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Jul 23 Silver Price Forecast: What The Next Silver Rally Should Look Like Chris Vermeulen
It is time to explore the details of our Gold vs. Silver ratio research and to start to understand the potential for profits within this move in precious metals. The first part of our research article highlighted the Gold vs. Silver ratio and why we believe the “reversion process” that is taking place in price could be an incredible opportunity for traders. Historically, when the Gold vs. Silver ratio reaches an extreme level, and precious metals begin to rally, a reversion within the ratio takes place, which represents a revaluation process for silver prices compared to gold prices. This typically means that the prices of silver will accelerate to the upside as the price of gold moves higher – resulting in a decrease in the ratio level...

Jul 23 Major Production Declines from the Top Two Primary Silver Mining Co's SRSRocco
As the silver price continues to break out of its lows, two of the top primary mining companies are experiencing major production declines in the first half of the year. Mexico’s Fresnillo PLC and Peru’s Buenaventura’s top primary silver mines saw a significant decrease in production due to either falling ore grades, decreased volumes of processed ore, poor weather, or labor strikes. The largest silver miner in the world, Fresnillo PLC, just released their 1H 2019 production results, showing declines in all three of their major silver operations. The Fresnillo, Saucito, and San Julian Mines reported a combined 13% decline in silver production during the first half of the year while Buenaventura’s Uchucchacu Mine suffered a 40% decline...


Jul 23 Tellingly, Gold Hesitates after Making a New High Przemyslaw Radomski
The USD Index practically erased its Thursday's losses, and the precious metals faced stiff headwinds. Silver again outperformed gold, adding more strength to the signal it's flashing for quite a few days already. Yet, it was gold that gets the crown for presenting us with action of significance. We'll start today's analysis with the very interesting short-term action in the USD Index. It rallied as we had expected it to. The USD chart shows that the inverse head-and-shoulders pattern is developing in a symmetrical manner, which makes the pattern even more believable. Just as we saw two smaller bottoms in the first half of June, we are seeing similar bottoms right now. The USD moved higher today, so the pattern is developing in a rather clear way. If the symmetry continues to...

Jul 23 2019 Market Action Points To Positive Long-Term Outcomes Chris Ciovacco
Dating back to 1950, the S&P 500 has only dropped over 40% three times: 1973-74, 2000-02, and 2007-09. In each case after the big drop, something caused investors to change their attitude and behavior related to the attractiveness of common stocks. Major lows are rare and the shifts that occur in the minds of human beings near major lows are rare. History tells us valuable information can be found in rare market events. A rare event took place between the close on December 24, 2018 and the close on February 22, 2019. As shown in the $NYA50R chart below, the percentage of NYSE stocks above their 50-day moving average dropped below 12% and then rebounded to above 88%; a move that showed a significant shift in the perception of the stock market’s longer-term potential...

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Jul 23 Something is Brewing in the Silver Market Jeff Clark
It’s becoming clear that investment in silver has woken up in a big way — and that more is ahead once more investors begin to notice this market. As we pointed out the other day, we don’t know if this is the breakout or not, but this level of activity suggests these investors see an opportunity. As you know, silver remains a deeply undervalued asset. One we believe strongly is inevitably headed higher. A big group of investors is jumping in now. We are, too...

Jul 23 Goldfinger, Silver and Gold Gary Christenson
The Federal Reserve did what Goldfinger could not… pushed gold prices higher from $35 to $1,425, with far higher prices yet to come. Global (unpayable) debt exceeds $250 trillion. It will be reset with devalued currencies or defaulted. Counter-party risk will devastate many assets and beliefs. Gold and silver have no counter-party risk. The Treasury Department has not audited Fort Knox gold since before “Goldfinger.” What if 80% to 95% of Fort Knox gold disappeared during the last five decades? Would that affect gold prices and further devalue the dollar? Don’t expect an honest audit of remaining gold! The global economy is at risk from many threats. Silver and gold will protect savings and an asset portfolio for 2019 – 2025...


