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News and Commentary for the Week of Dec 5 - Dec 31

Dec 30 I Would Not Sell Silver or Gold Here Franklin Sanders
Dec 30
The Top 10 Market Myths Exposed EWI
Dec 30 Mind the Leverage… It might KILL your wallet… Willem Weytjens
Dec 30 John Williams: The US Has $100 Trillion in Debts & Obligations KingWorldNews
Dec 30
Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Dec 30
Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Dec 30 Five Best Trade Ideas for the Next Two Weeks Chris Vermeulen
Dec 30
Stock Market Is Not Physics Part III EWI
Dec 30 Gold's D-Wave Confirmed Toby Conner
Dec 29 The Gold Price Fell After Breaking Support Franklin Sanders
Dec 29 Market looks poised to reverse hard to downside within days David Banister
Dec 29 Hathaway - Central Banks to Begin Dumping Dollars for Gold KingWorldNews
Dec 29 Gold Near-Term Outlook 2012 Peter Grant
Dec 29 Financial Troubles For Many Nations In The New Year Bob Chapman
Dec 29 Futures for Silver Near Extreme Bullish Levels Gene Arensberg
Dec 29 Euro Holds Key For Stock Rally Chris Ciovacco
Dec 28 Expect a Move Higher Before the Week Ends Franklin Sanders
Dec 28 Are Bonds About to Plunge? Willem Weytjens
Dec 28 Peter Schiff - 2012 Will Be the Year of Reckoning KingWorldNews
Dec 28 ECB's LTRO Won't Stop Collateral Contagion! Gordon T Long
Dec 27 Market Video Chris Vermeulen
Dec 27 A Run On The Global Banking System—How Close Are We? Gonzalo Lira
Dec 27 James Turk - What to Expect from Gold & Silver in 2012 KingWorldNews
Dec 27 Trading the Fluctuations in the Precious Metal Stocks Vin Maru
Dec 27 Did Bankers Deliberately Crash MF Global to Crash Gold and Silver Prices? Kim
Dec 27 Gold-Friendly Commercials & Oscillators Stewart Thomson
Dec 27 Paul Brodsky - Gold Could See Five Digits in 2012 KingWorldNews

News and Commentary for the Week of Dec 18 - Dec 24

Dec 23 Holiday Short Squeeze & Oil Trade Idea Chris Vermeulen
Dec 23 European Debt Is ‘Obviously Unserviceable’ Chris Ciovacco
Dec 23 Gold Price May Have Bottomed At $1,562.50 and Will Now Rally F. Sanders
Dec 23 Jim Sinclair - The Gold Panic & What to Expect in 2012 KingWorldNews
Dec 23 A simple plan to keep your assets safe... Terry Coxon
Dec 23 Bullish & Bearish Arguments For Precious Metals in 2012 Willem Weytjens
Dec 23
How to Identify and Use Support and Resistance Levels EWI
Dec 23 Why We Remain Bullish on Small Mining Shares Gene Arensberg
Dec 22 Gold and Silver on the Verge of a Big Move Chris Vermeulen
Dec 22 Gold Price Buy Signal Will Be a Slight Rise After Correcting... Franklin Sanders
Dec 22 COMEX: The March to Irrelevance Jim Willie
Dec 22 Your Bank is Not Safe Simon Black
Dec 22 James Turk - Gold Set to Close Higher for 11th Straight Year KingWorldNews
Dec 22 Worse Than 2008 Chris Martenson
Dec 22 Injured Global Economy Ponders Coming Challenges Bob Chapman
Dec 22 London Trader - There are Tremendous Silver Shortages KingWorldNews
Dec 21 Gold Price and Silver Price had a Field Day Franklin Sanders
Dec 21 How The Bankers Drive Up Bullion Prices Jeff Nielson
Dec 21 Chris Whalen - Expect Bank Holidays in Europe & Higher Gold KingWorldNews
Dec 21 Are You Tempted to Sell, or Eagar to Buy? Jeff Clark
Dec 21
The Stock Market Is Not Physics: Part I EWI
Dec 21 Gold $1000 Is Already Here Stewart Thomson
Dec 21 London Trader - We are Witnessing a Historic Bottom in Gold KingWorldNews
Dec 20 Opportunity to Buy One Last Time at Bargain Basement Prices Franklin Sanders
Dec 20 SLV Short Position Update Ted Butler
Dec 20 The New America Richard Russell
Dec 20 How To Protect Your Stocks From Broker Bankruptcy & Theft Tekoa Da Silva
Dec 20 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Dec 20 How an Economy Collapses... How to Protect Yourself. Part 2 Paul Mladjenovic
Dec 19 Back-Door Bazooka: The EU Solution? Chris Ciovacco
Dec 19 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Dec 19 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Dec 19 USA 2012/2016: An insolvent and ungovernable country GEAB
Dec 19 Jim Rickards - This Will Send the Price of Gold to the Moon KingWorldNews
Dec 19 Silver And Survivalism Ryan Jordan
Dec 19 About Gold: Don’t Panic!!! Gonzalo Lira

News and Commentary for the Week of Dec 11 - Dec 17

Dec 16 John Hathaway - Media & Gartman Attacks on Gold are Bullish KingWorldNews
Dec 16 Pathogenesis of Central Bank Ruin Jim Willie
Dec 16 What Gold Supply Crunch? Louis James
Dec 16 The Bankers’ New Gold Jeff Nielson
Dec 16 Eurozone government defaults looking certain Alasdair Macleod
Dec 16 Richard Russell - Gold Trading Above $1,500 is Bullish Action KingWorldNews
Dec 16 Learn Elliott Wave Analysis -- Free EWI
Dec 16 Where is the Silver Price Going? Hubert Moolman
Dec 16 These Charts Say It All: GOLD Is STILL a BUY Lorimer Wilson
Dec 15 The Gold Price Took a Beating Today, Down 4.6% Franklin Sanders
Dec 15 Jim Sinclair - Why Gold Was Smashed Today & What’s Next KingWorldNews
Dec 15 The ABCs of Re-hypothecation in Gold and Securities Markets Kevin Brekke
Dec 15 Precious Metals, Equities & Oil Long Term Outlook Part II Chris Vermeulen
Dec 15 Von Greyerz - Currency Collapse, Hyperinflation & Social Unrest KingWorldNews
Dec 15 Your Final Chance to Legally Buy Physical Gold this Decade? John Galt
Dec 15 The Medicine Becomes The Poison Aubie Baltin
Dec 14 Pre-Market Video Chris Vermeulen
Dec 14 Precious Metals Patterns Could Weigh On Stocks Chris Ciovacco
Dec 14 I'm Waiting a Day or Two to Take Advantage of Lower Prices Franklin Sanders
Dec 14 The Land Of Anti-Gold Propaganda Jeff Nielson
Dec 14 Gold Stocks: Still a Bargain Jeff Clark
Dec 14 Turk - Lehman II in Progress as Financial System Implodes KingWorldNews
Dec 14 Gold Triangle Reality Check Stewart Thomson
Dec 14 Gold Could Correct Lower Than $1,600/ozt. Nu Yu, Ph.D.
Dec 14 How to Clean Silver Coins SilverToday
Dec 14 "Collapse" of MF Global? Walter Burien
Dec 14 KWN Special - Money is Fleeing the US Financial System KingWorldNews
Dec 13 Gold Price Dropped Through the 150 Day Moving Average Franklin Sanders
Dec 13 Sheer Bedlam/gold and silver attacked... Harvey Organ
Dec 13 Stephen Leeb - Gold Bull & Germany Flirting with Depression KingWorldNews
Dec 13 Gold Model Forecasts $4380 Gold Price Willem Weytjens
Dec 13
Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Dec 13 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Dec 13 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Dec 13 Ahead of the Herd with Verde Potash Rick Mills
Dec 13 Fleckenstein - His Concerns About MF Global, Gold & More KingWorldNews
Dec 12
What Is Backing Your Deposits in the Bank? EWI
Dec 12 Economic Elites Strip Away European Sovereignty Bob Chapman
Dec 12 A Thought Experiment Turd Fergeson
Dec 12 Will the Dollar Ruin the Santa Claus Rally in the S&P 500? JW Jones
Dec 12 Is A Physical Silver Shortage Spike Imminent? ZeroHedge
Dec 12 Pullbacks in Perspective Jeff Clark

News and Commentary for the Week of Dec 4 - Dec 10

Dec 9 I Bought Silver and Gold Today Franklin Sanders
Dec 9 Jim Sinclair - Why Financial System is Imploding & What to Do KingWorldNews
Dec 9
The Light Bulb Moment for the Eurozone EWI
Dec 9
Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Dec 9 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Dec 9 Pulling Back the Curtain on the Wall Street Money Machine Ellen Brown
Dec 9 How an Economy Collapses... and How to Protect... Paul Mladjenovic
Dec 9 Embry - $2,500 to $3,000 Gold Could Send Silver to $250 KingWorldNews
Dec 8 Interview with Jim Willie TekoaDaSilva
Dec 8 Gold Price Rose $13 Today to $1,740.90 While Silver Fell 11.7c Franklin Sanders
Dec 8 Start Thinking in Terms of Gold Price Jeff Clark
Dec 8 KWN Special - Ben Davies: ECB To Engage in Qualitative Easing KingWorldNews
Dec 8 How to Position Yourself for the Future Chris Martenson
Dec 8 Silver in Giant Flag or Pennant Formation Gene Arensberg
Dec 8 Temporary Declines Do Not Change the Bullish Outlook Przemyslaw Radomski
Dec 7 Gold Price Near the Trendlines is a Good Time to Buy Franklin Sanders
Dec 7
America's Biggest Banks: How Safe Are They? EWI
Dec 7 Peter Schiff: This Unstable House of Cards is Going to Implode KingWorldNews
Dec 7 Gold Stocks: 30 Minute Chart Tool In Play Stewart Thomson
Dec 7 DEUS EX MACHINA Egon von Greyerz
Dec 7 Louise Yamada - Special Gold & Silver Technical Update KingWorldNews
Dec 7 Why Gold Stocks Have Underperformed Jordan Roy-Byrne
Dec 6 Raw inflation via SDRs is next in central banking's scheme Alasdair Macleod
Dec 6 Pento - S&P Europe Credit Watch & Why Gold Will Skyrocket KingWorldNews
Dec 6 Silver Ready For Take-Off? Willem Weytjens
Dec 6 The US’s Education Bubble Doug Hornig and Alex Daley
Dec 6 Gold’s 4th wave consolidation nears completion and breakout Dave Banister
Dec 6
Single-and Multi-Bar Price Analysis: Could It Help You Forecast the Markets? EWI
Dec 6 Stephen Leeb - Expect Gold Price to Double in Twelve Months KingWorldNews
Dec 5 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Dec 5 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Dec 5 Michael Pento - Insanity Next Week, Watch Europe & Gold! KingWorldNews
Dec 5 Saving Gold Michael J. Kosares

News and Commentary for the Week of Nov 27 - Dec 3

Dec 2 The Long View Ted Butler
Dec 2 Nigel Farage - Major Banks Teetering on the Edge of Collapse KingWorldNews
Dec 2 2012 Preview: Realities, Opportunities & Threats Deepcaster
Dec 2 Putting a Gleam in Your IRA Terry Coxon
Dec 2 KWN Special - This is a Case of Systemic Solvency & Control KingWorldNews
Dec 1 Can Gold Break Through It's $1,800 Resistance? Franklin Sanders
Dec 1 Currency War Big Picture Analysis for Gold, Silver & Stocks Chris Vermeulen
Dec 1 Ben Bernanke Beats Deflationists Into Submission Jeff Berwick
Dec 1 Rick Rule - Fed Bailout of Europe Sends Gold Soaring KingWorldNews
Dec 1 Perpetual QE Without the Billboard Jim Willie
Dec 1 Marc Faber - Be Careful, The Chinese Economy May Crash KingWorldNews
Nov 30 Gold Rose Today Closing at $1,713.40 Franklin Sanders
Nov 30 What “To The Moon” Will Look Like Jeff Clark
Nov 30 Eurozone Being Swallowed by Expanding Debt Black Holes Nadeem Walayat
Nov 30 Where is Support for Gold & Silver Stocks? Jordan Roy-Byrne
Nov 30 Junior miners priced for $400 gold Gene Arensberg
Nov 30 Gold Seasonals and Technicals Are Bullish Stewart Thomson
Nov 29 James Turk - Bullish Flag Pattern to Quickly Send Silver to $70 KingWorldNews
Nov 29 The Dollar Is Likely to Spur Precious Metals to Move Higher Radomski
Nov 29 Marc Faber - No Free Markets, Just Government Manipulation KingWorldNews
Nov 29 Gold Buyers Guide: How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off Peter Schiff
Nov 28 Is This December Similar to 2007 & 2008 for Gold & Stocks? Chris Vermeulen
Nov 28 The Secular Bear Market and Gold's A-Wave Advance Toby Conner
Nov 28 The Ready Bullion Boys Rick Mills
Nov 28 Monetizing Won't Solve European Economic Affairs Bob Chapman

News and Commentary for the Week of Nov 20 - Nov 26

Nov 23 Silver and Gold Price Are In a Routine Correction Franklin Sanders
Nov 23 How to Trade Using Market Sentiment & the Holiday Season Chris Vermeulen
Nov 23 Is Gold Still the Answer for Investors? Bud Conrad
Nov 23 Alf Field Update: EW Analysis Suggests Gold Going to $4,500 Lorimer Wilson
Nov 23 Here You Go: It's Over Karl Denninger
Nov 23 Keith Neumeyer: The Silver Market Lacks Integrity Ron Hera
Nov 23 Gold and Her Flock: Outperformance Time! Stewart Thomson
Nov 22 I'm Buying At Each Support Level Not Missing The Low Franklin Sanders
Nov 22 Interview with Charles Savoie Jeff Nielson
Nov 22 Turk - MF Global Disaster to Create Another Lehman Crisis KingWorldNews
Nov 22 Headline Risk Surrounds Gold & the S&P 500 JW Jones
Nov 22 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Nov 22 John Embry - Get Ready for Extreme Money Creation Globally KingWorldNews
Nov 22 Why Silver For A Monetary Collapse? Part 1 Hubert Moolman
Nov 21 Fear Hits Stock Market - Does that mean a bottom is near? Chris Vermeulen
Nov 21 Outlook Still Favors Bearish Outcomes Chris Ciovacco
Nov 21 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Nov 21 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Nov 21 Precious Metals Charts Point to Higher Prices – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Nov 21 Has the Bear Returned Toby Conner
Nov 21 2008 All Over Again? Willem Weytjens
Nov 21 European Power Play As Panic Sets In Bob Chapman
Nov 21 GEAB N°59 - Global systemic crisis GEAB
Nov 21 Eye Of The Hurricane Warren Bevan
Nov 21 Ben Davies - We are Seeing 2008 Style Crash Signals KingWorldNews

News and Commentary for the Week of Nov 13 - Nov 19

Nov 18 Don’t Sweat the Correction in Gold Jeff Clark
Nov 18 "Darkest Days" for the Economy: Behind Us, or Just Ahead? EWI
Nov 18 Bull Market Has Years To Run Franklin Sanders
Nov 18 Save Taxes With Gold And Silver Money Jeff Nielson
Nov 18 Paul Brodsky - Gold Trading at 80% Discount to Intrinsic Value KingWorldNews
Nov 18 Swords to Plowshares Program Ends Rick Mills
Nov 17 Gold & Whirlwind Crisis Jim Willie
Nov 17 Imminent Threat Simon Black
Nov 17 First Tax Selling Passes, Second Peak Ahead Gene Arensberg
Nov 17 Remembering to Remember Cognitive Dissonance
Nov 17 The Future Of The Euro Zone Is Sealed Bob Chapman
Nov 17 What Should the Gold Price Be? Jason Hommel
Nov 17 The Crisis Eats Its Way Into The Core Pater Tenebrarum
Nov 16 Possible HUGE Move Brewing... Chris Vermeulen Video
Nov 16 Gold Price Revealed Almost Nothing Today Franklin Sanders
Nov 16 Agnico Eagle CEO - Gold Could Rise to Unimaginable Levels KingWorldNews
Nov 16 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Nov 16 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Nov 16 U.S. Savings-Rate Drop Shrieks Disaster Jeff Nielson
Nov 16 Gold Tactics and Silver Set For Surge Stewart Thomson
Nov 15 Martin Armstrong - Gold Upside Take Off Only Months Away KingWorldNews
Nov 15 What Are the BEST Technical Indicators for Successful Trading? EWI
Nov 15 The Rape and Pillage of Humanity Rob Kirby
Nov 15 Why Gold Should Set new Highs for the Holiday Jeff Clark
Nov 15 Platinum: The “Cheapest” Precious Metal… Willem Weytjens
Nov 15 How to Trade Oil ETFs when $100p/b is Reached Chris Vermeulen
Nov 15 Dollar Teetering on the Abyss Toby Conner
Nov 14 Michael Pento - How CB Bazookas Will Impact Gold & Economy KingWorldNews
Nov 14 Has the S&P 500 Index Been Naughty or Nice? JW Jones
Nov 14 Final Market rally up before the big leg down is near an end David Banister
Nov 14 As The European Debt Woes Spiral Out Of Control Bob Chapman
Nov 14 Jim Rickards - The US Won’t Give Germany its Gold KingWorldNews
Nov 14 Silver vs Nasdaq: A response to Mr Erik Swarts Hubert Moolman

