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News and Commentary for the Week of  Dec 18 - Dec 31

Dec 21 Is The U.S. Stock Market About To “Super Nova?” Dave Kranzler
Dec 21 The “Most Hated Asset On The Planet” Andrew Hoffman
Dec 21
How to Get a Firm Handle on Gold's Ups and Downs EWI
Dec 21 Bill Holter: Credit, Crisis & Collapse
Dec 20 The War on Cash and Then on Gold Clive Maund
Dec 20 The Implosion Of The Global Markets Has Started & Can’t Be Stopped SRSrocco
Dec 20 No Really, The Russians Hacked Us Dave Kranzler
Dec 20 Demystifying Precious Metals Propaganda Andrew Hoffman
Dec 20 James Turk – This Will Be One Of The Big Keys For 2017 KWN
Dec 19 Action Plan for Enhancing the Texas Sate Bullion Depository Charles Savoie
Dec 19 Silver Price Manipulation Continues In 2016 Craig Hemke
Dec 19 Trump’s Financial Revolution! Chris Vermeulen
Dec 19 The Striking Audacity of the Coup-in-Process Paul Craig Roberts
Dec 19 Housing Starts Crash – Sales Volume And Prices To Follow Dave Kranzler
Dec 19 Gold: Tactics After US Rate Hike Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Dec 11 - Dec 17

Dec 16 U.S. SHALE GAS INDUSTRY: Countdown To Disaster SRSrocco
Dec 16 The Royal Flush Ted Butler
Dec 15 Adios To The Housing Market Dave Kranzler
Dec 15 Money Printing and Draconian Government Actions Will Define 2017 Andrew Hoffman
Dec 15 JBSFC on the New Russophobia TF Metals Report
Dec 15 How Come No One Involved in the Russian Hacking Conspiracy Talked? PC Roberts
Dec 14 Martin Armstrong at it again! The mechanism to reset? Bill Holter
Dec 14 Historic Market Blow-Up Is Brewing Dave Kranzler
Dec 14 Silver Manipulation In Detail Craig Hemke
Dec 14 The Most Important, And Bullish, Gold Chart You’ll Ever See Andrew Hoffman
Dec 13 Why The Global Economy Will Disintegrate Rapidly X22 Report/SRSrocco
Dec 13 History’s Largest Bubble, And Anti-Bubble Andrew Hoffman
Dec 13 Rogue Elements of the CIA Are Operating Against President-elect Trump P.C. Roberts
Dec 13 James Turk – Central Banks Are Finally Losing Control KWN
Dec 12 An Appetizer of Two Dozen Silver Facts Charles Savoie
Dec 12 Market Insanity Reaches Record Highs SRSrocco
Dec 12 Global Chaos And The Road To $1,000 Silver KWN
Dec 12 Signs Of Inflation: Silver Leads Gold Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Dec 4 - Dec 10

Dec 9 Silver Demand Ready To Explode Andrew Hoffman
Dec 9 Case Closed: The Fact of Bullion Bank Gold and Silver Price Manipulation C. Hemke
Dec 9 3 Killer Charts, 2 Fast Looks at Politics EWI
Dec 9 CONFIRMED: Big Banks Rigging The Silver Market Dave Kranzler
Dec 9 Big Money Intends To Shut Down Our Website Paul Craig Roberts
Dec 9 Gold Versus Dollar Devaluations Gary Christenson
Dec 8 Massive Dollar Selling Ahead-John Williams Greg Hunter
Dec 8 Party Like It’s 1999: The Stock Market Is A Propaganda Tool Dave Kranzler
Dec 8 Cracks in the Bond Market Jim Willie
Dec 8 Gold In London & Hong Kong Is Used To Settle COMEX Futures Koos Jansen
Dec 8 2017, The Year Of Money Printing Andrew Hoffman
Dec 7 The Equation That Explains It All Mark St. Cyr
Dec 7 Middle East Oil Exports Lower Than 40 Years Ago SRSrocco
Dec 7 Silver Fundamentals VS. The Base Metal Bubble Andrew Hoffman
Dec 7 We Are Most Assuredly Headed For Armageddon KWN
Dec 6 Gold Manipulation, Propaganda And Totalitarianism Dave Kranzler
Dec 6 Fake News = Fake Markets… Bill Holter
Dec 6 The Tide Is Turning Against the Oligarchs Paul Craig Roberts
Dec 6 December 4th Podcast with Bill Holter Dr. Dave Janda
Dec 6 Reflections on the Election Michael J. Kosares
Dec 6 Failed EU - Means an Expanded Dictatorship SARTRE
Dec 5 Do Not Expect Much Difference With Trump Compared To Obama EdgeTraderPlus
Dec 5 We Have Killed Capitalism-Jim Sinclair Greg Hunter
Dec 5 Investors Push Gold Eagle Sales To Record High & Commentary... SRSrocco
Dec 5 Gold, Bonds & Crude: Trading Tactics Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Nov 27 - Dec 3

Dec 2 Go Cashless – Buy Gold Dave Kranzler
Dec 2 Moving Averages Can Identify a Trade EWI
Dec 2 How To Win The “War On Gold” Andrew Hoffman
Dec 2 Trump Makes The US Stock Market Great Again Clive Maund
Dec 2 UBS Says “Gold Down, But Not Out” – Plus A Look At The Silver Market KWN
Dec 1 Fake News List Death Knell for MSM - Paul Craig Roberts Greg Hunter/USA Watchdog
Dec 1 The Gigantic Pink Elephant In The Room Andrew Hoffman
Nov 30 GOLD: Bear Market Carl Swenlin
Nov 30 King Of Nothing Rick Mills
Nov 30 Silver Sentiment Looks Golden EWI
Nov 30 The USDJPY and the "Price Of Gold" Craig Hemke
Nov 30 THE HILL’S GROUP: Gold Mines vs Oil Depletion SRSrocco
Nov 30 The Deep State’s Attempt To Suppress India’s Gold Demand Stewart Dougherty
Nov 30 John Embry – Some Long Time Gold Holders Are Now Capitulating… KWN
Nov 29 Peak Silver & Continued Supply Deficits Warn Of Future Higher Prices SRSrocco
Nov 29 Black Friday, Fake News And Gold Dave Kranzler
Nov 29
Simple Yet Powerful Trading Tools EWI
Nov 29 Can the Swamp Really be Drained? SARTRE
Nov 28 Criss-Crossed Fuses And Lit Bonfire Jim Willie
Nov 28
Tips for Trading Options with Elliott Waves EWI
Nov 28 Global Super Bubble To Implode KWN
Nov 28 Long Term Charts Focus Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Nov 20 - Nov 26

Nov 23 An Elephant In The Room? Bill Holter
Nov 23 The Dow Jones Continues To Trump UP! Chris Vermeulen
Nov 23 Bullish Precious Metal Fundamentals vs Historical Oil Fundamentals Andrew Hoffman
Nov 23 Gold’s Upside and Downside Targets Przemyslaw Radomski
Nov 22 Rigged; Fake; And Shortly, Forever Discredited Andrew Hoffman
Nov 22 Boo Hoo James Howard Kunstler
Nov 21 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Nov 21 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Nov 21 May never get another opportunity to buy gold at this level again Chris Vermeulen
Nov 21 U.S. Silver Market Experienced Two Significant Developments In August SRSrocco
Nov 21 Mint Suspends Silver Eagle Production – 2008 Redux? Dave Kranzler
Nov 21 Gold's Downtrend: Key Trading Tactics Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Nov 13 - Nov 19

Nov 18 Texas Lawmakers Charles Savoie
Nov 18 Physical Gold Buying Soars In Asia Dave Kranzler
Nov 18 Governments/Central Banks In Panic Mode-War On Cash Has Begun Andrew Hoffman
Nov 18 Euro Price Action Post-Election: "We Expected That" EWI
Nov 17 Peak & Decline of International Reserves Warns Of Massive Asset Deflation SRSrocco
Nov 17 Is Bottom In For The Latest Gold Market Paper Attack? Dave Kranzler
Nov 17 Clear & Present Danger MarketAnthropology
Nov 17 Something Financially (And Politically) Wicked This Way Comes Andrew Hoffman
Nov 17 Hidden Signs for Precious Metals Przemyslaw Radomski
Nov 16 The Housing Market Is Unraveling Dave Kranzler
Nov 16 Watching The Yuan Craig Hemke
Nov 16 Oil Market Update Clive Maund
Nov 16 Is President Trump Really Going To Revalue Gold To This Jaw-Dropping Price? KWN
Nov 15 Human Derivatives and Gold Stewart Dougherty
Nov 15 Gold & Silver: Light At The End Of The Tunnel Dave Kranzler
Nov 15 Clif High-DOW & Gold $125,000-Hyperinflation Coming Greg Hunter
Nov 15 Expect Major Market Moves KWN
Nov 14 Copper calls Gold Bottom on Trumphoria Surge... Clive Maund
Nov 14 Will the world’s gold supply ever run out? Daniel Fisher
Nov 14 Gold, Silver Action: The Criminals Are Still In Charge Dave Kranzler
Nov 14 Did U.S. Treasury Bonds Just Get Stumped by Trump? EWI
Nov 14 Charts of the Day - Bonds, Commodities And Stocks Gary Savage
Nov 14 Short Bonds & Buy Silver! Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Nov 6 - Nov 12

Nov 11 Most Idiotic Comment Ever? “Sell Gold Because Inflation Will Spike” Dave Kranzler
Nov 11 Progressives Find ‘White Trash’ More Threatening Than Nuclear War P.C. Roberts
Nov 10 Trump Victory, The Economy, And Gold Jim Willie
Nov 10 Good News, Bad News…and our last chance Bill Holter
Nov 10 Trump Win Signals $1,500 Gold and $24 Silver Nick Barisheff
Nov 10 America Will Live, Financial Markets Will Die! Andrew Hoffman
Nov 9 My Final Thoughts, On The Most Important Day In U.S. History Andrew Hoffman
Nov 9 The 2016 Election's Silver Lining Jeff Deist
Nov 9 Credibility - Confidence - Chaos and GOLD Gary Christenson
Nov 9 $26 Near-Term Silver Target John Lee
Nov 8 The Presidential Election Won’t Stop the Mother of All Deflations SRSrocco
Nov 8
Here's Why Investors Should Ignore Earnings Season EWI
Nov 8 What Will It Be America? The First, Second, Or Third World? Andrew Hoffman
Nov 8 Silver’s Roadmap Przemyslaw Radomski
Nov 7 Total disbelief… Bill Holter
Nov 7 Time To Short the U.S. Dollar? Chris Vermeulen
Nov 7 Gold & Dollar – Trend Lines Need to be Broken Gary Savage
Nov 7 Gold Surges While Stocks & Bonds Melt Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Oct 30 - Nov 5

Nov 4 Fundamentals Will Take Gold & Silver Higher Now Dave Kranzler
Nov 4 End of the U.S. Major Oil Industry Era: Big Trouble At ExxonMobil SRSrocco
Nov 4 Codes of Behaviour Alasdair Macleod
Nov 4
Here's What Makes Elliott Waves a Useful Forex Tool EWI
Nov 3 Silver Signals The Flight To Real Safety Is On Again Dave Kranzler
Nov 3 Clif High-Silver the Metal to Own-Huge Demand Coming Greg Hunter
Nov 3 Gold and Silver Taxes in the U.S. GoldSilver Staff
Nov 2 Physical Demand and Fear Craig Hemke
Nov 2 What Will Be The Fed’s Excuse(s) This Time? Andrew Hoffman
Nov 2 Today’s Upside Move In Gold & Silver Is Nothing Compared To What Is Coming KWN
Nov 2 Inside the Invisible Government: War, Propaganda, Clinton & Trump John Pilger
Nov 1 Interest In Silver Investment Expands As South Africa Adds New Silver SRSrocco
Nov 1 This Key Signal Will Indicate Liftoff For Gold & Silver And The Mining Stocks! KWN
Nov 1 Dr. Dave Janda Interviews Bill Holter, Oct. 30
Oct 31 Gold Market Update Clive Maund

