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Saskatchewan Juniors In A Most Excellent Adventure Rick Mills
I believe we can expect exciting times for those investors who get involved with the various companies participating in, what still are, very early days of this developing area play. Canada's Province of Saskatchewan has a stable geopolitical environment and a tremendous wealth of mineralization. History has proven time and time again that junior exploration stocks can write a very exciting discovery story and reward investors with multiple returns on their capital. It is still very early days in the Patterson Lake South area play and the greatest rewards lie ahead of us....

Kootenay Silver Inc. TSX.V – KTN Rick Mills
A 43-101 Resource Estimate released in August of 2010 shows the property contained indicated and inferred resources of over 10 million ounces of silver along with substantial amounts of lead and zinc. The overall contained metal values at Promontorio were estimated at $320 million

Hudson's Neodymium Magnet Mine Rick Mills
There currently exists a formidable demand for Hudson’s primary target, neodymium and its other potential by-product credits ie praseodymium. Neodymium is in a supply deficit, both in China and in the west - the magnet industry demand for neodymium is expected to grow by about 10% per year....

Ahead of the Herd with Verde Potash Rick Mills
Today I’m speaking with Cristiano Veloso. Cris is the founder, President & CEO and a Director of Verde Potash Plc TSX.V – NPK (formerly Amazon Mining Holding Plc). Mr. Veloso is a Brazilian entrepreneur born and raised in South America’s mining capital, Belo Horizonte. Cris has a business management and law degree and worked for two of the most prominent companies in Brazil, CEMIG and Banco do Brasil, before starting Verde alongside a successful group of geologists....

Ahead of the Herd With Western Potash Rick Mills
When grain and oil seed production is converted into meat protein and fuel this effect is magnified. So the long-term and short term outlook is that the industry expects record global demand for potash to continue. You wouldn’t have the BHPs, the Rio’s and the Vale’s becoming involved or getting more involved if this wasn’t so. BHP is forging ahead and developing potash resources. Why?...

Ahead of the Herd With Cangold Rick Mills’re seeing this tremendous volatility in prices that I don’t ever remember seeing in the prices of gold and silver. It’s just incredible. But meanwhile the physical market is really tight. Just ask anybody who’s tried to buy gold or silver coins or bullion. You’re paying huge premiums and you often have to wait weeks or even months for delivery. So, the physical market is pretty tight and yet pricing doesn’t really reflect that....

The Ready Bullion Boys Rick Mills
It’s been said Alaska has been discovered four times; first for furs, then fish, gold and finally, oil. Alaska’s history has therefore been one of boom to bust to boom. There is no doubt that gold played the major part in the development of Alaska and today precious and base metals are again playing a major role in the state’s economy....

Ahead of the Herd With Great Panther Silver Rick Mills
There’s a bit of a disconnect between the physical market for precious metals and the paper market. It’s the futures market where prices are determined, the traders are so skittish these days, in terms of trying to determine trends and whatnot, they just hang on every little bit of news coming out, good or bad, and then try to jump on it thinking that this is a signal or a catalyst for prices to move higher or lower....

Ahead of the Herd with NioGold Mining Rick Mills
NioGold is well funded. We don’t really need to go back to the market for the next few years as we have about $12.5 million in working capital for our own exploration, and of course Aurizon is footing the Marban bill and has a decision regarding the resource payment in two years. So we’re well positioned on the financial side. We’re well cashed up, this is important. The markets are very shaky these days....

Ahead of the Herd With North American Nickel Rick Mills
North American Nickel is a spin-off company from VMS Ventures TSX.V - VMS. VMS had, prior to creating North American Nickel, numerous nickel projects, Thompson, Cedar Lake, the South Bay Nickel Project. But shareholders weren’t getting very much value for them in VMS. Also at VMS we were focusing on the belt that the name of the company is from, VMS, the Snow Lake - Flin Flon Greenstone belt. We ended up creating North American Nickel....