News and Commentary for the Week of Nov 6 - Nov 12

Nov 11 Technical Traders Video Report for 11/11/11 Chris Vermeulen
Nov 11 An Unmitigated Disaster Theodore Butler
Nov 11 Peter Schiff - The US is in Worse Shape than Italy KingWorldNews
Nov 11 'Buckle Up', Says Silver Erik Swarts
Nov 11 Fake Silver and Gold Flood Global Markets Mac Slavo
Nov 11 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Nov 11 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Nov 11 Silver Institute Releases Silver Investment Market Report The Silver Institute
Nov 11 Eveillard - If Italy Sells its Gold Here is What Will Happen KingWorldNews
Nov 11 Price Irregularities In The Silver Market Dimitri Speck
Nov 10 Gold Price Met My Target Yesterday With a High of $1,802.73 Franklin Sanders
Nov 10 James Turk - Expect Cataclysmic Events in the Coming Weeks KingWorldNews
Nov 10 Silver: Shorting Consumes, Investing Conserves Jeff Nielson
Nov 10 Inflating your economy means playing with fire Adam Fergusson
Nov 10 Survive The Banker Sociopaths Bob Chapman
Nov 10 Ahead of the Herd With North American Nickel Rick Mills
Nov 9 Nigel Farage - Where is Europe’s Gold? KingWorldNews
Nov 9 Silver: The People’s Money Jeff Nielson
Nov 9 America's First Deflationary Depression: Is a Bigger One Ahead? EWI
Nov 9 The Gold Investor’s Biggest Risk Jeff Clark
Nov 9 John Embry - Expect $70 Silver Within Months KingWorldNews
Nov 8 Stephen Leeb - This Will Drive Silver to $100 Rapidly KingWorldNews
Nov 8 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Nov 8 Are Americans Ready For Europe’s Collapse? Rick Ackerman & Tom McCafferty
Nov 8 Bargain, bargain, bargain! Gene Arensberg
Nov 7 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Nov 7 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Nov 7 How to Trade This Headline Driven Stock Market Chris Vermeulen & JW Jones
Nov 7 Michael Pento: Central Banks Sending Clear Buy Signal on Gold KingWorldNews
Nov 7 International Forecaster Bob Chapman
Nov 7 Whistleblower Maguire - Silver Manipulation Still Ongoing KingWorldNews

News and Commentary for the Week of Oct 30 - Nov 5

Nov 5 CME Issues Clarification On Margins ZeroHedge
Nov 5 CME Goes To Collateral DefCon 1 ZeroHedge
Nov 5 The Problem with Seeing Government as God David Galland
Nov 4 Eveillard - Good Reasons Not to Trust Governments Today KingWorldNews
Nov 4 Earnings: Stock Market's Brightest False Beacon EWI
Nov 4 Are you ready for Day "X" and the big bang? Manuel Ernst & Fabian Roth
Nov 4 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Nov 4 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Nov 4 Robin Griffiths - Silver is a Ten or Twenty Bagger From Here KingWorldNews
Nov 4 Economic Insights from a Lord of Finance David Galland
Nov 4 The Golden Loon Rick Mills
Nov 3 Bad Moon Rising Jim Quinn
Nov 3 Peter Schiff - Bernanke & Fed to Ignite Gold & Oil KingWorldNews
Nov 3 Fed, Markets Concerned About Deflation Chris Ciovacco
Nov 3 An Investment Whose Time Has Passed Terry Coxon
Nov 2 Gold ready to attack prior highs in the 1900’s David Banister
Nov 2 KWN Special: Global Policy Makers are Getting Desperate KingWorldNews
Nov 2 Silver, the Schizoid Metal Ross Beaty
Nov 2 How Do You Get from Dow Theory to Elliott Wave Analysis? EWI
Nov 2 Gold & Silver Currency Tactics Stewart Thomson
Nov 1 Bull Market Is Alive and Well, Just Undergoing a Correction Franklin Sanders
Nov 1 MF Global Caught Stealing Hundreds Of Millions From Customers? ZeroHedge
Nov 1 Gold: Is Gold's Run Over? John Ing
Nov 1 James Turk - Silver Formation Projects Spike to $60 - $75 Level KingWorldNews
Oct 31 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Oct 31 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Oct 31 Pento - Here is Why Gold & Silver Skyrocketed This Week KingWorldNews
Oct 31 The Unfortunate Truth About an Overbought Stock Market JW Jones
Oct 31 How You Can Make Yourself a Better Trader EWI
Oct 31 Greek Gouge Warren Bevan

News and Commentary for the Week of Oct 23 - Oct 29

Oct 28 'D-Day' near for GLD Jeff Nielson
Oct 28 James Dines - Government’s Theft Forcing Violent End KingWorldNews
Oct 28 Trapped in Amerika Jeff Berwick
Oct 28 Robert Prechter Explains The Fed, Part III EWI
Oct 28 Bullish on Gold and Gold Equities John Hathaway
Oct 28 So How Do These Sorts of Crises End? Paul Tustain
Oct 27 Evidence Supports the Bears’ Case for the S&P 500 Chris Vermeulen & JW Jones
Oct 27 Silver and Gold Will Keep Moving Higher Tomorrow Franklin Sanders
Oct 27 Gold & Fraudulent Traps Jim Willie
Oct 27 Foreigners Losing Confidence in Holding US Treasury and Agency Debt Conrad
Oct 27 Happy Days Are Here Again...Or Are They?! Aubie Baltin
Oct 27 Multi-Billionaire Salinas - Gaddafi Killed Over Gold Currency KingWorldNews
Oct 27 Gold Miners’ Leverage Effect Is Gone. But For How Long? Willem Weytjens
Oct 27 Robin Griffiths - Here is the Reason Gold Spiked $75 in 2 Days KingWorldNews
Oct 26 John Embry - Physical Gold Demand Crushing Manipulators KingWorldNews
Oct 26 SLV and silver manipulation Jeff Nielson
Oct 26 Relative Strength Analysis is Important for Gold Stocks Jordan Roy-Byrne
Oct 26 We pay tax for the privilege to have currency Michael Maloney
Oct 26 Rick Rule - Gold & Silver Surging as Takeover Mania to Begin KingWorldNews
Oct 26 Leonardo Da Vinci And Gold Stewart Thomson
Oct 25 Current Market Sentiment Levels & Outlook Chris Vermeulen
Oct 25 Savers Protect Your Deposits From Bankrupting Banks Nadeem Walayat
Oct 25 Will We See Higher a Gold Price For The Next Few Days? Franklin Sanders
Oct 25 Stephen Leeb - China Will Send Gold & Silver to the Moon KingWorldNews
Oct 25 The Real Contagion Risk Chris Martenson
Oct 25 John Roque - What to Expect in Gold & Stocks Going Forward KingWorldNews
Oct 24 How to Trade Gold and Oil Prices This Coming Week Chris Vermeulen
Oct 24 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Oct 24 Silver  Market Update Clive Maund
Oct 24 The Eurozone Wags the Gold & Silver Dog JW Jones
Oct 24 Ominous Signals for Silver and Stocks Chris Ciovacco
Oct 24 The Simple Magic of Moving Averages EWI
Oct 24 Government is a monopoly of force Doug Casey
Oct 24 Silver Update Hubert Moolman

News and Commentary for the Week of Oct 16 - Oct 22

Oct 21 The Bear is About to Sink His Teeth into the Last Holdout Sector Toby Conner
Oct 21 Gold, Silver & Miners: Technicals Willem Weytjens
Oct 21 Gold Price Broke Down Nearly Touching 150 Day Moving Average F. Sanders
Oct 21 London Trader - China Bought Massive Amount of Gold Today KingWorldNews
Oct 21 Four Facts that PROVE the EFSF Doesn’t Matter… At All Graham Summers
Oct 21 Gold Stocks to Retest Lows Jordan Roy-Byrne
Oct 21 Preemptive Strike Against Precious Metals Nears End Jeff Nielson
Oct 21 Ben Davies - Resetting of Gold in the Monetary System KingWorldNews
Oct 20 SP500 Poised For A Sharp Pullback Near Term says Dr. Copper David Banister
Oct 20 Stocks Still Face Numerous Hurdles Chris Ciovacco
Oct 20 KWN Special: Dollar Devaluation Coming, Gold to be Revalued KingWorldNews
Oct 20 The Silver Bull Market of 2012 Turd Fergeson
Oct 20 An Overpriced Marked Meets The Global Economic Slowdown Bob Chapman
Oct 20 Stephen Leeb - World Money Supply Tied to $10,000 Gold Bow KingWorldNews
Oct 20 Crude Oil Analysis & How To Trade Oil Report Chris Vermeulen
Oct 20 Michael Pento - Own Gold, The Fed & ECB Have Gone Rogue KingWorldNews
Oct 19 Stock Market Is Having a RUNNING CORRECTION Chris Vermeulen Video
Oct 19 Did the Gold Price Turn Down? Franklin Sanders
Oct 19 Richard Russell - This Market is One for the History Books KingWorldNews
Oct 19 Why Some Analysts are Predicting Lower Prices Ahead (Not me!) Peter Degraaf
Oct 19 The S&P 500, Apple Earnings, & Feeding the A.D.D. Monster JW Jones
Oct 19 Are Miners on a Roll Just Now? Przemyslaw Radomski
Oct 19 Who’s Right About Commodities: Bears or Bulls? Marin Katusa
Oct 19 John Embry - Gold & Silver Close to Taking Off KingWorldNews
Oct 19 Learn To Kiss Gold Stewart Thomson
Oct 19 Without energy, the economy is meaningless Chris Martenson
Oct 18 The Gold Price Has Formed a Rising Flat Top Triangle Franklin Sanders
Oct 18 Misery Index Drives Gold Demand Michael J. Kosares
Oct 18 KWN Special - Is Silver the Next Apple? KingWorldNews
Oct 18 Developing Economies Driving Super-Cycle Rick Mills
Oct 18 The Most Important Decision Bernanke Will Ever Make Toby Conner
Oct 18 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Oct 18 Is It Time to Load up on Gold Stocks? Jeff Clark
Oct 18 James Turk - Insolvency of Banks to Cause Gold Explosion KingWorldNews
Oct 18 Gold and Economic Decline Gregor Macdonald
Oct 17 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Oct 17 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Oct 17 First half of 2012: Decimation of the Western banks GEAB
Oct 17 Jim Rickards - New Buyers Entering the Gold Market KingWorldNews
Oct 17 How Gold & Stocks are About to Repeat the 2010 Bottom Chris Vermeulen
Oct 17 Silver’s Signals Lean Bearish For Stocks & Commodities Chris Ciovacco
Oct 17 A Rising Market Won't Stop the "Economic Rot" Beneath EWI
Oct 17 The S&P 500 is Getting Close to a Top JW Jones
Oct 17 Impressive Rally Showing Some Signs of Slowing Chris Ciovacco
Oct 17 Calm Before The Storm Warren Bevan

News and Commentary for the Week of Oct 9 - Oct 15

Oct 14 Gold Price MACD Is Calling For Higher Prices Franklin Sanders
Oct 14 Martin Armstrong - Lessons from ’87 Crash & What’s Coming KingWorldNews
Oct 14 Robert Prechter Explains The Fed, Part I EWI
Oct 14 John Hathaway - We’re Definitely in the End Game for US Dollar KingWorldNews
Oct 13 Gold, Silver and Stock Prices at their Tipping Points Chris Vermeulen
Oct 13 Gold Price Must Hold Above $1,655 Franklin Sanders
Oct 13 Euroland & the Gold Rebound Jim Willie
Oct 13 China: Continued Boom or Bursting Bubble? James Quinn
Oct 13 Michael Pento - Gold’s Been The Hedge for Thousands of Years KingWorldNews
Oct 13 Gold Signals The End… Hubert Moolman
Oct 13 Rally in Gold - Over or Yet to Be Seen? P Radomski
Oct 13 When Confidence Leaves The System It Could All Come Apart Bob Chapman
Oct 12 Will the S&P 500 & Gold Make Up Their Minds Already JW Jones
Oct 12 The Silver and Gold Price Bull Market Has Not Near Ended Franklin Sanders
Oct 12 Embry - If We Repeat 2008, Stocks Could Fall 40% From Here KingWorldNews
Oct 12 Gold is not in a Bubble Nick Barisheff
Oct 12 Gold: MACD And The Greed Factor Stewart Thomson
Oct 12 Silver Summit 2011 David Bond
Oct 12 Gold Is Not an Investment James Turk
Oct 12 Rick Rule - Expect Higher Gold & A Wave of Mining Takeovers KingWorldNews
Oct 11 Robin Griffiths - Global Bank Crisis Will Push Gold Over $2,000 KingWorldNews
Oct 11 Quantitative easing, or when there's nowhere left to run Alasdair Macleod
Oct 11 Peak Silver Revisited Steve St. Angelo
Oct 11 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Oct 11 Euro Reckoning Amongst Long Term Threats Bob Chapman
Oct 10 Gold, Silver And The US Dollar Willem Weytjens
Oct 10 Gold at a Major Crossroads Toby Conner
Oct 10 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Oct 10 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Oct 10 Understanding Fibonacci EWI
Oct 10 Rickards - People Should be Arrested & Gold Headed to $2,000 KingWorldNews
Oct 10 Ignorance Is Not Bliss Aubie Baltin
Oct 10 Is the S&P 500 About to Stage A Multi-Month Rally? J.W. Jones
Oct 10 Michael Pento - Here is Why Investors Need to Buy Gold KingWorldNews

News and Commentary for the Week of Oct 2 - Oct 8

Oct 7 Prices Remain in a Correction Franklin Sanders
Oct 7 Gold Confiscation, how it could happen - what you can do about it David Ganz
Oct 7 The Way Out of Our Economic Mess Terry Coxon
Oct 7 Gold, DAX and Dollar Still Pointing to Sharply Lower Prices Chris Vermeulen
Oct 7 John Hathaway - Bank Failures Moving Gold, This is Contagion KingWorldNews
Oct 7 Not worth a Continental Rick Mills
Oct 6 Thursday Oct 6th - Pre Market Analysis Chris Vermeulen
Oct 6 Part II - Stocks: Like March 2008 or August 2008? Chris Ciovacco
Oct 6 Keep Watching for Your Opportunity to Buy More Silver/Gold Franklin Sanders
Oct 6 Investors Have Lost Faith In The Markets Bob Chapman
Oct 6 Michael Pento - Fed’s Time Bomb & Impact on Gold Market KingWorldNews
Oct 6 On the Threshold of the Greatest Bubble in History Jeff Clark
Oct 6 Silver to the Rescue George Maniere
Oct 6 Demand for Wealth Preservation Ensures Gold’s Retreat is Temporary Barisheff
Oct 5 Wednesday Oct 5th - Pre Market Analysis Chris Vermeulen
Oct 5 Quick Fix In Europe? Dream On Chris Ciovacco
Oct 5 Maybe the Gold Price is Bracing Up to Run to $1,725, but... Franklin Sanders
Oct 5 USTBONDS: The Monster Spleen Jim Willie
Oct 5 Rick Rule - Many Black Swans that Could Hit This Market KingWorldNews
Oct 5 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack, Oct 4
Oct 5 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack, Oct 4
Oct 5 Europe to the Rescue Toby Conner
Oct 5 Gold(Stocks) Bottom? Willem Weytjens
Oct 5 Troubling Trends in Regulations Affecting Gold & Silver Investors GoldSilver
Oct 4 Is the S&P 500 on the Verge of a Rally JW Jones
Oct 4 Stocks Are Going Lower - Deflation Assets Higher Chris Ciovacco
Oct 4 James Turk - This Collapse is Bigger than Governments or CB’s KingWorldNews
Oct 4 Gold and Silver Speculators Have Left the Building Jordan Roy-Byrne
Oct 4 When Money Dies – a “Live from the Summit” Report Kevin Brekke
Oct 4 Silvercorp Goes on the Offensive Jeff Clark
Oct 4 Bottoms Up Warren Bevan
Oct 4 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Oct 3 The Market Could Soon Bottom and Nobody Knows It David Banister
Oct 3 Monday Oct 3rd - Pre Market Analysis Chris Vermeulen Video
Oct 3 The Three Safe Havens Where Big Money is Going Chris Vermeulen
Oct 3 Greece, Recession Odds, & Technicals All Bearish Chris Ciovacco
Oct 3 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Oct 3 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Oct 3 Getting The Wrong Things At The Wrong Time Bob Chapman
Oct 3 KWN Exclusive: Martin Armstrong - Gold’s Next Move KingWorldNews
Oct 3 Are Silver & Copper Prices Predicting a Global Recession? Chris Vermeulen
Oct 3 The Politics of Personal Destruction Rick Mills