Oct 31 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Oct 31 Proof The Gold Price Based On Cost, Not Supply & Demand SRSrocco
Oct 31 Gold And The Dollar Moving In Tandem? Dave Kranzler
Oct 31 T-Bond Meltdown: Gold Holds Steady Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Oct 23 - Oct 29

Oct 27 Why Most Analysts’ Gold & Silver Price Forecasts Are Wrong SRSrocco
Oct 27 Texas Bullion Depository Charles Savoie
Oct 27 One Giant Cluster Ponzi Dr. Jeffrey Lewis
Oct 27 Gold And Silver: Connecting the Dots Przemyslaw Radomski
Oct 27 Ying and Yang TF Metals Report
Oct 27 Everything’s Rigged, And Everyone Knows It! Andrew Hoffman
Oct 27 Silver Prices In an Exponential Financial System Gary Christenson
Oct 26 Broken Central Banks: 4 Quick Pix Jim Willie
Oct 26 Bill Murphy: The Fundamentals Will Push Gold & Silver To Spectacular Levels IRD
Oct 26 Bill Holter - Treason: Our Banana Republic Exposed
Oct 26 Economic Nationalism: Alternative to Globalism James Hall
Oct 25 Imploding Demographics, The Ultimate Central Bank Killer Andrew Hoffman
Oct 25 Fiat Money and Gold Alasdair Macleod
Oct 25 James Turk – Silver Will Skyrocket From Its Huge Multi-Decade Base KWN
Oct 24 Why The Global Economy Will Disintegrate Rapidly SRSrocco
Oct 24 A Look at the Mining Stocks Gary Savage
Oct 24 Trump is Molotov Cocktail... Catherine Austin Fitts/Greg Hunter
Oct 24 Junior Miners: Gold And Silver Are Ready To Rumble Dave Kranzler
Oct 24 October Comex Gold "Deliveries" TF Metals Report
Oct 24 Precious Metals: Right Shoulder Action Now Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Oct 16 - Oct 22

Oct 21 Gold Will Soar Regardless Who’s President Dave Kranzler
Oct 21 Ganging Up on Gold Pater Tenebrarum
Oct 21 Trump VS. Clinton-Who’s “Better” For Gold? Andrew Hoffman
Oct 21 3 Reasons Saudi Arabia Is So Desperate for Cash John Mauldin
Oct 21
Have You Taken These 4 Simple Steps to Improve Your Trading? EWI
Oct 21 Infographic: Give Gold this Diwali Daniel Fisher
Oct 20 As The World Crumbles, Gold And Silver Sit Inertly Andrew Hoffman
Oct 20 Silver Eagle Demand Returns With A Vengeance... SRSrocco
Oct 20 Phase Two of the Gold and Silver Train is now leaving the Station Peter Degraaf
Oct 20 A Bear Market In Stocks Began In May 2015 Dave Kranzler
Oct 20 Gold doesn’t care who wins the election Michael J. Kosares
Oct 19 The Economic Pendulum Swings from West to East Jeff Nielson
Oct 19 The Upcoming Central Banking “Nuclear” Explosion Andrew Hoffman
Oct 19 The Importance of Deutsche Bank Silver Fix Lawsuit Settlement TF Metals Report
Oct 19 Silver, Debt, and Deficits - From an Election Year Perspective Gary Christenson
Oct 19 The Cashless Society Is a Creepy Fantasy Elaine Ou
Oct 18 A Rigged Media Is The Death Of Democracy Dave Kranzler
Oct 18 My Most Passionate Warning Yet Andrew Hoffman
Oct 18 James Turk – The Coming Financial Storm Will Devastate The World KWN
Oct 18 Trump Victory is in Your Power SARTRE
Oct 17 The Hour Is Late... Bill Holter/X22Report Spotlight
Oct 17 Gold Technicals Gary Savage
Oct 17 QE/ZIRP Is Crushing the Global Supply Chain... Charles Hugh Smith
Oct 17 The Final Act will be World War Bill Holter
Oct 17 This Is Going To Shock World Financial Markets KWN
Oct 17 Gold Stocks: Accumulation Opportunity Now Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Oct 9 - Oct 15

Oct 14 Big Trouble for Copper: The Breakdown Of The Industry Has Begun SRSrocco
Oct 14 How Not to Manage a Currency Alasdair Macleod
Oct 14 When All Else Fails, They Take You To War Andrew Hoffman
Oct 13 The SPX Will Tank And Gold Will Rise! Chris Vermeulen
Oct 13 Deutsche Bank Walking Dead - Bill Holter Greg Hunter
Oct 13 Gold Sector Correction – Where Do Things Stand? Pater Tenebrarum
Oct 13 John Embry – The IMF’s Warning, Desperate Bullion Banks And... KWN
Oct 12 India’s Gold Demand Gets Rolling – An “Unofficial” Bottom? Dave Kranzler
Oct 12 The Most Important Article I’ve Ever Written Andrew Hoffman
Oct 12 Wolves Get the Golden Fleece as Sheep Get Shorn One More Time Bob Moriarty
Oct 12 How Much Gold and Silver Do You Need For Retirement? Gary Christenson
Oct 11 Delusional Mainstream Media Distorts The Disaster & Reality... SRSrocco

Oct 11 U.S. the Stupid is Starting WWIII SARTRE
Oct 11 ALERT: China Now Possesses Up To A Shocking 12,000 Tonnes Of Gold KWN
Oct 10 The Growing Threat of a Deflationary Meltdown and a Big Dollar Rally... Clive Maund
Oct 10 Important Information Why Precious Metals Price Smash Is Meaningless SRSrocco
Oct 10 Bull Markets Have Corrections Gary Savage
Oct 10 Gold Prices Fall Just In Time For Diwali Dave Kranzler
Oct 10 Gold Stocks Meltdown: Key Tactics Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Oct 2 - Oct 8

Oct 7 Will Hurricane Matthew Trigger A Derivatives Melt-Down? Dave Kranzler
Oct 7 Buy the Dip Market Anthropology
Oct 7 Gold’s Second Waterfall Drop this Week Michael J. Kosares
Oct 7 This Gold Takedown Charade Is About To Backfire Violently... KWN
Oct 7 An Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren on Gold Fraud Stewart Dougherty/IRD
Oct 7 Bob Moriarty: I Am Ready To Buy Silver At $16 Energy and Gold Ltd.
Oct 6 Manipulators Choose a Chinese Holiday to Massively Attack Gold Avery Goodman
Oct 6 When Markets Go Bump in the Night Michael Kosares
Oct 6 Does The Attack On Gold Signal An Imminent Bank Collapse Dave Kranzler
Oct 6 Season of Falling Prices and Percent Index Proves It! Chris Vermeulen
Oct 6 Black Swans: 9 Recent Events That Changed Finance Forever Visual Capitalist
Oct 6 Gold & Silver Smash Was Orchestrated To Bailout Shorts KWN
Oct 5 Gold & Silver Slammed At Comex Open: Something Bad Is Coming Dave Kranzler
Oct 5 Is The Fed Delaying The Day Of Reckoning? Chris Vermeulen
Oct 5 The Coming Collapse Of U.S Net Worth Will Wipe Out Millions Of Americans SRSrocco
Oct 5 A Staggering 1,000 Tonnes Of Paper Gold Rinsed Out Of Market... KWN
Oct 5 Are U.S. Banks Safer Today Than They Were in 2008? Chris Vermeulen
Oct 4 Deutsche Bank Will Collapse Without A Bailout or Bail-In Dave Kranzler

Oct 4 General Commentary including Deutsche Bank, PM's and recent trades... Clive Maund
Oct 4 James Turk – Deutsche Bank Failure To Usher In The Next Great Depression KWN
Oct 4 UN Intervenes into American Society SARTRE
Oct 3 Gold And Silver – Qrtly, Monthly Charts. Last Weekly Commentary EdgeTraderPlus
Oct 3 The U.S. Govt. Financial Disaster vs. Gold & Silver SRSrocco
Oct 3 The Fall of the House of Fraud (And Peak Corruption) Steward Dougherty
Oct 3 Worldwide Collapse And Prices For Gold & Silver That Are Unimaginable Today KWN
Oct 3 The Biggest Scandal Theodore Butler
Oct 3 Deutsche Danger & Gold Stock Money Sticks Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Sep 25 - Oct 1

Sep 30 The Financial System Is On The Cusp Of Collapse Dave Kranzler
Sep 30 America is on a slippery slope Alasdair Macleod
Sep 30 Was Goebbels Right? Andrew Hoffman
Sep 29 Massive Chinese Debt And Why They Are On A Gold Buying Binge! Chris Vermeulen
Sep 29 Top Four Precious Metals: Which Will Be The Best Investments... SRSrocco
Sep 29 Damage Control for a Horse with Two Broken Legs Andrew Hoffman
Sep 29 88% Probability We Just Entered Recession First Rebuttal
Sep 29 Scams & Fantasies – An Even Dozen Gary Christenson
Sep 28 Direct Price Manipulation and Chart-Painting TF Metals Report
Sep 28
This Commodity Has Perked Up its Investors' Portfolios EWI
Sep 28  Famous Last Words – Deutsche Bank: “We Don’t Need A Bailout” Dave Kranzler
Sep 28 John Embry Warns Global Implosion Edges Closer KWN
Sep 27 Fed Goes From ZIRP to NIRP! Chris Vermeulen
Sep 27 James Turk Issues WARNING For Gold & Silver Bull Markets This Week... KWN
Sep 26 Clear and Present Danger! Chris Vermeulen

Sep 26
Global Bonds: Why Our Analyst Says Things Just Got "Monumental" EWI
Sep 26 U.S. Imports Record Amount Of Gold From Switzerland In July SRSrocco
Sep 26 Gold Stocks: The Money Stick Play Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Sep 11 - Sep 17

Sep 15 Crush the Street: Will We See A 10/1 Gold-Silver Price Ratio? SRSrocco
Sep 15 Fed Intervention Has Completely Destroyed The Markets Dave Kranzler
Sep 15 A Significant Upward Revaluation Of Gold Is Now On The Horizon KWN
Sep 15 The Current, Soon To Be Called Out, Federal Reserve Blueprint Andrew Hoffman
Sep 14 The Economy: It’s Worse Than I Thought Dave Kranzler
Sep 14 Deflation = A Rise in the Standard of Living Jeff Nielson
Sep 14 Hundreds Of Paper Claims For Every Available Ounce... KWN
Sep 13 Death of the Bakken Field has Begun: Means Big Trouble For The U.S. SRSrocco
Sep 13 Silver Will Be A Top Performing Asset In The Next Financial Crisis Chris Vermeulen
Sep 13 James Turk – How To Survive The Coming Financial Storm KWN
Sep 12 PM Sector Downside Target on Market Rout - Strategies... Clive Maund
Sep 12 Gold And Silver Are Money. Everything Else Is Debt. Globalist’s Biggest Scam ET+
Sep 12 A Little Perspective and Market Notes Gary Tanashian
Sep 12 9/11: 15 Years Of A Transparent Lie Paul Craig Roberts
Sep 12 The Meaning of 911 Fifteen Years After SARTRE
Sep 12 Gold Stocks: Superb Engulfing Candlesticks Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Sep 4 - Sep 10

