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News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 9 - Feb 15

Feb 14 Predictive Modeling Suggests Gold Will Break Above $1650 Within 15~30 Days CV
Feb 14 The Stock Market, Gold, Silver, Mining Stocks And Tesla Dave Kranzler
Feb 14 Good Cheer for PM Sector Investors Clive Maund
Feb 14 The Strong PMs Response to the USDX Premarket Hesitation Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 13 Shipping Rates Plunge, Commodities and Stocks May Follow Chris Vermeulen
Feb 13 David Morgan – Fed Flooding Market with Funny Money Greg Hunter
Feb 13 Copper Market is a Coiled Spring Rick Mills
Feb 13 Is Yesterday's USDX Decline About to Trigger PMs Rally? Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 12 2020 – A Close Look At What To Expect Chris Vermeulen
Feb 12 A Look at COMEX Palladium Craig Hemke
Feb 12 Corona & Debt: A Twin Virus Horror Stewart Thomson
Feb 12 Shale Oil Bubble Accounted for 99% Of US Production Growth Since 2007 SRSRocco
Feb 11 How and When to Enter Day Trades & Swing Trades For Max. Gains C. Vermeulen
Feb 11 Mining Stocks are Setting Up for another Run Dave Kranzler
Feb 11 Could Silver Break-Out Like it Did in 2011? Rick Mills
Feb 11 These Charts Say 2018 Was A Major Bottom Chris Ciovacco
Feb 11 The Coming Silver Price Shock, Part I: Warnings Everywhere Jeff Clark
Feb 11 Stock Market Sector Rotation Should Peak Within 60+ Days – Part II C. Vermeulen
Feb 10 The Coming Exponential Silver Price Movement SRSRocco
Feb 10 Palladium, Tesla and the Imposition of Electric Vehicles... Clive Maund
Feb 10 Big Silver-Stock Potential Adam Hamilton
Feb 10 Decision Time for Metals and Miners Approaches David Brady
Feb 10 Is The Coronavirus bullish for Stocks? Chris Vermeulen
Feb 10 Gold Stocks & Bitcoin: Key Signals In Play Morris Hubbartt
Feb 10 News & Views February 2020 edition Michael J. Kosares

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 2 - Feb 8

Feb 7 Broad Market Sector Rotation Starts In 60+ Days – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Feb 6 Corona Virus and Manufacturing Shutdowns Will Affect Companies Chris Vermeulen
Feb 6 The Guggenheim "#1 Conviction Trade" Craig Hemke
Feb 6 Tesla, Gold And Coronavirus – Fraud And Global Depression Dave Kranzler
Feb 6 U.S. Top Shale Oil Fields Decline 10 Times Faster Than Global Oil Industry SRSrocco
Feb 6 Downside Risk in Precious Metals Jordan Roy-Byrne
Feb 5 There’s Just Not That Much Silver Investment Insurance To Go Around SRSrocco
Feb 5 Gold Stocks: Cash Flow Is The Theme Stewart Thomson
Feb 5 How Effective Is Gold As a Hedge? History Has an Empirical Answer Jeff Clark
Feb 5 Inverse Energy ETF AT Breakout Level – Could Rally Further Chris Vermeulen
Feb 4 Are You Prepared for the Contagion? Bill Holter
Feb 4 Another Position Limits Farce Theodore Butler
Feb 3 Fed’s Risky QE4 Stock Ramp Adam Hamilton
Feb 3 Printed Money Blowing The Bubbles Even Bigger Dave Kranzler
Feb 3 Palladium One Identifies Compelling New Drill Target at Tyko Rick Mills
Feb 3 Gold Stocks: It's Time To Buy Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 26 - Feb 1

Jan 31 Termite Invited to Address Precious Metals Conference! Charles Savoie
Jan 31 A Combination Topping Pattern Is Setting Up Chris Vermeulen
Jan 31 Silver Prepares For Next Leg Higher Chris Vermeulen
Jan 31 The Amazing Untold Facts About Gold & Silver Investing SRSRocco
Jan 31 Fed’s Plan to Cap Yields Signals Higher Gold and Silver Prices David Brady
Jan 30 Are We Setting Up For A Waterfall Selloff? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 30 Gold Outperforms Berkshire Hathaway Nick Barisheff
Jan 30 EV Predictions Show Strained Metals Supply Rick Mills
Jan 29 The Platinum Breakout & Bull Market of 2020 Chris Vermeulen
Jan 29 Ahead of the January FOMC Craig Hemke
Jan 29 Gold Bullion Versus The Miners Stewart Thomson

Jan 29 The Housing Bubble: They Keep Pushing the System Until it Breaks Dave Kranzler
Jan 29 Alert: Silver Goes on Sale GoldSilver Team
Jan 28 The Black Swan Event Begins Chris Vermeulen
Jan 28 Gold, Silver And Mining Stock Charts Look Bullish Dave Kranzler
Jan 27 The Wuhan Wipeout – Could It Happen? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 27 How Much Human Labor Equals One Gallon of Gasoline? SRSRocco
Jan 27 Gold-Miner Valuations Adam Hamilton
Jan 27 Germany Starts War on Gold Rick Mills
Jan 27 ETF Frustration While Key Miners Surge Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 19 - Jan 25