News and Commentary for the Week of Sep 25 - Oct 1

Sep 30 The Long Conversation Cognitive Dissonance
Sep 30 Michael Pento - Here is Why Gold & Silver Will Not Collapse KingWorldNews
Sep 30 Volatility Does Not Equal Risk Jeff Nielson
Sep 30 Robin Griffiths-Silver to Go Up Hundreds of Percent From Here KingWorldNews
Sep 29 Gold & Silver on the Verge Of Another Drop? Chris Vermeulen
Sep 29 For Now Silver and Gold Prices Remain in a Down Trend Franklin Sanders
Sep 29 Best Interview of Doug Ever? David Galland
Sep 29 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Sep 29 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Sep 29 Did the Past 7 Weeks of Rally Lull You to Sleep? EWI
Sep 29 Early Read on German Vote is Bearish Chris Ciovacco
Sep 29 Peak Silver? Ryan Jordan
Sep 28 Waterfall Declines Franklin Sanders
Sep 28 Euro-Zone Prepares to Print Trillions Nadeem Walayat
Sep 28 How to Prepare for When Money Dies Doug Casey
Sep 28 It's All the Same Market in a Deflationary Environment EWI
Sep 28 Stephen Leeb - How the Gold & Silver Bull Will Rescue You KingWorldNews
Sep 28 Gold Decisions and The T-Bond. Get Real Stewart Thomson
Sep 27 Deflationary Collapse Crushing Gold and Silver Jason Hamlin
Sep 27 John Embry - Why Central Banks Smashed Gold & Silver KingWorldNews
Sep 27 Markets to Get Crushed, Gold to Soar James West
Sep 27 Bankers Throwing Monetary Caution To The Wind Bob Chapman
Sep 27 Agnico Eagle CEO - The Price of Gold is Bottoming Here KingWorldNews
Sep 27 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Sep 26 Understanding the Key Support Levels for Gold JW Jones
Sep 26 Monday Sept 26th - Pre Market Video Analysis Chris Vermeulen
Sep 26 The D-Wave Begins Toby Conner
Sep 26 Gold & Silver Pullback as Forecasted Now for the Big Opportunity C. Vermeulen
Sep 26 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Sep 26 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Sep 26 KWN Special - James Turk: “We are Looking at Another Lehman” KWN
Sep 26 Bull & Bear Cases for Gold, Silver and Stocks Willem Weytjens
Sep 26 Glowing Prospects for Uranium Doug Casey
Sep 26 Why Invest in Commodities? Rick Mills
Sep 26 2008 or 1979 all over again? Willem Weytjens

News and Commentary for the Week of Sep 18 - Sep 24

Sep 23 Downside Potential In Stocks And The Euro Chris Ciovacco
Sep 23 What Personality Type Makes the Best Trader? EWI
Sep 23 Billboard Signals of Collapse Jim Willie
Sep 23 Financial Warfare Mike Krieger
Sep 23 How Long Might It Take to Get Rich from Gold Stocks? Jeff Clark
Sep 23 Could Helicopter Ben Be Losing His Faith? Jeff Nielson
Sep 23 Rob Arnott - “In Worst Depression Since The Great Depression” KingWorldNews
Sep 23 Depressed As A Nation? EconomicCollapseBlog
Sep 22 Gold continues to correct as forecast in a 4th wave pattern David Banister
Sep 22 22 Reasons The S&P 500 Is Headed Below 1,050 Chris Ciovacco
Sep 22 Recent Market Trends Remain In Place – Get Positioned! Chris Vermeulen
Sep 22 $1,770 Gold Price Support - If that Breaks, Look for $1,705 Next Franklin Sanders
Sep 22 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Sep 22 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Sep 22 Michael Pento - Why the Fed’s Exit Strategy is Now in Peril KingWorldNews
Sep 22 The Next Selling Wave is About to Begin Toby Conner
Sep 22 High Time To Repatriate Offshore Trillions For Taxation Bob Chapman
Sep 21 Gold Price Closed Today at 1,776.40 Down -35.70 or -2.0% Franklin Sanders
Sep 21 The S&P 500 & the Dollar Ahead of the Fed Statement JW Jones
Sep 21 Is the US Monetary System on the Verge of Collapse? David Galland
Sep 21 Evaporation of Wealth on a Vast Scale EWI
Sep 21 Dan Norcini - Huge $17 Gold & $2.48 Silver Premiums in China KingWorldNews
Sep 21 Gold Goes Preppy Stewart Thomson
Sep 20 How Far Can Gold and Silver Climb? Jeff Clark
Sep 20 Fourth quarter 2011: Implosive fusion of global financial assets GEAB
Sep 20 Rob Arnott - Expect Tremendous Inflation Going Forward KingWorldNews
Sep 20 Oil Market Update Clive Maund
Sep 20 What Future US Monetary Policy Means For Gold Prices Sam Kirtley
Sep 20 Are You Ready for the Annual Christmas Rally Peter Degraaf
Sep 20 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Sep 19 Second Greek Bailout May Not Stabilize Markets Chris Ciovacco
Sep 19 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Sep 19 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Sep 19 Market Havoc and Threats to Your Pension Bob Chapman
Sep 19 Jim Rickards - Secrets of QE, Gold & Currency Wars KingWorldNews
Sep 19 The New Bankster 'Weapon' Against Gold/Silver Jeff Nielson
Sep 19 Not Made in America Rick Mills
Sep 19 China / Market Action Question Stock Rally’s Staying Power Chris Ciovacco

News and Commentary for the Week of Sep 11 - Sep 17

Sep 16 Peter Schiff - Expect More Inflation, Printing & Higher Gold KingWorldNews
Sep 16 The $2 Billion UBS Incident: 'Rogue Trader' My Ass Matt Taibbi
Sep 16 Caution is Warranted Toby Conner
Sep 16 Stephen Leeb - Gold, Minimal Downside, $12,000 Upside KingWorldNews
Sep 16 Prosperity and Protection in this Era of Concatenating Crises Deepcaster
Sep 15 Here is Why We Will Return to a Gold Standard KingWorldNews
Sep 15 Caveat Lector Jonathan Kosares

Sep 15 New Risks For A Market Already Under Great Stress Bob Chapman
Sep 15 Robin Griffiths - Gold Will Become the Greatest Bubble KingWorldNews
Sep 15 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Sep 15 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Sep 14 Gold heading to $2,350 per ounce after 4th wave consolidation David A Banister
Sep 14 Embry - Institutional Gold Holdings Will Increase 12 Fold KingWorldNews
Sep 14 Will the Dollar Hinder Precious Metals in the Short-term? Przemyslaw Radomski
Sep 14 The Coming Currency Crisis Bud Conrad
Sep 14 Gold 1980: Deja Vu? Willem Weytjens
Sep 14 20 Signs Of Imminent Financial Collapse In Europe EconomicCollapseBlog
Sep 14 Is Gold Headed Significantly Lower? Robert Jilles
Sep 14 Report From The Gold BattleField Stewart Thomson
Sep 14 Richard Russell - Not So Fast Gold-Haters KingWorldNews
Sep 13 James Turk - Expect $2,000 Gold Within 45 Days KingWorldNews
Sep 13 Stupid Politician Monkeys David Galland
Sep 13 1980 Parabola, BGMI, HUI and Some Small Miners with Big Earnings Conner
Sep 13 What Social Mood Is Saying About the S&P 500 JW Jones
Sep 13 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Sep 13 Stocks/Commodities May Get Hammered If Dollar Rallies Chris Ciovacco
Sep 12 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Sep 12 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Sep 12 Central banks and the gold price Alasdair Macleod
Sep 12 Jim Rickards - Gold Rise to Continue on Fed Manipulation KingWorldNews

News and Commentary for the Week of Sep 4 - Sep 10

Sep 9 Prices Today Proved that You'd Better Not Turn Your Back... Franklin Sanders
Sep 9 The System Is Coming Unglued David Galland
Sep 9 Peter Schiff - “The Whole World is Desperate to Buy Gold” KingWorldNews
Sep 9 The Euro Is Finished Mike Krieger
Sep 9 Goldman Head Gold Trader Speculates About "Authority" Intervention In Gold ZH
Sep 9 Why Gold Silver and Platinum Bullion Nick Barisheff
Sep 9 Embry - JP Morgan Trapped Short in Silver, Gold Strongly Bid KingWorldNews
Sep 9 Shorts May Prey On Serious Problems In Europe Chris Ciovacco
Sep 8 False Comparison to 2008 Jim Willie
Sep 8 Hathaway - Gold Will Now See Massive Mainstream Fund Flows KingWorldNews
Sep 8 Central Banks Waging War on Gold at this Hour Dan Norcini
Sep 8 A Raging Case of Bailout Fatigue Doug Hornig
Sep 8 A Time Of Dangerous Markets And Contrived Corrections Bob Chapman
Sep 8 Commodities Look Set to Rocket Higher Chris Martenson
Sep 8 Marc Faber - This Will End in Disaster & You Must Own Gold KingWorldNews
Sep 7 Bull Market In Gold Over With Double Top? David Banister
Sep 7 Mining Stocks – Ready for Take-Off James Turk
Sep 7 The Death of Liquidity Theodore Butler
Sep 7 Ben Davies - Silver Headed to $65 & Gold to Soar KingWorldNews
Sep 7 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Sep 7 Andrew Maguire - LBMA Shorts Will be Forced to Take Losses KingWorldNews
Sep 7 Attention Gold Juniors: Report To LaunchPad Stewart Thomson
Sep 7 Silver: The Perfect Alternative to Gold? Melissa Pistilli
Sep 6 The Black Monday the Public Doesn’t Know About Chris Vermeulen
Sep 6 Logical Case For 49% Drop In Stocks Chris Ciovacco
Sep 6 Turk - Historic Event as Gold Surges & Stock Markets Tumble KingWorldNews
Sep 6 Economic Pain For Upholding A Broken System Bob Chapman
Sep 6 Why Juniors? Rick Mills
Sep 6 The Best Business In An Inflationary Environment Willem Weytjens
Sep 6 Asset Allocation for Today’s Financial Reality Nick Barisheff

News and Commentary for the Week of Aug 28 - Sep 3

Sep 2 Gold and Silver Prices Will Reach New Highs in September Franklin Sanders
Sep 2 The PAGE Is Turning Turd Ferguson
Sep 2 James Turk - Expect a Big September for Gold & Silver KingWorldNews
Sep 2 Tracking Gold Doug Hornig
Sep 1 Dollar’s On the Verge of a Relief Rally Look Out! Chris Vermeulen
Sep 1 Traders Don’t Care About Long-Term Problems, But You Should Chris Ciovacco
Sep 1 Markets will Probably Move Sideways Until After Monday Franklin Sanders
Sep 1 Illusion of Stable Currency Vortex Jim Willie
Sep 1 Rick Rule - Expect More QE to Send Gold Prices Soaring KingWorldNews
Sep 1 Twelve Reasons To Own Gold & Silver Now! Mark Thomas
Sep 1 Fearing An Even Worse Inflationary Depression Ahead Bob Chapman
Sep 1 Is It Time For The Financial World To Panic? Economic Collapse Blog
Sep 1 Louise Yamada - Critical Levels to Watch on Gold & Silver KingWorldNews
Aug 31 Stephen Leeb - Gold Skying Because of Bernanke Desperation KingWorldNews
Aug 31 Tepid Interest in QE2 Winners Raises Questions About QE3 Chris Ciovacco
Aug 31 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Aug 31 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Aug 31 Gold and Your Blue Pen Stewart Thomson
Aug 31 The Bear Market Rally Has Begun Toby Conner
Aug 31 Ahead of the Herd With Glen Garratt Rick Mills
Aug 30 Peter Schiff - Dollar Crisis to Intensify Gold & Silver Demand KingWorldNews
Aug 30 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Aug 30 Gold Stocks Inch Closer to Major Breakout Jordan Roy-Byrne
Aug 30 Embry-Incredible Physical Gold Demand, Premiums Exploding KingWorldNews
Aug 30 Europe, Bearish Technicals Drag Down Longer-Term Outlook Chris Ciovacco
Aug 29 What Could Lie Ahead for the S&P 500 & Gold JW Jones & Chris Vermeulen
Aug 29 Monday Aug 29th - Pre-Week Market Report Chris Vermeulen
Aug 29 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Aug 29 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Aug 29 Gold, politics, and Venezuela Alasdair Macleod
Aug 29 How To Get a Second Chance to Buy Gold at $1,700 Willem Weytjens
Aug 29 A Monetary Maze From Which There Is No Easy Escape Bob Chapman
Aug 29 Shameless Riggings Warren Bevan

News and Commentary for the Week of Aug 21 - Aug 27

Aug 26 Plunging Gold Crouching Stocks Martin Armstrong
Aug 26 Pierre Lassonde - “Gold to Attack $2,000 in September” KingWorldNews
Aug 26 Action in Gold and Silver May Be Bearish For Stocks Chris Ciovacco
Aug 26 Middle class retirement now largely a postcard fantasy MyBudget360
Aug 25 Gold Sell-Off, Now What? Willem Weytjens
Aug 25 The Risk-On Trades Are Back Chris Vermeulen
Aug 25 Panic & Anxiety Swirl a Storm Jim Willie
Aug 25 And There's Your Perfectly Leaked Explanation ZeroHedge
Aug 25 Fear Mania Comes to Gold Jeff Clark
Aug 25 Embry - $2,500 Gold to End the Year Wouldn’t Shock Me KingWorldNews
Aug 25 HUI: GOLD vs Bank Of America Willem Weytjens
Aug 25 In An Unsustainable System, A Warning of Collapse Bob Chapman
Aug 25 Louise Yamada - Gold & Silver Still Solid But Avoid Stocks ZeroHedge
Aug 25 QE3 Gets Priced In Jeffrey Lewis
Aug 24 Robin Griffiths - Important Price Targets to Look For in Gold KingWorldNews
Aug 24 Political Theater Andrew Schiff
Aug 24 Precious Metal Margin Warfare Jumps The Pacific ZeroHedge
Aug 24 Smart Money to Silver as UBS Says $50 in 3 Months Mark O'Byrne
Aug 24 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Aug 24 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Aug 24 Dow: Gold Ratio & the Secular Bear Market Toby Conner

Aug 24 This is it! Stewart Thomson
Aug 24 Bearish Signals Raise Red Flags as Market Anticipates Fed Chris Ciovacco
Aug 24 Exiting the Eye of the Storm Doug Casey/Louis James
Aug 23 Outlook: Gold, Stocks, Volatility, Euro & Bonds Willem Weytjens
Aug 23 ...To Work As Wage Slaves Until They Drop Dead TheEconomicCollapseBlog
Aug 23 Schiff - When Silver Breaks $50 Shorts to Propel it to $75-$100 KingWorldNews
Aug 23 Dip Buyers Beware: Odds Favor Lower Lows in Stocks Chris Ciovacco
Aug 23 Technically Precious Merv Burak

Aug 23 Breakout in Precious Metals Scott Silva
Aug 23 The Catalyst for Consolidation in the Gold Sector Jordan Roy-Byrne
Aug 22 Gold and Oil Thoughts and what is Next Chris Vermeulen
Aug 22 Gold on verge of major correction? David Banister
Aug 22 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Aug 22 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Aug 22 Gold, Silver And Leaky Buckets Jeff Nielson
Aug 22 Richard Russell - Expect Mass Entry Into Gold By Retail Public KingWorldNews
Aug 22 Majors Are Rediscovering British Columbia Rick Mills
Aug 22 The First Domino Warren Bevan
Aug 22 Understand History To Understand The Current Markets Bob Chapman
Aug 22 The Zen of Resource Speculation Louis James
Aug 22 Dollar May Assist in Managing Gold Holdings Chris Ciovacco
Aug 22 Prepare for the Global Long Wave Extinction Event David Knox Barker

News and Commentary for the Week of Aug 14 - Aug 20

Aug 19 Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes? Matt Taibbi
Aug 19 Ben Davies - Expect $2,100 Gold by the End of December KingWorldNews
Aug 19 Economically Sleepwalking Terry Coxon
Aug 19 An Economic Apocalypse In 2012? EconomicCollapseBlog
Aug 19 Gold and Fiat Currency: Forty Years Later Nick Barisheff
Aug 19 Eric Sprott - The Price of Silver Should be $110 to $120 Today KingWorldNews
Aug 18 Are Gold & the S&P 500 Behaving Logically or Irrationally? JW Jones
Aug 18 Gold & Stocks Are About To Move in Opposite Directions Chris Vermeulen
Aug 18 QE2 Winners Not Forecasting QE3 Jackson Hole Miracle Chris Ciovacco
Aug 18 Silver and Gold Prices Headed Higher Franklin Sanders
Aug 18 Gold & Silver: Full Spectrum Dominance Jim Willie
Aug 18 Bears yell fire in empty theater David Banister
Aug 18 Dines - Mass Psychology Moving Towards Gold & Silver KingWorldNews
Aug 18 Is The Great Scramble For Physical Starting? ZeroHedge
Aug 18 Flight From Paper Currencies Fueling Gold Explosion KingWorldNews
Aug 18 We Are Exiting the Eye of the Storm Doug Casey
Aug 18 Back To The Future: Gold, JPY, DAX, Paulson… CRASH !?!? Willem Weytjens
Aug 18 Loss of Momentum in the Markets All Too Apparent Now Bob Chapman
Aug 17 Be Patient, be Calm, Hang On Franklin Sanders
Aug 17 Comex commercials, swap dealers put floor under silver Gene Arensberg
Aug 17 Gold Stocks Now vs Dow: The No Brainer Stewart Thomson
Aug 17 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack, Aug 16
Aug 17 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack, Aug 16
Aug 17 Recent Gold Hedging Activity – a Warning Sign Andrey Dashkov