Sep 9 Paper Gold Is Legalized Fraud Dave Kranzler
Sep 9 The (160 to 1) Gold-Silver Ratio Every Investor Needs To Know About SRSrocco
Sep 9 EXPOSED: The Elites Who Control Silver & The World Charles Savoie/
Sep 8 The Pilgrims Society: The Missing Link... Charles Savoie
Sep 8 There Is No Default Or Fraud Committed On The Xetra-Gold Securities Dave Kranzler
Sep 8 Why Gold Isn’t $2,000/oz: the Propaganda Machine Speaks Jeff Nielson
Sep 7 This One Chart Should Drive Investors Into Buying Gold & Silver SRSrocco
Sep 7 The Matrix Exposed First Rebuttal
Sep 7 A Global Crisis Is Now Close At Hand KWN
Sep 6 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Sep 6 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Sep 6 Gold And Silver – Fiat “Dollar” Says Gold And Silver Will Struggle EdgeTraderPlus
Sep 6 Gold: The Good and the Not Yet Good Gary Tanashian
Sep 6  Gold Sector Correction – What Happens Next? Pater Tenebrarum

News and Commentary for the Week of  Aug  28 - Sep 3

Sep 2 Why Do Central Banks Need To Exist? Dave Kranzler
Sep 2 Can The "Rig" Survive An Economic War? Bill Holter
Sep 2 How Prices Get Set Theodore Butler
Sep 1 The Housing Bubble Is Popping Dave Kranzler
Sep 1 Are You a Mind-Controlled CIA Stooge? Paul Craig Roberts
Sep 1 Financial Big Bang is Closer Than Ever Andrew Hoffman
Aug 31 Gold’s strong summer may be harbinger of things to come Michael J. Kosares
Aug 31 Unknown Voluntary Servitude Richard Mills
Aug 31
A Two-Bar Pattern that Points to Trade Setups EWI
Aug 30 Fake Rally: the Final Piece of the Trap Jeff Nielson
Aug 30 As Housing Crashes, Gold Will Soar Dave Kranzler
Aug 30 How High Will Silver’s Value Increase Compared To Gold...? SRSrocco
Aug 30 Pure Liquidity Bill Holter
Aug 30 The Power of Price Spikes On Intraday Charts Chris Vermeulen
Aug 30 James Turk Issues Dire Warning As Fed To Monetize ‘Everything In Sight’ KWN
Aug 29 Central Banks Are Losing Control Crush The Street/Dave Kranzler
Aug 29 Ridiculousness TF Metals Report
Aug 29 How Extreme Oversold Markets Can Be Profitable Chris Vermeulen
Aug 29 Bill Holter - Our Entire World is Going To Change SGT Report
Aug 29 Gold Price Correction Tactics Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Aug  21 - Aug 27

Aug 26 Stock Market Is Crazy and Crazy Means Opportunity Chris Vermeulen
Aug 26 Broker Charles Schwab Now Suggesting Gold To Clients & EROI Update SRSrocco
Aug 26 A Date Which Will Live in Infamy Antonius Aquinas/Acting Man
Aug 26 Economic And Political Collapse Leads To WW3 Dave Kranzler
Aug 25 World’s Monetary System Is Broken & Costing Overseas Business Chris Vermeulen
Aug 25 The ‘Deep State’ Shadow Government Is Hard At Work In Financial Markets KWN
Aug 24 Unlocking Gold's True Value: The Economic Code – Finally Revealed SRSrocco
Aug 23 Competitive Devaluation and Rising Precious Metals Prices Jeff Nielson
Aug 23 Official Statement: U.S. Mint Has Not Stopped Production Of Silver Eagles SRSrocco
Aug 23 How to Spot an Oversold Stock Market Chris Vermeulen
Aug 23
The Fed’s Latest Comedian: Stanley Fisher Dave Kranzler

Aug 23 Ceding ICANN and Internet Control to Globalists SARTRE
Aug 23 Remarkable Prediction Unfolding As Silver Tumbles KWN
Aug 22 Optimistic Channel Charts Jim Otis
Aug 22 Craig Hemke-All Markets Are Broken Greg Hunter/USA Watchdog
Aug 22 Gold Will Explode In Value Well Beyond What Jim Rickards Forecasts SRSrocco
Aug 22 Will the Bubble Pop Regardless if the FED Never Raises Rates? Chris Vermeulen
Aug 22 Junior Gold Stocks: Relentless Leadership Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Aug 14 - Aug 20

Aug 19 Gold – The Mother of All Bull Markets Has Only Just Begun Peter Grandich
Aug 19 The Ugliest Economic Data I’ve Ever Seen, Part 2 Andrew Hoffman
Aug 19 ALERT: Early Signs The Public Is Becoming More Involved In The Gold Market KWN
Aug 19 Derivatives: Unexploded Financial Weapons Dave Kranzler
Aug 18 Silver Miners Will Outperform Silver Price In Forthcoming Bull Run! Chris Vermeulen
Aug 18 Gold And Silver: Patience Required Dave Kranzler
Aug 18 Another FOMC Blitz TF Metals Report
Aug 18
How to Quickly Spot Common Fibonacci Ratios on a Chart EWI
Aug 17 Where Is The IMF’s Gold? Dave Kranzler
Aug 17
When Does a Forecast Become a Trade? EWI
Aug 17 Cartel on the Precipice Andrew Hoffman
Aug 16 Gold and Silver as Monetary Metals Jeff Nielson
Aug 16 Silver is Kryptonite to Gold Cartel Bankers-Bill Murphy Greg Hunter
Aug 16 The Dollar Index and Helicopter Money Clive Maund
Aug 15 Gold And Silver – Panic PM Selling By Elite Overt Edge Trader Plus
Aug 15 It Can’t Wait Any Longer – Deja Vu! Chris Vermeulen
Aug 15 Gold is Not Topping Gary Savage
Aug 15 Surging Precious Metals Prices & U.S. Energy Inventories…  SRSrocco

Aug 15 Gold Has Now Entered Its Strongest Seasonal Period Chris Vermeulen
Aug 15 Oil Rally Could Boost Gold Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Aug 7 - Aug 13

Aug 12 The BREAKDOWN Is Now Reaching Main Street SRSrocco
Aug 12 An Interesting Development For Gold and All Other Markets TF Metals Report
Aug 12 Natural Gas is Lighter Than Air and Its Rising – I Smell Opportunity! Chris Vermeulen
Aug 12 Bill Holter – World Facing Very, Very Dangerous Time Greg Hunger
Aug 11 Gold And Silver Are Headed For New Highs Dave Kranzler
Aug 11 Competitive Devaluation: the Policy of Traitors, Thieves, and Fools Jeff Nielson
Aug 11 The Irrational Bias Against Gold Nick Barisheff
Aug 11 Wake Up and Smell the Bull Trap! Chris Vermeulen
Aug 11 Gold to Thrive in a Fiat Ponzi with Negative Yield John Lee
Aug 10 The Coming Breakdown of U.S. & Global Markets Explained… SRSrocco
Aug 10 A New Wrinkle In The Paper Gold Con Game TF Metals Report
Aug 10 Everything is Fixed… Not! Andrew Hoffman
Aug 9 Helicopter Money Coming Soon To The United States... Dave Kranzler
Aug 9
Markets: Understand the Present to Forecast the Future (Part 2) EWI
Aug 9 Another Phony Jobs Report Paul Craig Roberts
Aug 9 James Turk – Don’t Believe The Propaganda, Here Is The Harsh Reality... KWN
Aug 8 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Aug 8 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Aug 8 Stocks will have a ‘Waterfall Decline’ and Silver will ‘Skyrocket’... Chris Vermeulen
Aug 8 Chart of the Century! Bill Holter
Aug 8 Gold And Silver – Charts Only Edge Trader Plus
Aug 8 Banker Bunker Mentality Jim Willie
Aug 8 Gold Counter Cyclical? Gary Tanashian
Aug 8 One Secret Gold Trading Trick to Easy Profits Chris Vermeulen
Aug 8 Gold: Sideways for Awhile? Gary Savage
Aug 8 The Coming Global Silver Production Collapse & Skyrocketing Silver Value SRSrocco

Aug 8 The United States Has Become Orwell’s “1984” Vision Dave Kranzler
Aug 8 Precious Metals: Uptrend Acceleration Morris Hubbartt
Aug 8 Gold Price Closed at $1336.40 Down $22.40 or -1.6% Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jul 31 - Aug 6

Aug 5 The Tide Has Turned: Large Silver Miner Reports First Profit In 3 Years SRSrocco
Aug 5 Does Gold Continue Its Bull Market Towards $1500 or Crash? Chris Vermeulen
Aug 5 Fissures in the Empire Paul Craig Roberts
Aug 4 US Dollar Analysis And New Trading Opportunity Chris Vermeulen
Aug 4 SRSrocco Precious Metals Webinar: Big Events Coming... SRSrocco
Aug 4 Is it time to Back up the Truck? – Mortgage the Farm? Peter Degraaf
Aug 3 Precious Metals in a High Inflation World Jeff Nielson
Aug 3 As The Stock Market Levitates, Economic Activity Deteriorates Dave Kranzler
Aug 3 Economic Confidence Index plunges... Chris Vermeulen
Aug 3 31 Incredible Facts About Gold Visual Capitalist
Aug 3 John Embry – Silver Is Now On The Cusp Of A Historic Upward Price Explosion KWN
Aug 3 You Can’t Eat Gold! Gary Christenson
Aug 2 A Curious Pattern of Comex "Deliveries" TF Metals Report
Aug 2 Gold Cupboards are Bare & New Silver Buyers Forcing the Endgame RP/Rob Kirby
Aug 2 James Turk – Is History About To Repeat In The Silver Market? KWN
Aug 2 Globalist Establishment Rigged Election for Clinton SARTRE

Aug 1 The Coming Seneca Cliff Collapse & Exploding Silver Price SRSrocco
Aug 1 Think GLD Is Legit? Better Think Twice About That Dave Kranzler
Aug 1 Don't Forget to Look at the Weekly Charts Gary Savage
Aug 1 Merkel: Example Of How Clinton Is A Globalist Puppet Edge Trader Plus
Aug 1 Both Silver and Gold Prices Proved Wednesday's Breakouts Genuine Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jul 24 - Jul 30

Jul 29 Insiders Are Secretly Selling Chris Vermeulen
Jul 29 Dollar Bear Market Gary Savage
Jul 29 Is Europe Doomed By Vassalage To Washington? Paul Craig Roberts
Jul 28 Mining Stocks Look Ready To Explode Higher Again Dave Kranzler
Jul 28 Gold and Pork Bellies Nick Barisheff
Jul 28
Forex: "The Markets Are Getting Exciting!" EWI
Jul 28 Free Stuff, Monopoly Money, and Free Passes Gary Christenson
Jul 27 Silver Refuses To Buckle – The News Doctors Dave Kranzler
Jul 27 Ronald Stoeferle: Central Banks In Lose-Lose Situation Claudio Grass
Jul 27 Alas, Cartel, The Walls Are Closing In Andrew Hoffman
Jul 26 WHAT’S GOING ON??? Record Swiss Gold Flow Into The United States SRSrocco
Jul 26 How would you invest money you didn't need for ten years? Michael J. Kosares
Jul 26 The Bolshevik Elites Hold their Coronation of Clinton SARTRE
Jul 26 James Turk Issues Warning About Action In Gold & Silver Markets KWN
Jul 25 Gold And Silver – Debt Addiction Will Carry PMs Higher, Guaranteed EdgeTraderPlus
Jul 25 Large investors become major buyers of Bitcoin Chris Vermeulen
Jul 25 The Serious Warning No One’s Talking About Justin Spittler
Jul 25 Gold's Correction: Key Technical Highlights Morris Hubbartt
Jul 25 Gold Price Closed at 1323.10 Down $7.40 or -0.6% Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jul 17 - Jul 23

