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News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 1 - Jan 9

Jan 8 Watch Out for Perverse Missinformation! Charles Savoie
Jan 8 The Road to $10,000 Gold, When and How? Nick Barisheff
Jan 8 Don’t Dismiss Gold and Silver… Alasdair Macleod
Jan 8 U.S. Mint Sells 2.7 Million Silver Eagles First Week Of 2021 SRSrocco
Jan 7 Metals rally early in 2021 Chris Vermeulen
Jan 7 What 2020 Signals about Gold and Silver in 2021 Jeff Clark
Jan 6 COMEX Year in Review Craig Hemke
Jan 6 The Coming War on Wealth and the Wealthy Charles Hugh Smith
Jan 6 Gold Mauls The Dollar & Silver Stocks Soar Stewart Thomson
Jan 6 Why Buy Gold If the System Will Be Crypto & Digital Fedcoin Dollars? GoldSilverTeam
Jan 5 ESG Flows Drive Clean Energy to Fresh Highs Chris Vermeulen
Jan 5 Gold Market Update - set to soar as hyperinflation looms... Clive Maund
Jan 5 Silver Market Update - powerful advance believed imminent... Clive Maund
Jan 5 Expect A Big Move In Gold, Silver And The Mining Stocks This Year Dave Kranzler
Jan 5 Giving Up the Ghost James Howard Kunstler
Jan 5 News & Views January 2021 Michael J. Kosares
Jan 4 2021 May Be A Good Year For The Cannabis/Marijuana Sector Chris Vermeulen
Jan 4 The Energy Cliff, Green Energy Myth, Gold, Crypto, & Mad Max Future SRSRocco
Jan 4 The Fed Is About To Go Weimar – Gold And Silver Will Soar Dave Kranzler
Jan 4 Key Metal Stocks In Play Now Morris Hubbartt
Jan 4 Chinese Fire Drills with a side of French Fries... James Howard Kunstler
Jan 4 Weekend Gold Forecast December 31, 2020 GoldPredict

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