Aug 17 Stock Market’s Death Cross Looking More Deadly This Time Chris Ciovacco
Aug 17 Peter Schiff - Relentless Rise in Gold to Continue KingWorldNews
Aug 16 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Aug 16 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Aug 16 Gold Price Today Simply Refused to Take a Back Seat Franklin Sanders
Aug 16 How 2011 Is A Repeat of 2008—Only Bigger, Longer, and Uncut... Gonzalo Lira
Aug 16 Turk - A Gold Breakout Above $1,810 Could Come at Any Time KingWorldNews
Aug 16 Too late to jump on the gold wagon? Egon von Greyerz
Aug 15 Rickards - KWN Special Release, US Will Revalue Gold to $7,000 KWN
Aug 15 Russell - $2,000 Gold Shortly, Then $2,500, $5,000 & $10,000 KingWorldNews
Aug 15 The Unloading of the Economy Continues Bob Chapman
Aug 15 Comex swap dealers cover gold shorts like a big dog Gene Arensberg
Aug 15 The Kindness of Strangers and a Broken Promise Rick Mills

News and Commentary for the Week of Aug 7 - Aug 13

Aug 12 Under No Circumstances Should you Sell Gold or be Short Gold F. Sanders
Aug 12 The Public Be Damned Theodore Butler
Aug 12 Norcini - What to Expect After Short Covering & Margin Hikes KingWorldNews
Aug 12 Big shorts getting bolder in gold and silver Gene Arensberg
Aug 11 Gold’s cyclical 34 month run is about to end David Banister
Aug 11 Gold Price in a Parabolic Rise, and no Telling Where it will Stop F. Sanders
Aug 11 Inflation & Deflation in a Storm Jim Willie
Aug 11 5 Reasons Why American Riots Will Be The Worst In The World SilverShield
Aug 11 CME Hikes Gold Margins By 22% And Gold Drops by....0.4%, Resumes Climb ZH
Aug 11 Beyond the tipping point Alasdair Macleod PDF
Aug 11 London Trader - Many Gold Shorts Wiped Out, Lost Everything! KingWorldNews
Aug 11 The Fed Leads By Deception Bob Chapman
Aug 11 Adding Shine to Silver Richard Zimmerman
Aug 10 Silver has Further to Drop, but Will Probably Rise Tomorrow Franklin Sanders
Aug 10 When Buying Gold Becomes a Life-or-Death Jeff Clark
Aug 10 Stephen Leeb - Silver to Hit $200 Within 24 Months KingWorldNews
Aug 10 10 Reasons Why Gold Is The Gut Reaction And Why Silver Is The Smart Decision
Aug 10 Safe Havens Becoming Dangerous? Willem Weytjens
Aug 10 Risk Management, Stocks, and the Debt Crisis Chris Ciovacco
Aug 10 Why 2011 Is Not 2008 Jeff Nielson
Aug 10 Run, Ride or Buy? Don’t Sell on Mondays! Frank Holmes
Aug 10 All Hail The Gold Punisher Stewart Thomson
Aug 9 Turk - Fed May Announce QE3 Now Creating Gold Explosion KingWorldNews
Aug 9 $75 Silver Looming Gold Report and David Morgan
Aug 9 Silver Parabola’s & Consolidations Willem Weytjens
Aug 9 Gold Stock Valuations Implode as Gold Rises
Aug 8 Gold Market Update Clive Maund

Aug 8 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Aug 8 The Crime Against Silver Rick Mills
Aug 8 Richard Russell-Gold & Markets Signal More “Great Recession” KingWorldNews
Aug 8 Economy Debased by Lies, Fraud, and Bogus Statistics Bob Chapman
Aug 8 U.S. Debt: Has its Past Become its Future? Frank O. Trotter

News and Commentary for the Week of Jul 31 - Aug 6

Aug 5 Rick Rule - Despite Metals Smash, Expect Gold Rally to Continue KingWorldNews
Aug 5 Buy A House With Silver Jeff Nielson
Aug 5 Why Gold and Silver Prices Will More than Double Again... JS Kim

Aug 5 Change of Structure in the Gold, Silver and Currency Markets Julian Phillip
Aug 5 US Yield Curve Flattening to Prompt Fed Easing and $1800 Gold Sam Kirtley
Aug 5 Is the FED about to Make the Mistake of the Decade? Toby Connor
Aug 4 Glow at the End of the Tunnel Elizabeth Manning
Aug 4 License to Debase US Dollar Further Jim Willie
Aug 4 Technician’s Technical Outlook JW Jones
Aug 4 Schiff - Gold Bull Accelerating After Debt Ceiling Theatrics KingWorldNews
Aug 4 Gold Accelerates as US Equities Enter Cyclical Bear Jordan Roy-Byrne
Aug 4 Recent Data and Breakdowns Call For Defensive Bias Chris Ciovacco
Aug 4 Doug Casey - Inflation to Start Running 20% - 40% Per Year KingWorldNews
Aug 4 Time to Buy Battered Juniors The Gold Report and James West 
Aug 3 Dollar Index and Gold Franklin Sanders
Aug 3 Ben Davies - Look For Another Short Squeeze in Silver KingWorldNews
Aug 3 The 2011 Gold Season is Just Around the Corner Frank Holmes
Aug 3 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Aug 3 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Aug 3 Five Things You Need to Know About the Economy David Galland

Aug 3 Dow Pipedream In Gold Coffin Stewart Thomson
Aug 3 U.S. Debt Crisis Temporarily Resolved... Przemyslaw Radomski
Aug 2 Too Big To Bail Aubie Baltin
Aug 2 Top 20 quotes on gold going over $1600 Michael J. Kosares
Aug 2 Stephen Leeb - Expect Silver to Trade in the Three Digits KingWorldNews
Aug 2 Gold and the QE3 ship – Are both about to sail? David Banister
Aug 2 Gold & Silver Warrants Index (GSWI) Lorimer Wilson
Aug 2 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Aug 1 Uncertainty and Panic Selling in Stocks Provide Major Opportunity! Vermeulen
Aug 1 Market signals turning against gold Gene Arensberg
Aug 1 The Complete Costs of Mining Silver Steve St. Angelo
Aug 1 The Buzz Around Gold is Growing Louder Jeff Clark
Aug 1 The US Is Facing A Day Of Reckoning Over The Deficit Bob Chapman
Aug 1 Richard Russell - Gold is Showing a Price Objective of $1,880 KingWorldNews
Aug 1 Silver – An Historical Comparison Willem Weytjens

News and Commentary for the Week of Jul 24 - Jul 30

Jul 29 Devil's Advocate Toby Conner
Jul 29 One Possible Market Scenario For Meeting August 2 Deadline Chris Ciovacco
Jul 29 Conscience Of A Gold Investor Jim Willie
Jul 29 Debt Ceiling Dilemma: The Foul Choice Facing Investors Chris Martenson
Jul 29 CDNX Not all that Ominous – Yet Gene Arensberg
Jul 29 The Coming Global Instability, Part I Charles Hugh Smith
Jul 29 Bayonets and Gold Richard Mills
Jul 29 Hathaway - Institutional & Sovereign Buys to Cause Gold Spike KingWorldNews
Jul 29 Gold & Silver Dance of the Bulls Part 6 "to Infinity and Beyond" Gary Wagner
Jul 28 Robin Griffiths - We Will See at Least $8,500 Gold King World News
Jul 28 How Will A Downgrade of U.S. Debt Impact Stock and Bond Prices? C. Ciovacco
Jul 28 A Thousand Pictures Is Worth One Word Jeff Clark
Jul 28 Gold: Super Strong Mary Anne & Pamela Aden
Jul 27 The Gold Price Keeps on Ratcheting Up Day by Day Franklin Sanders
Jul 27 Embry - Massive Shortage of Available Physical Gold & Silver KingWorldNews
Jul 27 Economic Rape Of Europe Nearly Complete (Part II) Jeff Nielson
Jul 27 Euro Collapse, U.S. Debt Ceiling Default Armageddon Irrelevant... N. Walayat
Jul 27 The World According to Gold – Literally James West
Jul 27 President Obama's Gold Mask, Part 2 Stewart Thomson
Jul 27 Next Step: A Home Cancer Test Kit? Doug Hornig
Jul 27 Commodities Share Indecisiveness with Other Markets Chris Ciovacco
Jul 27 Bernanke Secretly Gives away Sixteen Trillion... Richard Mills
Jul 26 Marc Faber - The “Great (Monetary) Reset” Will Destroy Cash KingWorldNews
Jul 26 A Nervous New World Theodore Butler
Jul 26 Leaders Playing Dangerous Game with Nation’s Debt Rating Chris Ciovacco
Jul 26 Gold And Silver: We Were Right – They Were Wrong Brandon Smith
Jul 26 The Dynamics of Doom: Why the Eurozone Fix Will Fail Charles Hugh Smith
Jul 26 Historic Move in the Gold Stocks is Directly Ahead Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jul 26 Louise Yamada - Expect $85 Silver & Tremendous Inflation KingWorldNews
Jul 25 Pierre Lassonde - Coming Mania in Gold Will Dwarf that of ‘70s KingWorldNews
Jul 25 Dow-to-Gold and Greece-to-Gold Willem Weytjens
Jul 25 The S&P 500 & Gold Play A Crazy Little Game of Poker JW Jones
Jul 25 Amazon vs. City Hall Jeff Clark
Jul 25 Gold and Silver Will Continue to Rise George Maniere

News and Commentary for the Week of Jul 17 - Jul 23

Jul 22 Stem Cell Technology: Great Prospects for Early Birds Chris Wood
Jul 22 More Technical Evidence the Gold Price Will Move Lower Franklin Sanders
Jul 22 Rick Santelli - Gold’s Rise is Indictment of Central Bank Policies KingWorldNews
Jul 22 Silver Price Manipulation... Chris Martenson and David Morgan
Jul 22 Gold and silver are the objectives of the new nuclear arms race J.S. Kim
Jul 22 Rule - Juniors to Rocket Because of Discovery & Consolidation KingWorldNews
Jul 22 Monitoring the Dollar to Manage Risk in Stocks Chris Ciovacco
Jul 21 Supply, Demand & the USDollar Jim Willie
Jul 21 Hong Kong Metals Exchange Opens Silver Contract Friday! Chris Duane
Jul 21 Sean Boyd - Expect $2,200 to $2,400 Gold & $60 to $75 Silver KingWorldNews
Jul 21 Rhetoric On U.S. Deficit-Reduction Is Nonsense Jeff Nielson
Jul 21 Gold in a Deflationary Period Ian R. Campbell
Jul 21 Silver today vs 2008 – Does it look familiar? Willem Weytjens
Jul 21 Tips on Storing Precious Metals Safely James Turk
Jul 20 Crowd Behavior moves Gold, Silver and SP 500…not the news! David Banister
Jul 20 The Coming Correction in Gold & Silver JW Jones
Jul 20 Portfolio Diversification Myths Nick Barisheff
Jul 20 Peter Schiff - Silver Will Eventually Trade Over $200 KingWorldNews
Jul 20 European Bank Stress Test: "It's not that 8 failed...but that 82 passed!!" EWI
Jul 20 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Jul 20 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Jul 20 Embry - Possible High Triple Digit Silver Before This is Over KingWorldNews
Jul 20 Commodities 2011 Halftime Report Frank Holmes
Jul 20 US Dollar Whale Meets Gold Harpoon! Stewart Thomson
Jul 19 $ Is Over. (If you want it.) Silver Shield
Jul 19 What To Look For In A Bearish Turn For Stocks Chris Ciovacco
Jul 19 They Cannot, Dare Not Stop Inflating... Franklin Sanders
Jul 19 Turk - Expect a Tidal Wave of Buying & Short Covering in Gold KingWorldNews
Jul 19 The Dollar, Gold and SP500 Trend Analysis Chris Vermeulen
Jul 19 PM Ready for Run as Global Breakdown Begins Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jul 19 Russell - Gold Market is Saying Bernanke to Print Money King World News
Jul 19 Safe Haven Trade Scott Silva
Jul 19 Interview – Peru Politics & Economy Ian R. Campbell
Jul 19 London Trader - Potential for Major Short Covering in Gold King World News
Jul 19 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Jul 18 Forget $50 Silver…The REAL Inflation Adjusted Silver High Is $500+ SilverShield
Jul 18 Crisis And Collapse Unfortunate but Inevitable Bob Chapman
Jul 18 Jim Sinclair - Gold Milestone at $1,764 Paves Way to $12,000 KingWorldNews
Jul 18 World Wide Bailout Warren Bevan

News and Commentary for the Week of Jul 10 - Jul 16

Jul 15 Hidden Yen Signal & Gold Breakout Jim Willie
Jul 15 Ben Davies - Gold to Break Above $2,000 in the Next 4 Months King World News
Jul 15 The Greater Depression is Now David Galland
Jul 15 Critical Minerals and Materials Richard Mills
Jul 15 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jul 15 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jul 14 Precious Metals and Crude Oil Shows Signs of Strength Chris Vermeulen
Jul 14 11 Silver Investor Mentality Shifts Silver Shield
Jul 14 Embry - Mining Shares Will Be Like Internet Stocks in the ’90’s KingWorldNews
Jul 14 Gold and Silver Picking Up Steam Relative to Stocks Chris Ciovacco
Jul 14 The Road to Perdition David Galland with Terry Coxon
Jul 14 COMEX Commercial Traders Positioning for Silver Strength Gene Arensberg
Jul 14 Still Seeking Real Solutions for the World Economy Bob Chapman
Jul 14 Don’t Fall for the Gold Stock Death Cross Jeff Berwick
Jul 14 Gold and Silver Poised to Surge on Ticking Debt Bombs James West
Jul 13 Learning How to Trade the GDX Fibonacci Butterfly JW Jones
Jul 13 Turk - Huge Base Will Propel Silver to Record Highs With Gold KingWorldNews
Jul 13 A Run on the United States Government Michael S. Rozeff
Jul 13 Gold and Gold Stocks: HSR Is Your Bird In The Hand! Stewart Thomson
Jul 13 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Jul 13 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Jul 13 Gold and Silver Update Peter Degraaf
Jul 13 How to Find and "Hook" Potential Trade Setups EWI
Jul 13 Silver Definition Move for 2011 Not Done? Gene Arensberg
Jul 12 Are Gold Stocks the Real Barbarous Relic? Sam Kirtley
Jul 12 Gold Poised to Make New Record High James Turk
Jul 12 The 'Secret' World of Gold and Silver Company Warrants Lorimer Wilson
Jul 12 Whistleblower Andrew Maguire Audio Interview Now Released! KingWorldNews
Jul 12 Gold in Excellent Position for Seasonal Breakout Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jul 12 Profits and Commodities Part of Mixed Picture for Stocks Chris Ciovacco
Jul 12 Using Elliott Waves: As Simple As A-B-C EWI
Jul 12 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Jul 11 Inflation is beyond the tipping point Alasdair Macleod
Jul 11 Watching A Flatlining Economy Bob Chapman
Jul 11 U.S. Greater Depression Accelerates Jeff Nielson
Jul 11 The Sharpest Rally Since 1644 Charles Hugh Smith
Jul 11 The Goldsmiths, Part CCI R. D. Bradshaw
Jul 11 25 Reasons To Buy Gold And Dump Dollars Silver Shield

News and Commentary for the Week of Jul 3 - Jul 9

Jul 8 The Silver Platter Opportunity Jim Willie
Jul 8 The Great Reset Charles Hugh Smith
Jul 8 Silver: It’s All About Inventories Jeff Nielson
Jul 8 Where are We Now With the Gold Price? Franklin Sanders
Jul 8 Gerald Celente - Expect Bank Holiday & Economic Martial Law KingWorldNews
Jul 8 Embry - Maguire Correct, Gold/Silver Shorts Will be Destroyed KingWorldNews
Jul 8 Entering the Strong Season for Gold Justin Smyth
Jul 7 Gold and Oil Showing Signs of Strength and Higher Prices Chris Vermeulen
Jul 7 6 Reasons to Hold Your Gold Through The Summer David Urban/Lorimer Wilson
Jul 7 Why Silver Provides Much Greater Upside Potential than Gold
Jul 7 BIS Changed Silver Data (From $203 to $93 Billion...?) Jason Hommel
Jul 7 Whistleblower Maguire - This Will Destroy Gold & Silver Shorts KingWorldNews
Jul 7 Silver Bottoms Amid Subtle but Bullish Factors Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jul 6 Has the Gold Price Bottom Happened? Franklin Sanders
Jul 6 Eric Sprott - Paper Markets Are A Joke Interview by Chris Martenson
Jul 6 Silver Investors' Declaration of Independence From Rigged Exchanges Bix Weir
Jul 6 Surprising Truth about the Volatility of Gold & Silver Mining Stocks JS Kim
Jul 6 Turk - Commencement of QE3 to Send the Dollar Into Oblivion KingWorldNews
Jul 6 Gold Analysis: Liquidity Flows Maul MACD and RSI Stewart Thomson
Jul 5 Gold and Silver Stocks Form Positive Divergence Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jul 5 Smoke & Mirrors Aubie Baltin
Jul 5 Stock Market Flashes A Buy Signal Part II Chris Vermeulen
Jul 5 Fed Rearranges the Deck Chairs on the Titanic Economy Bob Chapman
Jul 5 Richard Russell - 60 Years Later And Still Running Strong King World News
Jul 5 Technically Precious Merv Burak

