest Downside Flagging Is Setting Up... Chris Vermeulen
Oct 5 China's Stockpiling Gold Will Devastate the Dollar Nick Barisheff
Oct 5 Gold Miners: More Volume Is Needed Morris Hubbartt
Oct 5 Grey Swan Warning – Get Your FREE issue of TradersWorld Chris Vermeulen

News and Commentary for the Week of  Sep 27 - Oct 3

Oct 2 Meet the Real Texas Governor Charles Savoie
Oct 2 The Silver Price Surges as Copper & Oil Get Crushed SRSRocco
Oct 2 The DOJ/CFTC/JPMorgan Settlement Theodore Butler
Oct 2 Stimulus: When, Not If David Brady
Oct 1 Rick Rule of Sprott US Talks Resources and Precious Metals Chris Vermeulen
Oct 1 Silver Market Update - great buy spot ahead of 2nd big upleg... Clive Maund
Oct 1 Silver Will Soar On Its Next Rally Peter Krauth
Oct 1 Gold, Silver and the “Shit-Show” Dave Kranzler
Sep 30 Cycle Analysis and Projected Price Over Next 15 Days Chris Vermeulen
Sep 30 Bullion Bank Criminal Corruption Craig Hemke
Sep 30 Gold Market Update - limited downside, big upside... Clive Maund
Sep 30 Tech Bubbles and SPACs Dave Kranzler
Sep 30 Gold: I See Green Shoots Stewart Thomson
Sep 30 Why I Own 1oz Gold For Every 500oz Silver Mike Maloney
Sep 30 The Only Thing Systemic is the Destruction of America Jim Quinn
Sep 30 The Only Thing Systemic is the Destruction of America - Part II Jim Quinn
Sep 29 Gold And Silver Follow Up & Future Predictions – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Sep 29 Gold And Silver Follow Up & Future Predictions – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Sep 29 Welcome to THE GLOBAL GULAG Part 2 - the Fight Back... Clive Maund
Sep 28 Silver Update: Setting Up For A Big Move In 2021 SRSrocco
Sep 28 Gold-Stock Seasonal Plunge Adam Hamilton
Sep 28 Is The Transportation Index Setting up a Topping Pattern? Chris Vermeulen
Sep 28 Junior Miners: Bullish Advance Decline Line Morris Hubbartt
Sep 28 Will I Ever Sell All My Gold & Silver? Mike Maloney
Sep 28 Different Timing and Routes but With the Same Destination David Brady

News and Commentary for the Week of  Sep 20 - Sep 26

Sep 25 Chris speaks with Crush The Street Chris Vermeulen
Sep 25 Lessons on Inflation from the Past Alasdair Macleod
Sep 25 Amazing Silver Chart Shows How Undervalued It Is GoldSilver Team
Sep 25 The Stock Market Could Be in Trouble – Buy the Dip in Gold / Silver Dave Kranzler
Sep 24 Gold Setting Up Just Like Before The COVID-19 Breakdown Chris Vermeulen
Sep 24 Triple Digit Silver (Part 2) Mike Maloney & Keith Neumeyer
Sep 23 How to Decipher Recent Market Activity Chris Vermeulen
Sep 23 Shades of 2019 in 2020 Craig Hemke
Sep 23 Triple Digit Silver - Why 2 Experts Believe It Is Inevitable GoldSilver Team
Sep 23 Gold $1788: A Key Price For Investors Stewart Thomson
Sep 23 Currency Creation vs. Bullion Production Jeff Clark
Sep 22 Global Markets Break Hard To The Downside Chris Vermeulen
Sep 22 Despite Mint Closures, Silver Bullion Sales Surge Past 2019 Numbers McDonald
Sep 22 Weekend Gold Forecast September 20, 2020 GoldPredict
Sep 21 Platinum And Palladium Set To Surge As Gold Breaks Higher Chris Vermeulen
Sep 21 How Much Silver Bullion was Sold by Top 3 Official Mints This Year? SRSRocco
Sep 21 How the Massive Gold & Silver Theft Really Works Nick Barisheff / Stuart Englert
Sep 21 BROKEN: Do You Really Think The FED Knows What it is Doing? GoldSilver Team
Sep 21 Gold Stocks: Key Breakout Levels To Watch Morris Hubbartt
Sep 21 Sentinel Resources targeting historic mining districts in southern BC Rick Mills

News and Commentary for the Week of  Sep 13 - Sep 19

Sep 18 Coiled Springs Are About to Explode David Brady
Sep 17 A Matter of Time Before Stocks Collapses and Gold Soars Dave Kranzler
Sep 17 Chris Talks Gold, Oil, and the US Dollar With Jim Goddard Chris Vermeulen
Sep 16 COMEX Delivery Update Craig Hemke
Sep 16 Fed Meet: A Key Catalyst For Gold? Stewart Thomson
Sep 16 Freegold Ventures: A Good Hole 2, is a Great Outcome for Golden Summit Mills
Sep 15 It’s Go Time for Gold! Next Stop $2,250 Chris Vermeulen
Sep 15 Is Silver the Next Tesla? Jeff Clark
Sep 15 Top 5 Silver & Gold Products I Buy Mike Maloney
Sep 15 Make or Break – Big Trends Ahead Chris Vermeulen
Sep 14 Silver Price Heading To $30 Or A Correction Lower? SRSrocco
Sep 14 Slow Recovery from Virus Unlikely to Impede Strong Demand for Metals Rick Mills
Sep 14 Gold (And Silver) Are Extraordinarily Undervalued Dave Kranzler
Sep 14 Big Gold-ETF Buying MIA Adam Hamilton
Sep 14 SPY Expectations For The Rest Of September Chris Vermeulen
Sep 14 U.S. Mint Silver & Gold Eagle Sales Explode In August SRSrocco
Sep 14 Miners Consolidate & Dollar Trendline Snaps Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Sep 6 - Sep 12

Sep 11 Directionless Market Awaits the FOMC David Brady
Sep 11 Gold And Silver are Set Up for a Huge Move Dave Kranzler
Sep 10 Time to Focus on Oil Breaking Down and Gold's Reversal Chris Vermeulen
Sep 10 Ahead of the September FOMC Craig Hemke
Sep 10 Here Comes the Next Round of Tyranny: The Vax’ers Dave Kranzler
Sep 10 3 Major Shifts for Gold & Silver The GoldSilver Team
Sep 10 FANG Index Nearing Critical Support Chris Vermeulen
Sep 9 Crude Oil Breaks Lower–Sparking Fears Of Another Price Collapse Chris Vermeulen
Sep 9 Gold & Stock Market: Key Tactics Now Stewart Thomson
Sep 9 Pension Funds Join the Gold Party—Things Are About to Get Interesting Jeff Clark
Sep 8 Big Technical Price Swings Pending on SP500 Chris Vermeulen
Sep 8 Another Big Month For The Silver Price? SRSrocco
Sep 8 Weekend Gold Forcast September 5, 2020 GoldPredict
Sep 8 Dollar Resurgence David Brady
Sep 8 Why Silver Is A Better Investment Over Gold… 8 Billion Reasons SRSRocco
Sep 8 Should You Be Concerned About The Big Downside Rotation... Chris Vermeulen
Sep 8 Stock Market Danger With Metals Resilient Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Aug 30 - Sep 5

Sep 3 SPX to Gold/Silver Ratios Explored – What To Expect Next Chris Vermeulen
Sep 3 COMEX EFP (Ab)Use Has Collapsed Craig Hemke
Sep 2 Are Fangs Going to Breakdown Soon? Chris Vermeulen
Sep 2 No Man’s Land David Brady
Sep 2 Silver At $140: Can It Really Happen? Stewart Thomson
Sep 1 Silver is the Better Investment: Massive Financial Bubbles Everywhere SRSRocco
Sep 1 Buying A House With Silver Coins The GoldSilver Team
Aug 31 Gold Is Flagging Out – Breakout Rally Targeting $1,950 Or Higher Chris Vermeulen
Aug 31 Gold Finds Support Line Alasdair Macleod
Aug 31 Jerome Powell Confirms Intent To Hyperinflate The Dollar Supply Dave Kranzler
Aug 31 Dow Jones Utilities Breaking Trend Chris Vermeulen
Aug 31 Uncle Sam Cuts Interest Payments To Bondholders SRSrocco
Aug 31 Bull Candlesticks For Gold: Will They Hold? Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Aug 23 - Aug 29

