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Mar 20 Alternative Scenario for Gold GoldPredict
Overnight gold declined to $1,307.40, and a breakdown below $1300 was nigh. Unfortunately, prices reversed around 2:00 AM and closed the day at $1,317.80. The odds for a bottom forming around the time of the Fed meeting are fading; it’s time to build alternative scenarios. The key levels going forward are $1310 and $1343 in gold. Gold peaked in late January. Prices failed to breakout above $1377 and slowly rolled over. The structure is demanding patience. Nevertheless, I see a correlation that may provide some guidance...

Mar 20 2018 Reversal Dates for Gold, Silver and Gold Stocks Przemysław Radomski
Friday’s session in the precious metals sector was very exciting, but quite a few investors will want to agree to that, because the volatility wasn’t really big. But the dam is broken, and we saw several new cracks pointing to an incoming breakdown. It’s not the time to look away from all the signs – it’s time to take advantage of them. In addition to showing you how we plan to proceed with the above, we’ll discuss something much bigger – the dates at which gold, silver and gold miners are likely to reverse during the course of the year based on the technique that proves to be extremely useful over and over again. We’ll start with the former...

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Mar 20 Finally, Some Good News Paul Craig Roberts
Washington’s gratuitous raising of tensions with Russia that we have been witnessing for many years is so reckless and irresponsible that we need some relief from the depression of it all. Perhaps I am grasping at straws, but here are some hopeful developments. An establishment journalist, Michael Goodwin, the chief political columnist for the New York Post and a former bureau chief for the New York Times, has blamed the New York Times and Washington Post for the destruction of journalistic standards in the United States...

Mar 20 The Secretive Bank of England SARTRE
With the enactment of the privately owned central bank, the Bank of England provided the model for the financial enslavement of governments, and their citizens. Well before the conflict for establishing a National Bank in America or the eventual surrender to the money changers with the betrayal in instituting the Federal Reserve, the history of the Bank of England needs to be studied. Relying on British historians may seem to invoke a cultural bias; however, the range and wealth of information on this topic comes from an earlier age. Further research will expand this understanding and many of the sources cited can fulfill this objective...

Technical Trading Mastery for Traders & Investors
How To Win With Simplicity - Written for both traders and investors, this book explores tools and techniques needed to profit in today’s competitive markets.

Mar 19 Real Estate and Banking Pressures are Building Chris Vermeulen
We believe that any pressures or hardships related to general consumers will be seen first in discretionary debt (credit cards, autos, and entertainment/activities). When consumers feel the debt pressure starting to build, they react by cutting back on certain discretionary spending – focusing their purchasing/paying abilities on essential items like food, human necessities (toiletries and other essentials) and maintaining essential components of their lives. One of the first things to watch is the delinquency rates for credit cards and autos. Additionally, watching for early signs of weakness in the larger metro real estate can assist us in understanding the health and dynamics of regional economies...

Mar 19 Biggest Breakthrough in Energy: Investor Warning SRSrocco
As the U.S. and global oil industry continue to cannibalize itself just to stay alive, the market is totally clueless because investors are being misled by the fallacy that technology will solve our peak oil crisis. While technology has allowed more oil to make it to the market, it has done so at a very high cost. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of the increased cost to produce this high-tech oil was subsidized by debt from unsuspecting investors. Hundreds of billions of Dollars were invested in the U.S. Shale Energy Industry by investors who were looking for a higher return on their money than they could receive from banks or other financial institutions. Sadly, most investors...

Mar 19 Does Larry Kudlow Fear Gold? Dave Kranzler
One of the first comments about the economy from Larry Kudlow after his appointment as Trump’s chief “economic” advisor was to advise anyone listening to “sell gold.” But why? Gold is irrelevant in the United States. Very few Americans care about silver and even less care about gold. So why bring attention headline attention to gold? The simple, if not obvious, answer is that gold is the number one threat to the U.S. dollar. It’s the antithesis of gold. For a born again Catholic like Kudlow, gold is the anti-Christ. Silver Doctors invited me onto its weekly Metals and Market Wrap show to discuss the February employment report, the appointment of Larry Kudlow and, of course, gold and silver...


Mar 19 Gold Miners’ Q4’17 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
Four times a year publicly-traded companies release treasure troves of valuable information in the form of quarterly reports. Required by securities regulators, these quarterly results are exceedingly important for investors and speculators. They dispel all the sentimental distortions surrounding prevailing stock-price levels, revealing the underlying hard fundamental realities. They serve to re-anchor perceptions. The bottom line is the major gold miners’ fundamentals are quite strong based on their recently-reported Q4’17 results. While production declined, mining costs were still driven lower...

Mar 19 Nationalism, not the Russians, got Trump elected Rick Mills
As AOTH’s deep analysis shows, President Trump's rise to power is very much tied into a global movement away from globalism and towards nationalism or its more sterile meme, populism. While nationalism, and especially white nationalism, is often tied to racism by the mainstream media outlets, it doesn't have to be a negative phenomenon if we recognize that the nation-state is the fundamental element of all political systems. How each nation decides to interact with other nations is a matter for politicians, who represent the people, to decide. In other words, globalism is not a system to which we have bought into that we cannot escape...

Mar 19 Gold Swoons But Novo Blasts Higher Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge): SFS Key Charts & Video Update; SF60 Key Charts & Video Update; SF Juniors Key Charts & Video Analysis; SF Trader Time Key Charts & Video Analysis...

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Mar 13 Economic Pressures To Driving Metals Higher Long-Term Chris Vermeulen
Mar 13 Congressman Criticizes U.S. Mint for “Disappointing and Concerning” Inaction SMDL
Mar 13 Silver Does it Again! Severe Consequences Przemysław Radomski

Mar 12 The Amazing Amount of Gold The U.S. Exported Since 2000 SRSRocco
Mar 12 Cheap Gold Stocks Basing Adam Hamilton
Mar 12 313k Jobs Added? Nice Try But It’s Fake News Dave Kranzler
Mar 12 Metal Stocks: Triangle Breakouts Begin Morris Hubbartt



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