News and Commentary for the Week of Jun 26 - Jul 2

Jul 1 The Dollar Speaks While Gold, Silver, Oil, & the S&P 500 Listen JW Jones
Jul 1 The Great Misdiagnosis Jim Willie
Jul 1 Next Plunge Should Carry Gold Through $1,490 to $1,460 -- UNLESS... F. Sanders
Jul 1 Record Net Short Position for SLV Rally Fuel? Gene Arensberg
Jul 1 A Four-Chart Lesson in Spotting Trade Setups EWI
Jul 1 Fundamental vs Technical explanation for early May silver plunge... Clive Maund
Jul 1 Solar is to Silver What Ethanol Is to Corn Jeffrey Lewis
Jul 1 Trading Gold and Its Eurozone Crisis Premium Sam Kirtley
Jun 30 Possible Bottom as Key Sectors Breaking Out Chris Vermeulen
Jun 30 Caveat Venditor! Eric Sprott & Andrew Morris pdf
Jun 30 How to Look for the Safest Place to Buy Gold and Silver Franklin Sanders
Jun 30 The Screaming Fundamentals For Owning Gold And Silver Chris Martenson
Jun 30 Frightening COMEX Silver Volume In May Massively Distorts Price Bix Weir
Jun 30 Peru – Gold Ian R. Campbell
Jun 30 The Greek Tragedy Could Engulf Many More European States Bob Chapman
Jun 29 Silver and Gold Prices Have Merely Stalled in their Descent Franklin Sanders
Jun 29 What Will Happen to the Stock Market When QE2 Ends? EWI
Jun 29 Turk - Summer Gold Trading Will Be One for the History Books KingWorldNews
Jun 29 Get Ready to be Financially Conscripted Arnold Bock
Jun 29 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Jun 29 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Jun 29 Silver’s Key Technical Showdown Gene Arensberg
Jun 29 Robin Griffiths - Buy Silver, The Lows for the Correction Are In KingWorldNews
Jun 29 United States of Denial James West
Jun 29 Commodity Markets: Your Next Ports Of Technical Call Stewart Thomson
Jun 28 On Gold Bugs! Ian R. Campbell
Jun 28 The Limitations of Technical Analysis Alasdair Macleod
Jun 28 Cash In, Not Out on $1,500 Gold The Gold Report and Rick Mills
Jun 28 Can the Fed and Economists Forecast the Future? See This Startling Chart EWI
Jun 28 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Jun 27 Sign of the Bear Toby Connor
Jun 27 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jun 27 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jun 27 The Presidential Elections Martin Armstrong
Jun 27 S&P Put In Tentative Bottom Warren Bevan

News and Commentary for the Week of Jun 19 - Jun 25

Jun 23 Surge in gold and silver ownership worldwide as doomsday nears Williams
Jun 23 Stand Strong Jim Sinclair
Jun 23 A Casey Report Special Report with Dr. Vieira – interviewed by David Galland
Jun 23 Deflation in Our Future Toby Conner
Jun 23 Black Swans From New Normal Jim Willie
Jun 23 Embry - Western Central Banks Don’t Have 30,000 Tons of Gold KingWorldNews
Jun 23 It’s Time to Invest in Coal Marin Katusa
Jun 23 Peter Schiff - US Set to Default, Silver Headed to $200 King World News
Jun 23 Chance Didnt Create The Current Economic Crisis Bob Chapman
Jun 22 Bullion Blows-Up Banksters Jeff Nielson
Jun 22 If the Dollar Goes, What Happens to Your Portfolio? Jeff Clark
Jun 22 Days of Summer: Cooling Off Unlikely Jeffrey Nichols
Jun 22 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Jun 22 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Jun 22 Richard Russell - Chinese Billionaires Buying Gold & Diamonds KingWorldNews
Jun 22 Fed Holds Economy Hostage Scott Silva
Jun 22 Mkts Update: Pros and Cons Of Technical Analysis Stewart Thomson
Jun 21 Gold Price Today Made an all Time High Against British Pound Franklin Sanders
Jun 21 Real Silver Still Legal! Jason Hommel
Jun 21 Dizzying New Heights of Global Criminal Enterprise James West
Jun 21 How to Set Protective Stops Using the Wave Principle EWI
Jun 21 Turk - Confidence in Fiat Currencies is Beginning to Collapse King World News
Jun 21 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Jun 21 Valuations Can’t Offset Current Concerns Chris Ciovacco
Jun 21 Will Gold Follow Gold Stocks Lower? Justin Smyth
Jun 20 Is The COMEX Manipulating Gold Margins To Mask Silver Supply Deficits? Heller
Jun 20 The Collapse of Nations All By The Hand Of Corrupt Bankers Bob Chapman
Jun 20 Is Gold About to Have Its Status Upgraded? Frank Holmes
Jun 20 Yes, the Next Crisis is Coming… And It WILL Be Worse Than 2008 G. Summers
Jun 20 Fundamentals, Technicals & Silver - Be Cautious! P. Radomski
Jun 20 The Value of Gold Paul de Sousa

News and Commentary for the Week of Jun 12 - Jun 18

Jun 17 Its Weight in Gold: The Real Prices of Things Charles Vollum
Jun 17 The Value of Gold Paul Desousa
Jun 17 Dollar’s Close Friday Important for Stocks and Commodities Chris Ciovacco
Jun 17 Silver and Gold Prices will Likely End the Year at Prices Higher Franklin Sanders
Jun 17 Last warning before the Autumn 2011 shock GEAB
Jun 17 Are We Running Out of Silver? Jeff Clark
Jun 17 The Bear is Back and This Time it will be Much Worse Toby Connor
Jun 17 European Contagion, The Domestic Banks, & the S&P 500 JW Jones
Jun 17 Mine to Magnet Richard Mills
Jun 17Sinclair - You’re Out of Your Mind If You Sell Gold Assets Now KingWorldNews
Jun 16 The June 13th/14th Turning Point Martin Armstrong
Jun 16 Mr. Bernanke's Manipulation Nation Charles Hugh Smith
Jun 16 Print More Money Greg Hunter
Jun 16 The Extinction of Retirement Michael Pento
Jun 16 Rick Rule: Silver Will Trade Like an Internet Stock to the Upside KingWorldNews
Jun 16 Warnings Of A Great Depression or Hyperinflation Bob Chapman
Jun 15 Twas Only a Bounce in a Downtrend Franklin Sanders
Jun 15 Will The Gold Price Decline Soon or Is This Summer Really Different? Radomski
Jun 15 Next Contender for Nevada’s Geological Jackpot? Marc Davis
Jun 15 Six Straight Weeks of Decline Take DJIA Below 12,000: What Now? EWI
Jun 15 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Jun 15 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Jun 15 Dive in Silver Price a “Setup,” Says Sprott Damon van der Linde
Jun 15 The Marginal Utility of Silver Antal E. Fekete
Jun 15 Total Comex Silver Drops Below 100 Million Ounces ZeroHedge
Jun 15 Gold and The Big Mkts: Liquidity Flows Rule Stewart Thomson
Jun 15 Turk - Gold & Silver Have Bottomed, Summer Explosion Ahead KingWorldNews
Jun 14 Last Leg of an A-B-C Correction Franklin Sanders
Jun 14 Is There A COMEX Silver Shortage? Ryan Jordan
Jun 14 Embry - System Wide Melt Down as US to Enter Hyperinflation KingWorldNews
Jun 14 The Stocks & Commodity Technical trading Outlook Part I Chris Vermeulen
Jun 14 Too Much Money Scott Silva
Jun 14 Magic Money Warren Bevan
Jun 14 Equities & Commodities Hanging by a Thread Roman Baudzus
Jun 13 More Temporary Solutions To Long Term Economic Problems Bob Chapman
Jun 13 The Fed's $600 Billion Stealth Bailout Of Foreign Banks Continues ZeroHedge
Jun 13 Eric Sprott-We’re Headed Over a Cliff, Be Wary of Paper Assets KingWorldNews
Jun 13 What the U.S. Dollar & the Euro Mean to the S&P 500 JW Jones
Jun 13 These 90 Analysts Believe Gold Will Go to $5,000/ozt. Lorimer Wilson
Jun 13 Edwin Vieira Interview with James Turk GoldMoneyNews

News and Commentary for the Week of Jun 5 - Jun 11

Jun 10 Police State Amerika David Galland
Jun 10 Gold Ian Campbell
Jun 10 Gold could top sooner than later and fool some Bulls David Banister
Jun 10 The Goldsmiths, Part CXCVII R. D. Bradshaw
Jun 10 U.S. Hurtles Toward System Failure Jim Willie
Jun 10 Gold Price Rally-ette End to End? Franklin Sanders
Jun 10 How I Know Another Correction Is Coming Jeff Clark
Jun 10 The Destructive Power of Weak Money Alasdair Macleod
Jun 10 Surprise...Surprise Aubie Baltin
Jun 10 Are You ready for a market bounce? Chris Vermeulen
Jun 10 Money in the Bank: Does It Still Mean "Safe and Sound?" EWI
Jun 10 Gold Stocks are Underowned and Oversold but Need Catalyst Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jun 10 The Devaluation Against Gold Is The Inflation Lars Schall/Jim Rickards
Jun 9 Death By Debt Chris Martenson
Jun 9 3 Ways to Shelter Your Cash from Inflation Terry Coxon
Jun 9 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Jun 9 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Jun 9 The Owners Of The Fed Know What Is Going On Bob Chapman
Jun 9 Silver and Gold Exposure Advised The Gold Report and Jason Mann
Jun 8 Silver and Gold Prices Couldn't Make up their Mind Today Franklin Sanders
Jun 8 Our Economic Future: From Best to Worst Case Doug Casey
Jun 8 Jim Sinclair - Gold to Exceed $12,500 to Balance US Debt KingWorldNews
Jun 8 Is the End Near? Martin Armstrong
Jun 8 How Moving Averages Can Improve Your Market Analysis  EWI
Jun 8 Gold and the Collapsing Dollar Julian D. W. Phillips
Jun 8 Gold Stocks Gulag: View From Inside Stewart Thomson
Jun 7 Why the USD Index Could Fall to 65 and Gold Rise to… Puplava/Wilson
Jun 7 Banker Manipulation of Gold & Silver Futures JS Kim on Max Keiser
Jun 7 Peter Schiff - “We Will Destroy the Currency Completely” KingWorldNews
Jun 6 Monitoring XLF Prevented Potentially Devastating Trade in the S&P500 JW Jones
Jun 6 Investors fearful and that means higher prices around the corner Chris Vermeulen
Jun 6 Seasonal Gold Price Trends Favor Summer Purchases Jonathan M. Kosares
Jun 6 Got Gold Report - Tired of “Dire?” Gene Arensberg
Jun 6 Can You Pass the 2011 Silver Quiz? Jeff Clark
Jun 6 Hoping For A Miracle While The World Lives In Financial Crisis Bob Chapman
Jun 6 Catch 22 for the Fed Alasdair Macleod
Jun 6 Basic Info on Silver Jason Hommel
Jun 6 Has A Major Correction Begun? Warren Bevan

News and Commentary for the Week of May 29 - Jun 4

Jun 3 The Silver Price Still Targeting The 200 Day Moving Average Franklin Sanders
Jun 3 You Better Man the Life Boats Casey Research
Jun 3 Insider Trading: “You Can’t Regulate Uncertainty” Doug Casey/Louis James
Jun 3 The End of America Porter Stansberry
Jun 3 Africa’s Riding the Red Dragon Rick Mills
Jun 2 Market Sentiment and Volume Reach Extreme Panic Levels Chris Vermeulen
Jun 2 Another 3 to 10 Years to Run Wild Franklin Sanders
Jun 2 Scotia Mocatta Loses 60% Of Its Physical Silver In One Month ZeroHedge
Jun 2 Sean Boyd - Expect New Record Highs in Gold This Summer KingWorldNews
Jun 2 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Jun 2 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Jun 2 Turk - Metals Will Be Hot This Summer, Gold to Hit New Highs KingWorldNews
Jun 2 More Money and More Market Manipulations Bob Chapman
Jun 2 Why a Greek Default Could be Worse Than Lehman Collapse Martin Hutchinson
Jun 1 The News Cycle: Full of Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing Charles Hugh Smith
Jun 1 Silver – Why So Volatile? James Turk
Jun 1 The Sky Is Falling—Up! Scott Silva
Jun 1 Gold and Silver Form Promising Bullish Divergences GoldMoney
Jun 1 Gold & Silver: The Long March Upward Resumes Jeffrey Nichols
Jun 1 Tit For Tat: Key Gold Valuation Metrics Stewart Thomson
Jun 1 When Faith In U.S. Dollars And U.S. Debt Is Dead The Game Is Over ECB
May 31 Richard Russell - Subscribers Should Buy Silver Once Again KingWorldNews
May 31 Gold and Silver Update. So You Sold Out After ... Peter Degraaf
May 31 How gold could reach $13,644 an ounce and silver $853 Peter Cooper

May 27 Stephen Leeb - Silver Should Be $150 Today KingWorldNews
May 27 Why Gold Is Going Higher David Galland
May 27 Dear Capitalists of the World Jason Hommel
May 26 US Commodity Regulation - A Failed Mission? Ted Butler
May 26 Green Shoots, Exit Strategy, No QE3 Jim Willie
May 26 Gold Price Momentum Remains Momentarily Up Franklin Sanders
May 26 Things Are Spinning Out of Control Charles Hugh Smith
May 26 John Hathaway - Gold & US Today vs 1980 Mania KingWorldNews
May 26 The Fed Behind The Greatest Fraud In History Bob Chapman
May 26 We’ve Just Breached the Debt Ceiling… Next Comes Default Graham Summers
May 25 Gold Price Must Clear $1,525 Tomorrow Franklin Sanders
May 25 The U.S. Dollar’s Impact on the S&P 500, Gold, Silver, & Oil JW Jones
May 25 Embry - Silver Market Extraordinarily Tight, Look for $125 KingWorldNews
May 25 Silver and Silver Stocks Spring Into Life Bob Kirtley
May 25 Is Gold a Bad Investment? Nick Barisheff
May 25 Cyber-War Is Evolving Fast Chris Wood
May 25 Silver's parabolic corrections Gene Arensberg
May 25 Gold Revaluation and Seasonals Stewart Thomson
May 24 Silver: High Prices 'Cure' Depleted Inventories Jeff Nielson
May 24 Is It Possible to Have Panic Buying? Robert Folsom
May 24 Update on Metals with David Morgan and Chris Vermeulen
May 24 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
May 24 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
May 24 Technically Precious Merv Burak
May 24 Where now for Gold and Silver? David A. Banister
May 24 Asian Tiger Sinks Teeth into Gold Frank Holmes
May 24 James Turk - Gold to Have a Staggering Up-Move This Summer KingWorldNews
May 23 Confirmation of a Major Alert for the second half of 2011 GEAB
May 23 Q1 Gold Numbers Show Growing Strength Jeff Nielson
May 23 Bottoms In! Warren Bevan
May 23 Buying Silver at 10% Off Kevin Brekke
May 23 John Williams Exclusive - Hyperinflation & US Dollar Collapse KingWorldNews
May 23 Fearing The Bottom Will Fall Out If Interest Rates Rise Bob Chapman

News and Commentary for the Week of May 15 - May 21

May 20 Silver crash a ‘drive-by-shooting' and ‘criminal act' Lawrence Williams
May 20 The World Is Cornering The Elite… Silver Shield
May 20 EUR/USD: Falling on "Risk Aversion"? Let's Look at the Timeline First EWI
May 20 Why I Smell a Rat... Gary Tanashian
May 20 Clive Maund: Mitigate Investment Risk Until End of Dollar Rally Gold Report
May 20 Copper's Talking Infrastructure Rick Mills
May 19 Gold Price hasn't Posted its Bottom Yet Franklin Sanders
May 19 Rick Rule - Massive Gold & Silver Demand Out of India KingWorldNews
May 19 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
May 19 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
May 19 The Coming Great Inflation Michael J. Kosares
May 19 Gold Aimed at $6,500/oz, Silver... $600/oz Greg McCoach
May 19 A Higher Cost of Living and A Weaker Economy The Reality Bob Chapman
May 18 Prepare to Load up on Silver and Gold Franklin Sanders
May 18 Silver Price: the Least You Should Worry About Jeff Clark
May 18 The Silver Take-Down: Anatomy Of A Crime Jeff Nielson
May 18 Platinum – the Other Precious Metal James Turk
May 18 Hugo Salinas Price - QE in US Will Lead to Utter Destruction KingWorldNews
May 18 Peter Schiff - Silver to Take Out $50, New Shorts are Suckers KingWorldNews
May 18 Gold $2000: Prediction or Endurance? Stewart Thomson
May 18 Silver to Outshine Glittering Gold in the Long (!) Term Przemyslaw Radomski
May 17 Gold Price has Now Drawn a Plain Line at $1,488 Franklin Sanders
May 17 Our Peculiar State Of Suspended Animation Charles Hugh Smith
May 17 Dollar Bull Monkey Dance Will End Badly, with a QE3 party? David Banister
May 17 Commodities & a Stalling Economy Alasdair Macleod
May 17 Downside Targets/Support for Gold Stocks Jordan Roy-Byrne
May 17 Gold & Silver Investments: How Much, and Which Ones? Lorimer Wilson
May 16 SILVER - wanted at $50, not wanted at $35 Clive Maund
May 16 Warning Signs Toby Conner
May 16 Hi-Yo Silver, Away JW Jones
May 16 Silver’s New Trading Range Justin Smyth
May 16 The Gold-Silver Ratio –Another Look Andrey Dashkov
May 16 Massive Debt Means Weaker Dollar for Years to Come Bob Chapman
May 16 Gold’s Performance is NOT Related to the U.S. Dollar Kritzer/Wilson
May 16 The Goldsmiths, Part CXCIII R. D. Bradshaw
May 16 Let’s Get Physical Warren Bevan