Aug 28 Lousy Conspiracy Theories and Unparalleled Research! Charles Savoie
Aug 28 Expanding Wedge May Prompt Big Price Correction Chris Vermeulen
Aug 27 S&P Hits All-Time Highs – Are Investors Being Too Complacent? Chris Vermeulen
Aug 26 COMEX Silver in September Craig Hemke
Aug 26 A Silver Mystery in Full View Theodore Butler
Aug 26 Deep Dive Into Silver Technicals Chris Vermeulen
Aug 26 Queen Gold Digests A $2000 Fiat Meal Stewart Thomson
Aug 26 Natural Gas Rally Nearing $2.95 Resistance – May Target $3.75 Chris Vermeulen
Aug 25 Silver Market Update - another upleg looking imminent... Clive Maund
Aug 25 Why Is Warren Buffett Buying Gold Stocks? Dave Kranzler
Aug 25 Here Come the Institutional Investors Jeff Clark
Aug 25 Important Silver Market Update SRSrocco
Aug 25 LBMA-COMEX collusion intensifies... Ronan Manly
Aug 24 High-Flying COVID-19 Sectors May Be Setting Up For A Correction Chris Vermeulen
Aug 24 Gold, Silver And Mining Stocks Are Just Getting Started Dave Kranzler
Aug 24 Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q2’20 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
Aug 24 Junior Miners: Weekly Chart Bull Flags Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Aug 16 - Aug 22

Aug 21 Precious Metals Cycles Demand Attention Chris Vermeulen
Aug 21 The Coming Collapse of the U.S. Financial System Shown in One Chart SRSRocco
Aug 21 Housing Boom or Housing Stock Bubble? Got Gold? Silver? Dave Kranzler
Aug 20 Special Alert: Massive Dual Head-and-Shoulders Setup Chris Vermeulen
Aug 20 The "Speculative Bubble" in Gold and Silver Craig Hermke
Aug 20 100% Gold Portfolio Nick Barisheff
Aug 20 The U.S. Mint Sells Another Million Silver Eagles in One Day SRSRocco
Aug 19 US Dollar Has A Lot Of Upside Potential – Part III Chris Vermeulen
Aug 19 Gold, Silver and Mining Stocks Smell the Demise of the Dollar Dave Kranzler
Aug 19 Waiting For A Silver Pullback? Mike Maloney
Aug 19 The Elite Grand Conspiracy or the Energy Cliff SRSrocco
Aug 19 Buffett’s Indicator Tells Him to Buy GOLD Rick Mills
Aug 19 Gold $2000: Recaptured! Stewart Thomson
Aug 18 Technical Analysis Points to US Dollar Upside Potential – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Aug 18 After Months Of Supply Issues, US Mint Silver Eagle Sales Jump In Aug. SRSrocco
Aug 18 Gold Update GoldPredict
Aug 18 Welcome to The Global Gulag... Clive Maund
Aug 17 Will The Silver Rally Continue In August? SRSrocco
Aug 17 Silver Price Rockets to Multi-Year Highs, Targets $169 Jason Hamlin
Aug 17 Gold Stocks: Filling A Key Price Gap Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Aug 9 - Aug 15

Aug 14 Detailed 2020/2021 Price Forecasts for Gold & Silver Chris Vermeulen
Aug 14 Silver Spike Breaks Record Mike Maloney
Aug 14 Massive Surge in U.S. Gold Imports Signals Big Trouble Ahead SRSRocco
Aug 14 Why Fed Bugs Really, Really Hate Gold MisesInstitute
Aug 13 Hyper-Chaotic Expectations Could Collapse Recovery Expectations Chris Vermeulen
Aug 13 Inflation or Deflation? Craig Hemke
Aug 13 This Is NOT 2011! Bill Holter
Aug 13 The Gold Silver Show - Inflation, Deflation or Crisis? Maloney/Clark/Martenson
Aug 12 Adaptive Fibonacci Price Modeling System Suggests Market Peak Near Vermeulen
Aug 12 Pullback...Now What? Mike Maloney
Aug 12 Gold Report Tuesday August 11, 2020 GoldPredict
Aug 12 After The Large Silver Price Correction Today, What’s Next? SRSRocco
Aug 12 Gold & Silver: The Range Trade Stewart Thomson
Aug 11 Gap Fills Suggest Market Momentum May Stall Chris Vermeulen
Aug 11 Is Fed Head, Jay Powell, Serious? Dave Kranzler
Aug 11 Gold & Silver - Where To Next? Mike Maloney
Aug 11 World’s Second Largest Silver Producer Lost 20 Million oz Mine Supply SRSrocco
Aug 11 A Simple Way to Preserve Your Wealth Amid Uncertainty Nick Barisheff
Aug 11 Gold Set To Go Higher… but Watch Out! Chris Vermeulen
Aug 10 Trump Signs Additional COVID Relief – What To Expect... Chris Vermeulen
Aug 10 Silver Price Surge: Due To Physical Buying Not Paper Speculating SRSrocco
Aug 10 Owning Gold and Silver is Critical for the End Game Dave Kranzler
Aug 10 News & Views August 2020 Edition Michael J. Kosares
Aug 10 Melt-Up Continues While Metals Warn of Risks Chris Vermeulen
Aug 10 A Tale of Two Precious Metal Bulls Rick Mills
Aug 10 Gold Stock Uptrends Are Intact Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Aug 2 - Aug 8

Aug 7 Face Masks are Now John the Baptist! Charles Savoie
Aug 7 See What The 50-Year Long-Term Silver Chart Reveals SRSRocco
Aug 7 Thursday Gold Report August 6, 2020 GoldPredict
Aug 6 Walk Through the Gold and Silver Charts to See What to Expect Chris Vermeulen
Aug 6 The Coming Tiny Silver Market Explosion SRSRocco
Aug 6 The Surprising Truth About $50 Silver & the Hunt Brothers GoldSilver Team
Aug 5 Revisiting Our Silver and Gold Predictions... Chris Vermeulen
Aug 5 Real Rates Push Gold Higher Craig Hemke
Aug 5 Tuesday Report August, 4 2020 GoldPredict
Aug 5 AMZN’s Free Cash Flow and Profitability Myth Dave Kranzler
Aug 5 GDX: New Highs By Year End? Stewart Thomson
Aug 4 Natural Gas Begins Upside Breakout Chris Vermeulen
Aug 4 Global Economy To Freeze Up, Here's Why Mike Maloney
Aug 4 ExxonMobil’s Financials Continue to Hemorrhage During Q2 2020 SRSRocco
Aug 4 Something Amazing Happened In The Silver Market SRSrocco
Aug 3 Storm Clouds are Gathering... Clive Maund
Aug 3 Mexico & Peru Silver Production Big Declines Again In May SRSrocco
Aug 3 Gold Stocks’ Autumn Rally 5 Adam Hamilton
Aug 3 Will USA Trigger Chinese Armageddon? Mike Maloney
Aug 3 Gold Stock Uptrends Get Tested Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jul 26 - Aug 1

Jul 31 Are the Markets about to Turn? Chris Vermeulen
Jul 31 Gold & Silver: Two Pictures Jim Willie
Jul 31 “We Are in the Golden Age of Fraud” Dave Kranzler
Jul 31 Trend Remains Up but Downside Risks Remain David Brady
Jul 30 Precious Metals Warn Of Increased Volatility Ahead Chris Vermeulen
Jul 30 Technical Patterns, Future Expectations and More – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Jul 30 Silver Makes High Wave Candle at Target – Here’s What to Expect… Clive Maund
Jul 30 The Precious Metals Bull Market is Beginning to Rage Dave Kranzler
Jul 30 U.S. Mint To Reduce Gold & Silver Eagle Production... SRSrocco
Jul 30 Is This This the Beginning of $8000 Gold? Maloney, Martenson & Clark
Jul 30 Angela Miles based at the CBOE in Chicago talks Gold & Silver Chris Vermeulen
Jul 29 Technical Patterns, Future Expectations and More – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Jul 29 Gold Price Reaction: Key Investor Tactics Stewart Thomson
Jul 29 Gold & Silver: The Master Plan Mike Maloney
Jul 29 Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance Heather Mac Donald
Jul 28 NASDAQ Double Top & Price Channels Suggest Pending Correction Chris Vermeulen
Jul 28 The Secret to Understanding Gold’s True Value Jeff Clark
Jul 28 Silver Adds Nearly $2 & Closes At Important Technical Level SRSrocco
Jul 28 Gold Makes Record High and Targets $6,000 in New Bull Cycle Jason Hamlin
Jul 28 Caution Advised Before Gold Targets $5000 and Silver Targets $100+ C. Vermeulen
Jul 27 Bill Holter – All Roads Lead to Gold in a Credit Implosion Greg Hunter
Jul 27 Big Change in Silver: New Bull Market Is Here SRSrocco
Jul 27 Weekend Newsletter July 26, 2020 GoldPredict
Jul 27 Gold Eagle Sales Already 3X Last Year’s Total... SRSrocco
Jul 27 Precious Metals Fire Warning Shot Across The Bow – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Jul 27 Gold, Silver Very Overbought Adam Hamilton
Jul 27 Bull Flags On The Miners: Investor Tactics Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jul 19 - Jul 25