Jul 22 They’re Making It Easier To Buy Gold Cheap Dave Kranzler
Jul 22 Insight from Greed, Volatility, and Put/Call Ratio Chris Vermeulen
Jul 22 Don’t Get Sucked Back Into the Stock Market Justin Spittler
Jul 22 Gold: Time for a Bounce, Probably Not a Bottom Yet Gary Savage
Jul 22 A Timeline For The Next Rally In Gold Turd Ferguson
Jul 22 Subprime U.S. Economy: Disintegrating Due To Subprime Energy & Debt SRSrocco
Jul 21 Gold Price Closed at $1318.80 Down $12.70 Franklin Sanders
Jul 21 Japan Is Signalling The End-Game For The U.S. Dave Kranzler
Jul 21
Forex: "The Markets Are Getting Exciting!" EWI
Jul 21 Gold DCL Still Several Days Away Gary Savage
Jul 21 Is the Saudi 9/11 Story Part Of The Deception? Paul Craig Roberts
Jul 20 Something Big Happened in the Gold Market: Must See Charts SRSrocco
Jul 20 SPY Spike Alert Triggered! Chris Vermeulen
Jul 20 Chart of the Day - Waiting on the Euro to Bottom Gary Savage
Jul 20 John Embry Warns There May Be A Shocking Surprise In The Silver Market KWN
Jul 19 Keep an eye on ‘Bitcoin’ as the next ‘financial crisis’ starts! Chris Vermeulen
Jul 19 More Evidence The Fed Is Losing Control Of Gold And Silver Dave Kranzler
Jul 19 The Greatest Lie Ever Told Ted Butler
Jul 19 This Weeks Market Forecast – SPX, Oil, Gold & Bonds Chris Vermeulen
Jul 18
NWO-Created Tragedies Will Never End. Seek Truth Edge Trader Plus
Jul 18 Critical Silver Turning Point & U.S. Economic Crisis...SRSrocco
Jul 18 Gold And Gold Stocks Overbought…What To Expect Chris Vermeulen
Jul 18 Gold: The Battle For $1392 Intensifies Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jul 10 - Jul 16

Jul 15 Fundamental Reason the Silver Price Will Explode Much Higher Than Gold SRSrocco
Jul 15 Silver Bear Market Looks to Be Over…or Not? Chris Vermeulen
Jul 15 The Most Important Article You Will Ever Read Jim Sinclair
Jul 15 The Long Wave “Winter of Discontent”! Chris Vermeulen
Jul 15 The Fed’s Final Solution Dave Kranzler
Jul 14 Video: High Stock Market Numbers Deceiving Chris Vermeulen
Jul 14 The Stock Market Is A Weapon Of Massive Wealth Destruction Dave Kranzler

Jul 14 There is no rule of law either... Bill Holter
Jul 14 A Tale of Two Empires: the Old and the New Jeff Nielson
Jul 14 John Embry: Silver To Hit New All-Time Highs KWN
Jul 14 Rob Kirby-Silver is Kryptonite to Central Bankers Greg Hunter
Jul 13 Why Helicopter Money Won't Push Stocks Higher Charles Hugh Smith
Jul 13 Why The Gold Price is Rising, and Why it Will Continue To Do So Greg Canavan
Jul 13 Does a 100 Trillion Debt Total Matter? James Hall
Jul 12 CONDITION RED: Important Silver Threshold Line Broken… What Next?? RSrocco
Jul 12 Wonderland Gary Tanashian
Jul 12 Spike Alerts – SPY, GLD, and GDX Chris Vermeulen
Jul 12 James Turk – The Price Of Silver May Finally Be Set To Skyrocket! KWN
Jul 12 Obama’s Race War is No Accident SARTRE
Jul 12 Lit and Sputtering James Howard Kunstler
Jul 12 Silver Prices - What Next? Gary Christenson
Jul 11 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jul 11 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jul 11 Gold And Silver – Be Afraid, At The Very Least Be Wary Edge Trader Plus
Jul 11 Top Gold Miners Burned Record Amount Of Fuel To Produce Gold In 2015 SRSrocco
Jul 11 Deutsche Bank or Dumb Bank? Chris Vermeulen
Jul 11
Why Stock Market Investors Should Expect the Unexpected EWI
Jul 11 Gold & the Dollar Gary Savage
Jul 11 Are You Planning Your Retirement? Forget About It... Paul Craig Roberts
Jul 11 Gold: Key Technical Highs Morris Hubbart
Jul 11 Silver Price Will Rise Further Next Week Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jul 3 - Jul 9

Jul 8 Turning of the Tide? Ted Butler
Jul 8 Massive One-Day Record Surge Of Mainstream Gold Investment Demand SRSrocco
Jul 8 Gerald Celente – The Last Great Opportunity To Buy Gold & Silver KWN
Jul 7 The Deepening Fraud of Comex Silver TF Metals Report
Jul 7 Forget Shorting the Stock Market Gary Savage
Jul 7 The Gold Situation Pater Tenebrarum
Jul 6 Hillary Clinton Proves The U.S. Is Now A Total Banana Republic Dave Kranzler
Jul 6 Today's Chart of the Day - US Dollar Gary Savage
Jul 6 Americans & Canadians Face Silver Shortages... SRSrocco

Jul 6 America Destroyed Paul Craig Roberts
Jul 6 Gold, Platinum, and Silver Speak To Us! Gary Christenson
Jul 6 Silver: Independence Day Breakout Jim Willie
Jul 5 The (Pathetic) Price of Silver Jeff Nielson
Jul 5 Watch Out If Silver Breaks Through This Threshold Next Week SRSrocco
Jul 5 !!! - Brexit!!! Silver!!! Bonds!!! Deflation!!! Gary Tanashian
Jul 5 Deutsche Bank to initiate the next “financial crisis”! Chris Vermeulen
Jul 5 Clinton Crime Mafia Back in Full Force SARTRE
Jul 5 Manipulation of the Gold Market has created Rarest of Opportunities Gary Savage
Jul 5 Gold & Silver – The Only Money That Matters. Qrtly, Monthly Charts EdgeTraderPlus
Jul 5 Did She Say QE 4? Chris Vermeulen
Jul 5 News & Views - Forecasts, Commentary & Analysis Michael J. Kosares
Jul 5 Silver: Bull Flag Signals Much Higher Prices Morris Hubbartt

Jul 5 Gold Price Closed at $1336.70 UP $18.30 Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jun 26 - Jul 2

Jun 29 India’s Hidden Demand For Gold Dave Kranzler
Jun 29 21 Incredible Uses for Silver Jeff Desjardins
Jun 29 US Dollar & Gold Attractive with Jumpy Markets Chris Vermeulen
Jun 29 Spread the Word – Gold Cartel in Deep, Deep Trouble! Andrew Hoffman
Jun 29 Intermediate Cycle Low for Stocks? Gary Savage
Jun 29 The Collapse of Western Democracy Paul Craig Roberts
Jun 29 Market Turmoil Threatens Catastrophic Unraveling Of Derivates KWN
Jun 28 Why Collapse Of The U.S. Economic/Financial System Has Accelerated SRSrocco
Jun 28 The British Woke UP — Can The Americans? Paul Craig Roberts
Jun 28 Brexit Vote and Stocks Gary Savage
Jun 28 Brexit Victory over the EU Globalists SARTRE
Jun 28 This Will Push The Gold Market Over The Edge SRSrocco
Jun 28 Brexit: The Stalling-and-Maneuvering Begins Jeff Nielson
Jun 28 James Turk – Global Market Turmoil Continues... KWN
Jun 27 Elites and Markets Roiled As Britain Rids Itself of the Parasites Clive Maund
Jun 27 Onward Toward Bullion Bank Collapse TF Metals Report
Jun 27 Gold And Silver: Security, And BREXIT Edge Trader Plus
Jun 27 Is Silver After Bitcoin–The Next Chinese Momentum Play? SRSrocco
Jun 27 Brexit Blastoff For Gold? Morris Hubbartt
Jun 27 Gold Price Closed at $1320 Up $58.80 or 4.7% Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jun 19 - Jun 25

Jun 24 COMEX Registered Silver Now More Leveraged Than Gold SRSrocco
Jun 24 Get Out While You Can? Jim Sinclair
Jun 24 BREXIT Is Being Used To Deflect From The Economic Collapse Dave Kranzler
Jun 24 The Brexit Vote and the Markets Clive Maund
Jun 24 Reviewing the Basics of the Elliott Wave Principle: The Zigzag EWI
Jun 23 Brexit: What Is It About? Paul Craig Roberts
Jun 23 Details Behind Semiconductor Leadership Gary Tanashian
Jun 23 Chart of the Day - Gold and its 200 Week Moving Average Gary Savage
Jun 22 The Economy Is Tanking – Inflation/Obamacare Attacking The Middle Class Kranzler
Jun 22 $GOLD vs. Brexit Gary Savage
Jun 22 Silver Sleeping On the Job Rick Mills
Jun 22 Election 2016: The Court Jester vs. The Wicked Witch Jeff Nielson
Jun 21 Can Gold Hit $1500 By The End Of September? Dave Kranzler
Jun 21 Americans Are Now The Top Silver Investors In The World SRSrocco
Jun 21 Fascist Victory Behind the European Union SARTRE
Jun 21 The Gold to Silver Ratio is Bullish for Both Gold and Silver Gary Christenson
Jun 21 Problems Emerging As Desperate Gold Shorts (Bullion Banks) Double Margins KWN
Jun 21 If You Value Life, Wake Up! Paul Craig Roberts
Jun 20 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jun 20 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jun 20 Gold And Silver – Insanity Is World “Norm.” Keep Stacking! EdgeTraderPlus
Jun 20 The Jaw-Dropping Roadmap To $10,000 Gold And $500 Silver KWN
Jun 20 Gold: The Battle For $1307 Morris Hubbartt
Jun 20 We Will Never Again See Gold Prices Below $1,201.50 Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jun 12 - Jun 18

Jun 17 Playing Masters of the Universe Is No Longer Fun Of Two Minds
Jun 17 FOMC Meetings Are Irrelevant Jeff Nielson
Jun 17 Market Wrap: Inflation is Coming Gary Savage
Jun 16 FOMC No Rate Hike: Gold, Silver, Miners Pop – Stocks Drop Dave Kranzler

Jun 16 Bill Holter - All Signs Point to Big Financial Crash in 2016 Greg Hunter
Jun 15 Deutsche Bank Is Collapsing – But It’s Not The “Black Swan” Dave Kranzler
Jun 15 Sell Off Coming! Chris Vermeulen
Jun 15 What Happens When Big Money Moves Into Silver? SRSrocco
Jun 15 Why June 2016 Is The Most Important Month Of The Decade Taki T.

