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Nov 15 Another Gold Spec Short Squeeze Pending Craig Hemke
It may not be enough to reverse the momentum or flip the downtrend, but another Spec short squeeze is coming. Of that, you can be certain. And how do we know this? Because the COMEX is a rigged casino! The market-making Banks have monopolistic control of the proceedings, and this grants them almost unlimited power to rig results in their favor. To the point, Speculators (primarily managed money, hedge funds and trading funds) are often led into extreme positions only to be routinely wrong-footed and fleeced by The Banks. In the past, the ruling paradigm was that The Specs were NET LONG and The Banks were NET SHORT. From time to time, these positions would reach extremes, and the resulting...

Nov 15 Silver Miners Sustaining Cost Significantly Higher than Market Price SRSRocco
The Primary Silver Miners lastest results were quite dismal as their All-In Sustaining Costs to produce silver were considerably higher than the market price. Many of the silver miners production costs increased in the third quarter of 2018 due to higher energy, material, and labor costs. Only one silver mining company out of the group posted a profit of $6.8 million for the quarter, and that was Fortuna Silver Mines. The biggest loser was Coeur Mining which suffered a $53 million loss for the period. Even the largest silver miner in the group, Pan American Silver, reported a surprise loss of $9 million Q3 2018...

Nov 15 Right Now, the Cheapest Silver, Relative to Gold, in 25 Years Alexander Trigaux
For whatever reason, every time gold has been worth more than 80x silver, it has marked a great historical buy opportunity for silver. It has meant silver has been cheap. We pointed this out the three previous times the gold/silver ratio hit 80. And silver rallied all three times. It always has. And those rallies were decent, from the low/mid $16s to the low/mid $17s. But now? The gold/silver ratio hit an eye-watering 86.71 yesterday, a 25-year-high. And silver is fumbling around near $14 even...


Nov 14 Is A Top Forming In Natural Gas? Chris Vermeulen
The recent upswing in NG prices has been an incredible trade for many, yet we believe a top is now forming in Natural Gas that could catch many traders by surprise. The recent upside gap in price and upward price volatility would normally not concern long traders. They would likely view this as a tremendous success for their long NG positions, yet we believe this move is about to come to a dramatic end – fairly quickly. Our predictive price modeling systems are suggesting that Natural Gas may be setting up a topping pattern on weakness near our Fibonacci price target levels...

Nov 14 Market Tactics For A Golden Smile Stewart Thomson
17.) There’s no question that GDX and most of its component stocks have performed admirably during the ongoing US stock market meltdown. Most analysts thought a stock market crash would produce horrific GDX crash. That didn’t happen. In fact, GDX rallied on many days that the stock market crashed. 18.) Having said that, a daily chart H&S top pattern is now in play. The technical action is in sync with modest physical market demand for bullion that is a bit less than supply...

Nov 14 Tuesday Report 11/13/2018 GoldPredict
Gold, Silver, and GDXJ are at critical support while the dollar appears to be breaking out of a 3-month bullish consolidation. Oil is down 28% in just 6-weeks; prices are approaching support. The decline has been relentless and taken on a life of its own. I think oil is capitulating and I’ll look to enter long positions in the coming days. It’s still unclear if metals and miners will bounce off support or break sharply lower. I expected to know more by today, it may take a little longer. Sometimes prices don’t move as quickly as I’d like. Nevertheless, precious metals are at a critical juncture...

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Nov 14 How NOT to Be Among the MANY Investors Fooled by This Market Myth EWI
October included a market phenomenon that left many economists and commentators scratching their heads. US stocks and oil prices both dropped simultaneously. In fact, it was the worst month for oil in 2 years and the worst month for S&P 500 in over 7 years. What was the "phenomenon"? Well, conventional wisdom says that rising oil prices are bearish for stocks. So, how could falling oil prices also be bearish for stocks?...

Nov 14 Upper Management Exodus at Tesla Continues – Why? Dave Kranzler
Phil Rothenberg, VP of Legal at Tesla, is leaving the company. He’s been at Tesla for nearly 8 years; previously worked at the SEC. I assume Phil has a lot of stock and a lot of stock options, having been at the Company for eight years, including a nice chunk of options he’s leaving on the table because they will never vest. If everything at the Company was as amazing as presented by Musk and his meat-puppet CFO in the 3rd quarter earnings report, why leave now? Apparently Phil, trained in securities law, would have been the designee of reviewing and monitoring Musk’s Tweets and other...

