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May 24 China Hang Seng Index Collapses and Commodities Chris Vermeulen
The Chinese Hang Seng Index collapsed early this week to new recent lows. This breakdown in the Chinese major stock index highlights the anticipated fallout from the continued US/China trade war. Recent data from the Chinese property market and corporate bond markets suggest a broad slowdown in economic activity which may surprise many foreign investors in the weeks/months to come. Partner this continued economic weakness with the EU Elections and the continued US/China trade issues and we almost have a perfect storm for commodities such as Oil, Copper and other industrial/transportation related shares. If the trade continues to collapse between the US/China while elections cause the general populations to “pause” in traditional spending habits, it would...

May 24 Thursday Report 5/23/2019 GoldPredict
I’m going to start with the chart of miners. I believe it paints an appropriate picture of the current situation. Cyclically speaking, I believe the next turning point will appear next week. Unfortunately, it remains unclear if prices will top or bottom at that time. Miners have been correcting for several weeks. The moving averages are pointed lower, so I think the odds favor a bottom next week, but I can’t be certain.

May 24 Stocks Topping, Dollar Up, Gold Getting Closer Chris Vermeulen
Chris Vermeulen joined us today. He believes that the stock market is topping out if it hasn’t already. This will lead to increased volatility and a move back to safe haven assets, i.e. gold. He believes that oil will break down briefly into the ’50s and then come roaring back shortly thereafter. The bigger and faster the decline, the fast the bounce back. Interest rates are headed lower...


May 23 Eye Opening Currency Charts – Why Metals Are Falling Chris Vermeulen
The EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, and CHF have all fallen sharply over the past 6 to 12 months as the strength of the US Dollar and US Economy continued to surprise many. We’ve been calling this a “capital shift” that started back in 2015~2016 – when the 2016 US Election cycle began and China began to implement capital controls. At the same time, foreign nations such as Brazil and Venezuela began to shift into an economic abyss while the UK dealt with BREXIT negotiations. All of these external factors created an environment where the US Dollar became a global safe-haven for global investors – all of which were seeking...

May 23 The Question of Gold Price Manipulation? Craig Hemke
Those who question the existence of precious metal price manipulation must acknowledge the convictions and fines for LIBOR and Forex manipulation. They also likely understand that quantitative easing and rate pegs are simply forms of bond market and interest rate manipulation. However, once the conversation then turns to the precious metals, it becomes "conspiracy theory". Hmmmm… Most troublesome is the intellectual laziness of the stock market generalists who dispute gold price manipulation and claim that this historical fact is only an excuse trotted out by "gold bugs" to explain the price range since 2013. A simple perusal of the GATA archives can give anyone a basic understanding...

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May 23 Jim Cook Interviews Ted Butler: JPM, Silver Investors & More Theodore Butler
Cook: A lot of silver investors are frustrated these days. Can you give them any hope? Butler: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't frustrated as well. But I have no doubt that silver will eventually prove its great worth. Cook: Does everything still depend on what JPMorgan does? Butler: If you don't know by now that silver is manipulated by COMEX paper trading, largely at the hands of JPMorgan, you’re missing the whole story. Cook: Ok, we get all that. We want to know when will it change? Butler: When JPMorgan decides it will change. Look, you know I can’t tell you the precise time in advance...

May 23 Powerful Signal from the GDX Przemyslaw Radomski
Gold and silver declined a bit yesterday, but mining stocks reversed and closed the session higher. It seems that the miners showed strength, especially that they formed a bullish reversal candlestick. But did they? The reversal candlesticks should be confirmed by strong volume and what we saw in the GDX ETF yesterday was the lowest daily volume of the year. In fact, the GDX volume was lower than any volume that we saw in 2018. And 2017. And 2016. And even 2015. The last time when we saw as low a volume was on May 21, 2014 (yes, exactly 5 years earlier). So, how should we read this price action? It is not the reversal or relative strength that is the powerful signal from the GDX. It's the extremely low volume reading. What makes it so important right now, is...


May 22 Oil, Hot Stocks, and Currencies – Part III Chris Vermeulen
Currently, the US stock market has weathered a bit of a jolt in terms of price rotation. After many stock indexes reached new all-time highs, the news of Iran Oil Sanctions, US/China trade talks failing and the political turmoil in DC as an incredible 2020 US Presidential election cycle heats up, investors are watching the markets for any signs of strength or weakness. Meanwhile, the US Dollar continues to strengthen against other global currencies in an incredible show of “King Dollar” strength and dominance. All of this plays into one of our favorite narratives that we started discussing over 30 months ago – the Global Capital Shift...

May 22 Gold Stocks: Buy In July & Watch Them Fly Stewart Thomson
1.) “Buy in July to watch your gold stocks fly!” That’s a time-tested mantra from “Goldlion”, who picks the junior mining stocks for my Graceland Juniors newsletter. 2.) Sadly, this is not July. It’s the month of May, and May is part of the soft demand season for gold. The strong demand season typically runs from August to February. 3.) A lot of gold stock investors want gold stocks to roar higher now, but nothing happens before its time. Interestingly, gold’s strong season begins just as stock market crash season begins. 4.) Crash season for the US stock market typically runs from August to October. As the business cycle matures, stock market crash season becomes more dangerous and the strong demand season for gold offers more potential reward...

May 22 Tuesday Report 5/21/2019 GoldPredict
It’s been a wearisome grind lower in precious metals over the last three months. Cyclically speaking, we should be approaching the next 6-month low. I see the potential for a bottom at the end of May if prices drop a bit further. So I think we’re close to a tradable bottom. Gold miners have been resistant to lower prices over the last three trading days. They are acting like they want to bounce. A rebound into the last week of May could identify a top to a potential head and shoulder pattern. If established, it would imply more weakness into June. Whatever the case, I expect the next significant turning point (high or low) to arrive between May 28th and May 31st...

May 22 The Fed's Tragic Plan For Long Term Rates Revealed Mike Maloney
Here comes QE on steroids. Join Mike Maloney as he explains the Fed's latest plan to manipulate and distort the markets, and what the results are likely to be.

May 22 Universal Copper Batting for a Double in Colombia Rick Mills
Base metals markets have had a rough ride of late, getting tossed around by negative headlines surrounding the trade negotiations between China and the US. For awhile it looked like the two superpowers were about to ink a deal that would call a truce to the trade war that has dragged on for nearly a year. This week however China reportedly backtracked on commitments made during talks, prompting the United States to impose a higher tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports, slated to take effect on Friday. Prices will rise and fall, but it’s long-term supply and demand that copper miners and explorers look to, as far as planning expansions and development properties. Here the market is extremely bullish on copper...

May 22 Global Economic Tensions Translate Into Oil Volatility Chris Vermeulen
Our continued efforts to alert and assist fellow traders to the incredible setups that are currently happening throughout the globe with regards to increased global economic tensions are starting to take root. We are hearing from our readers and follower and we love the comments we are receiving. Near April/May 2018, we started predicting that the end of 2018 and almost all of 2019/2020 were going to include incredible opportunities for skilled traders. We made these predictions at about the same time that we issued a series of incredible calls regarding the future market moves in 2018 & 2019...

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