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jun 5 - Jun 11

Jun 10 Something VERY BIG Is Afoot! Bill Holter
Jun 10
Gold Is Signalling A Fed-Induced Systemic Catastrophe Dave Kranzler
Jun 10 The Next Crash: Prelude Jeff Nielson
Jun 10 Where Do Matters Stand? Paul Craig Roberts
Jun 9 Gold: Welcome To The Weimar Death Spiral Dave Kranzler
Jun 9 Learn to Recognize a Popular Old School Chart Pattern EWI
Jun 9 US Economy Priced in Gold Gary Christenson
Jun 8 Gold Price Closed at $1244.40 Down -0.20 or -0.2% Franklin Sanders
Jun 8 COMEX Registered Silver Owners Per Ounce Jump To Record Leverage SRSrocco
Jun 8 Stunning Development In Comex June Gold Deliveries Dave Kranzler
Jun 8 Mervyn King joins Alan Greenspan in advocating gold ownership Michael J. Kosares
Jun 8 With Economic Conditions Continuing To Deteriorate - A Terrifying Statistic KWN
Jun 7 Don’t Bank On Rate Hikes! Chris Vermeulen
Jun 7 Mixed Signals or a Clear Path Forward? Gary Tanashian
Jun 7 James Turk – We Just Witnessed A Huge Wakeup Call For The World KWN
Jun 7 Now Obama Warns Americans to 'Be Prepared' for Disaster... DollarVigilante
Jun 6 Gold And Silver – Friday May Have Marked A Pivotal Turnaround Edge Trader Plus
Jun 6 This Weekend's Chart - $GOLD (Gold - Spot Price) Gary Savage
Jun 6 'Inflation Trade' Alive and Well Gary Tanashian
Jun 6 Are Gold and Silver still good value… and worth investing in? clientsfirst
Jun 6 As The Markets Begin To Crack, Investors Need To See These Two Charts SRSrocco
Jun 6 China Will Send The Prices Of Gold & Silver Into The Stratosphere KWN
Jun 6 Gold Fib Lines & Silver Rounding Bottom Morris Hubbartt
Jun 6 Gold Price Closed at $1241.10 up $30.30 or 2.5% Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  May 29 - Jun 4

Jun 3 Gold Price Closed at $1209.80 Down -$2.10 or -0.17% Franklin Sanders
Jun 3 SRSrocco Report: Silver Will Move The Most of All The Metals SRSrocco
Jun 3 The Walking Dead = Metaphor of the Failing Western Fiat Currency Scheme CL
Jun 3 Hidden in Full View Ted Butler
Jun 3
The Wave Principle + Technical Indicators = High-Confidence Trade Setups EWI
Jun 3 Gold - Major Cycle Lows Gary Christenson
Jun 3 Are you still waiting for a pullback Peter Degraaf
Jun 2 Gold Price Closed at $1211.90 Down $2.90 or -0.24% Franklin Sanders
Jun 2 The World’s Most-Extreme Economic Terrorism Jeff Nielson
Jun 2 Global mints report record silver coin sales for 2015 Michael J. Kosares
Jun 2 The U.S. Economy Is Collapsing And The S&P 500 Is Flat? Dave Kranzler
Jun 2 The Bail-In: Or How You Could Lose Your Money in the Bank David Chapman
Jun 2 50-Year Veteran Warns We Are Headed For Another 2008-Style Collapse KWN
Jun 1 How Does The COMEX Fix This One? Bill Holter
Jun 1 Is It Time To Buy More Junior Mining Stocks? Dave Kranzler
Jun 1 Wholesalers Warning Of Delays This Fall SRSrocco
Jun 1 They Need To Destroy Gold/Silver To Destroy Our Freedom Stewart Dougherty
Jun 1 Americans Derelict for Allowing the Clinton Crime Family SARTRE
Jun 1 Gold Not Ready for a Final Intermediate Cycle Low Gary Savage
May 31 Reason Why China Will Send The Price Of Silver Skyrocketing Over $100! KWN
May 31 Gold And Silver – At Significant Support. New “Story” Developing EdgeTraderPlus
May 31 Energy & Debt Crisis Point To Much Higher Metals Prices SRSrocco/MoneyMetals
May 31 John Embry: Next Big Financial Collapse Can Happen Any Time Dave Kranzler
May 31 Volatile Bottoming Pattern in Metals? Gary Savage
May 31 Summer in Turdistan Turd Ferguson
May 30 Many of the World’s Best Investors Made Their Fortunes This Way… Justin Spittler
May 30 Fake-Rally is Over, What’s Next? Jeff Nielson
May 30 These Crisis Markets Are Primed to Deliver Big Gains Justin Spittler
May 30 Gold Price Lost $38.60 or -3.1% this Week Franklin Sanders
May 30 Precious Metals: Key Price Levels Now Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  May 22 - May 28

May 27 The Next Big Crash Of The U.S. Economy Is Coming, Here’s Why SRSrocco
May 27 It Feels Like Inflation Gary Tanashian
May 27 We're in the Eye of a Global Financial Hurricane Charles Hugh Smith
May 26 Physical Gold Is Money – Everything Else Is Someone Else’s Liability Dave Kranzler
May 26 Is There A Bear Market in Progress? Chris Vermeulen
May 26 Scapegoat! Bill Holter
May 26 The Billionaires Are Wrong on Gold Nick Barisheff
May 26 An Inside Look at the World’s Biggest Paper Gold Market Jeff Desjardins
May 25 How Will America Trade With Worthless Dollars & No Gold? Bill Holter/SGTreport
May 25 Q1 2016 Canadian Silver Maple Sales Surge To Highest Record Ever SRSrocco
May 25 The US government is a crazed criminal enterprise... Dave Kranzler
May 25 Will The November US Presidential Election Bring The End Of The World? PCR
May 25 This Twisted Fantasy Is About To Come To A Frightening End KWN
May 25 NW Territorial Mint Scandal Clint Siegner
May 24 Billions Are Being Transferred From The Taxpayers To Wall Street Dave Kranzler
May 24 The Next Top Performing Asset to 2020 & Beyond Chris Vermeulen
May 24 Time to Hedge Metals Positions Gary Savage
May 24 Americans: A Conquered People: The New Serfs Paul Craig Roberts
May 24 This Is Why Gold Is Headed Much Higher Than Anyone Can Imagine KWN
May 24 Gun Self-Defense is a Natural Right SARTRE
May 24 Venezuela Descends Into Chaos... Europe and US Next The Dollar Vigilante
May 24 Did AMAT Chirp? Implications for the Economy and Gold Gary Tanashian
May 23 Gold And Silver – 11th Hour: Globalists 10 v People 0 Edge Trader Plus
May 23 Is This the End of the Road? Chris Vermeulen
May 23 The Gold Chart That Has Central Banks Extremely Worried SRSrocco
May 23 Focus On Individual Gold Stocks Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  May 15 - May 21

May 20 Key Points To Take Home On Today’s Gold Market Jim Sinclair
May 20 James Howard Kunstler - The Great Illusion Is Now Coming To An End KWN
May 19 Huge Trend Changes Point To Something Big In The Gold Market SRSrocco
May 19 Rob Kirby - Global Elite Making Preparations for Post-Dollar World Greg Hunter
May 19 An Incredibly Simple, Rarely Used Way to Book 170% Gains Dan Steinhart
May 19 Obama’s Presidency: Probably The Worst In U.S. History Dave Kranzler
May 19
The Humungous Depression Robert Gore
May 18 Silver Remains The Cheapest Investment On Earth Dave Kranzler
May 18 The ‘Tide’ has turned… NEGATIVE For STOCKS!!! Chris Vermeulen
May 18 The Epic Battle Continues TF Metals Report
May 18 Money Center Banks and Stricter Financial Oversight James Hall
May 18 Rick Rule Warns Of U.S. Dollar Troubles KWN
May 18 Obama’s Great, Revisionist Lie Jeff Nielson
May 17 The Fed Is Desperate To Keep Gold From Exploding Higher Dave Kranzler
May 17 It's a small club ...All Roads Will Lead To Gold! Bill Holter
May 17 Jim Rogers on “Buying Panic” Justin Spittler
May 17 We Now Have The Preconditions For A Stock Market Crash! KWN
May 17 One big inflection point we will look back on Chris Vermeulen
May 16 Official Source: Global Silver Supply Deficit Surges On Revised Data SRSrocco
May 16 Gold, Silver, Stock Market Gary Tanashian
May 16 Gold And Silver Continue To Scaling The Wall Of Worry Dave Kranzler
May 16  Good Times Roll For Junior Gold Stocks Morris Hubbartt
May 16 Gold Price Closed at $1271.90 and Silver Price Closed at $17.50 Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  May 8 - May 14

May 13 The Foundation Of The Financial Markets Took A Big Hit In 2015 SRSrocco
May 13 Why Our Status Quo Failed and is Beyond Reform Gordon T. Long
May 13 What’s Next After Massive Gold & Silver Shorting By Bullion Banks EWI
May 12 Gold Price Closed at $1274.60 up $10.70 or 0.85% Franklin Sanders
May 12 Surging Silver Investment Pushes Domestic Supply Deficit To New Record SRSrocco
May 12 Gold And Silver Are Being Bought On Every Manipulated Hit Dave Kranzler
May 12 Trump Flip Flops Only Days After Saying He'd Default - Now Says... Jeff Berwick
May 12 James Turk – The Price Of Gold Is Being Manhandled On The Comex But... KWN
May 11 Inflationist Gold Bugs Driving the Rally Gary Tanashian
May 11 Reviewing the Basics of the Elliott Wave Principle: The Ending Diagonal EWI
May 11 Assessing The Latest Bank Participation Report TF Metals Report
May 11 5 Charts That Blow Up the Status Quo Charles Hugh Smith
May 10 Amazing Silver Trend Will Make Short Term Price Movements Irrelevant SRSrocco
May 10 Forget About Income Inequality: Bloomberg Jeff Nielson
May 10 Rigged HFT-Driven Paper Trading Drives Gold Lower Dave Kranzler
May 10 Commodities Overtake Stocks & Bonds with Best Rally Since 2010! Chris Vermeulen
May 9 Price Of Gold Breaking Out But “Commercial Traders” On Wrong Side? C. Vermeulen
May 9 Gold And Silver ARE The Only Money [Hardly] In Existence Edge Trader Plus
May 9 Gold Sector Checkup After the 'Inflation Trade' Bounce Gary Tanashian
May 9
Reviewing the Basics of the Elliott Wave Principle: The Impulse Wave EWI
May 9 This ‘Counter Trend Rally’ is now completing! Chris Vermeulen
May 9 Non-Farm Payroll: Economy Is Collapsing Dave Kranzler

News and Commentary for the Week of  May 1 - May 7

May 6 Silver and Gold Update Franklin Sanders
May 6 The Historic Dow Jones-Silver Ratio Points To $300 Silver SRSrocco
May 6 Markets At Crossroads: Huge Moves Brewing In Stocks And Gold Taki T.
May 6 Somnolent Europe, Russia, and China Paul Craig Roberts
May 6 This Rarely Seen Chart Signals A Raging Silver Bull Market Clint Siegner
May 5 TTIP—American Economic Imperialism Paul Craig Roberts
May 5 Fear Not Gold Bugs, Gold Ratios Well Intact Gary Tanashian
May 5 Comex Gold Open Interest TF Metals Report
May 4 Gold Price Backed Off $4.00 or -0.31% to $1290.70 Franklin Sanders
May 4 India’s Silver Imports Up Almost 200% In March Dave Kranzler
May 4 Stand Aside JP Morgan, A New Player In The Silver Market Has Arrived SRSrocco
May 4 The Silver Market And Inaccurate Analysis Dave Kranzler
May 3 Silver: First A Dive, Then A Spiral Jeff Nielson
May 3 Is The Price Of Gold Going Ballistic? Chris Vermeulen
May 3 Bill Holter - This is Your Last Chance
May 3 Exporting Quantitative Easing by The FED! Chris Vermeulen
May 3 When the Truth is Found to be Lies, Confidence in Currency Dies Gary Christenson

