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Jul 20 Custom Global Market Indexes May Be Sounding Alarms Chris Vermeulen
Over the past 4+ months, we’ve been working away trying to keep our readers aware of the risks and concerns that were originating out of some foreign markets and how that might relate to the US markets. We remember a point in time back in June or July 2017 when we, suddenly, started receiving emails and calls from moderately large Indian, Indonesian and other foreign development companies asking to schedule time for an “introduction call”. It is not unusual for us to receive cold calls from development firms looking for new projects, but at one point we were getting 2 to 3 calls a week. The point behind what we are sharing is that sometimes the signs are right in front of you if you are paying attention to the messages...

Jul 20 Prelude to a 2008 Event: Paper Gold Manipulation Intensifies Dave Kranzler
The trading action in the paper gold markets of London and NY this week further convinces me that gold is being pushed down in price by the western Central Banks similar to the take-down in the paper price that occurred in 2008. The motive is to prevent a soaring gold price from signalling to the markets that a big problem is percolating in the global economic and banking systems. Once again, in the early morning the price of gold was slammed just after the London a.m. price Fix (3 a.m. EST) and again at the open of the Comex gold pit (8:20 a.m. EST)...

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Jul 20 Signal vs. Noise in the Gold Market Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA
In his book Nobody Knows Anything, my friend Bob Moriarty wrote about the difference between signal and noise. Unfortunately, much of the information in the gold space or what passes for such is really noise. Conspiracy theories around manipulation, price suppression and China are all too popular while important factors like real interest rates, investment demand and gold’s relationship to equities are neglected. At present the Gold market has experienced a critical breakdown yet in some circles a new theory and explanation is gaining traction...

Jul 20 The Deep State, Trump & the World... Clive Maund
I watched Trump’s press conference in full following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. To me, Trump sounded positive and perfectly reasonable, and his behavior at this time was actually Statesmanlike. Here is a link to the full press briefing including an English translation of what Mr Putin said. It is worth watching this in full if you haven’t already, as shortened versions are likely to be selectively edited. Of course it was to be expected that the gangsters who now run the United States but don’t entirely control Trump would react in a hostile manner to Trump’s remarks, but even I was a little taken aback by their rabid apoplexy. The mainstream media, which they totally control, went into full attack mode on Trump...

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Jul 19 Gold Mining Industry’s Costs Are Higher Than Market Realizes SRSrocco
New information suggests that the cost to produce gold is much higher than what the market realizes. As the cost to produce gold has skyrocketed over the past two decades, the mining industry has hidden certain costs by placing them in their capital expenditures. This has lowered their “Cost of Sales” figures but has significantly increased their capital expenditures. Furthermore, this massive cost shift has forced the gold mining industry to tackle these big problems, with big solutions. However, these big solutions come at a big cost. For example, as the average gold ore grade has fallen substantially over the past 20 years, the gold mining industry now has to move a great deal more ore to produce the same or even less gold...

Jul 19 Explosive Questions Gold Riggers Won’t Answer and Press Won’t Ask Dave Kranzler
Over the years, I’ve asked several skeptics of the idea that Central Banks and Governments, using the bullion banks as their agents, manipulate the gold price this question: The Big Banks have been convicted and fined numerous times for manipulating interest rate and currency markets. Is it realistically conceivable given this fact that they would leave the gold market alone? The question, of course, is rhetorical and I’ve yet to receive an answer. The answer is obvious to anyone who has looked at the facts. I have written several articles with Paul Craig Roberts detailing how the manipulation is executed on the Comex and the motivation behind the manipulating the gold market. Remarkably, there are public notes of a meeting chaired by Henry Kissinger in 1974 that discusses the importance of removing gold completely from the monetary system which is conveniently ignored...


Jul 18 Longer-Term Charts Show Incredible Potential Chris Vermeulen
Our weekend analysis of the markets continues to amaze our research team simply because we see so many other researchers continue to miss the signals. We’ve been calling this market bottom since the middle of February 2018 and we have stuck to our analysis even though we’ve taken some flack from others about it. Now, with earnings nearly upon us and the markets poised to either breakout higher or rotate lower, our longer-term analysis shows the markets are in pretty good shape for a continued upside rally. This week, there are 214 companies reporting earnings data. Next week, there are 781 companies reporting earnings data. The following week, another 1003 companies release earnings data. Combined, we are going to have...

Jul 18 What’s Going on With Gold? Dave Kranzler
Several of us who stick our neck out in public with analytic opinions on the market have been thinking that gold has reached a tradable bottom. I’m sure many would say that view is flawed based on today’s action. Let me preface my thoughts by saying that, over the last 17 years of daily active involvement in the precious metals sector, I don’t pull my hair out over intra-day or even intra-year volatility. Measured from the beginning of 2002, gold is up 441% while the S&P 500 is up 158%. The point here is that, given how easy it is to print up paper gold contracts and flood the market, the price of gold can do anything on any given day. If you want to own gold for the reasons to own gold, you have be play the long game. The mining stocks do not seem to care about the day-to-day vagaries of the gold price right now. You shouldn’t either...

Jul 18 Gold: Global Currency Or Ultimate Asset? Stewart Thomson
1.) The world’s greatest asset is on sale. In China, India, and the Western gold community, shoppers are happily placing small amounts of “golden groceries” into their shopping carts each week, and enjoying the price sale. 3.) From a technical perspective, this chart is magnificent. The left shouldering process took about eighteen months, and the right shouldering process has just reached the same eighteen months of time. 4.) The pattern itself is an inverse head & shoulders bull continuation pattern. From a price perspective, perfect symmetry would be created if gold traded at $1180 during the next few months, before surging above the $1400 neckline area and up towards the $1750 target zone...


Jul 18 India Soaks Up Physical Silver Supply Craig Hemke
Let's cut to the chase. While the price of COMEX Digital Silver is being pounded lower in 2018, demand for actual physical silver in India is soaring. On Louis' chart below, note that the all-time peak in Indian silver demand came in 2015... when the price of COMEX Digital Silver bottomed below $14 and then began a 50% rally to $21 by mid-2016. In fact, the month of April 2018 alone saw India import 902 metric tonnes, the highest one-month total since December of 2015. And it's important to understand the chart above in context. The 2,889 metric tonnes imported in 2018 is only through April. That's just 1/3 of the year, so to determine an annual run rate we need to multiply that 2,889 number by three. Thus, if current Indian demand continues at this pace for the rest of the year, total Indian demand will reach 8,667 metric tonnes for 2018, exceeding the previous high of 8,529 metric tonnes in 2015...

Jul 18 Gold and Silver Investors’ 8 Commandments for Avoiding Rip Offs Stefan Gleason
For every promising investment opportunity you come across, there are multiple opportunities for bad-faith brokers and hucksters to try to rip you off. It could be undisclosed commissions and fees in an annuity, unwanted accounts opened up by a banker seeking additional fees, trades sabotaged by market manipulators, or any number of other schemes. Rip-off artists, unfortunately, operate within the precious metals space as well. Most recently, a scammer posing as a government agent in order to gain people’s trust was convicted of selling counterfeit gold bars and phony Morgan silver dollars. He took one investor for $11,000, according to reports. You can avoid this type of scam as well as other common cheats when buying or selling precious by heeding the following guidelines...

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