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News and Commentary for the Week of  Aug 11 - Aug 17

Aug 16 Part II – Silver, Transports, and Dow Jones Index At Targets... Chris Vermeulen
Aug 16 Today’s Stock, Metal, and Energy Forecasts – Aug 16 2019 Chris Vermeulen
Aug 16 Precious Metals Reaching Initial Targets Prior to Aug 19... Chris Vermeulen
Aug 16 If Gold is in a Bubble, Then Mine Supply Must Come from the Tooth Fairy SRSRocco
Aug 15 PART 4 – Global Central Banks Move To Keep The Party Rolling Chris Vermeulen
Aug 15 Getting Nervous About the Stock Market? Here’s Your Antidote Jeff Clark
Aug 15 The Yield "Curve" Knows Craig Hemke
Aug 15 K.I.S.S. Strategy - Part 1 Gary Christenson
Aug 14 Global Central Banks Move To Keep The Party Rolling – Part III Chris Vermeulen
Aug 14 The Flagification Of Gold Stewart Thomson
Aug 14 The Remarkable Resiliency of Gold and Silver Dave Kranzler
Aug 14 The True Story Behind China's 'Currency Manipulation' Mike Maloney
Aug 14 Near Term Risk in Gold is Increasing Jordan Roy-Byrne
Aug 13 August 19 (Crazy Ivan) Event Only A Few Days Away Chris Vermeulen
Aug 13 Part II – Global Central Banks Kick Can Down The Road Again Chris Vermeulen
Aug 13 USDollar: Finally the Achillles Heel Jim Willie
Aug 13 Junior’s Sre the Answer to Gold Industry Challenges Rick Mills
Aug 13 Will the Precious Metals Rally Continue Throughout the Summer? SRSRocco
Aug 13 News & Views August 2019 Mike Kosares
Aug 13 Gun Free Utopian Society SARTRE
Aug 12 Global Central Banks Move To Keep The Party Rolling Onward Chris Vermeulen
Aug 12 Part II – Metals and VIX Are About To Pull A “Crazy Ivan” Chris Vermeulen
Aug 12 The Precious Metals are Setting Up for Big Moves Higher Steve St. Angelo
Aug 12 Is the Federal Reserve losing control of the gold price? Dave Kranzler
Aug 12 Big US Stocks’ Q2’19 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
Aug 12 All Eyes On Copper Chris Vermeulen
Aug 12 Gold $1500: Black Candles But Uptrend Intact Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Aug 4 - Aug 10

Aug 9 Up Over 24.16% in Gains this Month and its only Aug 8th Chris Vermeulen
Aug 9 Metals and VIX Are About To Pull A “Crazy Ivan” – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Aug 9 History Rhymes. Gold and Silver are the New TINA David Brady

Aug 9 Is the Federal Reserve losing control of the gold price? Paul Craig Roberts
Aug 8 Inching Toward the Cliff – Why Gold is Soaring Dave Kranzler
Aug 8 Does Gold's Breakout Mean Silver is on the Launchpad?... Jeff Clark
Aug 8 Gold & Silver Surge Higher as Market Carnage Continues SRSRocco
Aug 7 Our Custom Index Charts Suggest The Markets Are In For A Wild Ride C. Vermeulen
Aug 7 Gold's Next Target Craig Hemke
Aug 7 Natural Gas and Crude Oil: Diverging Setups For Technical Traders Chris Vermeulen
Aug 7 Trade War Winner: Gold & The Miners Stewart Thomson
Aug 7 A Global Race to Zero in Fiat Currencies… Dave Kranzler
Aug 7 Gold Sets Its Sights on $1500 GoldPredict
Aug 6 Where’s the Market bottom? Is This It? Chris Vermeulen
Aug 6 Golden Consequences Rick Mills
Aug 6 Silver vs. the S&P 500: History Says One Could Be Crushed, the Other... Jeff Clark
Aug 6 There’s More Upside in Gold & Gold Stocks Jordan Roy-Byrne
Aug 5 Is This The Start Of The Next Bear Market? Chris Vermeulen
Aug 5 Gold Pushes to New 2019 Highs Jeff Clark
Aug 5 Gold & Silver Hold up well While Broader Markets Continue to Sell Off SRSRocco
Aug 5 Gold / Silver May Be Breaking Free From Manipulation Dave Kranzler
Aug 5 Palladium collapses After Our Double-Top From Early July 2019 Chris Vermeulen
Aug 5 Gold Stocks’ Autumn Rally 4 Adam Hamilton
Aug 5 Gold: Bullish Engulfing Candlestick Action Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jul 28 - Aug 3

Aug 2 Small Caps Setup A Very Rare & Interesting Price Pattern Chris Vermeulen
Aug 2 Metals React To Fed Shockwaves – Ready For Next Move Chris Vermeulen
Aug 2 Position Limits Theodore Butler
Aug 2 Market Reaction to Fed Cut Unexpected Chris Vermeulen Video
Aug 1 US Fed Set To Rattle Global Markets – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Aug 1 The Economy is Starting to Implode Dave Kranzler
Aug 1 The Fed Has Lost It GoldSilver Team
Aug 1 Two Views of Yesterday's Gold Strength Przemyslaw Radomski
Jul 31 USFed: Infinite QE Forever at Zero Bound Jim Willie
Jul 31 US Fed Set To Rattle Global Markets – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Jul 31 Fed Day: A Bullish Wind Blows For Gold Stewart Thomson
Jul 31 Why Trump’s Low-Dollar Plan Won’t Work Rick Mills
Jul 30 Silver Price 2019: Is this the Year for a New Bull Market? SRSRocco
Jul 30 The Message From The Stock/Bond Ratio Chris Ciovacco
Jul 30 Those Key Behind-the-Scenes Stories That Silver Tells Przemyslaw Radomski
Jul 30 Crude Oil Should Breakdown to $51 Early This Week Chris Vermeulen
Jul 30 I’m About to Steal Profits Right out of Your Brokerage Account Jeff Clark
Jul 29 US Stocks Seem To Be Following Our Predictions (Part II) Chris Vermeulen
Jul 29 US Stocks Seem To Be Following Our Predictions (Part I) Chris Vermeulen
Jul 29 Silver Outperforming Gold 2 Adam Hamilton
Jul 29 The U.S. Corn Ethanol Boondoggle SRSRocco
Jul 29 Inflation Ghosts: Past, Present & Future Gary Christenson
Jul 29 Gold & Silver Stocks: Book Profits Now Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jul 21 - Jul 27