Jul 23 Precious Metals Spike and Us Warn Of Danger – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Jul 23 In Honor of Silver's Epochal Breakout... Clive Maund
Jul 23 U.S. Oil Production Peak Already in The Rear-view Mirror SRSRocco
Jul 23 Silver Begins Big Upside Rally Attempt Chris Vermeulen
Jul 23 Silver & Gold: There Is No Alternative w/Chris Martenson & Jeff Clark
Jul 23 What’s Going on with Silver? Dave Kranzler
Jul 23 Important Day for Silver: Price Action Today will Set Short-Term Trend SRSrocco
Jul 22 Energy Sets Up Near Major Resistance – Breakdown Pending Chris Vermeulen
Jul 22 A Major Fed Policy Shift Craig Hemke
Jul 22 Silver Breaks Out Above $21, What’s Next for Investors? SRSRocco
Jul 22 Gold Stocks: A Staircase To Heaven? Stewart Thomson
Jul 22 Silver Soars - Where To Next? Mike Maloney
Jul 21 US Stock Market Stalls Near A Double Peak Chris Vermeulen
Jul 21 Silver Market Update - close to breaking out of its giant base... Clive Maund
Jul 21 Pan American Silver Suspends Operations Of Its Silver Mines In Peru SRSrocco
Jul 20 Gold Market Update - on point of breakout against the US Dollar... Clive Maund
Jul 20 Silver Demand Exploding! Adam Hamilton
Jul 20 Which Company Had The Best Stock Performance? SRSRocco
Jul 20 How to Benefit from the Big US Infrastructure Push Rick Mills
Jul 20 Gold Stocks: Cups & Handles Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jul 12 - Jul 18

Jul 16 Second Phase Real Estate Collapse Pending, Part II Chris Vermeulen
Jul 16 Gold / Silver: Brief Pullback Then Higher Dave Kranzler
Jul 16 Soaring Inflation To Send Gold To $5000 "Doomsday" Fund Predicts Tyler Durden
Jul 16 Second Phase Real Estate Collapse Pending Chris Vermeulen
Jul 16 Silver Needs To Break Above This Price SRSrocco
Jul 16 What the Upcoming Wealth Transfer Could Look Like Jeff Clark
Jul 15 Total U.S. Debt Soars Craig Hemke
Jul 15 Will Silver Reach $21 in the Current Rally? SRSRocco
Jul 15 H.R. 2559: The Gold Transparency Act Of 2019 Dave Kranzler
Jul 15 Gold Is Sound: Investors Hold Their Ground Stewart Thomson
Jul 14 Gold & Silver Measured Moves Chris Vermeulen
Jul 14 Will the Federal Reserve Cause the Next Riots? Dr. Ron Paul
Jul 14 Top U.S. Shale Gas Stocks Crushed Even with Double the Production SRSRocco
Jul 14 Position Statement James Howard Kunstler
Jul 13 The Historical Stock Bubble, Idiot Stocks And Gold Dave Kranzler
Jul 13 The Silver Pressure Cooker Theodore Butler
Jul 13 The New Deal is a Bad Old Deal Alasdair Macleod
Jul 13 Gold Stocks Blast Higher Adam Hamilton
Jul 13 Significant Breakouts For The Miners Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jul 5 - Jul 11

Jul 10 Retail Traders & Investors Squeezed to Buy High-Risk Assets Again Chris Vermeulen
Jul 10 The Precious Metals Bull Market Is Just Revving Up Dave Kranzler
Jul 10 Higher Highs and Lows Ahead in Precious Metals and Miners David Brady
Jul 9 Craig Hemke – JP Morgan Will Stop Shorting Silver Greg Hunter
Jul 9 What Makes You Think the Stock Market Will Even Exist in 2024? Charles Hugh Smith
Jul 9 Silver & Gold BREAKOUT Above Important Technical Levels SRSrocco
Jul 8 Real Rates Drive Gold Higher Craig Hemke
Jul 8 Credit/Investments Turned Into End-User Risk Again Chris Vermeulen
Jul 8 News & Views July 2020 Edition Michael J. Kosares
Jul 8 China Comes Alive & Junior Miners Surge Stewart Thomson
Jul 8 Total Market Insanity: Toyota vs. Tesla SRSRocco
Jul 7 World Pushes Credit/Investments Into Risk Again, Part I Chris Vermeulen
Jul 7 Silver's Silver Lining: Triple Digit Silver Price? Mike Maloney
Jul 7 Scotiabank Leaves Precious Metals Market BMG Group Inc.
Jul 7 Peru’s 2020 Silver Production Down By One-Third Due to Lock-downs SRSRocco
Jul 7 Nomi Prins – Living in a Permanent Distortion Greg Hunter
Jul 6 Gold RESET Breakout: on 10 Reasons Jim Willie
Jul 6 Silver & Gold Summer Doldrums 3 Adam Hamilton
Jul 6 GDX Cup & Handle: Higher Prices Ahead Morris Hubbartt
Jul 6 World’s Two Largest Silver Producers Mine Supply Cut Drastically In April SRSrocco
Jul 6 Wild Volatility Continues As US Markets Attempt To Establish New Trend C. Vermeulen

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jun 28 - Jul 4

Jul 2 What Do The Charts Now Say About Gold & Silver? SRSrocco
Jul 2 Gerald Celente – Politicians Killed Economy & It Ain’t Coming Back Greg Hunter
Jul 1 Long-Term Consumer Discretionary Winners Chris Vermeulen
Jul 1 Extreme COMEX Delivery Demand Continue Craig Hemke
Jul 1 Gold And Mining Stocks vs Stocks – Many Will Be Surprised Dave Kranzler
Jul 1 Gold, Stock Markets, & War Stewart Thomson
Jul 1 Gold Breakout Not Confirmed Yet Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jun 30 Russell 2000 Gaps Present Real Targets Chris Vermeulen
Jun 30 U.S. Dollar Troubles Ahead & are Banks Safe? SRSRocco
Jun 30 Gold Market Rocked By Massive China Counterfeiting Scandal Tyler Durden
Jun 29 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jun 29 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jun 29 Gold Completes Another Washout Rotation – Here We Go Chris Vermeulen
Jun 29 Clouds Gather for Oil, Stocks, and Gold in the Short-Term David Brady
Jun 29 $10 Silver Certificate Would Buy $333 Worth of Silver Today SRSRocco
Jun 29 Stocks Ignoring Economic Data, A Meltdown Is Coming... Chris Vermeulen
Jun 29 Key Mining Stocks Roar To New Highs Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jun 21 - Jun 27

Jun 26 Pilgrims Society Vaccine Nightmare! Part 2 Charles Savoie
Jun 26 US Stock Market Enters Parabolic Price Move – Be Prepared, Part II C Vermeulen
Jun 26 Which Country is the Largest Silver Investor in the World? SRSRocco
Jun 26 The Final Chapter Theodore Butler
Jun 26 A Collapsing Dollar and China’s Monetary Strategy Alasdair Macleod
Jun 26 Read Through the New Traders World Issue #77 Chris Vermeulen
Jun 25 Gold & Silver Begin The Move To New All-Time Highs Chris Vermeulen
Jun 25 Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Miners, Oil, Bitcoin Chris Vermeulen
Jun 25 Special Weekend Edition With Ted Butler Bill Holter/JimSinclair
Jun 24 US Stock Market Enters Parabolic Price Move – Be Prepared, Part I C Vermeulen
Jun 24 Waiting on COMEX Silver Craig Hemke
Jun 24 The Money Printing Road to Perdition – Got Gold? Dave Kranzler
Jun 24 Gold, Copper and Silver are Must-Own Metals Rick Mills
Jun 24 Gold Stocks: A Straight Run To Fresh Highs? Stewart Thomson
Jun 23 A Stealth Double Dip or Bear Market Has Started Chris Vermeulen
Jun 23 Peru Silver Mine Supply Collapsed in April SRSRocco
Jun 23 New Silver Supply Is Drying Up Faster Than Death Valley Jeff Clark
Jun 23 For the Rich to Keep Getting Richer, We Have to Sacrifice Everything Else Smith
Jun 22 All That Glitters When the World Jitters is Probably Gold Chris Vermeulen
Jun 22 When the Fed Reopens the Floodgates of Liquidity, Gold and Silver will Soar Brady
Jun 22 Fact, Fiction And Fraud At The Comex Dave Kranzler
Jun 22 Consumer Trends Bode Well for Silver Maria Smirnova
Jun 22 Trillion-Dollar US Infrastructure Plan Will Draw in Plenty of Metal Rick Mills
Jun 22 How to Profitably Navigate Trading and Owning Gold, and Miners Chris Vermeulen
Jun 22 Gold-Futures Firepower Mounts Adam Hamilton
Jun 22 Key Junior Miners Keep Rallying Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jun 14 - Jun 20