News and Commentary for the Week of May 8- May 14

May 13 The Silver Crash of 2011 Martin Armstrong pdf
May 13 Fall of the U.S. Empire and Breakup of the Geopolitical Matrix David Galland
May 13 Market Sentiment Reaching Extreme Levels for Gold & SP500 Chris Vermeulen
May 13 Bonfire of the Real Wealth Martin Armstrong pdf
May 13 5 Ways the Wave Principle Can Improve Your Trading EWI
May 13 Robin Griffiths - Silver Could Eclipse $450, Gold $12,000 KingWorldNews
May 13 Transition Complete Toby Conner
May 12 I'll be Surprised if Silver &  Gold Don't Make Another Big Drop Franklin Sanders
May 12 Denial And Delusion Aubie Baltin
May 12 Gold Stocks Stuck in Consolidation Jordan Roy-Byrne
May 12 A Trap of Their Own Making Bob Chapman
May 11 The False Myths of Gold & Silver Bulls JS Kim
May 11 Accumulate as much silver as you can Tehmaas S. Gorimaar
May 11 Jim Sinclair - “We’re Nowhere Near a Top in Gold!” KingWorldNews
May 11 A Word on Corrections David Galland
May 11 Gold Price Analysis from the Mining Stocks' Perspective Przemyslaw Radomski
May 11 Silver and Gold Vault Storage Options - The Great Segregators EverHedge
May 11 The The Answer Is A No Brainer Stewart Thomson
May 11 Sprott on Gold vs. Silver after the Selloff Chris Munford
May 10 COMEX drops Napalm Bomb on Silver, what next? David Banister
May 10 Anatomy of Silver Manipulation - How Low Can It Go? Avery Goodman
May 10 Three Dominant Factors Will Impact Precious Metals in 2011 Nick Barisheff
May 10 Why Central Banks Are Buying More Gold Jeffrey Nichols
May 10 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
May 10 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
May 10 Gold: A Mega Mine in the Making Marc Davis
May 10 Technically Precious Merv Burak
May 9 James Turk - “Silver Will Hit New Highs in a Matter of Weeks” KingWorldNews
May 9 Key Levels to Watch in Stocks, Dollar, and Commodities Chris Ciovacco
May 9 First Fear, Then Anger Theodore Butler
May 9 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
May 9 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
May 9 Silver corrects Alasdair Macleod
May 9 Transition to the D-wave Toby Conner
May 9 More Money Created as Prices Rise Bob Chapman
May 9 Grand Slam! Warren Bevan
May 9 What’s Next for the S&P 500, Gold, & Oil JW Jones
May 9 Watching Silver Roy Martens
May 9 Africa Rick Mills

News and Commentary for the Week of May 1- May 7

May 6 Collusion by Fed officials and Commodity Exchange heads Dan Norcini
May 6 Ben Davies - We Are Now Buyers of Physical Silver KingWorldNews
May 6 Today's Silver Scandal Janet Tavakoli/ZeroHedge
May 6 When a Gold Necklace Isn’t Jewelry Jeff Clark
May 6 Precious Metals Prices Climb as Confidence in Currencies Wanes Nick Barisheff
May 6 Silver's Dip will be Brief Jason Hommel
May 6 Gold and Silver Storm the Fed Darryl Robert Schoon
May 5 Parabolic Moves are Only Temporary for Silver and Gold Chris Vermeulen
May 5 Hyperinflation and Double-Dip Recession Ahead John Williams
May 5 Charting The Parabolic Rise In CME Silver Margin Hikes ZeroHedge
May 5 Dan Norcini - Silver Plummets, What to Look For Now? KingWorldNews
May 5 Failure: Don't Despair, It's The New Normal Charles Hugh Smith
May 5 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
May 5 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
May 5 The war on gold (and silver) Lars Schall
May 5 Dollar Weaknesses Expected To Continue Bob Chapman
May 5 Where is the Global Economy Headed? The Experts Weigh In Roy Furr
May 5 How Low Can Silver Go? Jason Hamlin
May 4 Silver Price Targeting $34 and Gold Price Targeting 1445 - 1382 Franklin Sanders
May 4 Another Decline In Registered Silver ZeroHedge
May 4 Eric Sprott - “Sprott Has More Physical Silver Now Than Ever!” KingWorldNews
May 4 Gold Technicals: The Power Of HSR Stewart Thomson
May 4 The Silver Bull Market Will Zig-Zag to $100 and Beyond Paul Mladjenovic
May 4 “Three Peaks” Pattern Suggests Gold to Decline 17% into June! Yu/Wilson
May 4 Greatest Profit Potential of the Last Decade Toby Conner
May 3 NUTS to all of you ‘top pickers!’ Peter Degraaf
May 3 Waterfalls Showed up in Silver and Gold Prices Franklin Sanders
May 3 James Turk - Silver Forming Another Bullish Flag Formation KingWorldNews
May 3 Silver 'Insurance' Gary Tanashian
May 3 Ben Davies - Silver Criticality, Why Silver Might Crash? KingWorldNews
May 3 John Williams: Hyperinflation and Double-Dip Recession Ahead The Gold Report
May 3 Technically Precious Merv Burak
May 2 Understanding where we are in the Silver Bull Market David Banister
May 2 The S&P 500 May Hold Clues to the Peak in Gold & Silver JW Jones
May 2 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
May 2 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
May 2 Bernanke is boxed in Alasdair Macleod
May 2 Precious metals vs. the USD Doug Casey
May 2 Be Thematic In Your Approach Rick Mills
May 2 Richard Russell - China on Massive Gold Accumulation Program KingWorldNews
May 2 Bankers, Treasury Bubbles, and the Painful Consequences Bob Chapman

News and Commentary for the Week of Apr 24- Apr 30

Apr 29 Caution Light on For Silver and Gold Prices Franklin Sanders
Apr 29 Silver Can't Stop to Breathe Jeffrey Lewis
Apr 29 James Turk - The Waterfall Decline in the US Dollar Has Begun KingWorldNews
Apr 29 Are You A Smart Money Investor? Jeff Clark
Apr 29 Silver's "Golden Moment" John Soltez
Apr 29 Downside Targets for Silver Jordan Roy-Byrne
Apr 29 Perfect Precious Metal Storm Continues Mark O'Byrne
Apr 28 Mid-Week Dollar, Gold and SP500 Trend Report Chris Vermeulen
Apr 28 Currency Dead End Paradoxes Jim Willie
Apr 28 How To Use Fibonacci Ratios in the Real World EWI
Apr 28 Debt Saturation and Money Illusion Gordon Long
Apr 28 How The Comex Lost 20% Of Its "Registered" Silver In One Week ZeroHedge
Apr 28 Fed’s Actions Cause Massive Gold & Silver Buying KingWorldNews
Apr 28 No Sign of the Top in Silver Chris Mack
Apr 28 No Buyers for Treasuries or Toxic Waste Bob Chapman
Apr 28 “Three Peaks & Domed House” Pattern Suggests Gold to Peak Soon! Yu/Wilson
Apr 27 QE2 and the Fate of the U.S. Economy David Galland
Apr 27 Embry, Pento - Gold, Silver, Bernanke Destroying the Dollar KingWorldNews
Apr 27 Buy Silver Today - At A Discount Jeff Nielson
Apr 27 Silver is rising because suppression racket has been exposed Avery Goodman
Apr 27 Gold Currency: Mandatory Now, For Traders? Stewart Thomson
Apr 27 Think Silver Has Gone Parabolic? 1980 Was 5 Times Faster Sam Kirtley
Apr 27 Stocks, Dollar, and VIX Not Anticipating Negative Reaction to Fed Chris Ciovacco
Apr 26 Why Gold? Why Silver? What Percentage Mix? EverHedge
Apr 26 James Turk - Silver Still in Backwardation, Headed Higher KingWorldNews
Apr 26 Don't Fear a Pullback in Prices Frank Holmes
Apr 26 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Apr 26 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Apr 26 Japan versus USA: Same Depression with a Lag Adam Brochert
Apr 26 Silver, Gold Set Records on China Buying Bets Ilya Spivak
Apr 26 The Scaling of Gold to New Heights Jeffrey Nichols
Apr 25 Asian Buyers Will Take Silver Over $100 KingWorldNews
Apr 25 Will governments confiscate gold? Alasdair Macleod
Apr 25 '$52 to $56 Silver by Mid-year' Update Goldrunner
Apr 25 Currency Wars James Turk
Apr 25 Economic Recovery Evades Fed and Congress Efforts Bob Chapman

News and Commentary for the Week of Apr 17- Apr 23

Apr 22 Silver Price Up 8.2% in One Week Franklin Sanders
Apr 22 Debunking Anti-Gold Propaganda Doug Casey
Apr 22 The Goldsmiths, Part CXC R. D. Bradshaw
Apr 22 Gold and Stocks Rally but is it time for a Little Pullback Chris Vermeulen
Apr 22 The Only True Standard of Value Richard Russell
Apr 22 The Baltic Dry Index And What It May Be Telling Us Tim Wood
Apr 22 Gold-Silver Ratio Nearing First Action Target Gene Arensberg
Apr 22 Will the S&P 500, Silver, Gold, & Oil Breakout? JW Jones
Apr 22 Bernanke's QEx Box Gordon T Long
Apr 21 Gold Price Will Go Higher Before this Rally Ends Franklin Sanders
Apr 21 Silver Transferred From "Registered" To "Eligible" Status ZeroHedge
Apr 21 Dollar Cycle Toby Conner
Apr 21 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Apr 21 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Apr 21 Understanding the Fed EWI
Apr 21 James Turk - We Live on the Edge of Chaos, Dollar to Plummet KingWorldNews
Apr 21 Expect The Gold To Silver Ratio To Hit Single Digits Sprott/Morris
Apr 21 Warning Signs of a Coming Currency Crisis USAwatchdog
Apr 21 The Fed Is Not There To Solve Your Problem Bob Chapman
Apr 20 Why Swap Silver For Gold Now With the Gold Silver Ratio at 34.47? F. Sanders
Apr 20 50 Factors Launching Gold Jim Willie
Apr 20 $50 silver - The Price Point of Liberty Jack Mullen
Apr 20 Major Policy Shift Ahead David Galland
Apr 20 IRS 1099 Form - Sell Gold Sell Silver Privately EverHedge
Apr 20 Does Deflation Remain a Threat? EWI
Apr 20 $5,000 Gold and $300 Silver are Credible Numbers James West
Apr 20 Gold: Ratio Molehill vs USD Panic Mountain Stewart Thomson
Apr 19 James Turk - Negative US Credit Watch Signals Dollar Collapse KingWorldNews
Apr 19 Monday Mayhem – Panic Selling Has Set In! Chris Vermeulen
Apr 19 Martket Update Toby Conner
Apr 19 Silver Closing In On Phase Three? Aaron J Basile
Apr 19 Watershed Event for US Rick Mills
Apr 19 Why Gold Stocks are Struggling Despite Record Jordan Roy-Byrne
Apr 19 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Apr 18 Extreme Silver Tightness Causing Delivery Problems KingWorldNews
Apr 18 S&P 500, Oil, and Gold Will Respond To Price Action in the U.S. Dollar JW Jones
Apr 18 Global systemic crisis: Autumn 2011 – Budget/T-Bonds/Dollar GEAB
Apr 18 Anatomy of a short squeeze Alasdair Macleod
Apr 18 $5,000 Gold: Who’s Missing From This List of Peak Price Prognosticators? Wilson
Apr 18 International Forecaster April 2011 (#5) Bob Chapman
Apr 18 Long May Gold and Silver Run Warren Bevan
Apr 18 Can You Pass The 2011 Gold Quiz Jeff Clark

News and Commentary for the Week of Apr 10- Apr 16

Apr 15 Gold Price Will Move Higher Tomorrow Franklin Sanders
Apr 15 Will Silver Surge Following Nationalization Of Bolivia's Silver Mines ZeroHedge
Apr 15 Fortifying Yourself And Your Home Against Crime Chris Martenson
Apr 15 Burning The Candle At Both Ends Gonzalo Lira
Apr 15 US Will Resolve Debt by Returning to Gold Standard KingWorldNews
Apr 15 Oil Hit’s 32-Month High As Unrest Persist in the Middle East Marin Katusa
Apr 15 Learn How to Use Bar Patterns to Spot Trade Setups EWI
Apr 14 Jim Rickards - Institutions Are Way Under-Invested in Gold KingWorldNews
Apr 14 Keeping Capital in a Depression Doug Casey
Apr 14 The Silver Economy Jeff Nielson
Apr 14 Nobody is Smarter Than The Markets Bob Chapman
Apr 14 Roads to Prosperity Scott Silva
Apr 14 A Financial Crisis in 2012 is Inevitable! Here’s Why Bock/Wilson
Apr 14 Living Well on Gold and Silver Richard Daughty
Apr 13 What Does a Breakout in Euro Mean for Gold Investors? Przemyslaw Radomski
Apr 13 Silver Profits: USD Fry Pan or Gold Bullion! Stewart Thomson
Apr 13 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Apr 13 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Apr 13 Buy Pullbacks in Gold & Ignore the Top Callers KingWorldNews
Apr 13 Silver, the Canary in the Gold Mine Darryl Robert Schoon
Apr 12 Interest rates and Plan B Alasdair Macleod
Apr 12 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Apr 12 Option Flexibility Allows Traders to Adjust Positions JW Jones
Apr 12 Robbery Underlines Need for Storage Alternatives Nick Barisheff
Apr 12 Investing In Gold And Silver Warren Bevan
Apr 11 Why The Gold/Silver Ratio Is Misleading Ryan Jordan
Apr 11 The Inflationary Depression Moves Foreward Relentlessly Bob Chapman
Apr 11 Twin “Dollar Destroyers” to Create Earthshaking Collapse KingWorldNews
Apr 11 Gold Mania: Are We There Yet? Louis James
Apr 11 Harsh Times – A New Normal Rick Mills

News and Commentary for the Week of Apr 3- Apr 9

Apr 8 Watch $1460 Gold Price for a Breakout Above Franklin Sanders
Apr 8 Are ETFs Really Safe? David Galland
Apr 8 Embry - I’m Amazed Hedge Funds are Short Mining Shares! KingWorldNews
Apr 8 Why you should buy gold and silver now Mary Anne & Pamela Aden
Apr 8 Who Would Sell Gold or Silver Now? Jeff Berwick
Apr 8 Gold Breakout and Silver Going Parabolic Jordan Roy-Byrne
Apr 7 Silver and Gold Prices Have Entered the Second Upleg Franklin Sanders
Apr 7 Deflationists & Blind Eyes Jim Willie
Apr 7 Repeal of Purchase Reporting Law  Goes to President Allen Sykora
Apr 7 The Devolution of the Consumer Economy Charles Hugh Smith
Apr 7 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Apr 7 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Apr 7 Marc Faber - Mr. Bernanke is a Murderer of the Middle Class KingWorldNews
Apr 7 Silver Is Getting Too Popular…Right? Jeff Clark
Apr 7 Bullion Bank Trading – A Closely Guarded Secret! Adrian Douglas
Apr 7 The Financial System Designed To Self Destruct Bob Chapman
Apr 6 Gold Price Chart Points to a $100 Rise to $1535 Franklin Sanders
Apr 6 Will the Dollar Collapse? Patrick A. Heller
Apr 6 Richard Russell - US Dollar Collapse Will Accelerate KingWorldNews
Apr 6 A Presidential Bombshell Ted Butler
Apr 6 Gold Volatility Your Profits DoorKey Stewart Thomson
Apr 5 The Silver Price Slammed Through the $38 Barrier Franklin Sanders
Apr 5 Am I Being Too Conservative on Silver Prices? Nico Pantelis
Apr 5 Real Bullion Begins To Decouple From Paper-Bullion Jeff Nielson
Apr 5 Eric Sprott - Gold to go Over $2,000 Because of Money Printing KingWorldNews
Apr 5 Silver at New Mark as Backwardation Ends Mark O'Byrne
Apr 5 Gold’s historic undervaluation versus oil Michael J. Kosares
Apr 5 U.S. Dollar's Impact on Price Action in the S&P 500, Gold, & Oil Chris Vermeulen
Apr 5 Takeover Threat Won’t Stop Drilling William Mbaho and Marc Davis
Apr 5 Gold and Silver and The Endgame for U.S.A Inc. James West
Apr 5 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Apr 4 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Apr 4 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Apr 4 Fibonacci Gold John Townsend
Apr 4 Reaping What Bretton Woods Has Sown Bob Chapman
Apr 4 Why Silver’s Run May be Far from Done
Apr 4 New 28 Year Lows for the Gold Silver Ratio Gene Arensberg
Apr 4 Ben Davies - Gold Will Advance $400 on Price Discovery KingWorldNews
Apr 4 The Lesson from Japan for PM Investors Jeff Clark

