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Friday Market Review

Dec 12 The Gold Price Rose $31.90 or 2.7 Percent this Week Franklin Sanders
The GOLD PRICE lost $3.10 on Comex to close at $1,222. Silver shaved off 4 cents to $17.019. To last week's higher weekly close, the silver and GOLD PRICE added another this week. Both need a little higher prices to close above their 20 week moving averages. Both gold and SILVER PRICES flatlined today as most of the last three days. Short term traders closing out positions before the weekend suffice to explain today's losses. Next week both ought to rise -- "ought" means they must do that or evidence that they have lost steam. I expect to see higher prices next week and for the gold price to challenge $1,255. I also expect this stock plunge to snowball....

Dec 12 Silver Chart: Volume Commands Respect Morris Hubbartt

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