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Feb 19 Here We Go – Get ready for the Breakout Pattern Setup Chris Vermeulen
We are writing this post today with a few forward-looking expectations while attempting to warn traders that some extended rotation is likely to enter the markets over the next 30+ days. If you’ve been following our research, you’ll know that we’ve been calling these move months in advance of other researchers and analysts. Our September 17, 2018 research post highlighting our Adaptive Dynamic Learning predictive modeling system suggested the US stock markets were poised for a massive price rotation followed by a very unique price setup that we are experiencing now...

Feb 19 Get ready for the Breakout Pattern Setup – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Get ready for one of the most complicated price pattern setups we’ve seen in 4~5 years. Within this multi-part article, we’re highlighting many aspects of our predictive modeling solutions, as well as some very clear patterns that we believe, are tell-all investors to prepare for the next big move. This is the second part of our research, please take a minute to read PART I of this article. Now for the fun part, lots of charts and a few new predictions… Recently, the YM (the Dow Futures Contracts) have begun an upside price breakout that we believe is setting up for an incredible price pattern. We’ve been suggesting that capital will focus on certain sectors over the past few months (Finance, Technology, Blue-Chips, and Mid-Caps). We believe the safety provided by these US stocks have become...


Feb 19 Max Resources free gold elephant Rick Mills
Free gold means the possibility of low-cost processing: no heap-leach pads, no flotation, just crushing followed by good old-fashioned gravity as the means of separating the gold equals low-cost. Combine these factors with the fact that Colombia is open for business with a pro-mining president, that Max has an excellent team with deep experience including the co-founder geologist of Ivanhoe Mines, the fact that my own potential gold inferred numbers are literally off the charts and this project begins to look very impressive indeed. We’ll know more next week, but already, it appears that we might be staring eye to eye at one elephant of a gold deposit...

Feb 19 ExxonMobil U.S. Oil & Gas Financial Train-Wreck SRSrocco
I believe ExxonMobil will experience the same fate as most U.S. shale oil and gas producers, and that is, it will lose money to increase its domestic oil production. Of course, Exxon might be able to be more competitive than the other smaller shale oil and gas producers, but when the U.S. and global economy starts to unravel, oil prices will also head south. It will be interesting to see Exxon’s U.S. financial results over the next couple of years, especially if we have lower oil prices. While Exxon may likely increase its U.S. oil production, via the Permian, it will come at a considerable cost. And that is, it will use the profits from its international operations to make up for the losses in the Permian. How long can Exxon continue on that cannibalizing business model? Good question...

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Feb 18 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Gold has been turned back so many times in recent years from the strong resistance approaching the $1400 level, that most investors have now been well trained, like Pavlov’s dog, to expect it like clockwork, and as we know, it is just when this mindset prevails that gold is likely to surprise the majority by actually breaking out above this level. Looking at our latest 10-year chart for gold it’s not hard to see why most investors are defeatist about gold’s chances of breaking out. After all it has made 5 more serious attempts to break above this level since mid-2013 and all have failed. Even if they see what we see on this chart, which is gold approaching completion of a giant complex Head-and-Shoulders bottom, they are still skeptical...

Feb 18 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
The charts for silver look nowhere near as strong as those for gold, but that is normal for this stage in the cycle, as at the start of major sector bullmarkets investors tend to be cautious and conservative and favor gold over silver. Before going any further note that many of the observations made in the parallel Gold Market update, particularly regarding the dollar and Precious Metals stocks, apply equally to silver so there is no need to repeat them here, which is why the Silver Market update tends to be a lot shorter than the Gold Market update. Starting with the 10-year chart we see that the giant base pattern in silver appears to be taking the form of a Double Bottom, instead of the complex Head-and-Shoulders bottom that we saw in gold. Silver certainly looks weaker than gold here and...


Feb 18 Free Weekend Newsletter 2/17/2019 GoldPredict
What a wild week – Monday and Tuesday ended slightly negative in precious metals, and we received short-term sell signals into Wednesday. The short-signals were annulled after Thursday’s weak retail sales numbers. By Friday’s close, the preceding bull flags in metals and miners were restored. The tail-end of an intermediate cycle (up or down) is usually filled with one or more broken signals – this cycle is no different. The MACD divergences and slowing momentum support an intermediate top. However, Thursday’s reversal and Friday’s follow-through elect a little more upside followed by a fundamental correction into late March. Unless there is a major political shift, I think the current upside in gold is limited to around $1360...

Feb 18 Gold-Stock Mega-Mergers Bad Adam Hamilton
If Newmont and Barrick were the only gold-mining stocks, they’d certainly be worth owning during a secular gold bull. But why own these massive supertanker-like gold miners when smaller major, mid-tier, and junior gold miners’ stocks are performing way better? The smaller miners not only have lower market caps easier to bid higher with much-smaller capital inflows, but plenty also have superior fundamentals. They tend to have just a few or less gold mines, making it much easier to grow production by expanding existing mines or building new ones. Those expansion events act as major psychological catalysts to get investors interested in those stocks, fueling disproportionally-large buying to catapult them higher. There is really no reason to deploy capital in large majors when mid-tiers are easily running circles around them...

Feb 15 A Financial System Headed for a Collision with Debt Dave Kranzler
The retail sales report for December – delayed because of the Government shut-down – was released this morning. It showed the largest monthly drop since September 2009. Online sales plunged 3.9%, the steepest drop since November 2008. Not surprisingly, sporting goods/hobby/musical instruments/books plunged 4.9%. This is evidence that the average household has been forced to cut back discretionary spending to pay for food, shelter and debt service (mortgage, auto, credit card, student loans). I had to laugh when Trump’s Cocaine Cowboy – masquerading as the Administration’s flagship “economist” – attributed the plunge in retail sales to a “glitch.” Yes, the “glitch” is that 7 million people are delinquent to seriously delinquent on their auto loan payments...

Feb 15 A New Silver Issue for the Justice Department Theodore Butler
While it’s no small matter for suspected criminal activity to be pursued by three separate divisions within the Justice Department, yesterday’s release of the (still delayed) Commitments of Traders (COT) report for positions as of Jan 15, indicates yet another important division of the DOJ should be involved in the current investigation – the Antitrust Division. Incontrovertible evidence in yesterday’s COT report indicates serious violations of monopoly and restraint of trade issues in COMEX silver futures. This is not a “new” issue, in that I have continuously raised it over the years, but yesterday’s COT report indicates it is imperative for the Antitrust Division to consider the matter in light of the current COMEX precious metals investigation already underway....

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