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Sep 21 Pill-Gram Influencing the iShares Silver ETF! Charles Savoie
Sir Deryck Maughan (2002 Knighthood) is a director of Black Rock (owns the SLV, Global Silver Miners ETF & the IShares Gold Trust!) He’s also a Citigroup Foundation director & Trilaterals member. Like so many Pilgrims Society members, Maughan has close ties to the Royals & notice he’s on the board of Pharma giant Glaxo Smith Kline & also New York University Medical Center. Glaxo as of 2016 reported 99,300 employees pumping out a torrent of scary Pharma offerings & is a major player in VACCINES! He is a PILL-GRAM playing with dicey Pharma pills + mega grams of precious metals!...

Sep 21 Fundamentals Supporting Stock Market Further Deteriorate Dave Kranzler
The Bureau of Economic Analysis calculates and publishes an earnings metric known as the National Income and Products Accounts which presents the value and composition of national output and the types of incomes generated in its production. One of the NIPA accounts is “corporate profits.” From the NIPA handbook: “Corporate profits represents the portion of the total income earned from current production that is accounted for by U.S. corporations.” The BEA’s measurement of corporate profits is somewhat similar to using operating income from GAAP financial statements rather than net income. The BEA is attempting to...

Sep 21 Silver Eagle Sales Surge In September As U.S. Mint Resumes Supply SRSrocco
The sales of Silver Eagles surged in September as the U.S. Mint removed their temporary supply restriction. As the silver price continued to trend to new lows at the beginning of the month, several large purchases of Silver Eagles by the Authorized Dealers wiped out the inventory at the U.S. Mint. The U.S. Mint had cut back on its monthly supply due to the falling demand. However, now that the U.S. Mint has resumed sales of Silver Eagles, they have reached over 1.9 million, up 28% compared to August, and there are still ten days remaining in the month. Silver Eagle sales so far in September are the highest all year, except for the usual spike in January when the Authorized Dealers are stocking up on the newly released coin...


Sep 20 Are Gold & Silver Going to Follow a Rebound in Asian Stocks? Chris Vermeulen

Sep 20 Here’s Why "Strong Jobs" Don't Mean "Higher Stocks" EWI
Did you know that the vast majority of portfolios are built on false assumptions? These false assumptions -- or Market Myths -- have been passed down across generations. They are so baked into investor psyche that no one ever thinks to challenge them... but we do. Do earnings really drive stock prices? Can the FDIC actually protect you? Is portfolio diversification a smart move? Download Market Myths Exposed now and find out whether your portfolio is built on flawed foundations. We guarantee you'll be shocked to find the truth.

Sep 20 Signals for the Coming Crash in Stocks and Rally in Gold David Brady
The U.S. imposed new tariffs on China this week that were close to the worst possible scenario, despite mainstream media comments to the contrary. The fact that China responded with nothing more than 5-10% tariffs on $60bln of U.S. imports soothed the markets, and stocks rallied. The mistake being made, however, is that China is unlikely done retaliating just yet, and there is likely more to come. What is clear is that neither side is willing to back down in this trade war, so it is probably going to get worse. This is why I still see a risk of higher USD/CNY (despite recent comments from the Chinese Premier to the contrary) and lower Gold prices ahead. The bigger question is: when does it all end? When does Gold finally bottom and rally?...


Sep 20 Precious Metals Sector: It’s 2013 All Over Again Przemyslaw Radomski
We have some good news and some bad news for both: precious metals bulls and bears. Based on new developments it’s even more likely that we are just before the huge price decline in gold, silver, and mining stocks, but at the same time it also appears likely that the final bottom will take place later than we had expected, based on the previously available information. Let’s start with additional bearish confirmations. In our Monday’s analysis, we compared the price performance of gold that we saw in the recent months to what happened in 2013, right before the big $200+ plunge that took place in only 2 trading days. In today’s analysis, we will extend this analogy also to other markets. But first, let’s recall the Monday’s analysis...

Sep 20 FAKE!!! Bill Holter
Put simply, the world has become “fake” in so many ways, yet the average person believes it is all quite real. Our world today is very fake from A-Z no matter what angle you look. Let’s look at the most basic of all, food. Fruits and veggies? GMO. “Seedless” seems pretty good because you no longer need to spit them out …but what if you wanted to do something crazy like plant the seeds to grow your own? How about meat? Hormones added? Do you have any idea how many products have “soy” added? And you wonder why the world has so many soy boys running around? Food is the most basic of all and the old saying “you are what you eat” is certainly true. However, much of what we eat is vitamin deficient and FAKE and leads to illness!...

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Sep 20 Gold Stocks Remain in Downtrend... Jordan Roy-Byrne
Gold stocks failed to breakout in the spring and then brokedown to multi-year lows by September. As autumn beckons, the precious metals sector at large is very oversold and could be starting a rebound. However, the fundamentals are not yet in place for a new bull market. They will be when the Fed moves to the end of this rate hike cycle. Although gold stocks and most commodity stocks are mired in downtrends, that isn’t the case for uranium stocks which appear to be on the cusp of a new bull market. According to Trade Tech, the spot price of uranium is $26.70/lb which is a two and a half year high. The price has begun to rise after basing for several years...

Sep 20 China Stocks Surge As Expected for 9.5% Profit in 48 hours! Chris Vermeulen
A couple of days ago we mentioned some big moves unfolding for global markets and how we got members long this sector. Here we are 48 hours later and we just closed half our position for a quick 9.5% profit on YINN 3x China ETF...

Sep 19 Are Technology and FANG stocks bottoming? Chris Vermeulen
Recent downside pricing pressure on Technology and FANG stocks have kept investors wary of jumping back into the market while we wait to see where the bottom may form. Concerns about long-term pricing pressures, US trade wars and the continued Congressional testimony regarding privacy and censorship issues have kept social media technology stocks in a negative perspective. The only aspect of this pricing pullback that is positive is that these stocks will, at some point, find a price bottom and attempt to rally as investors rush back into their favorites attempting to ride the run higher...

Sep 19 Which Precious Metals are Likely to be Better Investments... SRSrocco
Sep 19 Trade Wars, Tariffs and The Peg Craig Hemke
Sep 19 Gold: A New Trade War Weapon? Stewart Thomson
Sep 19 Silver, Trump’s Trade War, Mining Stocks and the Fed’s Gold Dave Kranzler
Sep 18 Trading Model Suggests Falling Stock Prices During US Elections Chris Vermeulen
Sep 18 Is the COT Report Still Valid? Theodore Butler
Sep 18 Mike Maloney: Tax-Free Metals Investing? GoldSilver Team
Sep 18 Gold’s Ultimate Confirmation Przemyslaw Radomski
Sep 17 Global Crisis Hot Spots and Pressure Points Jim Willie
Sep 17 Reasons To Optimistic About The Precious Metals Sector Dave Kranzler
Sep 17 Gold-Stock Forced Capitulation Adam Hamilton
Sep 17 Gold Stocks: Morning Star Buy Signals Morris Hubbartt



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