The Golden Loon Rick Mills
It’s a fact in the mining world that most discoveries are made by a) junior mining companies and b) old time individual prospectors. Why are the juniors so successful at making discoveries and finding mines? Well, the good ones are lean mean boots on the ground exploration and development companies run by people who have been out there and know what it takes. A junior resource company’s job description would be; acquire a project, explore it, define drill targets, drill it. If the drill assays come back positive they have made a discovery and can hopefully build a 43-101 compliant resource....

Ahead of the Herd With Kootenay Gold Rick Mills
Today I’m speaking with Jim McDonald and Ken Berry of Kootenay Gold Inc. TSX.V - KTN. Jim McDonald P.Geo, President and CEO. Jim co-founded and successfully developed Black Bull Resources, National Gold (merged w/Alamos Gold) and White Knight Resources. Ken Berry, Chairman and Director. Ken has over twenty years experience in the financing (raising over $300m) and corporate communications of public companies.

Next Contender for Nevada’s Geological Jackpot? Marc Davis
Though Nevada’s world-famous gold fields have historically yielded over 150 million gold ounces, they are still proving to be geologically fertile hunting grounds for exploration-minded junior mining companies. Two good examples are Auex Ventures and Fronteer Gold. Their gold finds were scooped up earlier this year for the princely sum of $2.3 billion by Nevada’s deep-pocketed dominant gold miner, Newmont Mining...

Gold: A Mega Mine in the Making Marc Davis, May 10
The quest to commercialize one of Latin America’s last undeveloped major gold deposits is one major step closer to a prospectively big pay day for its unlikely owner – a small gold explorer named Exeter Resource. A Canadian-headquartered company, Exeter (TSX: XRC) (NYSE: AMEX: XRA) recently completed a major milestone development. It announced a positive metallurgical study for the sprawling Caspiche gold-copper deposit in northern Chile’s gold-rich Maricunga mineral belt...

Takeover Threat Won’t Stop Drilling William Mbaho and Marc Davis, Apr 5
The $3.6 billion buyout of Andean Resources by Goldcorp Inc. last year left many in the investment community wondering where the next success story in Argentina would emerge from. One much talked about candidate is Extorre Gold Mines (TSX: XG) (NYSE: AMEX: XG). But there is one major obstacle -- the company isn’t interested in being bought-out....

Sama Resources Rick Mills, Mar 29
In 1751, Axel Fredrik Cronstedt of Sweden attempted to extract copper from the mineral Kupfernickel - today called niccolite. To his surprise instead of copper, he got a silvery white metal he started calling nickel. The name nickel comes from the German language and means Old Nick – which is a name Germans use for the devil – so nickel is “Old Nicks copper” or the “Devil’s copper.”...

A Golden Highway and the Valley of Gold Rick Mills, Mar 22
One of the areas in Canada that investors should have on their radar screen is the 2,800-2,600 million year old Abitibi Greenstone Belt – one of the world’s largest Archean (one of the four principal eons of Earth history) greenstone belts. Trending in an east-west direction the Abitibi extends for over 650 kilometers and is 150 km wide - running from west of Timmins, Ont., to Chibougamau, Que....

This Miner Is Just Beginning Its Monumental Move John Townsend, Mar 7
The 2004 and 2006 silver parabolic moves took CDE from being a $28 stock to the $75 neighborhood and quickly. As I believe the current silver parabolic is likely to surpass the magnitude of each of the four preceding silver parabolics, the fundamental underpinnings of the CDE stock are nothing short of both impressive and ideal, and the technical setup is exactly as one would hope, I consider it a realistic possibility that CDE could again achieve a $75 price target before the current silver parabolic expires....

VMS Ventures – Focused on Discovery Rick Mills, Mar 1
VMS Ventures has ambitious exploration plans on their extremely prospective 100% owned property package for 2011 - shareholders are going to get the opportunity to participate in what has to be one of the largest exploration programs, in Canada, for 2011....

Follow the Money: How to Profit from Copper's Next Wave Rick Mills, Feb 23
Urbanization is a macro-trend, in 1800 two percent of the global population was urban, by 1950 it was 30%. Today half of all the people in the world live in cities. This is an economic migration - historically poverty rates are 4 times higher in rural than urban areas. The UN projects that by the year 2030 there will be 1.5 billion more people living in cities....

