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News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 20 - Jan 26

Jan 24 The Short-Term Outlook for Gold Craig Hemke
Jan 24 Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Update… Clive Maund
Jan 24 Peering Over the Abyss Gary Christenson
Jan 23 What’s in Store for the Precious Metals Sector in 2019? Dave Kranzler
Jan 23 Gold’s Profound Breakdown. And Something Much More Important Radomski
Jan 23 Gold: Is The Correction Over? Stewart Thomson
Jan 23 The Power of Gold Diversification Michael J. Kosares
Jan 22 The Silver Price & Broader Markets: How Will They Trade This Week? SRSRocco
Jan 22 Unprecedented Manipulation and Trading the Precious Metals Ratios Dave Kranzler
Jan 22 The Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse and the Markets... Clive Maund
Jan 22 A Government of Socialists SARTRE
Jan 22 Gold Stocks Remain in a Downtrend Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jan 22 Weekend Newsletter 1/20/2019 GoldPredict
Jan 21 Will China Surprise The Us Stock Market? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 21 Not In The Business To Make Money, But To Take Money SRSrocco
Jan 21 Pay Attention To The Russell and Financial Sectors Chris Vermeulen
Jan 21 Gold, Silver, Miners—Get Ready to BTFD David Brady
Jan 21 Gold Stocks: Key Buy & Sell Zones Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 13 - Jan 19

Jan 18 Crude Oil Will Find Strong Resistance Between $52~55 ppb. Chris Vermeulen
Jan 18 Stock Market Volatility Reflects Systemic Instability Dave Kranzler
Jan 18 Thursday Report 1/17/2019 GoldPredict
Jan 17 Goldcorp-Newmont deal points to more M&A Rick Mills
Jan 17 Silver - 1993 and 2001 Repeat Gary Christenson
Jan 16 Gold and Silver 2019 Price Forecast Craig Hemke
Jan 16 Gold: An Institutional Stampede Into Miners Stewart Thomson
Jan 16 Bill Holter - Not A Chance Next Financial Crisis Can Be Avoided SilverBullionTV
Jan 16 Barkerville Gold: Quickly De-Risking And Undervalued Dave Kranzler
Jan 15 Are Global Stock Markets About To Rally 10 Percent? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 15 Commodities are the right story for 2019 Rick Mills
Jan 15 Get Ready for Turbulent Markets in 2019: Gold & Silver To Outperform Most SRSrocco
Jan 15 A Rally or a Bull Market? Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jan 14 Top Ten Trends Lead to Gold Jim Willie
Jan 14 Vista Gold: Overlooked And Undervalued Dave Kranzler
Jan 14 GOLD – Higher, Then Lower, Then Skyward David Brady
Jan 14 GDXJ Upside Bests GDX Adam Hamilton
Jan 14 Gold Stocks: "Next Rally Is Imminent" Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 6 - Jan 12

Jan 11 Two Must Know Trade Setups That Happen Every Week Chris Vermeulen
Jan 11 Thursday Report 1/10/2019 GoldPredict
Jan 11 Questions Only the DOJ Can Get Answered Theodore Butler
Jan 11 Simple Day Trades – Gap Windows and Price Spikes Chris Vermeulen
Jan 11 The Tragedy Of The Euro Alasdair Macleod
Jan 11 Warning Signs from Russell 2000 and Dow Transports Chris Vermeulen Video
Jan 10 Silver Outperforms Key Markets, Metals & Energy SRSRocco
Jan 10 The Powell Helium Pump Dave Kranzler
Jan 10 Forecasts, Commentary & Analysis on the Economy and Precious Metals Kosares
Jan 9 The Yuan-Gold "Peg" in 2019 Craig Hemke
Jan 9 Why I Believe 2019 Will Be The Year For Gold & Silver (Part 2) Mike Maloney
Jan 9 Gold: China Is Back In The Game Stewart Thomson
Jan 9 How to Spot A Tradable Market Top? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 8 Gold Hits Our $1300 Price Target – What Next? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 8 Declining Stocks, a Falling Dollar and Rising Gold / Silver Prices Dave Kranzler
Jan 8 Will the Momentum in Precious Metals Continue? Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA
Jan 7 Weekend Newsletter 1/06/2019 GoldPredict
Jan 7 Gold challenges $1300 Alasdair Macleod
Jan 7 A Quiet Bull Move in Gold, Silver and Mining Stocks Dave Kranzler
Jan 7 Gold-Stock Upleg Breaking Out Adam Hamilton
Jan 7 Gold: Core Position & Trading Tactics Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 1 - Jan 5

Jan 4 Top Morgan Chase Attourney Member Pilgrims Society! Charles Savoie
Jan 4 GOLD Takes Center Stage in a Fiat World David Brady
Jan 3 Expectations for Gold and Silver in 2019 Craig Hemke
Jan 3 Mining Stock Daily’s 2019 Outlook For Precious Metals Dave Kranzler
Jan 3 Why I Believe 2019 Will Be The Year For Gold & Silver (Part 1) Mike Maloney
Jan 2 What to expect within the first 3~5 months of 2019 Chris Vermeulen
Jan 2 2019 Market Meltdown: What The New Year Brings SRSrocco
Jan 2 Happy New Year From Queen Gold & King Silver Stewart Thomson
Jan 2 Pullback Ahead in Gold David Brady
Jan 2 2019 from a Fourth Turning Perspective The Burning Platform

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