Jul 26 Gold, Silver, Mining Stocks are a Coiled Spring Dave Kranzler
Jul 26 Can Silver Lead PMs Higher Still? Przemyslaw Radomski
Jul 26 Has the Gold/Silver Ratio Started a Reversal? Jeff Clark
Jul 25 Silver Price Target during the Next Bull Market Chris Vermeulen
Jul 25 What is the Silver Market Price Telling Us Now? SRSRocco
Jul 25 It’s Just a Matter of Time (before the market tips over again) Dave Kranzler
Jul 25 John Williams – Entering Period of Perpetual Money Printing Greg Hunter
Jul 25 The U.S. Debt Ceiling Illusion Craig Hemke
Jul 25 PART II – Black Hole In Global Banking Is Being Exposed Chris Vermeulen
Jul 24 Silver Investors: Something Big Is Happening Here Mike Maloney
Jul 24 Gold Pennant: Will It Supersize The Rally? Stewart Thomson
Jul 24 Black Hole In Global Banking Is Being Exposed Chris Vermeulen
Jul 24 Gold & Gold Stocks Ripping. What's Next? Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jul 23 Silver Price Forecast: What The Next Silver Rally Should Look Like Chris Vermeulen
Jul 23 Major Production Declines from the Top Two Primary Silver Mining Co's SRSRocco
Jul 23 Tellingly, Gold Hesitates after Making a New High Przemyslaw Radomski
Jul 23 2019 Market Action Points To Positive Long-Term Outcomes Chris Ciovacco
Jul 23 Something is Brewing in the Silver Market Jeff Clark
Jul 23 Goldfinger, Silver and Gold Gary Christenson
Jul 22 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jul 22 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jul 22 What Could The Next Gold Rally Look Like? Part I Chris Vermeulen
Jul 22 Weekend Newsletter July 21, 2019 GoldPredict
Jul 22 NV Gold identifies large, structural target for August drilling Rick Mills
Jul 22 Gold Miners’ Q2’19 Preview Adam Hamilton
Jul 22 US & Global Markets Setting Up For A Volatility Explosion... Chris Vermeulen
Jul 22 A Bright Morning Star For The Miners Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jul 14 - Jul 20

Jul 19 Silver Resurrection impending! Charles Savoie
Jul 19 Gold and US Stock Election and Decade Cycles Chris Vermeulen
Jul 19 Silver Breakout Continues: Next Important Key Levels SRSrocco
Jul 19 Modern Monetary Theory, Centralized Control and Gold Dave Kranzler
Jul 19 Craig Hemke: How High Can Silver Go, Banks Still In Control Of Price? SilverDoctors
Jul 18 Double Top In Transportation & Metals Breakout Are Key Topping Signals Vermeulen
Jul 18 Truly Epic Silver Signals: Vying for Your Attention Przemyslaw Radomski
Jul 18 Ray Dalio Warns A "New Paradigm" Is Coming: "Buy Gold, Sell Stocks" ZeroHedge
Jul 17 Financial Crisis Bear Market Is Scary Close Chris Vermeulen
Jul 17 Public Response Bill Holter
Jul 17 Tuesday Report July 16, 2019 GoldPredict
Jul 17 Gold & Silver Miners: The Hot Action Is Now Stewart Thomson
Jul 17 Best Reason I Know to Buy Silver Now: Everybody Hates Silver Alexander Trigaux
Jul 17 Gold Stocks Forming Bullish Consolidation Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jul 17 Could A Deutsche Bank Collapse Crash The Markets? Dave Kranzler
Jul 16 The Silver Price: Setting Up For A Breakout? SRSrocco
Jul 16 What is Up With the Silver Market? Who Is the Whale? Mike Maloney
Jul 16 The Battle Is On: Gold Price vs. the HUI Miners Przemyslaw Radomski
Jul 16 Wrong Whale Ted Butler
Jul 15 Earnings may surprise the stock market – Watch Out! Chris Vermeulen
Jul 15 Finance Costs are Killing the Shale Industry SRSRocco
Jul 15 Weekend Newsletter July 14 GoldPredict
Jul 15 Last Chance to Buy Metals and Miners at Bargain Prices David Brady
Jul 15 Mid-August Is A Critical Turning Point For US Stocks Chris Vermeulen
Jul 15 Gold Selloff Risk High Adam Hamilton
Jul 15 Gold Stocks: Breaking Through A Double Top Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jul 7 - Jul 13

Jul 12 Could Gold Launch Into A Parabolic Upside Rally? Chris Vermeulen
Jul 12 Right on the Gold Bull Market Chris Vermeulen
Jul 12 Major Index Top In 3 to 5 Weeks? Chris Vermeulen
Jul 12 The Fed Appoints Itself Bubble-Sustainer in Chief Alexander Trigaux
Jul 12 Jerome Powell Fails the Gold Standard Test Dave Kranzler
Jul 12 Deliberately Looking Away Ted Butler
Jul 11 Comments on US Markets, Gold and Silver Chris Vermeulen
Jul 11 Who are the Gold Buyers that Pushed the Price Over $1,400? SRSRocco
Jul 11 Bill Holter & Jim Sinclair – Dollar Will Be Sliced in Half Greg Hunter
Jul 11 CFTC Data Warning Signs Craig Hemke
Jul 11 How Can Gold Break Down and Finish Higher at the Same Time? Radomski
Jul 11 Predictive Modeling Suggest Oil Headed Much Lower Chris Vermeulen
Jul 10 The U.S. (and Global) Economy is in Trouble Dave Kranzler
Jul 10 US Dollar Strength Will Drive Markets Higher Chris Vermeulen
Jul 10 Oil (and Gas!) Prices -- and the 2019 Hurricane Season EWI
Jul 10 A Grim Reaper Made Of Gold Stewart Thomson
Jul 10 Tuesdy Report July 9, 2019 GoldPredict
Jul 9 Stock Market Cycle Top and Fearless Vix Signal Turning Point Chris Vermeulen
Jul 9 Into the “Twilight Zone”? Bill Holter
Jul 9 Summer Doldrums Turned Upside Down Jonathan Kosares
Jul 9 PART III – Debt Crisis To Be Reborn In 2020 Chris Vermeulen
Jul 9 It Looks, Sounds and Smells Like a Gold Bull Market Dave Kranzler
Jul 9 Tom Cloud Update: Gold’s Move Higher & Silver To Outperform SRSrocco
Jul 8 Is The Debt Crisis About To Be Reborn In 2020? Chris Vermeulen
Jul 8 PART II – Is The Debt Crisis About To Be Reborn In 2020? Chris Vermeulen
Jul 8 If Gold is in a Bull Market, Buy Silver David Brady
Jul 8 Gold Summer Doldrums? Adam Hamilton
Jul 8 Gold Is Going Parabolic And Which Way Up Or Down? Chris Vermeulen
Jul 8 Gold: Bullish candlesticks but overbought Morris Hubbartt
Jul 8 The Long and Short Plays For Gold Traders Chris Vermeulen

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jun 30 - Jul 6

Jul 3 Transportation Index Warns Of Trouble Ahead? Chris Vermeulen
Jul 3 The Flight To Safety In Gold – Part 1 Dave Kranzler
Jul 3 Gold's Pullback: Expected, Normal, & Healthy Stewart Thomson
Jul 3 The U.S. a Net Oil Exporter? The Dirty Little Secret SRSrocco
Jul 3 G20 News Drive Big Moves In The Markets Chris Vermeulen
Jul 2 Monthly Breadth: Dark Clouds Or A Ray Of Hope? Chris Ciovacco
Jul 2 US Prepares for Currency War Rick Mills
Jul 2 Peru’s Largest Primary Silver Mine Production Plummets 54% SRSrocco
Jul 1 G20 News Drive Big Moves In The Markets Chris Vermeulen
Jul 1 My index trend and trading strategy signal Chris Vermeulen
Jul 1 Part II – Are Real Estate ETF’s The Next Big Trade? Chris Vermeulen
Jul 1 I’m Giving Away Gold Bars LAST DAY – Canada Day! Chris Vermeulen
Jul 1 Are Real Estate ETF’s The Next Big Trade? Chris Vermeulen
Jul 1 USDollar Breakdown Begins Jim Willie
Jul 1 Why Silver is Amazingly Cheap Here... Clive Maund
Jul 1 Gold's Epochal Breakout Will Not be Negated by a Correction... Clive Maund
Jul 1 Weekend Newsletter JUNE 30, 2019 GoldPredict
Jul 1 Gold: BOOM Goes the Dynamite Dave Kranzler
Jul 1 Gold Stocks: The Rally Is Ready To Accelerate Morris Hubbartt
Jul 1 Gold-Stock Decisive Breakout! Adam Hamilton