May 2 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
May 2 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
May 2 Gold And Silver – A Clarion Alarm Call For All Paper Assets Edge Trader Plus
May 2 Gold Price has $1,308 in this Move, and Much More Franklin Sanders
May 2 The Next Technical Price Targets for Gold & Silver Chris Vermeulen
May 2 USD, Yen and an ‘Inflation Trade’ Update Gary Tanashian
May 2 Silver And Mining Stocks Continue Up The “Wall Of Worry” Dave Kranzler
May 2 Precious Metals: More Upside Breakouts Morris Hubbartt
May 2 Silver & Silver Stocks: Top Performing Assets In 2016 SRSrocco

News and Commentary for the Week of  Apr 24 - Apr 30

Apr 29 Precious Metals Investor: Must See Important Charts & Data SRSrocco
Apr 29 The Precious Metals Are The Market Story Of The Year So Far Dave Kranzler
Apr 29 My response to Bob Moriarty Bill Holter
Apr 29 Silver: The Five Year Plan and the Great Leap Forward Gary Christenson
Apr 28 Bill Holter Wants your $119 Bob Moriarty
Apr 28 Gold vs Gold Miners Nick Barisheff
Apr 28 Grave Silver Mistake Keith Weiner
Apr 27 The Real Reason to Invest in Silver... It’s The Fundamentals SRSrocco
Apr 27 China And Russian Look To Take Over Global Gold Trading Dave Kranzler
Apr 27 Spinning The Yarn TF Metals Report
Apr 27 CFTC didn't know of Deutsche's market-rigging settlement until asked by GATA GATA
Apr 27 Long Awaited Gold Breakout Jim Willie
Apr 27 A Historic Rally in Gold Stocks – and Most Investors Missed It Pater Tenebrarum
Apr 26 Bill Holter-Without Price Suppression Gold Would be $5,000 to $10,000 Greg Hunter
Apr 26 The chances of a COMEX default... Bill Holter
Apr 26 The Death of Western Human Rights Jeff Nielson
Apr 26 Lies, Propaganda And What Is Really Going To Shock The World KWN
Apr 26 World War III Has Begun Paul Craig Roberts
Apr 25 Good News, Bad News, Both Favor Gold And Silver Edge Trader Plus
Apr 25 Gold/Silver Manipulation: The Foul Smell Of Desperation Dave Kranzler
Apr 25 Continued Financial Market Deterioration Impacts Gold Eagle Sales... SRSrocco
Apr 25 Silver Stocks ETF: No Rest For The Champ Morris Hubbartt
Apr 25 This Week saw [Probably] Saw a Short Term Peak in Silver and Gold F. Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Apr 17 - Apr 23

Apr 22 Gold and Silver are on the Cusp of a Massive Rally! Chris Vermeulen
Apr 22 Blow Off in Progress, but 'Launch Phase' Confirmed Gary Tanashian
Apr 22 Tom Cloud Precious Metals Update & Silver Exchange Inventory News Brief SRSrocco
Apr 22 Silver: Not Time to Worry Gary Christenson
Apr 21 Silver Is Off To The Races Again Dave Kranzler
Apr 21 Another Record Collection from Federal Taxes James Hall
Apr 20 Why Are The Chinese Stockpiling Silver? Big Price Move Coming? SRSrocco
Apr 20 April 19th ...they lit the first candle Bill Holter
Apr 20 Woe-Mart: The Retail Giant Walmart Has Faltered EWI
Apr 20 China’s New Gold Fix First Step In Moving the Gold Price To $10,000–$20,000 KWN
Apr 19 Gold Looks Ready To Spike Higher – JPM Gets It Wrong Again Dave Kranzler
Apr 19 Emergency Fed Meetings Spooked Investors Into Purchasing Record... SRSrocco
Apr 19 James Turk – Silver Is Going To Shock The World In 2016! KWN
Apr 18 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Apr 18 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Apr 18 Stronger Reasons For Buying Gold/Silver Right Now Edge Trader Plus
Apr 18 Is Silver Getting Ready To Rip Higher? Dave Kranzler
Apr 18 Strong Buy Signal For Silver Morris Hubbartt
Apr 18 Gold Price Closed Down $21.80 or -1.75% Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Apr 10 - Apr 16

Apr 15 Deutsche Bank Confirms Silver Market Manipulation... SRSrocco
Apr 15 Gold Miners Arrived At Huge Resistance After An Incredible Rally Taki T.
Apr 15 Deutsche Bank Settles Silver Manipulation Lawsuit TF Metals Report
Apr 15 Will The US Default Before The ‘Current Crisis’ Comes To An End? Chris Vermeulen
Apr 14 Gold Stocks Break Out Pater Tenebrarum
Apr 14 MUST SEE CHART: Death Of Paper Money vs Gold SRSrocco
Apr 14 Is The CME Preparing For An Eventual Comex Default? Dave Kranzler
Apr 14 Don't be Duped! Bill Holter
Apr 14 President Killary Paul Craig Roberts
Apr 13 Silver Price Rose 59 cents or 3.79% to $16.22 Franklin Sanders
Apr 13 Blatant Criminality Continues TF Metals Report
Apr 13 Is The Fed Preparing For The Next Financial Earthquake To Hit? Dave Kranzler
Apr 13 Gold Money or Digital Money? Graham Reinders
Apr 13 Public Registration of Asset Ownership James Hall
Apr 12 Massive Surge in Precious Metals & Spike Alert Chris Vermeulen
Apr 12 Commercial Gold Traders appear to be losing their grip! Peter Degraaf
Apr 12 Gold & Silver Surge As Global & Financial World Head Into Uncharted Waters KWN
Apr 12 Energy Sector Set To Save the Stock Market Chris Vermeulen
Apr 11 Gold And Silver – Fallacy Of East v West And Price Of PMs Edge Trader Plus
Apr 11 The FED, Labor Force, & Real Estate Chris Vermeulen
Apr 11 Shanghai, Satanists and Celebration of Fire Jim Willie
Apr 11 Rick Rule – There Will Be Huge Surprises In The Silver Market KWN
Apr 11 Dow Horror & Gold Stock Rockets Morris Hubbartt
Apr 11 Bad Week for Stocks, Good Week for Gold and Silver Prices Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Apr 3 - Apr 9

Apr 8 Gold: Something Is Melting Down In The Global Financial System Dave Kranzler
Apr 8 Something Big Happened In The Gold Market SRSrocco
Apr 8 Interest rates and gold analysis Alasdair Macleod
Apr 8 The More Corrupt the State, the More Numerous the Laws Nick Giambruno
Apr 7 Big Trouble Ahead For Copper Is Good For Silver SRSrocco
Apr 7 This Happens Every Time, 85% Of The Time! Chris Vermeulen
Apr 7 Gold Once Again Proves To Be The Best Defense Strategy Claudio Grass
Apr 6 Big banks, hedge funds key factors in 2016 gold surge Mike Kosares
Apr 6 Will ‘Brexit’ signal the end of the Euro? Chris Vermeulen
Apr 6 A tale of two currencies Alasdair Macleod
Apr 6 Cash Banned, Freedom Gone Thorsten Polleit
Apr 6 Fort Knox Paradox Gary Christenson
Apr 6 A Look At The Big Picture Of The War In The Gold & Silver Markets KWN
Apr 5 As The Fed Pushes Stocks Higher The Real Economy Continues To Contract Kranzler
Apr 5 "Truth Bombs” Away! Bill Holter
Apr 5 Spike Targets Being Filled – Money in the bank! Chris Vermeulen
Apr 5 Five Years – The Feedback Ted Butler
Apr 5 NW Territorial Mint seeks bankruptcy protection SeattleTimes
Apr 5 The Future Demands a Third Party SARTRE
Apr 4 Gold And Silver – Qrtly, Monthly Charts. No Change In Trends Edge Trader Plus
Apr 4 Enough Americans Have Already Voted – Chaos Is Coming! Chris Vermeulen
Apr 4 Canadians Switch out of Canadian Dollars into US Dollars Now!! Clive Maund
Apr 4 Buy Silver With Both Hands On This Manipulated Sell-Off Dave Kranzler
Apr 4 Brace For Higher Gold & Silver Prices As The Markets Crack SRSrocco
Apr 4 Deprogram Yourself Gary Tanashian
Apr 4 Silver Stocks Lead & US Dollar Melts Morris Hubbartt
Apr 4 Silver and Gold Prices Took a Mighty Hit Today Franklin Sanders
Apr 4 What New Economic Recovery? Chris Vermeulen

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 27 - Apr 2

Apr 1 GDX and GLD Spike Trade Setup Chris Vermeulen
Apr 1 How They Brainwash Us Paul Craig Roberts
Apr 1 Silver Lows - Silver Ratios Gary Christenson
Mar 31 Investment Flows Point To A Big Future Move In Gold SRSrocco
Mar 31 Shadow of Truth: An Age Of Deception And Fraud Dave Kranzler
Mar 31 Worst Case Scenario = 73% Down From Here The Burning Platform
Mar 31 Believe it or not, it’s happening to gold Chris Vermeulen
Mar 30 Silver vs. Gold: 2 Must See Charts SRSrocco
Mar 30 Is The Pullback In Gold Over, Part 2 Dave Kranzler
Mar 30 What Currency Has the Highest Purchasing Power? James Hall
Mar 30 James Turk Says Today’s Gold Rally Is Definitely Shorts Scrambling To Cover KWN
Mar 29 Gold Price Closed at $1220.10 Down $1 or -0.08% Franklin Sanders
Mar 29 The Rally You NEVER SELL! Bill Holter
Mar 29 A Top in Place for Oil & SPX? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 29 “It’s Worse Than Bad” – We’re On The Cusp Of Global Economic Depression Kranzler
Mar 29 China’s Unilateral Debt Jubilee? Jeff Nielson
Mar 29 Paul Craig Roberts - Criminal Bankers Control US Government... Greg Hunter
Mar 29 Gold, the Misery Index, and Insanity Gary Christenson
Mar 29 Planned Soros Sponsored Disruptions of Elections SARTRE

Mar 28 China - Soft Landing Or Bust? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 28 Does The United States Still Exist? Paul Craig Roberts
Mar 28 How Much & Where Did The U.S. Export Most Of Its Gold Since 2011?? SRSrocco
Mar 28 SPX & Oil at Critical Juncture Chris Vermeulen
Mar 28 Gold's Bull Flag & Junk Bond Pain Morris Hubbartt
Mar 28 Gold Price Closed at $1221.60 and Lost $32.20 or 2.6% This Week Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 20 - Mar 26

