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Aug 17 Video: Panic Selling on New York Stock Exchange Chris Vermeulen

Aug 17 Silver at the Close of the Civil War & More Recent History Charles Savoie
The Coinage Act of February 1873 restricted the use of silver coinage to payments of $5 or less per transaction; which had its intended effect of wrecking millions of lives-homes and properties and farmland was foreclosed on by the gold only faction, which bribed Congress for the legislation! To the contrary of the widespread belief that the Bank of England was the top ringleader in this sinister Act, it was more due to a cluster of super powerful San Francisco based gold mining magnates...

Aug 17 We’re In The Exact Same Spot We Were In August 2008 Bob Moriarty
I think what’s going on in Turkey and in the banking system overall is floating over into gold. I think we’re in the exact same spot we were in August 2008 where people were dumping everything they could in order to get liquidity. And in that case i’m glad to be wrong because when we come out of this the gold price is going to explode higher. This thing in Turkey is a lot more serious than people realize, the entire world is on the edge of a precipice financially. The world is awash in debt and the piper has just come to the door saying that he needs to be paid...

Aug 17 Gold to Soar Above $6,000 Przemyslaw Radomski
... the price of gold is like to soar very high in the upcoming years and the likely target range for the final top in gold is $5,000 - $12,000. If we had to pick one specific price out of that range that’s most likely to stop gold’s parabolic upswing, it would be the $6,184 level, which implies that gold’s price would be multiplied by the same amount as it was during the bull market that we saw about 40 years ago. Consequently, the gold market is definitely worth paying attention to, even if the medium-term outlook is not yet bullish. In fact, it’s exactly what makes it worth the extra effort. Declining prices along with a very bullish long-term outlook mean that there will be an...

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Aug 16 Gold and Silver: Similar To 2008 Dave Kranzler
In 2008, gold was taken from $1020 to $700 and silver was pounded from $21 to $7 during the period of time that Bear Stearns, Lehman and the U.S. financial system was collapsing. The precious metals were behaving inversely to what would have been expected as the global financial system melted down. Massive Central Bank intervention was at play. Currently the prices of gold and silver are being dismantled by what appears to be massive hedge fund shorting of Comex paper gold. As of last Tuesday, the “managed money” trader category as detailed in the Commitment of Traders report showed that the hedge funds were short a record amount of paper gold...

Aug 16 Silver Price Alert: 4% Off on Silver Today...Courtesy of the Markets! GoldSilver
Silver is trading below $15 for the first time since April 2016. As our analyst Jeff Clark has pointed out before, silver typically outperforms in the second half of the year. So this might be a great opportunity to purchase some on sale. The pattern’s no guarantee: In 2016 it ended the year lower overall. However, it then when on to spend the balance of the time until now over $15, making it easy to take profits (and further sell down older, more expensive lots for the tax break). We own silver for the long term, and are happy to reduce our base price by dollar-cost-averaging along the way. This seems like a great opportunity to do the same. The continuous rise of the stock market has us rebalancing and adding to our positions anyway...

Aug 16 Gold, Silver, Shale Oil Industry & Economy: With James Kunstler SRSrocco
During our interview, James and I chatted about precious metals manipulation, the soon-to-be disintegrating shale oil industry, the insanely overvalued markets, peak oil, and many other topics. One of the more important items I brought up was the incorrect notion that the Central banks can continue to rig the markets indefinitely. They can’t. And why is that? Because Central banks can’t continue to prop up the market with paper when the problem is one based on a limitation of PHYSICAL OIL. If the Central banks want to really solve our problems, they have to find a lot more oil… but there just really isn’t much left to find. So, there lies the rub...


Aug 15 How Gold & Will Silver Trade During the Next Market Crash SRSrocco
While many investors believe the gold and silver price will crash during the next market meltdown, I see a much different outcome. Yes, it is true that the metals may sell off initially in the beginning, but I believe gold and silver will disconnect from the broader markets and move up much higher. The reason I see the precious metals disconnecting from the broader markets during the next major correction is due to the much different setup today in the gold and silver market than it was in 2008. Precious metals investors forget just how overvalued the gold and silver prices were based on technical analysis. Of course, I am not talking about the true “Store of value” properties of the precious metals, but rather, how they trade in reference to the market in general...