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jun 23 - Jun 29

Jun 28 Is Silver Safe From Nationalization? What States Should Do Now! Charles Savoie
Jun 28 Silver, Platinum Gaining New Interest Chris Vermeulen
Jun 28 New Home Sales Tank – KBH Claims Its Numbers “Improved” Dave Kranzler
Jun 28 Stranger Than Fiction Ted Butler
Jun 27 Silver Will Pause Before Going Higher Chris Vermeulen
Jun 27 Bonds and Equities Versus Gold Rick Mills
Jun 27 Gold Clearly Reverses at Consolidation's Upper Border Przemyslaw Radomski
Jun 27 Time for an International Gold Reset Gary Christenson
Jun 26 Tuesday Report June 25, 2019 GoldPredict
Jun 26 Gold Stocks: Mighty Bull Flags Begin Now Stewart Thomson
Jun 26 Why I’m 99.9% Sure We’ll Win With Gold: The Fed’s #1 Tool is Deficient Jeff Clark
Jun 26 Trouble at the Bakken: Oil Production Finally Peaking? SRSRocco
Jun 26 Next Bull and Bear Markets are Now Set Up Chris Vermeulen
Jun 26 Elliott Wave: Market Signaling Fed to Cut Rates Soon EWI
Jun 26 While Stocks Dominated Headlines, Gold Quietly Performed Michael J. Kosares
Jun 26 Are Institutions Selling Into This Rally? Chris Ciovacco
Jun 25 Recognition and Adjustment Craig Hemke
Jun 25 Gold is Going Higher – But Brace Yourself for Volatility Dave Kranzler
Jun 25 Gold Above $1,400 is Only the Tip of the Signal Iceberg Przemyslaw Radomski
Jun 25 China and the Fed Combine to Send Gold to New Highs David Brady
Jun 24 Very Important Week for Gold: Where is the Price Heading? SRSRocco
Jun 24 How To Time Market Tops and Bottoms Chris Vermeulen
Jun 24 ZIRP and QE Won’t Save the Economy – Buy Gold Dave Kranzler
Jun 24 Financial Sector Paints A Clear Picture For Trading Profits Chris Vermeulen
Jun 24 Why are Central Banks Buying Gold and Dumping Dollars? Rick Mills
Jun 24 Potential Upside Targets for Gold Stocks Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jun 24 Why is JPMorgan Above the Law? Theodore Butler
Jun 24 Gold Bull Breaking Out! Adam Hamilton
Jun 24 Gold Stocks: More Bull Flags Are Coming Morris Hubbartt
Jun 24 Small Caps May Lead A Market Rally Chris Vermeulen

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jun 16 - Jun 22

Jun 21 Finally… Gold Breaks out Through Key 5-year Resistance Level SRSrocco
Jun 21 Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged – Gold & Stocks Rally/Dollar Falls Chris Vermeulen
Jun 21 Precious Metals Breakout Rally or Reversal Time? Chris Vermeulen
Jun 21 America’s Critical Metals Mine Rick Mills
Jun 21 Free Lunch Gary Christenson
Jun 20 Is Gold Reversing, or Pushing to New Highs? Przemyslaw Radomski
Jun 20 The Fed Is Running Out Of Bullets Dave Kranzler
Jun 19 Fed May Trigger Wild Swing In Index and Metals Chris Vermeulen
Jun 19 Global Economy Propped up by U.S. Shale Oil Ponzi Scheme SRSRocco
Jun 19 Fed Meet: Outrageously Bullish For Gold Stewart Thomson
Jun 19 What Typically Happens When These Charts Flip? Chris Ciovacco
Jun 19 Dancing Closer to the Exits Rick Mills
Jun 19 Technical Trader Launches New Active Trading Dashboard... Chris Vermeulen
Jun 18 Investors are confident, bullish and buying stocks, but… Chris Vermeulen
Jun 18 Gold Special Update... Clive Maund
Jun 18 Can Western Central Banks Continue Capping Gold At $1350? Dave Kranzler
Jun 18 Precious Metals' Reversals - Everywhere You Look Przemyslaw Radomski
Jun 17 Index Prediction System Is Telling Us A Very Different Story Chris Vermeulen
Jun 17 Gold Nearing Breakout into Unprecedented Bullmarket... Clive Maund
Jun 17 Gold Standard Coming Into View Jim Willie
Jun 17 Gold-Stock Upleg Mounting Adam Hamilton
Jun 17 King $ Rides Higher Creating Pressures On Foreign Economies Chris Vermeulen
Jun 17 Thucydides Trap and Gold Rick Mills
Jun 17 ADL Predicts Expected Range Of The NASDAQ Before Breakout Chris Vermeulen
Jun 17 Gold stocks: bull flag breakouts are confirmed Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jun 8 - Jun 15

Jun 14 Precious Metals: T-Minus 3 Seconds To Liftoff Chris Vermeulen
Jun 14 Markets Waiting to Decide, Up or Down Chris Vermeulen
Jun 14 The United States Managers! Charles Savoie
Jun 14 Top Primary Silver Miners Average Yield Falls to Record Low SRSRocco
Jun 14 India Reacts to Depressed Silver Prices Theodore Butler
Jun 13 The Next Week Will be Very Important for the U.S. Markets Chris Vermeulen
Jun 13 Chart Update for Gold and Silver Craig Hemke
Jun 13 A Sinking Economy: Is It The Trade War Or Debt? Dave Kranzler
Jun 13 Betting on Rising Gold? Look at the USD First! Przemyslaw Radomski
Jun 13 Red Pill Realities Gary Christenson
Jun 13 Technical Analysis Shows Aug/Sept Market Top Pattern Should Form Vermeulen
Jun 12 Gold & The Business Cycle Stewart Thomson
Jun 12 The Silver Supply/Demand Crunch Mike Maloney & Jeff Clark
Jun 12 Natural Gas Moves Into Basing Zone Chris Vermeulen
Jun 11 Silver Price Update:: For Silver to Head Higher, This is a Key Level SRSRocco
Jun 11 Something may Have Blown up Already in the Financial System Dave Kranzler
Jun 11 Is the Gold/Silver Ratio Headed to 100? Three Questions to Answer Jeff Clark
Jun 11 Gold Breaks to the Upside Jonathan Kosares
Jun 11 US Markets Rally Hard – Could Another Big Upside Leg Begin? Chris Vermeulen
Jun 10 It’s Buy-the-Dips Time in Metals and Miners David Brady
Jun 10 2019 Best Year for Precious Metals Since 2010 Craig Hemke/Greg Hunter
Jun 10 ADL Predictive Modeling Suggests A Big Move In Silver Chris Vermeulen
Jun 10 Gold, Silver And The Mining Stocks Are Showing Signs Of Life Dave Kranzler
Jun 10 Gold Surges Near Breakout Adam Hamilton
Jun 10 Rally or New Bull Market? Roy Jordan-Byrne
Jun 10 Could Gold Rally Above $3750 Before December 2019? Chris Vermeulen
Jun 10 Truth, Lies and Inflation Gary Christenson
Jun 10 Gold Stocks: Bull Flags In Play Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jun 2 - Jun 7