Jun 19 Pilgrims Society Vaccine Nightmare! Part 1 Charles Savoie
Jun 19 Gold Has Finally Cleared Major Resistance – Time for Liftoff Chris Vermeulen
Jun 19 Major Factor to Invest in Silver... SRSrocco
Jun 19 The Move to Risk-On Away from Risk-Off Continues... Chris Vermeulen
Jun 18 Fibonacci Price Modeling Suggests Massive Resistance Range... Chris Vermeulen
Jun 18 Interview of David Rockefeller in Hades Jim Willie
Jun 18 The Market is More Dangerous Now than Early 2000 Dave Kranzler
Jun 17 Bank EFP (Ab)Use Falls Sharply Craig Hemke
Jun 17 The Destruction of the Shale Oil Industry Begins SRSRocco
Jun 17 Retail Sales Headlines Are A Complete Joke Dave Kranzler
Jun 17 Gold Price Reaction: Bulls Should Prevail Stewart Thomson
Jun 16 Financial Sector ETF May Break Below Price Gap Chris Vermeulen
Jun 16 Hertz Symbolizes the Complete Corruption of the Stock Market Dave Kranzler
Jun 15 Revisiting Our ADL Predictions for S&P 500 Chris Vermeulen
Jun 15 The Potential Looming Catalyst for Silver No One Sees Coming Jeff Clark
Jun 15 U.S. Total Public Debt Increases a Stunning $25 Billion A Day In 2020 SRSrocco
Jun 15 Copper Bulls Ride on Increased Orders, Mine Disruptions Rick Mills
Jun 15 Gold Investment Strong Adam Hamilton
Jun 15 Gold & Stock Market: Current Tactics Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jun 7 - Jun 13

Jun 12 The Black Swan Event for Stocks is About to Repeat Chris Vermeulen
Jun 11 Financial Sector Under Pressure and What It Means Chris Vermeulen
Jun 11 Gold Manipulation Is Carefully Orchestrated – And China Knows It Dave Kranzler
Jun 11 We Could See Some Crazy Silver Prices SRSRocco
Jun 10 Staying Cautious & Staying Prepared With You Trading Account Chris Vermeulen
Jun 10 Clearing the COMEX Decks Craig Hemke
Jun 10 Top Primary Silver Mining Industry Production Yield Falls... SRSrocco
Jun 10 America Out Of Control: Good For Gold Stewart Thomson
Jun 9 The Big Jobs Number and How to Trade It – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Jun 9 Total U.S. Public Debt Surged Nearly $3 Trillion... SRSrocco
Jun 8 Surprise Jobs Number and What It Means For Your Positions Chris Vermeulen
Jun 8 News & Views June 2020 Michael J. Kosares
Jun 8 Total US Petroleum Consumption Still Down 25%, Inventories At Record High RSrocco
Jun 8 Gold-Stock Upleg Healthy Adam Hamilton
Jun 8 Consolidation Continues in Gold & Silver Prior to Next Rally David Brady
Jun 8 Gold Stocks: Tactics For The Pullback Morris Hubbart

News and Commentary for the Week of  May 31 - Jun 6

Jun 5 Mysterious Monetary Metals Manipulators Part Eight Charles Savoie
Jun 5 The Return of Precious Metals Leasing Theodore Butler
Jun 5 Orphaned Silver is Finding its Parent Alasdair Macleod
Jun 4 Gold & Silver “Washout” – Get Ready For A Big Move Higher Chris Vermeulen
Jun 4 How Quickly Will Bakken Oil Production Decline? SRSrocco
Jun 3 Silver Price Breaks Above Key Level, Next Target $21 SRSrocco
Jun 3 Gold Stocks Versus Gold: It's Rocket Time Stewart Thomson
Jun 3 Covid, Debt and Precious Metals Rick Mills
Jun 2 Election Year Cycles – What to Expect? Chris Vermeulen
Jun 2 Is A Run on Comex and London Gold & Silver Occurring? Dave Kranzler
Jun 2 Falling Into Place Theodore Butler
Jun 1 Metals Nearing Critical Momentum For New Parabolic Rally Chris Vermeulen
Jun 1 Weekend Newsletter May 31, 2020 GoldPredict
Jun 1 Silver Closes At The End Of May At An Important Technical Level SRSrocco
Jun 1 Still Risk of Further Downside in Precious Metals and Miners David Brady
Jun 1 Silver Miners’ Q1’20 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
Jun 1 Warning: U.S. Economic Depression, Precious Metals Bull Market SRSrocco
Jun 1 The Comex Has Big Problems Dave Kranzler
Jun 1 Gold Price Dip: Key Miners To Buy Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  May 24 - May 30

May 29 Real Estate Stats Show Big Wave Of Refinancing Is Coming Chris Vermeulen
May 29 Dow Jones Index Totally Disconnects from the Employment Data SRSrocco
May 29 Statistics, Lies and the Reservoir Effect Alasdair Macleod
May 28 Could A Bottom In Capital Velocity Be Setting Up? Chris Vermeulen
May 28 Many Dangers in Owning GLD, and SLV ETFs Nick Barisheff
May 28 Gold and Silver Correction Ahead? Jeff Clark
May 28 Suddenly Everything is Too Big to Fail – John Rubino Greg Hunter
May 27 “Real” Interest Rates Weigh on COMEX Gold Craig Hemke
May 27 Gold Stock Profits: A Horn Of Plenty Stewart Thomson
May 26 Are You An Idiot? Again? Bill Holter
May 26 Why Silver Stocks Should Be on Investors' Radar Clive Maund
May 26 Australian Perth Mint Silver & Gold Bullion Sales Surge In April SRSrocco
May 26 USA Entering A Period Of Decline And New World Order Chris Vermeulen
May 26 Getting Positioned for the Worst Depression in the History of the World Clive Maund
May 26 Predictive Modeling Suggests US Markets 12% Over Valued Chris Vermeulen
May 26 Gold Stocks: This Rally Isn't Done Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  May 17 - May 23

May 22 Healthy Reversal in Precious Metals and Miners Under Way David Brady
May 22 U.S. Mint Gold Coin Sales Already Double vs. 2019 SRSRocco
May 22 The Path to Monetary Collapse Alasdair Macleod
May 21 Critical Price Level Could Prompt A Big Move After Holiday Chris Vermeulen
May 21 US Markets, Metals and Oil Chris Vermeulen
May 21 As the Fed Goes “Weimar,” Gold, Silver, Miners will Go Parabolic Dave Kranzler
May 21 Gold, Silver, Miners Teater On The Brink Of A Breakout Chris Vermeulen
May 20 Signs Of Long Term Devaluation Real Estate Chris Vermeulen
May 20 A Crisis of Confidence, Part Two Craig Hemke
May 20 New Currency in Circulation Could Buy Stunning Amount of Silver & Gold SRSRocco
May 20 Gold Bullion RSI: A Massive Buy Signal Stewart Thomson
May 19 Real Estate Showing Signs Of Collateral Damage- Part II Chris Vermeulen
May 19 Primary Silver Miners Recent Stock Performance Tied to Profitability? SRSRocco
May 19 GLD / SLV Are Frauds – If You Want Gold and Silver Buy Physical Dave Kranzler
May 19 What Matters Most in Gold and Silver Ted Butler
May 18 Real Estate Showing Signs Of Collateral Damage Chris Vermeulen
May 18 Chart of the Week: Primary Silver Miners REAL COST... Posted by SRSrocco
May 18 Weekend Newsletter May 17, 2020 GoldPredict
May 18 Gold Mining Stocks Flip from Losses to 5x Leveraged Gains! Jason Hamlin
May 18 Infinite QE, Bear Market Rallies, Gold, Silver And Mining Stocks Dave Kranzler
May 18 Silver Just Broke Through A KEY Long-Term Technical Level SRSrocco
May 18 Gold: Upside Breakout In Play Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  May 10 - May 16

May 15 Mysterious Monetary Metals Manipulators Part Seven Charles Savoie
May 15 Tightness Continues in Retail Silver Market SRSRocco
May 15 Falling Real Yields Will Signal Record Highs for Gold Ahead David Brady
May 15 An Economic Renaissance Emerges – Look Out Below Chris Vermeulen
May 15 Making Money in Today's Market Empire Club of Canada Webinar
May 14 Important Factors Impacting the Gold & Silver Supply and Price SRSRocco
May 14 Earnings Are Worse & P/E Ratios Are Higher Chris Vermeulen
May 13 Small-Cap Stocks (Russell 2k) Are Headed For A Double Dip? Chris Vermeulen
May 13 Scotiabank Jumps Ship Craig Hemke
May 13 A Hopelessly Corrupt Financial System Plus Historic Bubbles – Got Gold? D Kranzler
May 13 The Illusion of Owning Gold Nick Barisheff
May 13 The Old Normal: Got Gold? Stewart Thomson
May 13 NASDAQ Sets Up A Massive Head-n-Shoulders Chris Vermeulen
May 13 China Dominates Worlds Supply Chains Rick Mills
May 12 The LBMA is Just as Rigged as the Comex Dave Kranzler
May 12 The Fourth Turning Is Accelerating Towards Climax Jim Quinn
May 12 Champion Bear to Drill Plomp Farm, Ontario Gold Play Rick Mills
May 12 Are Gold and Especially Silver About to Explode Higher? David Brady
May 11 The Big Move In Silver May Be Right Now Chris Vermeulen
May 11 Gold Market Update - as we go from deflation to hyperinflation... Clive Maund
May 11 Silver Market Update - massively undervaluation relative to gold... Clive Maund
May 11 Top Primary Silver Miner Cost of Production Now Breaking Even SRSRocco
May 11 News & Views May 2020 Michael J. Kosares
May 11 Important Trade and Investment Alert Was Issued Chris Vermeulen
May 11 The Setup For a Long and Deep Crisis is In Place Jeff Clark
May 11 Junior Gold Miners Ready To Run Chris Vermeulen
May 11 Gold Miners Rally Resumes: Key Tactics Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  May 3 - May 9

