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Jun 27 Silver Will Pause Before Going Higher Chris Vermeulen
Silver will likely find resistance near $15.60 and move slightly lower before another upside price leg takes place. Both gold and silver have begun incredible price rallies over the past 10+ days and we believe this is just the start of a much bigger price trend. We believe Silver, to be one of the absolute best potential trades and investment. It will likely pause just below $15.75, near the First Resistance level, rotate a bit lower (possibly towards $15.15), then attempt another rally towards the $16.50 level...

Jun 27 Bonds and Equities Versus Gold Rick Mills
North American stock markets continued to rise on Friday, as more investors took the opportunity to jump into equities on the back of a clear signal from the US Federal Reserve that interest rates are likely heading down. The S&P 500 hit a new record on Thursday, finishing 249 points higher, or 0.9%, to 2,954. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) concluded on Wednesday that it will leave the federal funds rate unchanged, in the 2.25% to 2.5% range. Importantly however, the Fed dropped its pledge to be “patient” on a widely anticipated rate cut, meaning it could be poised to act. Also, Fed Chair Jerome Powell stopped referring to below-target 1.8% inflation as “transient”. Persistent inflation under 2% is a strong prompt for the Fed to...


Jun 27 Gold Clearly Reverses at Consolidation's Upper Border Przemyslaw Radomski
Quite a few journalists wrote about gold's breakout in the previous days even though gold made an attempt to break above the key resistance - the mid-2013 high - only today (and it failed). At the same time, when the gold to silver ratio was breaking out in a clear way, many journalists ignored that and emphasized the importance of the resistance at hand. Either way, the focus was not on what was really going on, but on trying to make the reality fit the bullish case for gold. After all, "gold people" have to be bullish on gold all the time, right? Wrong - those, who want their clients to succeed need to stay focused on what is likely to happen based on objective, cold logic and facts, instead of chasing the emotions of the day. And what do the facts tell us?...

Jun 27 Time for an International Gold Reset Gary Christenson
Gold has been money and a store of value for over 3,000 years. That status SHOULD return after the current “paper” era collapses. History shows that unbacked paper money always fails because of excessive printing by central bankers and politicians. Our financial system is proceeding toward another currency collapse. Global debt exceeds $250 Trillion and is climbing. Governments must borrow more currency into existence to pay maturing loans, which increases total debt. This “Ponzi Scheme” will fail someday, perhaps soon. Much accumulated gold has been leased or sold from central bank and government vaults in the US, the UK, and Europe. It moved to Asia, private vaults, and Too-Big-To-Fail banks. Paper currencies will be stripped of remaining value, gold prices will reset much higher, and the wealth transfer to Asia and the global elite will continue...

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Jun 26 Tuesday Report June 25, 2019 GoldPredict
Gold reached $1442.90 intraday before profit-taking sent prices back to test the short-term break out near $1416. In the June 9th newsletter, I wrote, “If gold breaks higher, a short covering bonanza could take prices quickly $1450.” We nearly reached that level today. The recent momentum thrust in gold and miners was quite powerful; it may continue. This would require an extended breakdown in the Dollar. If established, I think gold could reach $1500+ before the next meaningful pullback. The S&P 500 gave back all of its post-Fed gains and prices look vulnerable. Key support levels are 2865 and 2725. Below 2725 and I think we could see an accelerated selloff...

Jun 26 Gold Stocks: Mighty Bull Flags Begin Now Stewart Thomson
5.) Gold is staging a major upside breakout on the charts, and the fear trade is the main price driver now. Hedges should be reduced, and aggressive speculators should hold call options on quality miners. 6.) Almost all major US money managers and analysts are predicting a major dovish pivot for the Fed at the upcoming July 31 meeting. 7.) Unfortunately for members of the Trump administration “fan club”, these analysts are basing their outlook on a peaking business cycle and the horrifying (and potentially inflationary) effects of the tariff taxes tantrum currently being thrown by the administration. 8.) Tariffs are a global GDP growth wrecking ball, and I’m predicting there are going to be more tariff taxes, more corporate earnings disappointments, and no tax cuts for the working class of America.