Jun 6 Fear Drives Market Expectations Chris Vermeulen
Jun 6 Fed Policy Reversal Now Imminent Craig Hemke
Jun 6 The Season for Gold Rick Mills
Jun 6 Gold's Short-term Strength Is a Strong Call to Action Przemysław Radomski
Jun 6 Jerome Powell Admits Return to ZIRP and QE Are Inevitable Alexander Trigaux
Jun 5 Second Half of 2019 – Expect The Unexpected Chris Vermeulen
Jun 5 Sorry Permabulls, It’s not Different this Time – Got Gold? Dave Kranzler
Jun 5 A Historic Time For Gold Stewart Thomson

Jun 5 Dollar Breaking down Signals Start of Gold Breakout Drive above $1400... Clive Maund
Jun 5 Contemplating negative interest rates, I would rather own Gold… Chris Vermeulen
Jun 5 Learning From Historical Market Facts  Chris Ciovacco
Jun 5 How China wins trade war Rick Mills
Jun 4 Is Silver The Sleeper Rally Setup Of A Lifetime? Chris Vermeulen
Jun 4 Gold & Silver Volatility Near Record Lows — Guess What Comes Next? Jeff Clark
Jun 4 But We Were Told “It’s Different This Time” Dave Kranzler
Jun 4 My Dream Trading Tools Are Almost Automated! Chris Vermeulen
Jun 4 The Gold Rally That’s Bullish Only on the Surface... Przemyslaw Radomski
Jun 4 NV Gold swinging for the fences in Nevada Rick Mills
Jun 3 Bloodbath Looks Imminent - Full Defensive Mode... Clive Maund
Jun 3 Will Silver Get Smashed Down Even Lower by the Market Crash? Clive Maund
Jun 3 The Economy Continues to Deteriorate Dave Kranzler
Jun 3 U.S. Silver Exports to India Explode Past Six Months SRSRocco
Jun 3 Weekend Newsletter 6/02/2019 GoldPredict
Jun 3 Short The Stock Market & Buy Gold Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  May 26 - Jun 1

May 31 Gold, Silver, Oil, Cryptos Chris Vermeulen
May 31 JPMC Has 850MOZ Silver: Ted! And Can Only Have It To Be Long? Charles Savoie
May 31 Gold, Silver, Oil, Cryptos Chris Vermeulen
May 31 The Coming Catalyst for Gold Stocks Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA
May 30 Extended Gold Mega Base Could Prompt An Incredible Rally Chris Vermeulen
May 30 Better Than Buy-and-Hold Gold Investment Przemyslaw Radomski
May 30 A Bullish Trade In Commodities Chris Vermeulen
May 30 US is Winning Trade War with China... for Now Rick Mills
May 30 Silver - Eight Years Later Gary Christenson
May 29 What is the Bond Market Telling You? Craig Hemke
May 29 Stock Market Danger & Gold Bull Wedge Stewart Thomson
May 29 The Future Of Silver & The Crash To Come! David Morgan
May 28 US Memorial Day Weekend Market Analysis Chris Vermeulen
May 28 Horrifying Comments From a Freddie Mac PHD Economist Dave Kranzler
May 28 Aben Drills Pointing at Justin for Start of 2019 Exploration RIck Mills
May 27 GOLD – Short Term Risk Remains Down but Close to a Major Low David Brady
May 27 Gold & Silver Prove Again, They Go Up When Most Everything Goes Down SRSRocco
May 27 Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q1’19 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
May 27 Gold Stocks: Key Moving Averages In Play Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  May 19 - May 25

May 24 China Hang Seng Index Collapses and Commodities Chris Vermeulen
May 24 Thursday Report 5/23/2019 GoldPredict
May 24 Stocks Topping, Dollar Up, Gold Getting Closer Chris Vermeulen
May 23 Eye Opening Currency Charts – Why Metals Are Falling Chris Vermeulen
May 23 The Question of Gold Price Manipulation? Craig Hemke
May 23 Jim Cook Interviews Ted Butler: JPM, Silver Investors & More Theodore Butler
May 23 Powerful Signal from the GDX Przemyslaw Radomski
May 22 Oil, Hot Stocks, and Currencies – Part III Chris Vermeulen
May 22 Gold Stocks: Buy In July & Watch Them Fly Stewart Thomson
May 22 Tuesday Report 5/21/2019 GoldPredict
May 22 The Fed's Tragic Plan For Long Term Rates Revealed Mike Maloney
May 22 Universal Copper Batting for a Double in Colombia Rick Mills
May 22 Global Economic Tensions Translate Into Oil Volatility Chris Vermeulen
May 21 Top Primary Miners Now Paying the Market $2 to Take Their Silver? SRSRocco
May 21 Gold's Exciting Boredom Przemyslaw Radomski
May 21 Put A Fork in Tesla – It’s Done Dave Kranzler
May 21 2019’s Best Metals Rick Mills
May 20 US vs. Global Sector Rotation – What Next? Part 1 Chris Vermeulen
May 20 US vs. Global Sector Rotation – What Next? Part II Chris Vermeulen
May 20 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
May 20 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
May 20 Utter Insanity… Dave Kranzler
May 20 Three Safe-Haven Reasons to Own Gold Rick Mills
May 20 Gold Miners’ Q1’19 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
May 20 Is the Trade War a Catalyst for Gold? Jordan Roy-Byrne
May 20 CDNX Junior Miners Index: Positive Action Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  May 12 - May 18

May 17 Silver Guesswork and Silver Proof Charles Savoie
May 17 Primary Silver Producers Stuck in Quicksand and Still Sinking Jeff Clark
May 17 Trade Impasse Threatens US Lithium, Rare Earth Imports Rick Mills
May 16 How Sustainable is the Move into Safe Havens? Chris Vermeulen
May 16 Bullion Banks Gearing Up to Dump Gold One More Time David Brady
May 16 Crazy Not! Much Higher Gold Prices Gary Christenson
May 16 Gold on the Verge of a Massive Move Przemyslaw Radomski
May 16 The End of the Oil Giants: And what it Means SRSRocco
May 16 Crude Oil Fails At Critical Fibonacci Level Chris Vermeulen
May 16 April Retail Sales Soiled the Bed Sheets Dave Kranzler
May 15 Our Long-Anticipated Gold Momentum Rally Begins Chris Vermeulen
May 15 Recalling 2010 Craig Hemke
May 15 Gold And Silver May Be Setting Up For A Big Move Dave Kranzler
May 15 Tariffs Terror: Stocks Crash & Gold Soars Stewart Thomson
May 15 Trade Issues Will Drive Market Trends – PART II Chris Vermeulen
May 15 Tuesday Report 5/14/2019 GoldPredict
May 14 Can You Afford To Ignore These Two Flawless Gold Slide Indicators? Radomski
May 14 News & Views May 2019 Michael J. Kosares
May 13 How Chinese Trade Issues Will Drive Market Trends Chris Vermeulen
May 13 Global Synchronized Depression: Buy Gold and Silver not Copper Dave Kranzler
May 13 Weekend Newsletter 5/12/2019 GoldPredict
May 13 Precious Metals Are Setting Up for a Major Rally... SRSRocco
May 13 Big US Stocks’ Q1’19 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
May 13 GOLD Capped in the Short-Term, But Pressure Building... David Brady
May 13 Gold Bullion Strong But Junior Miners Swoon Morris Hubbartt
May 13 Make America’s Economy Great Again Rick Mills
May 13 US Increases Trade Tariffs Against China... Chris Vermeulen