Nov 14 A Surprise Jump in Investor and Ientral Bank Gold Demand Michael J. Kosares
At the recent London Bullion Market Association annual conference, the consensus opinion on the gold price for 2019 among 682 industry delegates was $1532 per ounce. The LBMA offers its opinion annually and it usually falls on the conservative side of the ledger. So its consensus opinion of an average price more than 25% higher than the trading range at the time came as a surprise. “This is the most bullish forecast since 2012,” said Ruth Crowell, chief executive of the organization which includes...


Nov 13 2018 Could End With A Dramatic Price Rally Chris Vermeulen
Before we get too carried away, we need to highlight one thing regarding the current price setup we are illustrating with these charts. A “Price Anomaly” has setup because of this deep October 2018 price correction. This move has resulted in many industry researchers calling for further downside price action as they fear the beginning of a far deeper price decline in the future. We believe this conclusion is absolutely false. The price anomaly is the result of effective price rotation within volatility ranges that are acceptable to continue the current upward/bullish price trend and our modeling/research applications are suggesting we are about to see a +400 point rally in the ES (+11% or more; likely targeting 3100 or higher)...

Nov 13 Will Oil Find Support Near $60? Chris Vermeulen
Our research team warned of this move in Crude Oil back on October 7, 2018. At that time, we warned that Oil may follow a historical price pattern, moving dramatically lower and that lows near $65 may become the ultimate bottom for that move. Here we are with a price below that level and many are asking “where will it go from here?”. We believe the support near $65, although clearly broken, may eventually become resistance for a future upside price move. Our proprietary Fibonacci price modeling system is suggesting a new target near $52~53 and we believe this downside move in Oil is far from over at this point...

Nov 13 Watch This Indicator if You Want to Get Tipped Off to Approaching Volatility EWI
The stock market's volatility from late July through early October was extraordinarily low. For 50 straight days the S&P 500 had not closed more than 0.8% in either direction, the longest such streak since 1968. Yet, on October 3, all that changed. The markets dropped hard… and the VIX suddenly spiked even harder. The sudden explosion in volatility blindsided almost everyone – investors, media talking heads, economists and market watchers alike. Volatility is a great disruptor, but not in a Silicon Valley sense. Instead, think: bull in a China shop. Could anything have foreseen this sudden reversal? Most investors, and even pros, don't realize it: YES!...

Nov 13 Warning: Precious Metals’ Prices are about to Collapse Przemysław Radomski
From the long-term point of view, silver seems to have already completed the post-breakdown correction and has now started its next move lower. The moves that preceded the consolidation tend to be repeated after the consolidation is completed and this means that silver is soon likely to break below its 2015 bottom. This will be a shocking event to those, who were calling the bottom in gold earlier this year. This shock might – and is quite likely to – turn into panic and sharp selling as investors want to limit their losses. The support that is relatively far below the 2015 low and at the same time approximately corresponds to the size of the preceding decline is the area around the $12 level...

Nov 13 Prices When Gold Is Money Alasdair Macleod
We can see the state is irretrievably bust. But governments don’t go bust, economists tell us, because they just issue more money to pay the bills. This is wrong: it is going bust by other means, and those of us who don’t see it are driven by wishful thinking. Ultimately, government-issued money will reflect its issuer’s complete bankruptcy. And there’s no point in following up the collapse of one fiat currency with another. The Zimbabwe dollar is followed by the bond note, and Venezuela’s bolivar is being followed by the bolivar soberano. Bust is bust is bust. It is the logical outcome for all national currencies issued by spendthrift governments...

Nov 12 Global GDP Still Propped up by a Massive Amount of Debt SRSRocco
Nov 12 Focus Long-Term, Don’t Wait for Possible Lower Lows Ahead David Brady
Nov 12 5 Things That Precede Major Bottoms in Gold Jordan Roy-Byrne
Nov 12 Paramount Gold: An Undervalued Advanced-Stage Junior Gold Stock Dave Kranzler
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