News and Commentary for the Week of Mar 27- Apr 2

Apr 1 Barely a New High Franklin Sanders
Apr 1 Record Silver Backwardation Spells Danger for US Dollar KingWorldNews
Apr 1 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Elliott Wave Principle, Free EWI
Apr 1 The Five-Million-Dollar Reason for Going Global Terry Coxon
Mar 31 Are Stocks & Commodities About To Start Another Rally? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 31 Holding is not Advancing Franklin Sanders
Mar 31 Bank regulation doesn't work well Alasdair Macleod
Mar 31 Gold, Silver, Uranium and Ruination of the US Dollar KingWorldNews
Mar 31 Japan Rebuilds While The Fed Tears Down Bob Chapman
Mar 31 Buying Silver and Avoiding the Sharks Richard Daughty
Mar 30 Robin Griffiths - $8,000 Gold is Not Unreasonable KingWorldNews
Mar 30 Get ready for the meltdown of the US Treasury Bond market GEAB
Mar 30 World Gold Council supports gold price manipulation Bix Weir
Mar 30 Gold Wealth Building: Fundamentals and Technicals Stewart Thomson
Mar 30 Where Individual Investors Can Beat the Big Boys Alex Daley
Mar 30 Precious Metals Investing: Expect Fireworks in Silver Minyanville
Mar 30 Here’s Your Guide To Debunking Gold Bears Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
Mar 29 Gold's Hyperbolic Trajectory James Turk
Mar 29 Dan Norcini - Healthy Consolidation in Gold After Profit-taking KingWorldNews
Mar 29 Silver Price Suppression: How, Why and Effect Rob Kirby
Mar 29 Still Enough Time to "Conquer the Crash?" EWI
Mar 29 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack, Mar 28
Mar 29 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack, Mar 28
Mar 29
The Fox Is In The Hen House Aubie Baltin
Mar 29 Dirty Old Tricks Warren Bevan
Mar 29 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Mar 28 Inflation and equities Alasdair McCloud
Mar 28 What If "What Everyone Knows To Be True" Is Wrong? Charles Hugh Smith
Mar 28 Quantitative Easing: Why It Has NOT Brought Back Inflation EWI
Mar 28 Fed Ponders Actions While Global Economy Reels Bob Chapman
Mar 28 Gold To Catch Fire and the Public Will Notice KingWorldNews
Mar 28 Howard Davidowitz: We're At The Edge Of A Dollar Crisis Peter Gorenstein

News and Commentary for the Week of Mar 20- Mar 26

Mar 25 Silver Review and Outlook Theodore Butler
Mar 25 The Dollar Will Collapse Within 3-4 Months Graham Summers
Mar 25 Gold and Silver Break Records on Libya, Japan, Portugal James West
Mar 24 Another Do or Die Point for Equities & Gold – Get Ready! Chris Vermeulen
Mar 24 The Interest Rate Mega-Trend Ebook Nadeem_Walayat
Mar 24 The Silver Price Broke Out Today Franklin Sanders
Mar 24 Surf Warning: Tsunami to Lift Gold Jim Willie
Mar 24 James Turk - Silver Backwardation Near All-Time Record KingWorldNews
Mar 24 SPX Hangs in the Balance While Social Mood Deteriorates Further JW Jones
Mar 24 Dollar Collapse Inevitable Jeff Clark
Mar 24 International Forecaster March 2011 (#5) Bob Chapman
Mar 24 Embry - Breakaway Move Coming in Gold, Oil $150 to $200 KingWorldNews
Mar 23 Think Like a Thief Jeff Clark
Mar 23 Gold Is For Real Wealth Preservation – Not Speculation BMG
Mar 23 Gold Bull Is Speaking But Are You Listening Stewart Thomson
Mar 23 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Mar 23 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Mar 23 Bill Fleckenstein - Fed Policies Pushing Gold & Silver Higher KingWorldNews
Mar 23 Peering Through The Smoke Screen Aubie Baltin
Mar 23 Investing in Gold When Governments Take Action Richard Daughty
Mar 22 Silver and Gold Prices Today Sort-of/Kind-of Broke Out Franklin Sanders
Mar 22 James Turk - Panic Selling of US Dollar Could Happen Quickly KingWorldNews
Mar 22 Silver: A Currency for Crisis Marc Davis
Mar 22 A Golden Highway and the Valley of Gold Rick Mills
Mar 22 Gold and Silver Update March 21.2011 AD. Peter Degraaf
Mar 22 International Turmoil Peter A. Grant
Mar 22 End Game Toby Conner
Mar 21 Why Gold Is No Longer An Effective USD Hedge Sam Kirtley
Mar 21 A ‘Unique’ Form of ‘Terrorism’ New York Sun
Mar 21 The Return Of Precious Metals And Sound Money Giordano Bruno
Mar 21 The Goldsmiths, Part CLXXXV R. D. Bradshaw

News and Commentary for the Week of Mar 13 - Mar 19

Mar 18 How precious metals will replace fiat money Alasdair MaCleod
Mar 18 The World’s Best Gold Experts: “Buy and Hold!" Jeff Clark
Mar 18 Rick Rule - One of the Speculative Opportunities of the Decade KingWorldNews
Mar 18 Time to Trade Stocks and Silver for Gold? Chris Ciovacco
Mar 18 Gauge the Equities Market so you don't buy to Early! Chris Vermeulen
Mar 17 How Far Can It Fall? Franklin Sanders
Mar 17 Nuclear (and Economic) Meltdown In Progress Chris Martenson
Mar 17 Wealth Preservation Mode Warren Bevan
Mar 17 Silver: Buy, Hold Or Sell? Update #20 Peter Zihlmann
Mar 17 John Embry - Silver Headed to $100, Gold Shares Manipulated KingWorldNews
Mar 17 AMGN & The Big Top – A Lesson On Triple Calendar Spreads JW Jones
Mar 17 James Dines - It’s the End Game Now KingWorldNews
Mar 16 The Gold Price Fell Clean Through Three Supports Franklin Sanders
Mar 16 The Great Gold Bait-And-Switch Jeff Nielson
Mar 16 John Williams - The Great US Collapse Nears KingWorldNews
Mar 16 Gold and The Big Mkts: Sideways Action Ending! Stewart Thomson
Mar 16 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Mar 16 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Mar 15 The Gathering Storm Jim Quinn
Mar 15 The Silver Door Is Closing Chris Duane
Mar 15 The Gold Price Must Hold On Franklin Sanders
Mar 15 RIP Shadow Banking System - Long Live QEx Gordon Long
Mar 15 Why PM Stocks Are Positioned to Move Much Higher Goldrunner/Wilson
Mar 15 James Turk - Rocket Launch in Gold Will Shock the Markets KingWorldNews
Mar 15 Debunking the Gold Bubble Myth Eric Sprott & Andrew Morris
Mar 15 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Mar 14 It's Time to Get Out! Toby Conner
Mar 14 It's Do or Die Week for Equities and Gold Chris Vermeulen
Mar 14 Fed Fails to Create the Stability it Dreams Of Bob Chapman
Mar 14 A Comeback for Gold-Backed Money? Andrey Dashkov
Mar 14 How Punk Rock and Pop Music Relate to Social Mood and the Markets EWI
Mar 14 Silver Toppings 2 Adam Hamilton
Mar 14 Waves of Destruction Warren Bevan
Mar 14 What the End of QE2 Means for Gold Andrew Mickey

News and Commentary for the Week of Mar 6 - Mar 12

Mar 11 Rising interest rates and precious metals Alasdair Macleod
Mar 11 The Constraints on Silver Supply Bob Quartermain
Mar 11 The Goldsmiths, Part CLXXXIV R. D. Bradshaw
Mar 11 Jim Sinclair - Gold Explosion, Oil $150 to $200 KingWorldNews
Mar 11 Save, Invest, Speculate, Trade or Gamble? Doug Casey
Mar 11 Silver May Rise to $40/oz in March on Tight Supply Mark O'Byrne
Mar 11 The SPX Dances Between Excitement & Danger JW Jones
Mar 10 Gold and Silver Parabolics - Part II John Townsend
Mar 10 Waiting For A Resolution Franklin Sanders
Mar 10 QE: Hyper-Inflation to Oblivion Jim Willie
Mar 10 Gold & Equities on the Verge of Breaking Out! Chris Vermeulen
Mar 10 Rob McEwen - Gold Mania Will Rival Tech Bubble KingWorldNews
Mar 10 Fed Monetisation is a Political Power Tool Bob Chapman
Mar 9 The Uptrend Abides Franklin Sanders
Mar 9 The Silver Bullet And The Silver Shield Silver Shield
Mar 9 The Driver for Gold You’re Not Watching Jeff Clark
Mar 9 James Turk - Forget $8,000, Gold Headed Much Higher KingWorldNews
Mar 9 The Coming Rout Chris Martenson
Mar 9 Metals Stocks UpRock... Stewart Thomson
Mar 9 CURRENCY WARS: Flash Points in the 'Age of Rage' Gordon T Long
Mar 8 Gold Price Completed Correction, Higher Prices Tomorrow Franklin Sanders
Mar 8 Gold 1,500? The World Is Changing! David N. Vaughn
Mar 8 Governments are about to lose control of markets Alasdair Macleod
Mar 8 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Mar 8 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Mar 8 Monetizing silver -- instant prosperity Jeff Nielson
Mar 8 Silver Shocker Theodore Butler
Mar 8 Silver Miners are Much Cheaper than Internet Stocks Chris Mack
Mar 7 No Reason Today for Yesterday's Executive Order 6102 Rick Mills
Mar 7 Louise Yamada - $80 Silver, $2,000 Gold & $140 Oil KingWorldNews
Mar 7 Apres nous le deluge Egon von Greyerz
Mar 7 The Fed Distorts The Economy With Inflation Bob Chapman's
Mar 7 Richard Russell - Gold to $6,000 as Media Ridicules KingWorldNews
Mar 7 Investing in Silver Instead of Toilet Paper Currencies Richard Daughty
Mar 7 Why Investing in Commodities is STILL the Way to Go! BockWilson

News and Commentary for the Week of Feb 27 - Mar 5

Mar 4 Fork in the Road Franklin Sanders
Mar 4 John Hathaway - $50 to $60 Silver, US Dollar in Danger KingWorldNews
Mar 4 A Conspiracy With a Silver Lining William D. Cohan
Mar 4 A Silver Investor's Call to Arms Bix Weir
Mar 4 Long Term Trends Chris Vermeulen
Mar 4 Wars, Rumors Of Wars Michael Snyder
Mar 4 Making the Chicken Run Doug Casey
Mar 4 Short Squeeze in Silver Nico Pantelis
Mar 4 Breaking News Bulletin: News Is NOT the Main Driver of Stock Market Trends EWI
Mar 3 James Turk - The Dollar Collapse Will Shock the World KingWorldNews
Mar 3 Bang Bang, Maxwell Silver Hammer Jim Willie
Mar 3 Monetization and Debt Will Only Bring Inflation Bob Chapman
Mar 3 How Safe Is Your Physical Gold? Jeff Clark
Mar 3 As Silver Prices Rise, Silver Volatility will Grow Jeffrey Lewis
Mar 3 Top In Stocks And Silver? P. Radomski
Mar 3 A Deep Walkthru For Silver Manipulation - Redux ZeroHedge
Mar 3 US Mint Reducing Allotments of Silver American Eagles KingWorldNews
Mar 2 Silver Blasted Into New High Ground Franklin Sanders
Mar 2 Rick Rule - Upside Blowout in Gold, Destabilization in Silver KingWorldNews
Mar 2 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Mar 2 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Mar 2 Dead Nation Walking Richard Russell
Mar 2 Gold, Oil and Dow: Death Spiral Update Stewart Thomson
Mar 1 Gold and Silver Prices Are Going Higher, Once Gold Confirms Franklin Sanders
Mar 1 A Massive Gold Rally Is Underway Deric O. Cadora/Lorimer Wilson
Mar 1 Ben Davies - Gold Coiled, Hyperinflation May Be in the Cards KingWorldNews
Mar 1 Gold, Dollar, Stocks & Sentiment at Major Pivot Point Chris Vermeulen
Mar 1 Golden Fireworks are About to Begin Toby Conner
Mar 1 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Mar 1 VMS Ventures – Focused on Discovery Rick Mills
Feb 28 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Feb 28 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Feb 28 2011 Tipping Points Gordon T. Long
Feb 28 On the Verge of a Gigantic Move Higher! Roy Martens
Feb 28 The SPX, Oil, Silver, & Geopolitical Risk JW Jones
Feb 28 The Flood Of Money Drowns Out The Value Bob Chapman
Feb 28 “Americans Save Yourselves” Week Warren Bevan

News and Commentary for the Week of Feb 19 - Feb 26

Feb 25 Fall of the “Petro-dollar wall” GEAB
Feb 25 Gold Price Punched to the Ropes After Comex Close Franklin Sanders
Feb 25 What You Need to Know About Buying Silver Today Jeff Clark
Feb 25
When You FEEL the Elliott Waves, Your Eyes Become Wide Open EWI
Feb 25
Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Feb 25 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Feb 25 Royal Canadian Mint Now Saying It’s Difficult Securing Silver KingWorldNews
Feb 25 There Goes the First Sector Toby Conner
Feb 25 Cheating Investors As Official Government Policy Daniel R. Amerman
Feb 25 What do you and I do? Richard Russell
Feb 24 QE2: The Road to a Gold Standard Jim Willie
Feb 24 Gold/Silver Price Low Degree Correction Franklin Sanders
Feb 24 The destruction of private savings through inflation Alasdair Macleod
Feb 24 Public Debt is Like a Giant Ponzi Scheme Bob Chapman
Feb 24 FAKE Silver Coins/Bars/Ingots ARE on the market in U.S.! Sherrie
Feb 24 US Dollar Tumbles, Gold $1,410, Silver $33.50, Oil Near $100 KingWorldNews
Feb 23 Embry: Short Squeeze in Silver, Manipulators Getting Overrun KingWorldNews
Feb 23 Silver Train Is A Coming Are You Onboard Stewart Thomson
Feb 23 Why I’m Buying Silver at $30 Jeff Clark
Feb 23 Silver may  Reach $52 – $56 by May – June 2011 Goldrunner/Lorimer Wilson)
Feb 23 Follow the Money: How to Profit from Copper's Next Wave Rick Mills
Feb 23 Netflix, Butterflies,& Option Expiration JW Jones
Feb 22 John Hathaway - Silver Breaks Out, Paper Market is Nonsense KingWorldNews
Feb 22 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Feb 22 Gold, Silver and Oil Stocks on Fire James West
Feb 22 Silver Bankers May Be Sitting on Big Derivatives Losses Jesse
Feb 21 Turk - Silver Backwardation Now “Unprecedented 73 Cents” KingWorldNews
Feb 21 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Feb 21 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Feb 21 Silver's Palladium Moment Ryan Jordan
Feb 21 International Forecaster February 2011 (#6) Bob Chapman
Feb 21 Richard Russell - Silver Hedging By Miners A Big Mistake King World News
Feb 21 Bubble Butt Warren Bevan

News and Commentary for the Week of Feb 13 - Feb 19

Feb 18 The Gold Price Smashed it's $1,380 Resistance Franklin Sanders
Feb 18 James Turk - Short Squeeze in Silver Could Be the Big One KingWorldNews
Feb 18 Bottleneck or Supply Deficit? Jeff Clark
Feb 18 Melt The Witch (Updated!) Bix Weir
Feb 18 The dollar is now poised on the edge of the abyss Toby Conner
Feb 18 Why You Should Be Using Gold to Buy Your Groceries Richard Daughty
Feb 17 Once Gold Breaks Through $1380 It Will Sprint For $1,420 Franklin Sanders
Feb 17 How Much More Demand Can Silver Handle Jeff Clark
Feb 17 How To Fake An Economic Recovery Giordano Bruno
Feb 17 Turk - Massive Short Squeeze in Silver, Gold to Hit New Highs KingWorldNews
Feb 17 Matt Taibbi's Latest: "Why Isn't Wall Street In Jail?" ZeroHedge
Feb 17 Martin Armstrong vs. His Model Goldrunner/Lorimer Wilson
Feb 17 Silver and Opium Antal E. Fekete
Feb 17 Replace the Federal Reserve Altogether A Good Idea Bob Chapman
Feb 17 The Collapse of America's Labor Force Richard Benson
Feb 16 Gold Price Cleared it's 50 DMA Closing at $1,373.60 Franklin Sanders
Feb 16 The Myth Of The Primary Silver Mine Jeff Nielson
Feb 16 Silver is Approaching Stage Two of its Bull Market James Turk
Feb 16 Asians Buying SLV to Take Delivery of Silver King World News
Feb 16 The Golden Tripod & The Crisis Stewart Thomson
Feb 16 Silver 12 Cents Away From Post Hunt Brothers Closing High ZeroHedge
Feb 16 Richard Russell - Possibility of Gold Breaking to New Highs King World News
Feb 15 Current Silver Definition Move Not Like the Others Gene Arensberg
Feb 15 Bear Season in the S&P 500 & Oil JW Jones
Feb 15
Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Feb 15 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Feb 15 Silver Bullion COMEX Stocks at 4-Year Low GoldCore
Feb 15 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Feb 14 Sand dance, or Egypt's future Alasdair Macleod
Feb 14 The Golden Parabola Goldrunner/Lorimer Wilson
Feb 14 Major Currency Trends For Major Gain – YEN and Dollar Chris Vermeulen
Feb 14 Watch the Gold/Silver Ratio James Turk
Feb 14 QE2 Is a Total Failure and Bernanke Is Delusional About Inflation Bob Chapman
Feb 14 Confessions of a “Conservative” Investor Arnold Bock/Lorimer Wilson
Feb 14 Bull In A Bears Den Warren Bevan
Feb 14 Losing Faith in Paper Money Richard Daughty