Aug 15 Small Cap Stocks (Russell 2000) Has Best Setup Currently Chris Vermeulen
Based on the bullish chart pattern that small-cap stocks have formed and our proprietary cycle analysis price prediction you can see the potential in the chart below...

Aug 15 Transportation Index and Stocks Leading the Market Chris Vermeulen
The chart is self-explanatory. Blue cycle analysis and its price prediction is pointing to higher prices for this sector. Members are long IYT and we trimmed some profits at last weeks high...


Aug 15 Tactics For The Price Sale Stewart Thomson
3.) Most of what is happening in the gold market from both a fundamental and technical perspective is pretty mundane. 4.) There’s shoulder symmetry being “sculpted” onto this fabulous weekly price chart. That left and right shoulder symmetry occurring in the late stages of a giant inverse head and shoulders bull continuation pattern. It takes many years for these patterns to form and be completed. 5.) That’s because charts are created by fundamentals. The system risk fear trade of the West is giving way to the more sustainable price drivers of long term inflation and the Chindian love trade. The transition takes many years and investors should savour the process, like savouring a fine wine...

Aug 15 Gold Stocks are not too Oversold yet Jordan Roy-Byrne
In recent days Gold has been more oversold than the gold stocks. Entering this week, the gold stocks were fresh off a major technical breakdown. An upside or downside break can lead to a market stretching beyond what typically qualifies as overbought or oversold. After Monday’s selloff, the gold stocks are hitting oversold levels but have more to go before reaching true oversold extremes. Below we plot GDX along with the bullish percentage index (BPI), a breadth indicator, and new highs less new lows expressed as a percentage. The BPI declined to...

Aug 14 Is Solar Rising From The Ashes Again? Chris Vermeulen
Recently, the Solar Energy sector has popped up on our watch-list of potential sectors to pay attention to. Over the past few weeks, the Solar Energy sector has been under some pricing pressure and has retraced nearly 50% of the previous trend across the sector. We, the research team at Technical Traders Ltd. understand the Trade War and uncertainty resulting from geopolitical tensions can sometimes create opportunities in the markets for all traders/investors. We just have to be smart enough to find them end execute them efficiently. Is Solar Energy the next big trend to hit in the Energy sector? What is the potential for these stocks to move 10%, 20% or even 30%+ higher? Let’s take a look...

Aug 14 Bullish Data For COMEX Gold Craig Hemke
Yes, the COMEX gold market is deeply oversold, and nearly every traditional market indicator is flashing unabashedly bullish signals. However, if the PBOC or BIS is acting to temporarily enforce a "yuan-gold peg" OR if the Chinese have taken over control of the paper derivative pricing scheme, then buy/sell decisions based upon traditional measures will likely lead to frustration. For now, watch the "peg" and watch that trendline. And try not to catch any falling knives before a change in these overriding factors finally appears...

Aug 14 Moving Averages Help You Define Trend – Here’s How EWI
The "moving average" is a technical indicator of market strength which has stood the test of time. Over 30 years ago, Robert Prechter described this indicator in his essay, "What a Trader Really Needs to be Successful." What he said then remains true today: ...a simple 10-day moving average of the daily advance-decline net, probably the first indicator a stock market technician learns, can be used as a trading tool, if objectively defined rules are created for its use. So, what is a moving average?

Aug 14 Key Factors for Gold And Silver Investors Przemyslaw Radomski
Aug 14 Real Estate, Gold, Silver, USD | Eric Dubin & Dave Kranzler SilverDoctors
Aug 14 James Turk – Relentless Gold & Silver Takedown Continues KWN
Aug 13 Oil And Energies On The Move Lower Chris Vermeulen
Aug 13 Top U.S. Shale Producers Soaring Debt Service Guts Profits SRSrocco
Aug 13 Big US Stocks’ Q2’18 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton



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