News and Commentary for the Week of  May 5 - May 11

May 10 China’s Environmental Crackdown Buoys Lead, Zinc Rick Mills
May 10 Silver in Charts: Supply/Demand Crunch After Years of the Opposite Jeff Clark
May 9 Opportunity Knocks! Bill Holter
May 9 Miners' Strength - What If It Isn't Just a Bluff? Przemyslaw Radomski
May 8 US/China Trade Issues Create SHOCKWAVE Around The Globe Chris Vermeulen
May 8 Two Inglorious Anniversaries Craig Hemke
May 8 Global Economic Growth in Serious Trouble when U.S. Shale Oil Peaks SRSRocco
May 8 Gold Steady With Market Risk Uptick Stewart Thomson
May 8 Actual Home Sales are Tanking – Here’s Proof Dave Kranzler
May 8 Waiting for Double Bottom Support in Gold Stocks Jordan Roy Byrne
May 8 7 Laws of Investing Gary Christenson
May 7 US Stock Markets Could Rally Beyond Expectations Chris Vermeulen
May 7 Perfectly Bearish Rally in the Precious Metals Sector Przemyslaw Radomski
May 7 Silver Sets Up A Long-Term Wave B Bottom Chris Vermeulen
May 7 2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan will Require Mega Metals Rick Mills
May 7 Federal Reserve Vetoes Cain and Moore SARTRE
May 6 Index Trading Signals for Momentum, Swing, and Trend Following Chris Vermeulen
May 6 Massive Asset Bubbles and Cheap Gold and Silver Dave Kranzler
May 6 Gold Stocks: No Buy Signal Yet Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Apr 28 - May 4

May 3 US Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged – The Shake-Out Begins Chris Vermeulen
May 3 Show Me The Real Money Gary Christenson
May 3 A Voice From the Grave? Theodore Butler
May 2 Second Largest Silver Mine Suspended Operations SRSRocco
May 2 Semiconductor Chips are the Modern Dutch Tulip Bulbs Dave Kranzler
May 2 Stop Feeding the Chinese ‘Belt and Road’ Trojan Horse Rick Mills
May 1 Ahead of The Fed Craig Hemke
May 1 How Close Are The Markets From Topping? Chris Vermeulen
May 1 FOMC & Jobs Report: Are Gold Investors Prepared? Stewart Thomson
May 1 Why US Dollar Strength is a Long-Term Catalyst for Gold Jordan Roy-Byrne
May 1 Gold May Give Us One More Chance With New Lows Chris Vermeulen
Apr 30 Markets Are Setting Up A Shake-Out – Be Prepared Chris Vermeulen
Apr 29 The Historical Stock Bubble And Undervalued Gold And Silver Dave Kranzler
Apr 29 Weekend Newsletter 4/28/2019 GoldPredict
Apr 29 Lousy Shale Economics: Financial Troubles Continue at ExxonMobil SRSRocco
Apr 29 Hedge Funds Record Net Short Paper Gold Dave Kranzler
Apr 29 Near-Record Gold Shorting Adam Hamilton
Apr 29 Financials Setting Up An Island Top Formation Chris Vermeulen
Apr 29 Gold Stock ETFs: I See Green Shoots! Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Apr 21 - Apr 27

Apr 26 Transportation Sector Is Testing Resistance Chris Vermeulen
Apr 26 If Silver Could Talk: What She Told Me When I Wrote to Her Jeff Clark
Apr 26 Fat tailed put option and the ultimate call…! Bill Holter
Apr 25 Our April 21~24 Gold Call Is Here Chris Vermeulen
Apr 25 PM Sector Morning Star Reversal at Trendline Support... Clive Maund
Apr 25 COMEX Gold Reaches An Inflection Point Craig Hemke
Apr 25 Magic Money Tree Economics Gary Christenson
Apr 24 Prepare For Unknown Price Action As New Highs Are Reached Chris Vermeulen
Apr 24 Tuesday’s Paper Gold Raid and Fake Journalism Dave Kranzler
Apr 24  Gold: A Huge Relief Rally Is Imminent Stewart Thomson
Apr 24 Can Gold Rise Without a Rate Cut? Jordan Roy-Byrne
Apr 23 Precious Metals Give Traders Another Opportunity Chris Vermeulen
Apr 23 The Annual Silver Surveys Theodore Butler
Apr 22 A Special Message at Easter from the Precious Metals Sector... Clive Maund
Apr 22 How Banks Create Money out of Thin Air Dave Kranzler
Apr 22 Glass-Steagall Essential Banking Regulation SARTRE
Apr 22 Shale Stock Loses 99% of its Value: Investor Warning for the Future... SRSRocco
Apr 22 Gold Bull Run Still Intact Rick Mills
Apr 22 Gold Stocks: Oversold But No Buy Signal Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Apr 14 - Apr 20

Apr 19 Silver to $25 in 2019 Upon Breakout Chris Vermeulen
Apr 19 Orwell’s Funhouse: Mueller’s RussiaGate Tragi-Comedy Dave Kranzler
Apr 19 Silver Investment Demand Surged Higher Than Industry Forecast SRSrocco
Apr 18 How to Play this Sellof in Gold and Silver Stocks Chris Vermeulen
Apr 18 Shades of 2013 Craig Hemke
Apr 18 Mayday: The Gold Juggernaut Is Seriously Taking On Water Przemyslaw Radomski
Apr 18 The Stock Market’s Great Fool Theory Dave Kranzler
Apr 18 Watch The Financial Sector For The Next Topping Pattern Chris Vermeulen
Apr 17 How Central Bank Gold Buying is Undermining the Dollar Rick Mills
Apr 17 Why I'm Concerned for US Dollar Reserve Status Mike Maloney
Apr 17 Gold: Is $1280 A Floor Or A Sponge? Stewart Thomson
Apr 17 Downside Risk in Gold & Gold Stocks Jordan Roy-Byrne
Apr 17 Silver versus Debt, Delusions and Devaluation Gary Christenson
Apr 17 Palladium, Darling of the PGEs, Shifting into High Gear Rick Mills
Apr 16 World’s Largest Primary Silver Miner Production Plunges SRSrocco
Apr 16 Oil May Be Setup For A Move Back to $50 Chris Vermeulen
Apr 15 Indexes Race For The New All-Time High Chris Vermeulen
Apr 15 Gold and Silver May be Setting Up for a Big Move Dave Kranzler
Apr 15 The 'Silver Lines' of Opportunity EWI
Apr 15 Gold’s Near-Term Downside Target Przemyslaw Radomski
Apr 15 MMT is a spectacularly Dem idea Rick Mills
Apr 15 Precious Metals Risk the Return of Complacency David Brady
Apr 15 Gold-Bull Breakout Potential Adam Hamilton
Apr 15 Gold Gets Bombed But Miners Look Good Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Apr 7 - Apr 13