Jun 26 Why I’m 99.9% Sure We’ll Win With Gold: The Fed’s #1 Tool is Deficient Jeff Clark
It’s pretty daring to claim that you’re near certain an investment will pay off. But that’s exactly what I’m doing. Irrespective of anything you’ve heard from Mike Maloney and his predictions about precious metals, it is my personal opinion that at some point gold (and silver) will inevitably pay off in a very big way for us. Not only that, this catalyst has little to do with the precious metals market itself. It’s an outside force, one that may have more impact on investment and trading than any other, and will ultimately have a major impact on gold and silver as well. Let me make my case and see what you think…


Jun 26 Trouble at the Bakken: Oil Production Finally Peaking? SRSRocco
Is the mighty Bakken Shale Oil Field finally peaking? Well, according to the data from the folks at the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources, oil production in the Bakken has been flat for the past six months. And, to make matters worse, production has been flat even though oil prices increased from a low of $42 in January to the mid $60’s in April. So, something seriously wrong is going on in North Dakota. What a difference in the Bakken’s recent oil supply compared to the field’s heyday when production surged from 300,000 barrels per day in 2011 to over 1.1 million barrels per day in 2014. Furthermore, the oil price the shale companies in the Bakken are receiving is now $48 a barrel versus the West Texas Intermediate price of $57...

Jun 26 Next Bull and Bear Markets are Now Set Up Chris Vermeulen
Sharing market analysis and my opinions every day is far from easy and sometimes I feel like a song on repeat. My focus and goal has always been to try to alert fellow traders and investors of what is unfolding now in the financial markets around the globe because it appears we are about to experience another financial life-changing event much like the 2000 stock market top, and the late 2007 bull market top which will play out over the next 24+ months. If you lost money during the last bear market then you need a new game plan to take advantage of falling prices and the solution is not just to by gold, silver, and miners. In fact, you could lose a lot buying and holding them over the next year if you are not careful...

Jun 26 Elliott Wave: Market Signaling Fed to Cut Rates Soon EWI
We have tracked the U.S. Federal Reserve's interest rates decisions for years. In December, we wrote an article titled "Interest Rates Win Again as Fed Follows the Market," where we observed that although most pundits believe that central banks set interest rates, central banks actually follow the freely traded bond market in their rates decisions. We noted that the December federal funds rate hike followed increases in the three-month and six-month U.S. Treasury bill yields set by the market. In March, we pointed out that the Fed followed the market yet again. T-bill rates had gone...

Jun 26 While Stocks Dominated Headlines, Gold Quietly Performed Michael J. Kosares
 The 21st century has been gold’s century, not the stock market’s. In January 2001, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stood near 16,000. It is now bumping up against the 27,000 mark for a gain of roughly 69%. By contrast, gold is up 350% over the same period (from roughly $400 to $1400 per ounce). While stocks dominated headlines, gold quietly performed. The question becomes whether or not an investment that has performed so well in the past is likely to perform equally well in the future. Though nothing in the world of finance and economics is certain, we rest the bullish case for gold on the understanding that none of the economic and financial system problems that created a positive price environment for gold over the last nearly nineteen years have been removed from consideration. In fact, a case could be made that they have only intensified – and dangerously so...

Jun 26 Are Institutions Selling Into This Rally? Chris Ciovacco
Given the complexity of any trade agreement between the United States and China, it is highly unlikely any binding agreements will be made at this weekend’s G-20 meeting. Thus, markets will most likely move based on signs of escalation versus signs of getting back to the negotiation table. With ongoing trade and tariff uncertainty, it is very difficult for businesses to make long-term hiring and capital expenditure decisions. If this drag continues and trade tensions escalate in the coming days, weeks, and months, it would not be surprising to see the charts above deteriorate in a meaningful manner. Therefore, we must remain open to a wide range of future outcomes, from wildly bullish to wildly bearish. We will continue to take it day by day...

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