Jan 24 January 2018 Stock Market Repeat – Yikes! Chris Vermeulen
Jan 24 The Tremendous Hidden Value in Every Silver Coin SRSRocco
Jan 24 MSM Gold Reporting becomes more Absurd by the Day Dave Kranzler
Jan 24 Gold Price Trend Forecast 2020 - Part 1 Nadeem Walayat
Jan 24 Does Palladium Signal the End of Paper Futures in Gold and Silver? David Brady
Jan 24 Geophysical Work Begins at Finland Palladium Play Rick Mills
Jan 24 The Next Catalyst for Gold Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jan 23 Transportation Sector Crashed Hard and What it Means Chris Vermeulen
Jan 23 Guide to Gold and Silver Mining Stocks - Mike Maloney Buying Miners? GoldSilver
Jan 23 Trading Strategies for GDXJ, SPY, BONDS, and Natural Gas Chris Vermeulen
Jan 23 NOT-Predictions for 2020 Gary Christenson
Jan 22 Junior Gold Miners Setting Up For Another Rally Chris Vermeulen
Jan 22 Gold Trade Usage & Price Effect Jim Willie
Jan 22 Tesla’s Warranty Expense “Income” Dave Kranzler
Jan 22 The Magic Palladium Bullet in 2020 Craig Hemke
Jan 22 Investing In Currency: Gold Or Fiat? Stewart Thomson
Jan 21 Q4 Earnings Setup The Rally To The Peak Chris Vermeulen
Jan 21 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 21 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 20 Energy Continues Basing Setup – Breakout Expected Near January 24th Vermeulen
Jan 20 Cannibalization of the Financial System will Force Investors into Silver SRSRocco
Jan 20 Bullion Shortages Will Push Junior Mining Stocks Higher in 2020 Dave Kranzler
Jan 20 Gold Stocks Wavering Adam Hamilton
Jan 20 Gold Stocks: Bull Candlesticks Now Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 12 - Jan 18

Jan 17 Platinum Breaks $1000 On Big Rally And What is Next Chris Vermeulen
Jan 17 Why I Am Only Looking Up in Metals and Miners, With One Caveat David Brady
Jan 17 The Genius of JPMorgan Theodore Butler
Jan 17 A Tale of Two Markets Gary Christenson
Jan 17 Shifting Undercurrents In The US Stock Market Chris Vermeulen
Jan 16 NV Gold Doubles Down on Silver with New Arizona Project Rick Mills
Jan 16 Calling All Comedians: The Gold Market is So Small It Could Fit In a… Jeff Clark
Jan 15 Silver Traders Big Trend Analysis – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Jan 15 Real Gold vs Pretend Gold Craig Hemke
Jan 15 Some Positive Gold Market Charts Peter Degraaf
Jan 15 Gold, Key Indexes, & Goldman Stewart Thomson
Jan 15 The Fed is Going All-In to Keep the System from Collapsing Dave Kranzler
Jan 15 Petroteq Energy Update: Situation Goes from Worse to Horrible SRSRocco
Jan 14 Bill Holter: The Fed Has Already Lost Control Chris Marcus
Jan 14 Only In America And Banana Republics Dave Kranzler
Jan 14 Looking For Big Moves in Silver This Year Chris Marcus / Rory Hall
Jan 13 My Big Trend Analysis for Silver Investor – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Jan 13 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 13 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 13 Weekend Report January, 2020 GoldPredict
Jan 13 Time to Buy Gold and Silver on Every Pullback Dave Kranzler
Jan 13 Outlook For Gold in 2020 Nick Barisheff
Jan 13 Gold Reacting to Global Flash Points Rick Mills
Jan 13 Gold Stocks: ETFs Or Individual Miners? Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 5 - Jan 11

Jan 10 We Don't Need To Know Charles Savoie
Jan 10 Commitment of Traders (COT) Data Suggests Gold In Rally Mode Chris Vermeulen
Jan 10 50,000 Tons of Non-Recyclable Wind Turbine Blades Dumped in Landfill SRSRocco
Jan 9 QE Madness: Is it Worse Now than in 2008? Dave Kranzler
Jan 9 Gold Hits $1,600/oz After Iran Missile Attack Jeff Clark
Jan 9 Favourable Conditions Are Likely To Propel Silver Much Higher Hubert Moolman
Jan 9 Is The Energy Sector Setting Up Another Great Entry? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 9 Facts and Speculations – Next Decade Gary Christenson
Jan 8 The Battle Between Save Havens and Risk On Continues Chris Vermeulen
Jan 8 Gold and Silver 2020 Macrocast Craig Hemke
Jan 8 North Dakota Bakken Flaring Nearly 20% Of Its Natural Gas Production SRSRocco
Jan 8 Gold, Debt, & The Human Heart Stewart Thomson
Jan 7 Crude Oil Reverses Lower Again After US Missile Attack Chris Vermeulen
Jan 7 Gold Just Broke Through A Key Level SRSRocco
Jan 7 Will 2020 be junior mining’s year? Rick Mills
Jan 7 NASDAQ Set to Fall 1000pts In Early 2020 - What it Means for Gold Chris Vermeulen
Jan 6 What does the stock market contraction after missile strike mean? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 6 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 6 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 6 The Comex Is A Complete Joke Dave Kranzler
Jan 6 News & Views January 2020 Michael J. Kosares

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 1 - Jan 4

Jan 3 ADL Gold Prediction Confirms Targets Chris Vermeulen
Jan 3 Gold Surges Due to Troubled Fed Repo & U.S. Treasury Market SRSRocco
Jan 3 Short-Term Reversal in Gold and Silver Before Trend Higher Continues David Brady
Jan 3 5 Essential Things to Know Before Investing In Precious Metals Anthony Anderson
Jan 3 Silver is INCREDIBLY Undervalued Mike Maloney
Jan 2 What To Expect In Early 2020 Chris Vermeulen
Jan 2 For Auld Lang Jackass Craig Hemke / Jim Willie
Jan 2 Debt: Sizzle Versus Steak Stewart Thomson
Jan 2 Money Printing and Physical Demand Will Drive Gold Higher Dave Kranzler

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