News and Commentary for the Week of Feb 6 - Feb 12

Feb 11 Wait and See Franklin Sanders
Feb 11 Escaping the Great Depression-Extending the Greater Depression Doug Casey
Feb 11 Silver Backwardation for Years, Possible Hyperinflation King World News
Feb 11 Silver soon may be the rarest earth Ted Butler
Feb 11 China May Increase its Gold Holdings Beyond Ft Knox Level King World News
Feb 11 Perth Mint Out of 100 Ounce Silver Bars for at least 6 Weeks King World News
Feb 10 Gold Miners Index May Be Warning Us... Chris Vermeulen
Feb 10 Silver and Gold Price... All Indicators On Go, or Are They? Franklin Sanders
Feb 10 Mythology & Official Nonsense Jim Willie
Feb 10 Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lender Terry Coxon
Feb 10 Measures Needed To Avoid Greater Government Failure Bob Chapman
Feb 10 High Altitude Bombing in Oil J.W. Jones
Feb 10 China to Add Staggering 5,042 Tons of Gold for 10% Reserves KWN
Feb 9 Gold Price is Without Question Rallying and Will Go Higher Franklin Sanders
Feb 9 Politics of Hate David Galland
Feb 9 Precious metals and the validity of technical analysis Alasdair Macleod
Feb 9 Suicide Bombers' In The Gold Market? Jeff Nielson
Feb 9
Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Feb 9 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Feb 9 Gold and Energy: 70/30 Long Short Tactics Stewart Thomson
Feb 9 The Big Sleep Scott Silva
Feb 9 Buying Silver While It’s Still Relatively Cheap Richard Daughty
Feb 8 Silver to Soar in 2011, says Investment Guru Marc Davis
Feb 8
On the Docket: The Case Against Diversification EWI
Feb 8 Forget Gold Bullion! Lorimer Wilson
Feb 8 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Feb 8 Summer Break Toby Conner
Feb 8 Eric Sprott On A "Gold Tsunami" ZeroHedge
Feb 8 Expect Massive Chinese Gold Buying Using GLD King World News
Feb 8 Talison Lithium (TSX – TLH) - the world’s only pure lithium producer Rick Mills
Feb 7 Silver breaks its golden shackles Adrian Douglas
Feb 7 The Great Global Debt Prison ZeroHedge
Feb 7 It’s Super Gold Sunday! Chris Vermeulen
Feb 7 Almost A Total Dollar Devaluation By The Fed Bob Chapman
Feb 7 Day Of De-Bottom Warren Bevan
Feb 7 James Turk - Silver Shortage & Backwardation KingWorldNews
Feb 7 How to Buy a Vacation Home Jeff Clark
Feb 7 The Government-Gold Screw Job of 1933 Richard Daughty

News and Commentary for the Week of Jan 30 - Feb 5

Feb 4 The Silver Stealers Charles Savoie
Feb 4 Wilderness of Mirrors Rick Mills
Feb 4 Fifteen Reasons To Own Silver! Mark Thomas
Feb 4 The Real Reason for Rising Commodity Prices James Turk
Feb 4
Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Feb 4 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Feb 4 Is Egypt A Preview of 2015 America? ZeroHedge
Feb 4 Anticipating a Budget Deficit Richard Daughty
Feb 4 Energy? No Thanks Toby Conner
Feb 3 Gold Price Has Work To Do Down Below Franklin Sanders
Feb 3 Chinese Gold Demand Stuns London & Hong Kong Traders King World News
Feb 3 Beware of Lurking North Africa & EU Bank Runs Gordon T Long
Feb 3 Do I See Lipstick On A Pig? Or... Chris Vermeulen
Feb 3 Foreign Dependency Part of the Game the US is Playing Bob Chapman
Feb 3 Silver Butterfly: An Option Trading Lesson J.W. Jones
Feb 3
Trendlines: How a Straight Line on a Chart Helps You Identify the Trend EWI
Feb 3 Gold is bottoming and longs soon to be rewarded Dave Banister
Feb 3 The “Recovery” in Consumer Loans Isn’t Real Bud Conrad
Feb 2 Gold Price Ceiling Formed at Roughly $1,345 Franklin Sanders
Feb 2 Bargain Days are Here Again in Gold and Silver James West
Feb 2 Gold Wealth Tactics: India vs USA Stewart Thomson
Feb 2 10 Things We Can Learn From Egypt SHTF Plan
Feb 1 James Turk - Gold & Silver Have Reached an Important Bottom King World News
Feb 1 PopCon: The ‘Economic Recovery’ Lie James West
Feb 1 Precious Metals and the Dollar’s Next Big Move Part II Chris Vermeulen
Feb 1 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Feb 1 Regression to the Mean Toby Conner
Feb 1 Every Day Since New Year Has Been Brutal For Silver Investors Mark Thomas
Feb 1 Donner Metals, Xstrata Zinc and the Bracemac-McLeod Mine Rick Mills
Feb 1 Short-Term Rally? Przemyslaw Radomski
Jan 31 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 31 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 31 Silver Supply Shortage? Jason Hamlin
Jan 31 Protestations Warren Bevan
Jan 31 A Nation Exclusively Run For Corporate Interests Bob Chapman
Jan 31 Eric Sprott - Expect $50 Silver, Gold Possibly $2,150 by Spring King World News
Jan 31 Are Gold and Silver Still a Buy? Absolutely – & Here’s Why Thangavel/Wilson
Jan 31 Investing in Gold and Silver for the Long Haul Richard Daughty

News and Commentary for the Week of Jan 23 - Jan 29

Jan 28 Both Metals Still In Primary Uptrend Franklin Sanders
Jan 28 All 100 Ounce Silver Bars Will be Gone in a Matter of Days King World News
Jan 28 A Simple Shake Could Set Silver Free Jeffrey Lewis
Jan 28 Before You Shoot Your Next Arrow David Galland
Jan 28
What Most People Don't Realize About The Fed's Superpowers EWI
Jan 28 Will Gold Respond to the Fed’s Pledge to Keep Printing? Chris Ciovacco
Jan 28 Why Gold and Silver Have Declined Rob Kirby
Jan 28 The Troubling Doubling of Money Supply Richard Daughty
Jan 27 Gold Price Jumped $11.00 in the After Market Franklin Sanders
Jan 27 China Plays Europe Card Jim Willie
Jan 27 Trading Analysis The General Public Does Not Look At Chris Vermeulen
Jan 27 A Decade Of Progress Wiped Out By Financial Policy Bob Chapman
Jan 27 Big Money Lined Up To Buy Gold & Silver King World News
Jan 27 The Fed, the Fear Index, and the Dollar Chris Ciovacco
Jan 27 Get Ready to Buy Gold and Silver With Both Hands Edition Graham Summers
Jan 26 State of Denial David Galland
Jan 26 Richard Russell - Get Out of Your Dollar Assets Now! King World News
Jan 26 Prices Continue Falling, Physical Inventories Dwindle Patrick A. Heller
Jan 26 Gold Price Correction Consistent with Bull Market Continuity James West
Jan 26 Warning to Options Traders Looking at NetFlix Earnings J.W. Jones
Jan 26 Gold and The Bond: Facing Reality Stewart Thomson
Jan 26 Euro Gold Run Above Ђ1,000/oz Comes to an End
Jan 26 A Three-Minute Lesson in Gold Investing Richard Daughty
Jan 25 Silver and Gold Price Correction Continues Franklin Sanders
Jan 25 How gold became politically correct Michael J. Kosares
Jan 25 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 25 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 25
Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Jan 25
Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Jan 25 The Good, Not So Good, Bad & Ugly on the Indexes Chris Vermeulen
Jan 25 China vs. JPMorgan: The Battle Over Gold and Silver Jason Hamlin
Jan 25 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Jan 25 7 Reasons Why Silver Will Make You Rich! Edwards/Wilson
Jan 24 The State of the Markets David Banister
Jan 24
Basic Wave Patterns: How a Zigzag Differs from a Flat EWI
Jan 24 James Turk - Silver in Backwardation, Set to Explode King World News
Jan 24 Monitoring the ‘Risk Trade’ with the Gold/Silver Ratio Chris Ciovacco
Jan 24 As If The Fed Planned To Do It All Wrong Bob Chapman
Jan 24
Ahead of the Herd Rick Mills

News and Commentary for the Week of Jan 16 - Jan 22

Jan 21 The Gold Price Lost $23.70, a New Low for the Move Franklin Sanders
Jan 21 Gold & Silver to Take Off Despite Weakness James Turk
Jan 21 Gold, Silver and Unhedged Producers Bob Kirtley
Jan 21 Guerilla Tactics Resume As Comex, Nymex Hike Margins ZeroHedge
Jan 21 The Fourth American Revolution Jim Quinn/ZeroHedge
Jan 21 Chinese puzzles over gold and silver Alasdair Macleod
Jan 21 Why the Fed Creates So Much Money Richard Daughty
Jan 21 Gold should hit $2000 this year John Embry/Geoff Candy
Jan 20 The ruthless year, at the crossroads of three roads of global chaos GEAB
Jan 20 Fear and Love Make Gold Strong Frank Holmes/Jeff Clark
Jan 20 Panic Selling Hit SP500 Today, Silver and Gold Are Next! Chris Vermeulen
Jan 20 Silver Contango Crushed FMX Connect
Jan 20
How a Simple Line Can Improve Your Trading Success EWI
Jan 20 International Forecaster January 2011 (#6) Bob Chapman
Jan 20 Defining Economics Richard Daughty
Jan 19 Gold Price Looks to Continue Correction Franklin Sanders
Jan 19 The failure of derivatives regulation of precious metals Alasdair Macleod
Jan 19 Here We Go Again Toby Connor
Jan 19 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Jan 19 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Jan 19 Will This Be The USA in 2012? Monty Pelerin
Jan 19 Gold: Correction Or Consolidation? Stewart Thomson
Jan 19 Silver Bar Shortages to Lead to Price “Tipping Point”? GoldCore
Jan 18 Precious Metals Default Scenarios Jeff Nielson
Jan 18 2011 Financial Meltdown Fast Approaching James West
Jan 18 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Jan 18 The Gold Wave Patterns remain Bearish David Banister
Jan 18 Gold Bull is Angry, Shaking Off Late-Comers King World News
Jan 17 Charts Say PM Stocks, Gold and Silver Are About To Rebound Goldrunner
Jan 17 Strong Indications of Gold & Silver Shortages Adrian Douglas/Zero Hedge
Jan 17 Lead 100 Ounce Silver Bars About AG
Jan 17 Irrational Exuberance Aubie Baltin
Jan 17 Doom And Gloom Economic Collapse Blog
Jan 17 Are Gold Pool Accounts Safe? Jeff Clark

News and Commentary for the Week of Jan 9 - Jan 15

Jan 14 Lower Prices Tomorrow? Franklin Sanders
Jan 14 US Mint Reports Unprecedented Buying Spree Of Physical Silver ZeroHedge
Jan 14 Gold Versus Defective Economists and Delusional Leaders on Drugs James West
Jan 14 Precious Metals and the Dollar's Next Big Move Chris Vermeulen
Jan 14 Forgotten Treasure: Unconventional Oil in the Middle East Marin Katusa
Jan 14 10 Predictions for 2011 – Gold, Dollar, Stocks, Politics Jason Hamlin
Jan 14
Understanding the Federal Reserve Bank EWI
Jan 14 James Turk - Momentum Toward Hyperinflation is Accelerating KWN
Jan 13 Long Shadows Cast Over USEconomy Jim Willie
Jan 13 Gold A Bubble? Think Again! Global Macro Monitor
Jan 13 Richard Russell - Gold is the Ultimate Survival Mechanism King World News
Jan 13 Today The Destruction of Money Bob Chapman
Jan 13 US economic recovery Alasdair Macleod
Jan 13 SILVER: What Happens When... Bix Weir
Jan 13 China Sets Stage for Vacuuming World's Silver Jeffrey Lewis
Jan 13 The Benefits of Gold and Silver Not Lost on the Chinese Richard Daughty
Jan 12 Ben Davies - Specs Flushed, We Have Been Accumulating Gold KWN
Jan 12 Yearly Cycle Low Approaching Toby Conner
Jan 12
Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Jan 12 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors  Bill Matlack
Jan 12 Gold and USD. Tactics To Get Richer Stewart Thomson
Jan 12 This Week’s Outlook For PM Stocks, Gold and Silver – and Beyond Goldrunner
Jan 12 Golden 2011 One-handed Economist
Jan 11 Judge Sides With GATA Zero Hedge
Jan 11 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Gold Portfolio Jeff Clark
Jan 11 John Williams Eyes Gold as Insurance Against Armageddon The Gold Report
Jan 11 Gold Outlook 2011 Nick Barisheff
Jan 11 Technically Precious Merv Burak
Jan 11 110 Analysts Believe Gold Will Go Parabolic to $3,000 or More! Lorimer Wilson
Jan 11 V for Vendetta - 2011 Zero Hedge
Jan 10 How to Find Bottoms for the SP500, Dow, Nasdaq and Russell 2K C. Vermeulen
Jan 10 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 10 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 10 An Exquisite Recipe (for a Price Disaster) John Townsend
Jan 10 The Fed Synonymous With Stimulus Policy Bob Chapman
Jan 10 Another Review of Real Silver Highs Adam Hamilton
Jan 10 New Year Silver Sale Warren Bevan
Jan 10 Gold - Bottom or Breakdown? Przemyslaw Radomski

News and Commentary for the Week of Jan 2 - Jan 8

Jan 7 The S&P 500 & Gold Under Pressure on Friday J.W. Jones
Jan 7 Earnings Drive Stock Prices? See This Chart Before You Answer EWI
Jan 7 New Buyers Taking on Silver Shorts is Very Bullish James Turk/King World News
Jan 7 How High Can Stocks Go? Chris Ciovacco
Jan 7 Gold Price Spiked Down Again, Double Bottom? Franklin Sanders
Jan 7 A Brief History of Silver Manipulation Sudden Debt
Jan 7 Precious Metals and Stocks converging to top together in January Banister
Jan 7 Jim Rickards - Gold Standard Coming, Fed’s Hoenig Correct King World News
Jan 6 How to Play the Current Silver, Gold and Dollar Reversal Chris Vermeulen
Jan 6 2011 - The year money begins to die Alasdair Macleod
Jan 6 John Embry - Gold Over $2,000, Silver Above $50 in 2011 King World News
Jan 6 How High Will Gold Go in 2011? Jeff Clark
Jan 6 An Avalanche of Liquidity Threatens Us With Inflation Bob Chapman
Jan 5
The New Gold Rush Nick Barisheff
Jan 5 The Long Swim – How the Fed could Become Insolvent Terry Coxon
Jan 5 How Long Can the S&P 500, Precious Metals, & Bonds Rally? J.W. Jones
Jan 5
Is Your Bank on the "100 Safest" List? Maybe You Should Find Out EWI
Jan 5 Numismatics Are Fool's Gold Peter Schiff
Jan 5 The Outlook for 2011 James Turk
Jan 5 World’s Richest Man Entering Silver Gaining Momentum King World News
Jan 4 Silver Leads the Way One-handed Economist
Jan 4 Was it a Good Idea to Prefer Silver to Gold Over the Last Year? Franklin Sanders
Jan 4 Is the World’s Richest Man Getting Into Silver? King World News
Jan 4
Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Jan 4 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Jan 4 New School Fibonacci Market Cycle Analysis David Knox Barker
Jan 4 Never Forget The Fed Caused The Economic Downturn Bob Chapman
Jan 3 How You Trade the Big Trends in 2011 Chris Vermeulen
Jan 3 Precious Metals Will Accelerate in 2011 James Turk/King World News Audio
Jan 3 Johnny Silverseed Cognitive Dissonance
Jan 3 Hyperinflation will drive gold to unthinkable heights Egon von Greyerz
Jan 3 The Silver Stealers Charles Savoie

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