Apr 12 The Drexel Dynasty Charles Savoie
Apr 12 Natural Gas Continues To Offer Opportunities for Longs Chris Vermeulen
Apr 12 Middle East Oil Time Bomb: The Coming Collapse Of Net Oil Exports SRSrocco
Apr 12 NV Gold chasing high-grade Au in Nevada Rick Mills
Apr 11 Intra-day Fibonacci Modeling Shows Volatility Is About To Spike Chris Vermeulen
Apr 11 When the Stock Market Reversal Happens, it Will Be a Whopper Dave Kranzler
Apr 11 Sprout-less Gold now Tier 1 Capital Rick Mills
Apr 11 This Leading Indicator Looks Bullish for Gold Jordan Roy-Byrne
Apr 10 Is this the last leg higher for the DOW Index? Chris Vermeulen
Apr 10 Are Financials Hinting At 2011/2016-Like Stock Market Rally? Chris Ciovacco
Apr 10 Gold & Rocketing Chinese Growth Stewart Thomson
Apr 10 The inverted yield curve as a harbinger of higher gold prices Jonathan Kosares
Apr 10 Crude Oil Nearing Resistance – Could A New Top Form Here? Chris Vermeulen
Apr 9 Silver’s Rally and Two Record-breakers Przemyslaw Radomski
Apr 9 The Divergence Between Stocks And Reality Is Insane Dave Kranzler
Apr 9 Tracking The Stock Market's Progress Versus Historical Cases Chris Ciovacco
Apr 9 Central Bank Gold Buying & Silver Market Update Tom Cloud
Apr 9 Watch For +15% Move In Chinese Stocks Chris Vermeulen
Apr 9 Camping Out in Crazy Town Gary Christenson
Apr 8 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Apr 8 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Apr 8 Running on Empty Rick Mills
Apr 8 Gold Stocks Still Marching Adam Hamilton
Apr 8 Canadian Dollar May Be Setting Up For An Upside Breakout Chris Vermeulen
Apr 8 Gold Stocks: A Key Reversal Day Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 31 - Apr 6

Apr 5 Historic Silver Suppressors Charles Savoie
Apr 5 Massive Increase of Central Bank Paper Assets Warns of Danger Ahead SRSRocco
Apr 5 Will Gold Continue Higher Despite Efforts To Keep It Capped? Kranzler/Hemke
Apr 5 Confirmation, Outrage and Disgust Ted Butler
Apr 4 Why Are The Markets Ignoring The Treasury Inversion? Chris Vermeulen
Apr 4 Gold and Silver Interim Updates... Clive Maund
Apr 4 Aben Drills Targeting Hi Grade Gold in Golden Triangle and Yukon Rick Mills
Apr 4 Larry Kudlow Wants a 50 b.p. Cut in Fed Funds – Why? Dave Kranzler
Apr 4 Updating January's Rare S&P 500 Setup Chris Ciovacco
Apr 4 Euro Dollar Price Bottoming Setup Chris Vermeulen
Apr 3 Waiting for the Russell 2000 to Confirm The Next Big Move Chris Vermeulen
Apr 3 Painted Into A Corner Craig Hemke
Apr 3 Gold & The Bond Market Supernova Stewart Thomson
Apr 3 Gold Fundamentals Continue to Improve Jordan Roy-Byrne
Apr 2 Don’t Miss These Rare Fundamental and Technical Developments Radomski
Apr 2 John Titus: The Big Lie (As Told by Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson) Dave Kranzler
Apr 2 Biblical Anxieties James Howard Kunstler
Apr 1 ADL Predictions For Price of Gold Chris Vermeulen
Apr 1 The Palladium Plunge: Blame it on Momentum Trading Gone Wild SRSRocco
Apr 1 April’s Stock Market, Gold, Oil, and Natural Gas Price Predictions Chris Vermeulen
Apr 1 Gold Stocks: Key Candlesticks In Play Morris Hubbartt
Apr 1 Proprietary Cycles Predict July Turning Point for Stock Market Chris Vermeulen

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 24 - Mar 30

Mar 29 Pilgrims Society! Central Committee of PM Suppression! Charles Savoie
Mar 29 The Paper Raid on the Gold Price Dave Kranzler
Mar 29 Natural Gas Sets Up Another Buy Opportunity Chris Vermeulen
Mar 28 GOLD - is a sharp C-wave drop imminent?... Clive Maund
Mar 28 Protecting Your Investment Portfolio with Precious Metals Nick Barisheff
Mar 28 GLD Fund: Divergence Signals Shortage Jim Willie
Mar 28 Are Investors Blind To The Equities Upside Super Cycle? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 28 An Inflection Point For Palladium? Craig Hemke
Mar 27 David Morgan & Chris Vermeulen – Precious Metals RoundTable Financial Survival
Mar 27 Silver Bullion Is Cheaper Than Dirt Mike Maloney
Mar 27 Recession Fears Fading? ROFLMAO Dave Kranzler
Mar 27 Gold: Good News But Where's The Demand? Stewart Thomson

Mar 27 Falling Yields a Catalyst for The Catalyst Jordan Roy Byrne
Mar 27 Treasury Inversion and Political Fed Cycles Chris Vermeulen
Mar 26 20 Days Left to Find Buying Opportunities In Gold Chris Vermeulen
Mar 26 Is Gold’s Apparent Resilience a Show of Its True Strength? Przemyslaw Radomski
Mar 26 Gold - Preparing for the Next Move Alasdair Macleod
Mar 26 Gold – March or October 2008? David Brady
Mar 25 Hour 1 – The Environment Where Central Banks are Scared Chris Vermeulen
Mar 25 Staggering Amount of Gold/Silver Investment Since 2008 Financial Crisis SRSRocco
Mar 25 A Recession is Coming, Buy Gold Explorers with Scale Rick Mills
Mar 25 The Hidden Profit Inside Silver Eagles Jeff Clark
Mar 25 Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q4’18 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
Mar 25 Russell 2000 Leads The Way For Technical Analysts Chris Vermeulen
Mar 25 Gold Stocks: Is CDNX The New Leader? Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 17 - Mar 23