May 8 How to Build Chart Apartment for Support, Resistance, & Targets Chris Vermeulen
May 8 LBMA Uses Unallocated Gold to Manipulate the Fix Dave Kranzler
May 8 Time to Learn About Money Alasdair Macleod
May 8 The End of a U.S. Oil Giant: ExxonMobil’s Days are Numbered SRSRocco
May 8 The Illusion of Owning Gold Nick Barisheff
May 7 When It Comes to PM Mkts., What's in a Bull Mkt. and What's Not Chris Vermeulen
May 7 When the Birdies Sing Like the Fat Lady James Howard Kunstler
May 7 Technical Analysis Points To Key Reversal Of Global Markets Chris Vermeulen
May 6 How to Know Where S&P 500, Gold, and Bonds are Headed Next Chris Vermeulen
May 6 Where Have All the Specs Gone? Craig Hemke
May 6 Swiss Peas In A Golden Pod Stewart Thomson
May 6 Natural Gas Breaks $2.00 On Upside Rally and Next Target Chris Vermeulen
May 5 The Death of the Bakken has Arrived: Oil Production Down 30% SRSrocco
May 5 The Prospects for Physical Gold and Silver Have Never Been Better David Brady
May 5 Why Did the CME Secure a $10 Billion Credit Facility? Dave Kranzler
May 5 The 2nd Massive Downwave is Almost Upon Us... Clive Maund
May 4 ADL Predictive Modeling Shows US Stock Market Recovery In Q4 2020 Vermeulen
May 4 Stock Hit Resistance and Fall, Transportation Sector Forms Top Pattern Vermeulen
May 4 COVID-19 - the Biggest Hoax in the History of the World... Clive Maund
May 4 Hyperinflating The Money Supply Means Massive Upside For Gold & Silver Kranzler
May 4 Silver’s Epic Mean Reversion Adam Hamilton
May 4 U.S. Public Debt Increases More in April than During Entire 2019 SRSrocco
May 4 Gold, Stocks and Real Estate: A 2020 Forecast Nick Barisheff
May 4 Fed Cut Equities Stimulus 86% This Week and Stocks Are Falling Chris Vermeulen
May 4 Gold Versus Fiat Rick Mills
May 4 Gold Gets Hit: Profit Booking Is Wise Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Apr  26 - May 2

May 1 Mysterious Monetary Metals Manipulators Part Six Charles Savoie
May 1 Q1 GDP Data Will Likely Mask True Global Economic Future, Part II Chris Vermeulen
May 1 Fiat Currency Race to Zero: The “Suddenly” Part of the Story Approaches Kranzler
May 1 The Global Contagion Impacted Silver Production The Most SRSrocco
Apr 30 Silver Demand vs Gold Demand Chris Vermeulen
Apr 30 No, This Is Not Another 1929, 1973, 1987, 2000, or 2008 Charles Hugh Smith
Apr 30 Golden Vaccines and Dow to Gold Ratio Gary Christenson
Apr 30 Q1 GDP Data Masking The True Global Economic Future? Chris Vermeulen
Apr 29 Brighter Days for the Mining Shares Craig Hemke
Apr 29 Gold Eagle Sales Surge: Update on Best Buy Silver-Gold Eagle Prices SRSRocco
Apr 29 Is The Comex on the Cusp of Defaulting? Dave Kranzler
Apr 29 Corona Vs 2008: The Difference Is Inflation Stewart Thomson
Apr 29 The Stealth Fraud, Theft & WAR ON MIDDLE CLASS America Mike Maloney
Apr 28 The Fed Can’t Print Silver Rick Mills
Apr 28 Why Is Silver Stagnant, and When Will it Start Moving? Jeff Clark
Apr 27 Crude Oil Collapses Overnight On Supply Glut... Chris Vermeulen
Apr 27 Fibonacci Price Amplitude Arcs Predict Big Gold Breakout Chris Vermeulen
Apr 27 First Shale Oil Domino to Fall: More to Follow SRSRocco
Apr 27 Cheap Oil And Money Printing: Rocket Fuel For Mining Stocks Dave Kranzler
Apr 27 Massive Gold Stock Breakouts Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Apr 19 - Apr 25

Apr 24 Mysterious Monetary Metals Manipulators Part Five Charles Savoie
Apr 24 Real Estate Crash The Next Shoe To Drop – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Apr 24 Real Estate Crash The Next Shoe To Drop – Part III Chris Vermeulen
Apr 24 Gold and Silver Relative Valuation Theodore Butler
Apr 24 U.S. Gasoline & Jet Fuel Days of Supply Explode... SRSRocco
Apr 24 Record Gold and Silver Prices Ahead David Brady
Apr 24 Gold on the Cusp of Reaching $2,100 Chris Vermeulen
Apr 23 Fed Lies and Money Printing: Rocket Fuel for Gold Dave Kranzler
Apr 23 Here’s How High Inflation Could Soar and How Quickly It Could Get There Jeff Clark
Apr 22 Is Stock Market Volatility About to Spike Higher than March? Chris Vermeulen
Apr 22 Crude Collapse Concerns COMEX Craig Hemke
Apr 22 Coronavirus: What If? (A letter to the editor) Kimberly Brady, MD, Douglas County
Apr 22 Gold Shoulder Build & Stk Mkt Collapse Stewart Thomson
Apr 22 Common Sense and the CME Group Theodore Butler
Apr 21 Real Estate Crash Is The Next Shoe To Drop Chris Vermeulen
Apr 21 COMEX Oil Longs Eviscerated JS MineSet
Apr 21 A Run On Comex/LBMA Gold Bars Is Inevitable Dave Kranzler
Apr 21 Extreme High in the Gold/Silver Ratio Setting Up For Extreme Reversal? Jeff Clark
Apr 21 Oil Armageddon: What Will It Mean? Special Report Mike Maloney GoldSilver
Apr 20 The Fed Induced Twilight-Zone Chris Vermeulen
Apr 20 Coming Collapse of U.S. Financial Ponzi Scheme... SRSRocco
Apr 20 Physical Gold and Silver to Continue to Soar on Massive Demand... David Brady
Apr 20 A Massive Bull Market is Building for Gold Rick Mills
Apr 20 Big Silver Bull Running! Adam Hamilton
Apr 20 Gold & Silver Go Ballistic Once Stock Market Bottoms Chris Vermeulen
Apr 20 Gold Stocks: Book Profits Now Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Apr 12 - Apr 18

Apr 17 The Next Big Breakout Trade: Large Cap Gold Stocks Chris Vermeulen
Apr 17 The Four Horsemen Hate Silver Gary Christenson
Apr 17 US Mint Halts All Production Over Virus Fears... Tyler Durden
Apr 17 Canadian Oil Sands Per Barrel At $4.47, Cheaper than 12-Pack Coke SRSRocco
Apr 16 If Investors Crunched Data Like This Expectations Would Change... Chris Vermeulen
Apr 16 Physical Gold and Silver Continue to Disappear Dave Kranzler

Apr 16 Could This Be a “Suckers” Rally? Chris Vermeulen
Apr 15 Downside Opportunities Everywhere Watch These Symbols Chris Vermeulen
Apr 15 COMEX Search & Seizure Craig Hemke
Apr 15 Money Printing Creates Gold Stocks Nirvana Stewart Thomson

Apr 15 Understanding the Current Investment Reality Nick Barisheff
Apr 15 Are Coronavirus Death Statistics Exaggerated? Nadeem Walayat
Apr 14 AI Fibonacci Modeling Predicts Silver at $26 Chris Vermeulen
Apr 14 A Slow Motion Short Squeeze In Gold Dave Kranzler
Apr 14 U.S. Supply Of Petroleum Products Down 7 Million Barrels Per day SRSrocco
Apr 14 AI Trading System Using Fibonacci Theory – Part IV Chris Vermeulen
Apr 14 Thoughts on the Coronavirus Bob Moriarty
Apr 14 Finding the Great Opportunities in Tumultuous Markets Chris Vermeulen
Apr 13 A.I. Fibonacci Trading System Predicts Next Price Move Chris Vermeulen
Apr 13 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Apr 13 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Apr 13 An Estimated 40% Of Global Silver Mine Supply Now Offline SRSrocco
Apr 13 The Paper Gold Market is Imploding Dave Kranzler
Apr 13 Global Stimulus on Steroids Means Higher Gold and Silver Prices David Brady

Apr 13 Welcome to the Hyperinflationary Depression Clive Maund
Apr 13 The Fed – Kicking People When They’re Down Dave Kranzler
Apr 13 Newmont Leads The Upside Parade Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Apr 5 - Apr 11