Jul 22 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
So, the big picture is strongly bullish, but, barring the Iran situation dramatically worsening, it looks like a period of consolidation /reaction is likely before further significant gains are made. If gold and the sector do react, it is considered unlikely that it will be by much and any such reaction may be used to add to positions across the sector. It was rather odd late last week that while gold tried to break higher but failed to, the PM sector forged ahead on Wednesday and Thursday, as we can see on the latest 6-month chart for GDX. Normally, stocks rallying leads to gold following suit, but gold’s price/volume action was not bullish for the near-term, and nor was the action in GDX on Friday, which saw a bearish Harami pattern appear, which is where a large candle the previous day is followed by a small one which fits inside the 1st one This is bearish and usually marks a...

Jul 22 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Silver has a marked tendency to “drag its feet” when a new sector bullmarket starts, which is why it has been so laggardly for much of this year, and when we look at the latest 4-year chart we can see another big reason why it could now get bogged down again for a while, for there is a wall of resistance just above the current price centered on the $16.30 - $17.50 zone, that, given the short-term toppy look of gold, could cause it to consolidate or react back now for a while. This is a big reason that we took profits in a number of our silver ETFs and stocks at the top on Friday morning which had done very well last week...

Jul 22 What Could The Next Gold Rally Look Like? Part I Chris Vermeulen
I have been going over the past data to attempt to identify future price targets and to help traders understand the true potential for the current precious metals price rally. We’ve been sharing our data and research with you for many months are pleased to continue to share our predictive modeling system’s outputs and data. Today, we wanted to play a bit of “what if” with the data in an attempt to relate just how explosive this move in precious metals may be over the next 6 to 12+ months. Given our belief that precious metals prices will hold last weeks breakout to the upside and that Gold will rally in a parabolic price mode, we have attempted to identify how Silver would react given the price advance of Gold and the historic price ratio between Gold vs. Silver...

Jul 22 Weekend Newsletter July 21, 2019 GoldPredict
So how should an investor approach the next decade? I prefer a long-term perspective. Have and keep a core position, preferably in physical bullion. Add to your core holdings when prices pullback or when something is undervalued – like platinum and silver are today. When the time is right, and the gold bull market is nearing its end, it will be time to look for undervalued asset classes (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.) and the next paradigm shift.

Jul 22 NV Gold identifies large, structural target for August drilling Rick Mills
NVX and other gold juniors are sinking drill bits into the ground as the gold price is maintaining its lofty heights. A bunch of events have heaped together to produce a major upswing for gold, which closed Thursday at $1,441.90, a $15 gain on the day. That includes dovish signals from the US Federal Reserve ie. an interest rate cut, record central bank buying, a torrent of gold inflows into ETFs, and most recently, weakness in the US dollar and dampened expectations of a resolution to the US-China trade feud. Silver was on a tear too on Thursday, with the spot price nearly hitting a four-month high, before settling at $16.30 an ounce in New York trading. Technical analyst Jim Wyckoff of Kitco says a seven-week-old uptrend for gold is in place, with the next resistance level for August futures at June’s $1,442.90 high...

Jul 22 Gold Miners’ Q2’19 Preview Adam Hamilton
The bottom line is the gold miners’ just-starting Q2’19 earnings season should prove impressive. That’s no thanks to gold, as its awesome bull-market breakout came too late last quarter to push its average price significantly higher. But the gold miners are still likely to collectively report sharply-higher Q2 output, which is normal after Q1’s deep production slump. That will also naturally lead to proportionally-lower costs. Growing production combined with lower costs at slightly-higher gold prices should yield big profits growth for the gold miners. Their Q2 results will be more closely watched and better received since psychology is shifting much more bullish in this sector. That should fuel big gold-stock buying as long as gold holds up. The yellow metal has proven resilient so far, but faces an ominous overhang of gold-futures selling pressure...

Jul 22 US & Global Markets Setting Up For A Volatility Explosion... Chris Vermeulen
Today, we are going to share with you some incredible charts that highlight why we believe all traders and investors need to stay keenly aware of the potential for very explosive moves over the next 6 to 12+ months. We’ve authored a number of articles about super-cycles, Gold, Oil and dozens of other symbols suggesting that a deeper and more complicated economic shift is taking place throughout the world. We’ve been following the trail of money and investments for many months and attempting to map out what we believe will happen in the future with our proprietary predictive modeling systems and adaptive learning utilities. Get ready for some crazy price ranges and a big move in the markets over the next 30+ days...

Jul 22 A Bright Morning Star For The Miners Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts (double-click to enlarge): SFS Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SF60 Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SF Trader Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SFJ Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis...



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