Mar 22 Gold Only Investors May Be Crippled In Barter Transactions! Charles Savoie
Mar 22 Gold To Continue To Base Below $1320 For Weeks Chris Vermeulen
Mar 22 The U.S. Economy Is In Big Trouble Dave Kranzler
Mar 22 U.S. Silver Production The Lowest In More Than 70 Years SRSrocco
Mar 20 Dow Jones Head and Shoulders Pattern To Be Aware Of Chris Vermeulen
Mar 20 Gold: Central Bank Sentiment Is Rock Solid Stewart Thomson
Mar 20 Ahead of The Fed Craig Hemke
Mar 20 And They Call Us the Crazies? Bill Holter
Mar 20 The Bloodbath in U.S. Shale Stocks Continues: Worst Is Yet To Come SRSRocco
Mar 20 Gold Stocks Outperform Gold but not Stocks Jordan Roy Byrne
Mar 19 US Equities Price Anomaly Setup Continues Chris Vermeulen
Mar 19 Gold And Silver Are Feeling Frisky Dave Kranzler
Mar 19 Stunning Implications of Plunging Gold (Part III) Przemyslaw Radomski
Mar 18 Best Precious Metals Investment and Trades for 2019 Chris Vermeulen
Mar 18 A Debt-Riddled System That Is Hitting The Wall Dave Kranzler
Mar 18 Here Are the Stunning Implications of Plunging Gold (Part II) Przemyslaw Radomski
Mar 18 Chinese Data Has Delayed Effect on Global Equities Markets – PART III Vermeulen
Mar 18 Gold Miners’ Q4’18 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
Mar 18 Gold Stocks: Boss Candlesticks In Play Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 10 - Mar 16

Mar 15 Countdown to The Precious Metals Breakout Rally Chris Vermeulen
Mar 15 Here Are the Stunning Implications of Plunging Gold (Part I) Przemyslaw Radomski
Mar 15 Defense Metals unlocks value in Wicheeda rare earth deposit Rick Mills
Mar 15 Incredible Price Anomaly Setup in the NQ Chris Vermeulen
Mar 14 Ever Wonder Why No Bankers Go To Jail? Dave Kranzler
Mar 14 Gold in the age of high-speed electronic trading Michael J. Kosares
Mar 14 How States/Empires Collapse in Four Easy Steps Charles Hugh Smith
Mar 13 The BIS and The GLD Craig Hemke
Mar 13 Is $1280 The New Floor For Gold? Stewart Thomson
Mar 13 Modern Monetary Insanity and the Three Stooges Dave Kranzler
Mar 13 3 Things That Don’t Affect Price of Gold Jordan Roy Byrne
Mar 13 Guyana Goldstrike aims to add ounces at gold-bearing iron formation Rick Mills
Mar 12 This Stock Market Pop Could Fizzle Fast Chris Vermeulen
Mar 12 Consequences of Lost Global Reserve Status Jim Willie
Mar 12 Hidden Decline of the Gold Mining Industry No One is Talking About SRSRocco
Mar 12 All Eyes on the Striking Implications of the 2012-2013 to Now Link Radomski
Mar 11 Chinese Economic Data Shakes the Global Equities Markets Chris Vermeulen
Mar 11 Rob Kirby - Massive Secret Money Printing Will Shoot Gold Higher Greg Hunter
Mar 11 Big US Stocks' Q4'18 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
Mar 11 The Next Big Market Correction Chris Vermeulen
Mar 11 Gold M&A Rick Mills
Mar 11 Are you ready for the next big move in Gold? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 11 Why the record US trade deficit is good for commodities Rick Mills
Mar 11 Gold Rally Begins At Fibonacci Support Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 3 - Mar 9

Mar 8 Trump’s Trade War Tweets, Buybacks and a Short-Squeeze Dave Kranzler
Mar 7 Momentum VS Sentiment for Gold Chris Vermeulen
Mar 7 Gold to Soar on High Stock Volatility and Other Lies They Tell You Radomski
Mar 7 PART II – What Commodities and Transportation Telling Us Chris Vermeulen
Mar 7 Trade the Gold to Silver Ratio Gary Christenson
Mar 6 What Commodities and Transportation Telling Us – PART I Chris Vermeulen
Mar 6 COMEX Silver "Market" Dynamics Craig Hemke
Mar 6 MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) Thoroughly Disemboweled Dave Kranzler
Mar 6 Gold Stocks: A Leisurely Uptrend Stewart Thomson
Mar 5 NASDAQ and DOW – Two Spectrum’s of the Stock Market Chris Vermeulen
Mar 5 Gold’s Upcoming Plunge: The Powerful Analogies... Przemyslaw Radomski
Mar 5 Bakken Hit A New Record In 2018, But It’s A Bad Sign For The Industry SRSrocco
Mar 4 VIX Likely to Pop Before March 21 Chris Vermeulen
Mar 4 Platinum vs. Palladium – What you need to know... Chris Vermeulen
Mar 4 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Mar 4 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Mar 4 Gold Is Historically Cheap To The Stock Market Dave Kranzler
Mar 4 Gold Stocks’ Spring Rally 4 Adam Hamilton
Mar 4 Insane Stock Market Rally Due to Massive Global Monetary Liquidity SRSRocco
Mar 4 The Gold Price Correction: Key Tactics Morris Hubbartt
Mar 4 NG Bottom Rotation Sets Up New Opportunities Chris Vermeulen

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 24 - Mar 2

Mar 1 US Dollar Set to Rally and Gold Collapse? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 1 How Much Gold Should I Hold? Nick Barisheff
Mar 1 Defense Metals on Track to Build Rare Earth Mine Rick Mills
Feb 28 Market Forecasting You Just Cant Beat! Chris Vermeulen
Feb 28 How High Can Gold & Silver Prices Go? Mike Maloney
Feb 28 Suspicious Strength in the Miners: More Signs Emerging Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 28 Gold and Silver 2019 Status Report Craig Hemke
Feb 28 Bullish Sentiment Won’t Prevent a Breakout in Gold Jordan Roy-Byrne
Feb 27 Gold and Silver Prepare For A Momentum Rally Chris Vermeulen
Feb 27 The Stock Market is Back in Idiot-Mode Again Dave Kranzler
Feb 27 The Trade Deal: Great News For Gold Stewart Thomson
Feb 27 Now that Housing Bubble #2 Is Bursting...How Low Will It Go? Charles Hugh Smith
Feb 26 Traders Must Stay Optimistic Part 5 – The End Chris Vermeulen
Feb 26 Momentum Stock Trading Strategy For Optionable Stocks Chris Vermeulen
Feb 26 Silver Eagle Sales Doubled in February SRSrocco
Feb 26 Gold Breakout: Three Major Factors Jim Willie
Feb 26 Gold Miners Underperform Even While Breaking Out Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 26 Market Hovering Near Important Guideposts Chris Ciovacco
Feb 25 Traders Must Stay Optimistic – Part 4 Chris Vermeulen
Feb 25 Weekend Newsletter 2/24/2019 GoldPredict
Feb 25 Gold Takes a Healthy Breather David Brady
Feb 25 Resource Nationalism Could Further Choke Metal Supplies Rick Mills
Feb 25 Gold Stocks Surge Higher Adam Hamilton
Feb 25 Gold Pulls Back But The Miners Stay Strong Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 17 - Feb 23

Feb 22 Traders Must Be Cautious Part III Chris Vermeulen
Feb 22 Traders Must Stay Optimistically Cautious Part II Chris Vermeulen
Feb 22 The Return to a Gold Exchange Standard Alasdair Macleod
Feb 22 This Never Happened In The 1974, 2001, and 2008 Bear Markets Chris Ciovacco
Feb 21 The Magic Palladium Bullet Craig Hemke
Feb 21 Elon Musk’s Legacy of Unchecked Fraud Continues Dave Kranzler
Feb 20 Has Gold Reached Upside Resistance Near $1340-1360? Chris Vermeulen
Feb 20 Tuesday Report 2/19/2019 GoldPredict
Feb 20 Bull Flag Breakout For Gold Stocks Stewart Thomson
Feb 20 Gold Stocks are Following This Historical Template Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA
Feb 20 Credit Exhaustion Is Global Charles Hugh Smith
Feb 19 Here We Go – Get ready for the Breakout Pattern Setup Chris Vermeulen
Feb 19 Get ready for the Breakout Pattern Setup – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Feb 19 Max Resources free gold elephant Rick Mills
Feb 19 ExxonMobil U.S. Oil & Gas Financial Train-Wreck SRSrocco
Feb 18 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Feb 18 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Feb 18 Free Weekend Newsletter 2/17/2019 GoldPredict
Feb 18 Gold-Stock Mega-Mergers Bad Adam Hamilton