Mar 25 The System Will Implode When Central Bank Intervention Fails Dave Kranzler
Mar 25 (Interview) Don't Be Fooled: News Does NOT Drive the Markets EWI
Mar 25 Gold and Gold Stocks – A Change in Market Character Pater Tenebrarum
Mar 25 Five Years That Changed Silver Forever Ted Butler
Mar 25 The Real Likelihood of a Nuclear War Paul Craig Roberts
Mar 24 Record Breaking Silver Factors In 2015 Can Make 2016 Quite Interesting SRSrocco
Mar 24 A Love Affair: India and Gold David Chapman
Mar 24 Despite Pullback, Silver To Outperform Gold By A Factor Of 4 – 5 Times KWN
Mar 24 Housing Sales Start To Tank As Suprime Auto Loan Delinquencies Soar Kranzler
Mar 24 Let Me Show You Why Trump is Right on Trade Agreements First Rebuttal
Mar 23 Stranger Than Fiction: The System Is On Full Retard Dave Kranzler
Mar 23 The ‘Crisis’ Has Just Begun; Is The American Dream Is Over? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 23 Brexit Defiance of the EU James Hall
Mar 23 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Mar 22 Gold, Silver And Mining Stocks: The Bull Market Has Resumed Dave Kranzler
Mar 22 Dow Jones vs Silver: Trading Volume Says It All SRSrocco
Mar 22 Crude Oil Price Action & Prediction Chris Vermeulen
Mar 22
This is London Falling EWI
Mar 22 Gold And Silver Bull Markets Are About To Shock Market Participants KWN
Mar 22 The REAL Alan Greenspan – Past and Present Jeff Nielson
Mar 22 Silver - a Long-Term Perspective Gary Christenson
Mar 21 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Mar 21 Central Banks Are Attempting To Ward Off Stock Market Crashes Chris Vermeulen
Mar 21 Gold & Silver – Shanghai Exchange Effect On Silver? Edge Trader Plus
Mar 21 Market Manipulation: You Better Believe Gary Savage
Mar 21 Silver Eagle Sales To Jump 25% Due To Deteriorating Market Conditions SRSrocco
Mar 21 The Price Of Silver May Hit $660 As The World Financial System Melts Down KWN
Mar 21 Groupthink in Service of Government SARTRE
Mar 21 Gold Price Closed at 1,253.80 Down $10.70 or -0.85% Franklin Sanders
Mar 21 Precious Metals: Volume-Based Support Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 13 - Mar 19

Mar 18 These Just Don't Stop Making Money – Pure Awesomeness! Chris Vermeulen
Mar 18 The Brutes Against the Brutes – Brilliant First Rebuttal
Mar 17 Silver and Gold Prices Both Shot Straight Up Franklin Sanders
Mar 17 What The Heck Did Janet Yellen Just Say? Dave Kranzler
Mar 17 Switching From A Commodity To High Quality Store Of Value SRSrocco
Mar 17 Price Spike In Post Market – Triple Whammy! Chris Vermeulen
Mar 17 The Circus We Call the Election Process! Bill Holter
Mar 17 Voting to Destroy the Establishment Jim Quinn
Mar 17 The Wisdom Of Jesse Livermore As Gold And Silver Surge Strongly KWN
Mar 16 The GOLD PRICE closed at $1,244.4, down $14.30 Franklin Sanders
Mar 16 Crumbling U.S Empire Drives Russia & China To Move Into Gold SRSrocco
Mar 16 Central Banks Are Leading The World Towards A Disaster Chris Vermeulen
Mar 16 CoT Perspective TF Metals Report
Mar 16 Corporatists Mobilize to Prevent TPP Opposition James Hall
Mar 15 The One Bank Targets India’s Silver Jeff Nielson
Mar 15 Fed Market Intervention And Stock Market Fraud Dave Kranzler
Mar 15 Assets and Liabilities… Bill Holter
Mar 15 Despite Pullback, We May See A Stunning Surprise in Gold & Silver Markets KWN
Mar 15 Silver Outbreat: Investment Demand Will Totally Overwhelm The Market SRSrocco
Mar 15 Zika, ZIRP, and NIRP Viruses Gary Christenson
Mar 15 Human Liberty Is Doomed SARTRE
Mar 14 Gold and Silver COT Update - Get 30,000 Coffins Ready... Clive Maund
Mar 14 PMs Amid A World Of Lies And Deception Edge Trader Plus
Mar 14 It’s Been A Seven-Year Bull Market In Fraud, Corruption And Insanity Dave Kranzler
Mar 14 A Chart That Says 3000 Words and When to Enter Trades Chris Vermeulen
Mar 14 Money Velocity Proves Q.E. Failure Jim Willie
Mar 14 Gold Price Closed at $1258.60 down $11.20 or -0.9% this Week Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 6 - Mar 12

Mar 11 2008 Redux Times 10 Is Brewing Dave Kranzler
Mar 11 Largest Primary Silver Mine Productivity Falls To Lowest Ever SRSrocco
Mar 11 Keep The Money Game Churning Gary Christenson
Mar 10 Doorways and Liquidity? Bill Holter
Mar 10 The Two Worlds of Precious Metals: East and West Jeff Nielson
Mar 10 The U.S. Economy Is Headed Into A Deep Recession Dave Kranzler
Mar 10 If You Value Truth, Support This Website Paul Craig Roberts
Mar 10 And Then There Was None: Canada Sells its Gold David Chapman
Mar 10 International Trade Sinks with the Baltic Dry Index James Hall
Mar 10 Hillary’s Scary New Cash Tax Justin Spittler
Mar 9 Jim Cramer Needs To Be Shut Down And Investigated For Illegal Stock Promotion IRD
Mar 9
Fraud and Deceit on The Comex Craig Hemke

Mar 9 SoT – Craig Hemke: Demand For Physical Gold/Silver Will Break The System IRD
Mar 9 The Rise Of The Silver Price Will Be Quick And Sudden Hubert Moolman
Mar 8 The Bulls Are Loose As The Mining Stocks Are Ripping Higher Dave Kranzler
Mar 8 The Great Quickening Jim Willie
Mar 8 …Everything else is credit! Bill Holter
Mar 7 Gold’s Next 10% Move is Down, Not Up Chris Vermeulen
Mar 7 Not a Flag or Pennant But a Top - New Longs About To Be Fleeced Clive Maund
Mar 7 Continued Increase In Silver Buying & Future Supply Disruptions SRSrocco
Mar 7 Murder Is Washington’s Foreign Policy Paul Craig Roberts
Mar 7 This Is the Only Way to Buy Gold Without the Government Tracking You Justin Spittler
Mar 7 Massive Coordinated Global Money Printing Program To Shock the World KWN
Mar 7 Death Of Paper Gold Picks Up Speed BIG TIME Today SRSrocco
Mar 7 Gold Stocks: Bull Flags & Pennants Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 28 - Mar 5

Mar 4 If the Gold Price Can Close Above $1,264 it will Run for $1,400 Franklin Sanders
Mar 4 Gold And Silver: Governments And Central Banks Are Losing Control Dave Kranzler
Mar 4 Video: Market Forecast for Gold, Miners, Bonds & Broad Market Chris Vermeulen
Mar 4 Gold price: It's official – bull market is back Frik Els

Mar 4 Breakout or Fakeout? TF Metals Report
Mar 3 How Much Silver Is Really Sitting In Comex Vaults? Dave Kranzler
Mar 3 We Are All In The Same Boat? Bill Holter
Mar 3 How to Spot Short Term Market Tops & Bottoms with Ease Chris Vermeulen
Mar 3
Waning Enthusiasm for Share Buybacks Signals Major Market Reversal EWI
Mar 3 The War In Gold And A Historic Opportunity In Silver KWN
Mar 3 The Helicopter Wolf at the Door Pater Tenebrarum
Mar 2 U.S. Economy Is Collapsing Underneath Flood Of New Debt Dave Kranzler
Mar 2 The COMEX vs. Private Gold & Silver Eagle Stocks SRSrocco
Mar 2 The Door Slams Shut? TF Metals Report
Mar 1 Silver Eagle Sales Set A February Record Dave Kranzler
Mar 1 Exposing the Great GDP Lie Jeff Nielson
Mar 1
A Disturbing Global Shift Toward Financial Conservatism EWI
Mar 1 Gold in the zero-bound Michael J. Kosares
Mar 1 Demise of London Gold Pool Ends Vietnam War Rick Mills
Mar 1 Silver Prices in Five Years? Gary Christenson
Mar 1 Is Silver About To Shock The World In 2016? KWN

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 21 - Feb 27

Feb 29 Gold And Silver – February Heralding End Of Down Trend? Edge Trader Plus
Feb 29 Silver breaks Lower - Gold and PM Stocks Set to Plunge Clive Maund
Feb 29
(Interview) Learn Why 2015 Was a Key Transition Year for Stocks EWI
Feb 29 Contraction Of Credit… Central Bankers Greatest Fear! Bill Holter
Feb 29 Retail Rally Stokes Inflation & Gold Morris Hubbartt
Feb 29 Gold Price Stumbled $18.40 or 1.49 Percent to $1,219.80 Franklin Sanders
Feb 29 Words Cant Say Enough – Wow Profits! Chris Vermeulen
Feb 26 Gold Price Lost 50 Cents to End at $1,238.20 Franklin Sanders
Feb 26 Deliverable Silver Stocks At The COMEX Reach Historic Low SRSrocco
Feb 26 Gold (and Silver) Pays Interest? Paper Does Not? Jeff Nielson
Feb 26 Let’s Have Lunch With The Mad Hatter Dave Kranzler
Feb 25 Price of Gold Closed Up $16.40 or 1.32 Percent at $1,238.70 Franklin Sanders
Feb 25 Next Banking Crisis Is Already Here – Opportunity! Chris Vermeulen
Feb 25 “In Gold We Trust” – CNBC Asia’s Bernie Lo Dave Kranzler
Feb 25 Currencies in the Apocalypse ConsumerAffairs
Feb 25 Do Americans Live In A False Reality Created By Orchestrated Events? P.C. Roberts
Feb 25 How to Trade Price Spikes Part 1 Chris Vermeulen
Feb 25
(Interview) Why You Need the Wave Principle in YOUR Toolbox, Too EWI
Feb 24 Are They Tired Enough? Bill Holter
Feb 24 The NAR’s Existing Home Sales Report For January Is Not Credible Dave Kranzler
Feb 24 Watch This Play By Play Setup Unfold Chris Vermeulen
Feb 24
Housing: At the Edge of Another Huge Cliff? EWI
Feb 24 The Public Is Being Looted By Privatization And Deregulation Paul Craig Roberts
Feb 24 Media Moguls Cash in on another Election James Hall
Feb 24 Whoever Does Not Respect the Penny is Not Worthy of the Dollar Nick Giambruno
Feb 23 Sub $20 To Collapse Markets & Push Precious Metals Prices Higher SRSrocco
Feb 23 Something Changed, Maybe The G-20 Will Tell Us? Bill Holter
Feb 23 The Evil Empire Has The World In A Death Grip Paul Craig Roberts
Feb 23 Are We About To See A Massive Short Squeeze In Silver? KWN
Feb 22 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Feb 22 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Feb 22 World Silver Production Did Not Rise In 2015, It Declined SRSrocco
Feb 22 How The Court Jester Became King Of The United States Jeff Nielson
Feb 22 Economic Insanity and Political Reality SARTRE
Feb 22 Q&A with Mr. Silver Market Gary Christenson
Feb 22 Gold Stocks: Top Or Bull Flag? Morris Hubbartt
Feb 22 Gold Price Trend is Solidly Higher Closing Up at $1,230.40 Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 14 - Feb 20