Apr 10 Mysterious Monetary Metals Manipulators Part Four Charles Savoie
Apr 10 Gold & Silver Shortages to Get Worse... SRSRocco
Apr 10 Fib Trading System is Telling Us Where Market Is Headed Next Chris Vermeulen
Apr 10 Strange Things are Happening Theodore Butler
Apr 10 News & Views April 2020 Michael J. Kosares
Apr 9 Adaptive Fibonacci Suggests Much Lower Prices Yet To Come–Part I C. Vermeulen
Apr 9 Craig Hemke – Disorderly Price Increases Coming for Gold & Silver Greg Hunter
Apr 9 Understanding the Current Investment Reality Nick Barisheff
Apr 9 U.S. Gasoline Product Supplied Falls off a Cliff SRSRocco
Apr 9 Gold Closely Tracks Debt-to-GDP Ratio Rick Mills
Apr 8 A Crisis in Confidence Craig Hemke
Apr 8 Western Central Banks: Robert Mugabe Rides Again? Stewart Thomson
Apr 8 The Coming Supply Crunch Rick Mills
Apr 8 A New World Is Being Born: What Will It Be? Paul Craig Roberts
Apr 7 Is Natural Gas Ready For An April Rally? Chris Vermeulen
Apr 7 Silver Eagle Update: Premiums Range Between $6.50-$10.00+... SRSrocco
Apr 6 Two Leading Indicators for Crude Oil Point To Higher Prices Chris Vermeulen
Apr 6 Global Oil Demand Plummets, Threat to Storage Capacity SRSRocco
Apr 6 Gresham’s Law and the Gold and Silver Squeeze Dave Kranzler
Apr 6 Gold Stocks Crash, V-Bounce! Adam Hamilton
Apr 6 Precious Metals Are About To Reset Like In 2008 – Gold Bugs, Buckle Up! Vermeulen
Apr 6 The Most Important Mine in America Rick Mills
Apr 6 The 7 Lessons from Gold’s Unprecedented First Quarter 2020 Jeff Clark
Apr 6 Gold & Stk Mkt: Key Candlestick Action Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 29 - Apr 4

Apr 3 Mysterious Monetary Metals Manipulators Part Three Charles Savoie
Apr 3 Stocks Have Entered a 25-35year Crisis Cycle Re-evaluation Event Chris Vermeulen
Apr 3 U.S. Silver Eagle Sales Surge Past 5 Million In March... SRSrocco
Apr 2 Weakness Appears To Be Setting For This Weeks Economic Data Chris Vermeulen
Apr 2 Silver Investing During the Coming Financial Storm SRSRocco
Apr 2 US Between Scylla and Charybdis Rick Mills
Apr 2 Silver Shock Update: A New and Major Threat to Supply Jeff Clark
Apr 2 Silver and Sanity Gary Christenson
Apr 1 The Selloff Structure Explained – Fibonacci On Deck Chris Vermeulen
Apr 1 The CME Opens Pandora's Box Craig Hemke
Apr 1 The Comex And LBMA: Paper Gold on Steroids Dave Kranzler
Apr 1 Key Buy & Sell Zones For Gold Stewart Thomson
Apr 1 From a Failed Breakout to a Failed Breakdown Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA
Mar 31 Important Trade and Investment Alert Was Issued Chris Vermeulen
Mar 31 The Shortage Of LBMA Bars Persisted Before Coronavirus Dave Kranzler
Mar 31 Is the Meltdown Over? - Gold Silver Market Update with Mike Maloney GoldSilver
Mar 31 Gold and Silver Break Free From Their Paper Chains David Brady
Mar 30 Is Silver & Gold Mirroring 1999 to 2011 Again? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 30 Three Charts Every Trader and Investor Must See Chris Vermeulen
Mar 30 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Mar 30 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Mar 30 The Financial System Was FUBAR Before The Virus Crisis Dave Kranzler
Mar 30 Silver Miners’ Q4’19 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
Mar 30 Stimulus Bill Gives The Banks $454 Billion In Taxpayer Bailout Money Dave Kranzler
Mar 30 Gold Stocks: Book Some Profits Now Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 22 - Mar 28

Mar 27 Mysterious Monetary Metals Manipulators Part Two Charles Savoie
Mar 27 Energy Disaster Kicking Into Full Gear: World Is Totally Unprepared... SRSrocco
Mar 27 With the Crash in Stocks, Are They Now a Better Value Than Gold & Silver? Jeff Clark
Mar 26 Virus Curve, Market Crash, and Mortgage Massacre Chris Vermeulen
Mar 26 Six Trillion Lies - Mike Maloney's Gold/Silver Market Update GoldSilver
Mar 26 One of the Biggest Short Covering Rallies in History May Be Imminent Clive Maund
Mar 26 Greatest Depression Already Started – Gerald Celente Greg Hunter
Mar 26 Chris on TD Ameritrade TV – Safe Plays During Slowdowns Chris Vermeulen
Mar 26 The Fed is a Pickle Gary Christenson
Mar 25 Reality Check on Trading Equities & Precious Metals Chris Vermeulen
Mar 25 Global Gold Price Markets Broken... SRSRocco
Mar 25 Corona & Gold: Stagflation On Steroids Stewart Thomson
Mar 25 Resurgent Dollar Paving Route to Higher Gold Rick Mills
Mar 25 Currency Bombers Fill the Sky - Gold/Silver Market Update Mike Maloney
Mar 25 Concerned About The Real Estate Market? Me Too – Part III Chris Vermeulen
Mar 24 Part II – We Are Concerned About The Real Estate Market Chris Vermeulen
Mar 24 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Mar 24 Unprecedented Demand For Silver Bullion Will Push Prices Higher SRSrocco
Mar 24 The Virus Crisis Exposed the Financial Markets’ Black Hole Dave Kranzler
Mar 23 Concerned About The Real Estate Market? Us Too! Chris Vermeulen
Mar 23 The System Just Broke, Part 1: Financial Armageddon Martenson & Maloney
Mar 23 U.S.  Oil Price Collapse = U.S. Economic Collapse SRSrocco
Mar 23 Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q4’19 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
Mar 23 GDX: A Morning Star Offers Hope Morris Hubbartt
Mar 23 Cash Is King, Not Gold, Not Bonds Chris Vermeulen

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 15 - Mar 21

Mar 20 #1 Mysterious Monetary Metals Manipulators Part One Charles Savoie
Mar 20 Paper Prices Dump, but Premiums for the Physical Metals Soar... David Brady
Mar 20 Coronavirus Induced Bear Market Chris Vermeulen
Mar 20 Currency Carnage - Gold/Silver Market Update Mike Maloney
Mar 19 It Is All Being Exposed…Now! Bill Holter
Mar 19 Bullion Bank and Central Bank Collusion Craig Hemke
Mar 19 Four Key Questions To This Crisis Everyone is Asking Chris Vermeulen
Mar 19 US and UK Coronavirus Containment Incompetence... Nadeem_Walayat
Mar 19 Massive Surge in Physical Silver Buying... SRSrocco
Mar 19 How a ‘Debt Jubilee’ + Mining Could be a Path to Coronavirus Recovery Rick Mills
Mar 18 US Markets, is it too Late to Short? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 18 Helicopter Money Will Send Gold Soaring… Dave Kranzler
Mar 18 Gold & Corona: Welcome To The War! Stewart Thomson
Mar 18 Part III – Crunching Some Numbers – Researcher Shares His Outlook Vermeulen
Mar 18 Crunching Some Numbers – Our Researchers Share Their Data – Part II Vermeulen
Mar 17 Extreme Disconnect Between Paper And Physical Gold Dave Kranzler
Mar 17 Economic Stimulus Can’t Save US from Deflation and Recession Rick Mills
Mar 16 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Mar 16 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Mar 16 Crunching Some Numbers and What They Say – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Mar 16 Sunday Newsletter March 15, 2020 GoldPredict
Mar 16 Depression Ahead? Global Oil Demand to Fall Drastically SRSRocco
Mar 16 Bullion Shortages Coming – Gold/Silver Update Mike Maloney
Mar 16 Floodgates of Liquidity David Brady
Mar 16 Gold Stocks: Put Option Protection Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 8 - Mar 14

