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May 24 Stock Market Forecast for Next 3 months Chris Vermeulen
This is the stock market forecast for the next 3 months for the US stock market, gold, silver, and gold mining stocks. In this video I also tell you what is the next market going to do tomorrow.

May 24 Shale Oil & Gas Production Costs Spiral Higher... Dr. Heinrich Leopold/SRSrocco
If you believe the recent surge in U.S. oil production suggests that good times are here once more, think again. While the U.S. oil industry continues to increase production by adding a great deal more drilling rigs, there is serious trouble taking place in the shale patch that very few are aware. This has to do with the rapid deterioration of oil and gas economics as horrendous decline rates eat into company cash flows. The advent of shale oil and gas production, which created the vision of ‘ US energy independence’ , has brought renewed interest in the economics of oil and gas production. What are the key parameters for productivity and costs? In short, it is the cost per produced barrel and not – as often referred in the media – the absolute cost per individual well...

May 24 Decentralization-The Future Of Monetary Value Andrew Hoffman
Albert Einstein put it best when he defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”; and in my view, nothing is more insane than betting against a “house” run by the government, with the explicit goal of destroying you.  Which is why, amongst the countless fundamental reasons silver has bottomed – at a decidedly “higher low” – it’s no coincidence the COMEX “commercials” are covering en masse.  And who do you think they’ve been buying back their (illegal, naked) shorts from?  Yep, said Charlie Brown speculators; who, per this chart, are now stuck in their largest silver short position since…drum roll please…the ultimate bottom in December 2015 – when the Fed first started “raising rates,” I might add...


May 24 New Home Sales Plunge 11.4% In April Dave Kranzler
The generally misunderstood nature of housing oversupply is that it happens gradually and then all at once. That’s how the market for “illiquid” assets tends to behave (homes, exotic-asset backed securities, low-quality junk bonds, muni bonds, etc). The housing market tends to go from “very easy to sell a home” to “very easy to buy a home.” You do not want to have just signed a contract when homes are “easy to buy” because the next house on your block is going to sell for a lot lower than the amount you just paid. But you do want to be short homebuilders when homes become “very easy to buy.”...

May 24 Guideposts For Bulls And Bears Chris Ciovacco
While the primary trend still strongly favors the bulls, the bears have made some progress on the momentum and vulnerability fronts. The chart below shows the performance of the S&P 500 (SPY) relative to defensive-oriented consumer staples (XLP). From a bullish perspective, the ratio recently held at the 50% retracement, which leaves the door open to the uptrend continuing and the ratio going on to make a higher high. From a bearish perspective, the ratio has not made a higher high since January, which speaks to waning and vulnerable momentum. Intermediate-term bearish odds would improve if the ratio breaks below and stays below the three major Fibonacci retracement levels...

Technical Trading Mastery for Traders & Investors
How To Win With Simplicity - Written for both traders and investors, this book explores tools and techniques needed to profit in today’s competitive markets.

May 23 Some Perspective On The Latest Commitment Of Traders Report Craig Hemke
I suppose you could make the case that these most recent selloffs have washed out any "excess Speculator bullishness" that might have been present a few weeks ago. The CoT could also imply that upside potential now outweighs downside risk. However, for the reasons listed back at the beginning of this post, no one should ever make a trading or physical purchase decision based upon CoT info alone. That said, given the similarities the current CoT structure has to the CoTs of late 2015 and early 2016, it seems safe to conclude that the prices of CDG and CDS are very close to...or have bottoms. History suggests that the turnaround may not be immediate but the next price move from these lows could once again be substantial...

May 23 Forget GDXJ – Follow The Real Money Into Gold, Silver And Juniors Dave Kranzler
Silver Doctors / The News Doctors invited me onto their weekly SD Bullion Metals and Markets show to discuss why both the technicals and fundamentals are setting up for an unexpected rally into the summer in gold, silver and the mining shares, specifically the juniors. Subsequent to our recording, the weekly Commitment of Traders report released Friday showed that the bullion banks continue to cover their net short positions in both gold and silver rather aggressively and the hedge funds are unloading long positions and piling into the short side. Historically, this has been a set-up for big moves higher in the sector. The hedge funds chase momentum and they are almost never right in the precious metals sector...

 Stock & ETF Trading Signals

May 23 The Silver To Gold Ratio, As Undervalued As At Anytime In History Andrew Hoffman
I haven’t spoken recently of the gold/silver ratio – particularly, as in recent years, both gold and silver have been so blatantly, historically undervalued.  That said, particularly since Election Day, when the Cartel has gone berserk manipulating markets of all kinds, silver’s relative underperformance has been dramatic.  This, at a time when the global economy has plunged, with countless currencies following suit – not to mention, as the “Trump-flation” trade ignited a base metal bubble that silver decidedly did NOT participate in. Meanwhile, both political (no matter where you live) and geopolitical risk have measurably increased; and oh yeah, it was confirmed that both gold and silver passed peak production levels in 2015, with no possibility of a material rebound for the foreseeable future...

May 23 Mother Of All Short Squeezes About To Send Gold & Silver Prices Skyrocketing KWN
I am expecting a different kind of short squeeze. It’s not just about price. I am expecting a short squeeze where the shorts do not have the ability to deliver physical gold to meet the growing demand for metal. In the squeeze, the longs will be clamoring for metal, not paper. Keep in mind that I have been expecting gold to rocket higher as we enter into the delivery period for June gold options. The delivery period for over-the-counter options doesn’t end until next week. But the first clues as to how expiry will develop are likely to appear Thursday morning in New York with the expiry of Comex options that day...

May 22 Trump’s Treasury Capo Is Against Breaking Up The Big Banks Dave Kranzler
May 22 Weekend Newsletter 5/20/2017 GoldPredict
May 22 Stock Market Forecast and Fear Trading Chris Vermeulen
May 22 Stock Bubbles, Propaganda And The Deep State Dave Kranzler
May 22 Gold Stock 10DMA Wheat Vs Chaff Morris Hubbartt



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