Feb 19 The War On Cash Is Irrelevant If You Own Gold And Silver Dave Kranzler
Feb 19 The Mark of the Beast? Bill Holter
Feb 19 Two Gold Charts Western Central Banks Are Worried About SRSrocco
Feb 19 Questions and Answers From Readers–February 15th Bill Holter
Feb 19 Fascinating Gold Charts With Hidden Trendlines Taki T.
Feb 18 One Last Hurrah for Equity Markets? Chris Vermeulen
Feb 18 The Illegitimacy of Comex Pricing Craig Hemke
Feb 18 Global Collapse Brings The Mark Of The Beast Into View Bill Holter
Feb 18 U.S. Banks Ready for Negative Interest Rates? James Hall
Feb 18 The US Economy Has Not Recovered And Will Not Recover Paul Craig Roberts
Feb 17 The Corruption In The U.S. Has Reached Insane Levels Dave Kranzler
Feb 17 2012-2015 U.S. Gold Supply Deficit: One Hell Of A Lot Of Gold SRSrocco
Feb 17 “The 2016 Market Meltdown” and “The Golden Age” Chris Vermeulen
Feb 17 Mainstream Media Establishment Gatekeepers at the Presidential Debates SARTRE
Feb 17 Asset-rich gold stocks outshine bullion Marc Davis
Feb 16 The Constitution Will Be Ruled "Un" Constitutional! Bill Holter
Feb 16 Silver Will Be The Trade Of The Decade At It’s Current Price Dave Kranzler
Feb 16 A Jaw-Dropping Target For Silver Has Been Issued KWN
Feb 16 Smedley Butler: Forgotten Hero, Forgotten Warning Jeff Nielson
Feb 16 Deranged Central Bankers Blowing Up The World Jim Quinn
Feb 15 Gold And Silver – Will PM Purchasers Become Terrorists? Edge Trader Plus
Feb 15 The U.S. Continues To Import Record Volumes Of Silver SRSrocco
Feb 15 The Wonderland Matrix: Realm of the Charlatan Experts Jeff Nielson
Feb 15 The Neoconservatives Are Brewing A Wider War In Syria Paul Craig Roberts
Feb 15 The Launch Of The Allocated Bullion Exchange Turd Ferguson
Feb 15 Gold Freight Train: All Aboard! Morris Hubbartt
Feb 15 Silver and Gold Prices Up 7 Percent this Week Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 7 - Feb 13

Feb 12 Deutsche Bank Burns – Silver Is The Trade Of The Decade Dave Kranzler
Feb 12 KABOOM!!! Are You Ready For Reality? Bill Holter
Feb 12 Are Americans Too Insouciant To Survive? Paul Craig Roberts
Feb 12 Something Big Is About To Happen With Gold & Silver SRSrocco
Feb 11 Gold Price Dropped $4.00 but Remains Above 200 Day Moving Ave. Franklin Sanders
Feb 11
(Video) Gain Trading Confidence by Improving Your Wave Analysis Skills EWI
Feb 11 Soar with Eagles Hoot With Owls Rick Mills
Feb 11 If you miss buying Gold – You will regret, it later Chris Vermeulen
Feb 10 Germans and Japanese Play "Rollover"! Bill Holter

Feb 10 Global Economic And Banking Collapse On Deck Dave Kranzler
Feb 10 WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction Gary Christenson
Feb 9 Silver and Gold Prices Will Outrun Stocks Mercilessly Franklin Sanders
Feb 9 You’ll Know It When You See It! Bill Holter
Feb 9 Fast Market Monday Turd Ferguson
Feb 9 Setting The Record Straight On The Massive Gold Supply Conspiracy SRSrocco
Feb 9 The Stealth Gold Bull Is Alive Dave Kranzler
Feb 8 You Are Watching It! Bill Holter

Feb 8 Gold And Silver – Is A Bottom In? Nothing Confirmed Edge Trader Plus
Feb 8 Global. Economic. Collapse. And The “Bernanke Moment” Dave Kranzler
Feb 8 The End of Tax Havens? Jeff Thomas
Feb 8 Are The Payroll Jobs Reports Merely Propaganda Statements? Paul Craig Roberts
Feb 8 US Dollar Meltdown & Gold Surge Morris Hubbartt
Feb 8 Gold Price Rose Strongly This Week Up 3.7 Percent Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 31 - Feb 6

Feb 3 LBMA Called Upon to Explain Last Week’s Fraudulent Silver Fix Dave Kranzler
Feb 3 There Is No Freedom Without Truth Paul Craig Roberts
Feb 3
(Interview) Europe: Why It's Going to Get a Lot Worse Before It Gets Better EWI
Feb 3 Connecting The Comex Dots Craig Hemke
Feb 3 Fear, IRA's, And Junk Silver Andrew Hoffman
Feb 2 Did The Stock Market Bottom Last Week? You Can’t Be Serious Dave Kranzler
Feb 2 The most important chart of 2016! Peter Degraaf
Feb 2 The Time for REAL Insurance has NEVER Been this Great! Bill Holter
Feb 2 Why Civil Liberties are No Longer Defended? SARTRE
Feb 2 SPX 500 "Death Candle" Update Craig Hemke
Feb 2 Central Bank Created Silver Rally Gary Christenson
Feb 1 Primary Silver Mining Company To Cut Production 25% In 2016 SRSrocco
Feb 1 Gold And Silver – Current Prices Do Not Matter Edge Trader Plus
Feb 1 The West Is Reduced To Looting Itself Paul Craig Roberts
Feb 1 Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction! Bill Holter
Feb 1 Gold: Saucer Action In Play Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 24 - Jan 30

Jan 29 The LBMA Strikes Back Craig Hemke
Jan 29
USDJPY: "Diving" For Opportunity EWI
Jan 29 A Huge Change, a Renaissance, and Likely a Boom Doug Casey
Jan 29 Gold Deficits, Fort Knox, and a Reset Gary Christenson
Jan 28 The Oligarch Trillionaires: The Real ‘World’s Richest’ List Jeff Nielson
Jan 28 A Dangerous Moment for Social Security Justin Spittler
Jan 27 Gold Price Smashed Through it's Resistance Franklin Sanders
Jan 27 Charts With More Words Than COMEX Has Registered Ounces!‏ Bill Holter
Jan 27 COMEX Registered Gold Inventories Plummet 73% In One Day SRSrocco
Jan 27 An Unavoidable Banking System Collapse And The Winds Of War Dave Kranzler
Jan 26 The Coming Perfect Storm In Silver SRSrocco
Jan 26 Why Is This Big Hedge Fund Manager Terrified? Dave Kranzler
Jan 26 Presidential Crimes Then And Now Paul Craig Roberts
Jan 25 Charting the crash - how far will the bounce get?... Clive Maund
Jan 25 Leading indicator “Bonds” Suggests More Time before Crash... Chris Vermeulen
Jan 25 Gold And Silver – Chart Facts Are Market’s Message Edge Trader Plus
Jan 25 Energy Debt Is Imploding – Housing Market To Follow Dave Kranzler
Jan 25 Key Gold Stocks Rally & Russell Index Woes Morris Hubbartt
Jan 25 Silver and Gold Prices Closed Up for the Week Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 17 - Jan 23

Jan 22 The Oil And Gas Credit Collapse Is Going To Be Catastrophic Dave Kranzler
Jan 22 The Coming Era of Financial Triage Charles Hugh Smith
Jan 21 Gold Price Shot Up on Opening and Never Looked Back Franklin Sanders
Jan 21 Hidden Financial Bombs Are Starting To Detonate Dave Kranzler
Jan 21 Latest GDP Forecasts Confirm Things Will Get Ugly Chris Vermeulen
Jan 21 The World in 2016: The REAL One, Part II Jeff Nielson
Jan 21 If You Are A Silver Investor, You Have To See These 3 Charts SRSrocco
Jan 20 Price of Gold Lost $1.60 or 0.15 Percent Closing at $1,089.90 Franklin Sanders
Jan 20 Can Stock Values Simply "Disappear"? Yes. EWI
Jan 20 Tuesday Morning Massacre In The Large Cap Miners Dave Kranzler
Jan 20 Technical Evidence Indicates Major Price Movement Just Getting Started Vermeulen
Jan 20 Someone Is Lying? Bill Holter
Jan 20 Is The U.S./West About To Collapse? Dave Kranzler
Jan 20 The International War on Cash Jeff Thomas
Jan 19 Peddling Fiction…? Bill Holter
Jan 19 The 21st Century: An Era Of Fraud Paul Craig Roberts
Jan 19 Keith Neumeyer Triple Digit Silver is Coming The Daily Coin
Jan 19 Worldwide Crash Gaining Momentum But The Real Terror Is Still To Come KWN
Jan 18 The Ongoing Global Financial Markets Collapse Dave Kranzler
Jan 18 Gold And Silver: NWO: Public Be Damned, Preferably Dead Edge Trader Plus
Jan 18 7 Precious Metals Investing Myths Elizabeth Goldman
Jan 18
New World Order vs. America SARTRE

Jan 18 An Appeal to Sensibility Dr. Jerome
Jan 18 Gold Market Tactics: Profit Taking Is Key Morris Hubbartt
Jan 18 Silver and Gold Prices Rose Today Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 10 - Jan 16

Jan 15 The Financial Markets Are One Big Cartoon Network Dave Kranzler
Jan 15 The World in 2016 – The REAL One, Part I Jeff Nielson
Jan 14 Gold Price is Magnificently Bullish Franklin Sanders
Jan 14 The Chinese Silver Fox... Bill Holter
Jan 14 December Retail Sales? Expect More Census Bureau Fairy Tales Dave Kranzler
Jan 13 Silver Production Declined Over Past Two Years SRSrocco
Jan 13 Eureka Moment Theodore Butler
Jan 13 Is Debt Jubilee Already A Done-Deal? Jeff Nielson
Jan 13 The Chinese Market Crash James Hall
Jan 13 Do The Bulls Have Any Reason For Hope? Chris Ciovacco
Jan 13 Silver, Silliness, Gold and Risk Gary Christenson
Jan 12 Rail Freight Shipments Are Collapsing Dave Kranzler
Jan 12 Double Barreled Hidden Q.E. to Infinity Jim Willie
Jan 12 A New Fed Mandate? The Labour, The Demand and The Holy Profits FirstRebuttal
Jan 12 It’t True... The U.S. Peaked In Silver Production 100 Long Years Ago SRSrocco
Jan 11 Market Crash – Last Week Was The 2nd And Final Warning Clive Maund
Jan 11 Margin Call Gentlemen! Bill Holter
Jan 11 Why More Important Than When. Going Lower Before Moving Higher EdgeTraderPlus
Jan 11 The Most Complete Criminal Organization In Human History Paul Craig Roberts
Jan 11 Precious Metals Rally Gains Breadth Morris Hubbartt
Jan 11 Exercise Patience Friends, 2016 is the Year We've Been Waiting On Franklin Sanders

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 1 - Jan 9

Jan 8 Making Heads or Tails of This Market EWI
Jan 8 A Tactical Opportunity Nick Barisheff
Jan 8 The Federal Reserve’s Salvation Army School Of Economics Dave Kranzler
Jan 8 The Rule Of Law No Longer Exists In Western Civilization Paul Craig Roberts
Jan 8 Why Would He Say This? Bill Holter
Jan 8 Future of Corporatism in 2016 James Hall
Jan 4 The True History of Silver, Monetary Usage & Secret Societies Charles Savoie
Jan 4 Is The Fed Beginning To Lose Control? Dave Kranzler
Jan 4 When The U.S. Dollar No Longer Exists Jeff Nielson
Jan 4 Precious Metals: Doji Candlesticks Of Indecision Morris Hubbartt
Jan 4 2015 Gold Price Score Card Franklin Sanders

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