Mar 13 Senate Silver Speech 55 Years Ago Charles Savoie
Mar 13 Where’s the Bottom? – Cycles Paint A Clear Picture Chris Vermeulen
Mar 13 Stocks, Bonds, Paper Gold – What the Hell is Happening? Dave Kranzler
Mar 13 Bailout Bazooka Has Been Fired - Mike Maloney Update GoldSilver Team
Mar 13 U.S. Mint Sells Another Million Silver Eagles Past Two Days SRSrocco
Mar 13 US Stockmarkets Big Picture Overview... Clive Maund
Mar 13 UK and US Entering Coronavirus Pandemic Storm Stage Nadeem_Walayat
Mar 12 Is This A Bear Market When Stocks Crash 20% and Bonds Spike 30% Vermeulen
Mar 12 Revisiting Our July 2019 Crude Oil Predictions & 2020 Forecast Chris Vermeulen
Mar 12 U.S. Mint Sells Another Million Silver Eagles Past Two Days SRSrocco
Mar 12 What’s Wrong with Silver?! Jeff Clark
Mar 12 Coronavirus is not The Cause of Stock Market Turmoil Dave Kranzler
Mar 11 Gold: The Road Ahead GoldSilver Team
Mar 11 America & Corona: A Grim Situation Stewart Thomson
Mar 11 Silver Eagle Sales Surge While U.S. Shale Energy Stocks Get Crushed SRSrocco
Mar 11 COMEX Gold EFP Use Surges Craig Hemke
Mar 10 Why You May Want to Avoid Buying Options This Week Chris Vermeulen
Mar 10 This Is Super Ugly…And It’s About Time It Showed Up Rory Hall
Mar 10 Jim Willie - The 2020 Black Swan Event SGT Report

Mar 9 Emergency Technical Traders Market Crash Update & Video Analysis Vermeulen
Mar 9 Fear Reaches A Level Seen Only 4 Times Since 2008 – Signature Pattern Vermeulen
Mar 9 The Global Contagion Moves into High Gear... SRSRocco
Mar 9 News & Views March 2020 Michael J. Kosares
Mar 9 Have We Seen The Peak In The VIX? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 9 Weekend Newsletter March 8, 2020 GoldPredict
Mar 9 Big US Stocks’ Q4’19 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
Mar 9 Gold and Silver Rally Back After Fed Emergency Rate Cut Chris Vermeulen
Mar 9 Gold & The Miners: Fabulous Technical Action Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 1 - Mar 7

Mar 6 Metals and Miners Just Waiting for the Fed to Unleash QE on Steroids David Brady
Mar 5 US Fed Panics – Predictive Modeling Shows You What’s Next Chris Vermeulen
Mar 5 Powell Painted Into a Corner…Still Craig Hemke
Mar 5 U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Sales Surge First Three Days in March... SRSRocco
Mar 5 Time to Accumulate Mining Stocks (Especially Juniors) Dave Kranzler
Mar 5 Mike Maloney - Urgent Market Update: Currency Oblivion Coming GoldSilver
Mar 5 The Care and Feeding of Bubbles Gary Christenson
Mar 4 Stock Market & Flu Breakdown Metrics – Where’s The Bottom? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 4 Global Contagion Negatively Impacting Financial Markets SRSRocco
Mar 4 Gold Has Immunity, Silver Has Ratio Rick Mills
Mar 4 Gold, Miners, & Dow: Key Investor Tactics Stewart Thomson
Mar 3 Gold Sets Up For Another Massive Move Higher Chris Vermeulen
Mar 3 A Cash Flow Problem? Credit Game Over! Bill Holter
Mar 2 Bill Holter – Credit Meltdown Coming, Buy Gold & Silver Now Greg Hunter
Mar 2 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Mar 2 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Mar 2 Stocks And Gold: What Happened Last Week Dave Kranzler
Mar 2 Once Again, We Have to Endure Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain David Brady
Mar 2 Precious Metals: Candlesticks Of Pain Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 23 - Feb 29

Feb 28 Is This A Repeat of February 2018 Market Crash? Chris Vermeulen
Feb 28 Important: Tom Cloud Precious Metals Update SRSrocco
Feb 28 Bear Stearns Dйjа vu? Theodore Butler
Feb 28 CoronaVirus: Consequences To Come (Part 1)  Maloney & Martenson
Feb 28 Cycles: What Goes Up Comes Down Gary Christenson
Feb 27 SPY Breaks Below Fibonacci Bearish Trigger Level Chris Vermeulen
Feb 27 Asian Virus Backlash: Gold Breakouts Jim Willie
Feb 27 Crash Update - Including Downside Targets for the DJIA... Clive Maund
Feb 27 Top 5 Gold Miner Intercepts for February Jason Hamlin
Feb 26 Powell Painted Into a Corner...Again Craig Hemke
Feb 26 PM Investor Alert: Prices are Heading into an Entirely New Market SRSRocco
Feb 26 Coming Soon: More Money Printing and Higher Gold Prices Dave Kranzler
Feb 26 Paper Money Rejection is Gold’s Minsky Moment Rick Mills
Feb 26 A Gold Tie Versus A Gold Stock Stewart Thomson
Feb 25 Has the Equities Waterfall Event Started Or A Buying Opportunity? Chris Vermeulen
Feb 25 Yield Curve Patterns – What To Expect In 2020 Chris Vermeulen
Feb 24 Gold Rallies As Fear Take Center Stage Chris Vermeulen
Feb 24 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Feb 24 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Feb 24 Weekend Newsletter February 23, 2020 GoldPredict
Feb 24 Coronavirus China Infection Statistics Analysis Nadeem_Walayat
Feb 24 The Case for Why the PMs Rally Isn't Over Yet Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 24 Gold Signaling A Financial System Disaster Will Hit Dave Kranzler
Feb 24 Gold Stock Breakouts: Superb Volume Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 16 - Feb 22

Feb 21 Is The Technology Sector Setting Up For A Crash? Part IV Chris Vermeulen
Feb 21 Gold Leads the Way Higher David Brady
Feb 21 Gold Chased the Money Supply Higher Dave Kranzler
Feb 21 Is There More to Come in This PMs Rally? Przemysław Radomski
Feb 20 Palladium, Gold, US Dollar Chris Vermeulen
Feb 20 Is The Technology Sector Setting Up For A Crash? Part III Chris Vermeulen
Feb 20 Waiting on COMEX Silver Craig Hemke
Feb 20 Demand for Physical Precious Metals Surge... SRSRocco
Feb 20 Warning - That's Not a Buying Opportunity in Gold Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 20 Here is Your Opportunity in Gold & Silver GoldSilver Team
Feb 20 Price Extremes, The Trapped Fed and Scapegoats Gary Christenson
Feb 19 Is The Technology Sector Setting Up For A Crash? Part II Chris Vermeulen
Feb 19 Corona Virus: Is More Debt The Solution? Stewart Thomson
Feb 19 The Next Big Thing in Nevada Rick Mills
Feb 19 The Gold and Silver Rally Just Can't Wait Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 18 Baltic Dry, Copper, Oil, Tech & China Continue to Call for Crash Soon Clive Maund
Feb 17 The Fake News Economy Dave Kranzler
Feb 17 Spotlight on the DOJ and JPMorgan Ted Butler
Feb 17 The Groundhog Just Can't Wait to See the Golden Rally Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 17 Is The Technology Sector Setting Up For A Crash? Part I Chris Vermeulen
Feb 17 The World Is Rapidly Burning Through Its Conventional Oil Reserves SRSrocco
Feb 17 Gold Consolidates & Key Juniors Surge Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 9 - Feb 15

Feb 14 Predictive Modeling Suggests Gold Will Break Above $1650 Within 15~30 Days CV
Feb 14 The Stock Market, Gold, Silver, Mining Stocks And Tesla Dave Kranzler
Feb 14 Good Cheer for PM Sector Investors Clive Maund
Feb 14 The Strong PMs Response to the USDX Premarket Hesitation Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 13 Shipping Rates Plunge, Commodities and Stocks May Follow Chris Vermeulen
Feb 13 David Morgan – Fed Flooding Market with Funny Money Greg Hunter
Feb 13 Copper Market is a Coiled Spring Rick Mills
Feb 13 Is Yesterday's USDX Decline About to Trigger PMs Rally? Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 12 2020 – A Close Look At What To Expect Chris Vermeulen
Feb 12 A Look at COMEX Palladium Craig Hemke
Feb 12 Corona & Debt: A Twin Virus Horror Stewart Thomson
Feb 12 Shale Oil Bubble Accounted for 99% Of US Production Growth Since 2007 SRSRocco
Feb 11 How and When to Enter Day Trades & Swing Trades For Max. Gains C. Vermeulen
Feb 11 Mining Stocks are Setting Up for another Run Dave Kranzler
Feb 11 Could Silver Break-Out Like it Did in 2011? Rick Mills
Feb 11 These Charts Say 2018 Was A Major Bottom Chris Ciovacco
Feb 11 The Coming Silver Price Shock, Part I: Warnings Everywhere Jeff Clark
Feb 11 Stock Market Sector Rotation Should Peak Within 60+ Days – Part II C. Vermeulen
Feb 10 The Coming Exponential Silver Price Movement SRSRocco
Feb 10 Palladium, Tesla and the Imposition of Electric Vehicles... Clive Maund
Feb 10 Big Silver-Stock Potential Adam Hamilton
Feb 10 Decision Time for Metals and Miners Approaches David Brady
Feb 10 Is The Coronavirus bullish for Stocks? Chris Vermeulen
Feb 10 Gold Stocks & Bitcoin: Key Signals In Play Morris Hubbartt
Feb 10 News & Views February 2020 edition Michael J. Kosares