Talison Lithium (TSX – TLH) - the world’s only pure lithium producer Rick Mills, Feb 8
Throughout our history, some elements, much more than others, have advanced technologies and driven our economic growth – from wood to coal and then to burning oil to produce steam stands out as a recent example. Today we are witnessing a revolutionary change in the way our electrical storage needs are being met. Leading the change is lithium, which until very recently, has been used primarily for the production of aluminum, tritium, ceramics, high temperature grease and glass.

Donner Metals, Xstrata Zinc and the Bracemac-McLeod Mine Rick Mills, Feb 1
I recently talked with David Patterson, David is the CEO of Donner Metals TSX.V – DON. Donner Metals is a Canadian based junior resource company currently building a zinc, copper, silver and gold mine with Xstrata Zinc (LSE - XTA) in Quйbec, Canada. In this discussion with David talks about working with Xstrata and Donner Metals plans for the future....

Mexico's Newest Emerging Silver Resource Rick Mills, Jan 25
If you believe in the adage ‘mines are made, not discovered’ then the time has come to turn your attention to Kootenay Gold Inc. TSX.V – KTN. Drawing from the experience of its management team, led by Company CEO and Chief Geologist James McDonald, Kootenay is applying the same pragmatic approach to its flagship Promontorio Silver Project in Sonora Mexico, that has helped companies McDonald has been associated with, such as Alamos Gold Inc., turn into accomplished producers....

Security of Supply Richard (Rick) Mills, Dec 13
This author believes that there is exceptional, and as of yet, undiscovered value in junior companies with quality assets in safe stable countries. Junior resource companies offer the greatest leverage to increased demand and rising prices for commodities. The bottom line for investors in the resource sector is that juniors already own, and find, what the world’s mining companies and refineries need....

Alaskan Gold: A New Super-Deposit in the Making? Marc Davis. Dec 7
Though gold discoveries in Latin America and other far-flung locations have been lighting up the stock markets lately, Alaska is now earning back some of the limelight. This is where over 115 million ounces of gold have been outlined in America’s last mineral frontier by three high-flying gold developers, namely Novagold Resources, Northern Dynasty Minerals and International Tower Hill Mines....

Junior Potash Companies Now The Focus Rick Mills, Nov 29
All eyes were recently focused on the senior Potash sector as BHP Billiton’s failed bid for Potash Corp was showcased in the Canadian press. Today there is news that will, in this authors opinion, refocus investors attention further down the potash food chain....

Caza Gold Rick Mills, Nov 22
Caza Gold Corp. TSX.V - CZY is a new gold resource company focused on acquiring, exploring and developing prospective gold mining properties in Mexico. Currently Caza holds two attractive gold exploration projects.

Wicheeda Lake REEs Rick Mills, Nov 17
There is an indispensable, unarguable need for rare earths in our modern society. Demand is growing, the supplier of 97 percent of this demand is lowering export quotas and might very well stop all REE exports by 2014. Without REEs, today’s technology would take a twenty year step back in time. Are REEs and the companies looking for, finding and developing REE deposits on your radar screen? If not maybe they should be....

Spanish Mountain, Likely BC’s Premier Gold Discovery Rick Mills, Nov 2
SPA’s Spanish Mtn. project offers potential for a significant near-surface gold deposit. It’s located near existing infrastructure and amenable to low cost open pit, bulk mining methods. With a PEA expected shortly, done on a measured and indicated resource, this author believes the large gold resource on Spanish Mountain makes Spanish Mountain Gold TSX.V – SPA one of the best precious metal bargains on the TSX-V exchange.

Kingsgate Consolidated Gold Mining
Kingsgate Consolidated Limited - Australian gold mining and exploration company operating a modern gold mine and developing mineral resources in Thailand. Kingsgate Consolidated Limited (Kingsgate) is a highly successful gold mining and exploration company, traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (KCN: ASX). The company owns and operates the low cost Chatree gold mine in central Thailand through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Akara mining limited, using world's best practice for safe, environmental and socially responsible operations.




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