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 2 - Feb 8

Feb 7 Broad Market Sector Rotation Starts In 60+ Days – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Feb 6 Corona Virus and Manufacturing Shutdowns Will Affect Companies Chris Vermeulen
Feb 6 The Guggenheim "#1 Conviction Trade" Craig Hemke
Feb 6 Tesla, Gold And Coronavirus – Fraud And Global Depression Dave Kranzler
Feb 6 U.S. Top Shale Oil Fields Decline 10 Times Faster Than Global Oil Industry SRSrocco
Feb 6 Downside Risk in Precious Metals Jordan Roy-Byrne
Feb 5 There’s Just Not That Much Silver Investment Insurance To Go Around SRSrocco
Feb 5 Gold Stocks: Cash Flow Is The Theme Stewart Thomson
Feb 5 How Effective Is Gold As a Hedge? History Has an Empirical Answer Jeff Clark
Feb 5 Inverse Energy ETF AT Breakout Level – Could Rally Further Chris Vermeulen
Feb 4 Are You Prepared for the Contagion? Bill Holter
Feb 4 Another Position Limits Farce Theodore Butler
Feb 3 Fed’s Risky QE4 Stock Ramp Adam Hamilton
Feb 3 Printed Money Blowing The Bubbles Even Bigger Dave Kranzler
Feb 3 Palladium One Identifies Compelling New Drill Target at Tyko Rick Mills
Feb 3 Gold Stocks: It's Time To Buy Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 26 - Feb 1

Jan 31 Termite Invited to Address Precious Metals Conference! Charles Savoie
Jan 31 A Combination Topping Pattern Is Setting Up Chris Vermeulen
Jan 31 Silver Prepares For Next Leg Higher Chris Vermeulen
Jan 31 The Amazing Untold Facts About Gold & Silver Investing SRSRocco
Jan 31 Fed’s Plan to Cap Yields Signals Higher Gold and Silver Prices David Brady
Jan 30 Are We Setting Up For A Waterfall Selloff? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 30 Gold Outperforms Berkshire Hathaway Nick Barisheff
Jan 30 EV Predictions Show Strained Metals Supply Rick Mills
Jan 29 The Platinum Breakout & Bull Market of 2020 Chris Vermeulen
Jan 29 Ahead of the January FOMC Craig Hemke
Jan 29 Gold Bullion Versus The Miners Stewart Thomson

Jan 29 The Housing Bubble: They Keep Pushing the System Until it Breaks Dave Kranzler
Jan 29 Alert: Silver Goes on Sale GoldSilver Team
Jan 28 The Black Swan Event Begins Chris Vermeulen
Jan 28 Gold, Silver And Mining Stock Charts Look Bullish Dave Kranzler
Jan 27 The Wuhan Wipeout – Could It Happen? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 27 How Much Human Labor Equals One Gallon of Gasoline? SRSRocco
Jan 27 Gold-Miner Valuations Adam Hamilton
Jan 27 Germany Starts War on Gold Rick Mills
Jan 27 ETF Frustration While Key Miners Surge Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 19 - Jan 25

Jan 24 January 2018 Stock Market Repeat – Yikes! Chris Vermeulen
Jan 24 The Tremendous Hidden Value in Every Silver Coin SRSRocco
Jan 24 MSM Gold Reporting becomes more Absurd by the Day Dave Kranzler
Jan 24 Gold Price Trend Forecast 2020 - Part 1 Nadeem Walayat
Jan 24 Does Palladium Signal the End of Paper Futures in Gold and Silver? David Brady
Jan 24 Geophysical Work Begins at Finland Palladium Play Rick Mills
Jan 24 The Next Catalyst for Gold Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jan 23 Transportation Sector Crashed Hard and What it Means Chris Vermeulen
Jan 23 Guide to Gold and Silver Mining Stocks - Mike Maloney Buying Miners? GoldSilver
Jan 23 Trading Strategies for GDXJ, SPY, BONDS, and Natural Gas Chris Vermeulen
Jan 23 NOT-Predictions for 2020 Gary Christenson
Jan 22 Junior Gold Miners Setting Up For Another Rally Chris Vermeulen
Jan 22 Gold Trade Usage & Price Effect Jim Willie
Jan 22 Tesla’s Warranty Expense “Income” Dave Kranzler
Jan 22 The Magic Palladium Bullet in 2020 Craig Hemke
Jan 22 Investing In Currency: Gold Or Fiat? Stewart Thomson
Jan 21 Q4 Earnings Setup The Rally To The Peak Chris Vermeulen
Jan 21 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 21 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 20 Energy Continues Basing Setup – Breakout Expected Near January 24th Vermeulen
Jan 20 Cannibalization of the Financial System will Force Investors into Silver SRSRocco
Jan 20 Bullion Shortages Will Push Junior Mining Stocks Higher in 2020 Dave Kranzler
Jan 20 Gold Stocks Wavering Adam Hamilton
Jan 20 Gold Stocks: Bull Candlesticks Now Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 12 - Jan 18

Jan 17 Platinum Breaks $1000 On Big Rally And What is Next Chris Vermeulen
Jan 17 Why I Am Only Looking Up in Metals and Miners, With One Caveat David Brady
Jan 17 The Genius of JPMorgan Theodore Butler
Jan 17 A Tale of Two Markets Gary Christenson
Jan 17 Shifting Undercurrents In The US Stock Market Chris Vermeulen
Jan 16 NV Gold Doubles Down on Silver with New Arizona Project Rick Mills
Jan 16 Calling All Comedians: The Gold Market is So Small It Could Fit In a… Jeff Clark
Jan 15 Silver Traders Big Trend Analysis – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Jan 15 Real Gold vs Pretend Gold Craig Hemke
Jan 15 Some Positive Gold Market Charts Peter Degraaf
Jan 15 Gold, Key Indexes, & Goldman Stewart Thomson
Jan 15 The Fed is Going All-In to Keep the System from Collapsing Dave Kranzler
Jan 15 Petroteq Energy Update: Situation Goes from Worse to Horrible SRSRocco
Jan 14 Bill Holter: The Fed Has Already Lost Control Chris Marcus
Jan 14 Only In America And Banana Republics Dave Kranzler
Jan 14 Looking For Big Moves in Silver This Year Chris Marcus / Rory Hall
Jan 13 My Big Trend Analysis for Silver Investor – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Jan 13 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 13 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 13 Weekend Report January, 2020 GoldPredict
Jan 13 Time to Buy Gold and Silver on Every Pullback Dave Kranzler
Jan 13 Outlook For Gold in 2020 Nick Barisheff
Jan 13 Gold Reacting to Global Flash Points Rick Mills
Jan 13 Gold Stocks: ETFs Or Individual Miners? Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 5 - Jan 11

Jan 10 We Don't Need To Know Charles Savoie
Jan 10 Commitment of Traders (COT) Data Suggests Gold In Rally Mode Chris Vermeulen
Jan 10 50,000 Tons of Non-Recyclable Wind Turbine Blades Dumped in Landfill SRSRocco
Jan 9 QE Madness: Is it Worse Now than in 2008? Dave Kranzler
Jan 9 Gold Hits $1,600/oz After Iran Missile Attack Jeff Clark
Jan 9 Favourable Conditions Are Likely To Propel Silver Much Higher Hubert Moolman
Jan 9 Is The Energy Sector Setting Up Another Great Entry? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 9 Facts and Speculations – Next Decade Gary Christenson
Jan 8 The Battle Between Save Havens and Risk On Continues Chris Vermeulen
Jan 8 Gold and Silver 2020 Macrocast Craig Hemke
Jan 8 North Dakota Bakken Flaring Nearly 20% Of Its Natural Gas Production SRSRocco
Jan 8 Gold, Debt, & The Human Heart Stewart Thomson
Jan 7 Crude Oil Reverses Lower Again After US Missile Attack Chris Vermeulen
Jan 7 Gold Just Broke Through A Key Level SRSRocco
Jan 7 Will 2020 be junior mining’s year? Rick Mills
Jan 7 NASDAQ Set to Fall 1000pts In Early 2020 - What it Means for Gold Chris Vermeulen
Jan 6 What does the stock market contraction after missile strike mean? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 6 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 6 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 6 The Comex Is A Complete Joke Dave Kranzler
Jan 6 News & Views January 2020 Michael J. Kosares

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 1 - Jan 4

Jan 3 ADL Gold Prediction Confirms Targets Chris Vermeulen
Jan 3 Gold Surges Due to Troubled Fed Repo & U.S. Treasury Market SRSRocco
Jan 3 Short-Term Reversal in Gold and Silver Before Trend Higher Continues David Brady
Jan 3 5 Essential Things to Know Before Investing In Precious Metals Anthony Anderson
Jan 3 Silver is INCREDIBLY Undervalued Mike Maloney
Jan 2 What To Expect In Early 2020 Chris Vermeulen
Jan 2 For Auld Lang Jackass Craig Hemke / Jim Willie
Jan 2 Debt: Sizzle Versus Steak Stewart Thomson
Jan 2 Money Printing and Physical Demand Will Drive Gold Higher Dave Kranzler

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