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 10 - Feb 16

Feb 15 A Financial System Headed for a Collision with Debt Dave Kranzler
Feb 15 A New Silver Issue for the Justice Department Theodore Butler
Feb 14 Radio Talk Show – Gold the Place to Be in 45-90 Days Chris Vermeulen
Feb 14 Key Support Levels for Gold Miners & Gold Juniors Jordan Roy-Byrne
Feb 14 Will 2019 be the year of the big breakout for gold? Michael J. Kosares
Feb 14 Where Is Gold’s Rally in Response to Yesterday’s USD Weakness? Radomski
Feb 14 Jim Cook Interviews Ted Butler Theodore Butler
Feb 14 Avoid the Financial Circus Gary Christenson
Feb 13 US Technology Sector Setting Up for A Momentum Breakout Move Chris Vermeulen
Feb 13 As the Fed Reflates the Stock Bubble the Economy Crumbles Dave Kranzler
Feb 13 Tuesday Report 2/12/2019 GoldPredict
Feb 13 Gold: A New Type Of Price Correction Stewart Thomson
Feb 13 The Next Goals for Gold and Silver Prices Craig Hemke
Feb 13 We're Overdue for a Sell-Everything/No-Fed-Rescue Recession Charles Hugh Smith
Feb 13 Gold Prices Continue to Breakdown Chris Vermeulen
Feb 12 Huge Volume & Tiny Volume – Meaningful Paradox for Gold Investor Radomski
Feb 12 The $12 Trillion Federal Debt Bombshell Mike Kosares
Feb 12 ETFs are the Modern-Day Fools Gold Rick Mills
Feb 12 Central Bank Gold Demand Spikes to Highest Level in Nearly 50 Years! Jason Hamlin
Feb 12 Green New Deal Hallucination SARTRE
Feb 11 Our May Stock Market Prediction – PART I Chris Vermeulen
Feb 11 Our May Tech Stock Market Prediction – PART II Chris Vermeulen
Feb 11 Weekend Newsletter 2/10/2019 GoldPredict
Feb 11 Gold Stocks Gather Steam Adam Hamilton
Feb 11 COT Data Supports Further Downside Short-Term in Gold & Silver David Brady
Feb 11 Gold Stock Correction To Be Mild Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 3 - Feb 9

Feb 8 Why Housing Won’t Bounce With Lower Rates Dave Kranzler
Feb 7 Gold Breaks Lower – What Next? Chris Vermeulen
Feb 7 Mr. Palladium Punches Back Craig Hemke
Feb 7 Brace for Impact Charles Hugh Smith
Feb 7 MAGA and Government Myths Gary Christenson
Feb 7 Natural Gas & Crude Oil  – A Trading Strategy... Chris Vermeulen
Feb 6 The Fed Blinked – Gold and Silver are Going Higher Dave Kranzler
Feb 6 State of The Union Likely To Prompt Rotation In US Stocks Chris Vermeulen
Feb 6 Gold: Happy New Year? Stewart Thomson
Feb 6 The New Cold War and Gold Rick Mills
Feb 5 Two Winning Trade Setups – GDXJ and ROKU Chris Vermeulen
Feb 5 …And That’s What a Reversal in Gold Looks Like Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 5 Time for a Breakout in Gold? Jordan Roy-Byrne
Feb 5 Fed Signals Gold To Rise Above $1400 This Year David Brady
Feb 4 New Era of the Modern Precious Metals Investor SRSrocco
Feb 4 Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter - Trump Presides Over Bankruptcy of US Greg Hunter
Feb 4 Get Ready For The Next Big Upside Leg In Metals and Miners Chris Vermeulen
Feb 4 Fed Crumples - and Seals the Dollar's Fate Clive Maund
Feb 4 There Are Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics and The Employment Report Dave Kranzler
Feb 4 Central Bank Gold Purchases Hit A Record In 2018 SRSrocco
Feb 4 Max Resources has found its El Dorado Rick Mills
Feb 4 A Turbocharged Rally Accelerates Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 27 - Feb 2

Feb 1 Learning From Our SP500, Gold, and Oil Research and Profit Chris Vermeulen
Feb 1 Silver Shortage to Send Price Soaring Above $20 in 2019 Jason Hamlin
Feb 1 All the Macro Factors in Place for a Big Gold Run Rick Mills
Feb 1 Gold Climbing the Wall of Worry Gary Christenson
Feb 1 ADP Numbers and the US Fed Hit the Launch Button Chris Vermeulen
Jan 31 US Equity Market Recovery Hinges On The Next Move Chris Vermeulen
Jan 31 The Stock Market Would Crash Without Central Bank Support Dave Kranzler
Jan 31 U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Sales Jump In January SRSrocco
Jan 30 Technical Signals For Gold and The Mining Shares Craig Hemke
Jan 30 The Deflating Stock Bubble Will Fuel a Bull Move Mining Stocks Dave Kranzler
Jan 30 45 Days Until A Multi Year Breakout In Precious Metals Chris Vermeulen
Jan 30 The Fed: Turning Gold Stocks Into Shooting Stars Stewart Thomson
Jan 29 Will Oil Find Support Above $50? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 29 Oil Market Update Clive Maund
Jan 29 Did the Fed Just Signal THE LOW in Gold and Silver? David Brady
Jan 28 The Fed Panics and Gold Soars Dave Kranzler
Jan 28 Copper Industry Carnage: The Worst is Yet to Come SRSRocco
Jan 28 Weekend Newsletter 1/27/2019 GoldPredict
Jan 28 Gold-Stock Upleg Pauses Adam Hamilton
Jan 28 Why Everyone’s Talking About Gold & Silver Chris Vermeulen

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 20 - Jan 26

Jan 24 The Short-Term Outlook for Gold Craig Hemke
Jan 24 Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Update… Clive Maund
Jan 24 Peering Over the Abyss Gary Christenson
Jan 23 What’s in Store for the Precious Metals Sector in 2019? Dave Kranzler
Jan 23 Gold’s Profound Breakdown. And Something Much More Important Radomski
Jan 23 Gold: Is The Correction Over? Stewart Thomson
Jan 23 The Power of Gold Diversification Michael J. Kosares
Jan 22 The Silver Price & Broader Markets: How Will They Trade This Week? SRSRocco
Jan 22 Unprecedented Manipulation and Trading the Precious Metals Ratios Dave Kranzler
Jan 22 The Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse and the Markets... Clive Maund
Jan 22 A Government of Socialists SARTRE
Jan 22 Gold Stocks Remain in a Downtrend Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jan 22 Weekend Newsletter 1/20/2019 GoldPredict
Jan 21 Will China Surprise The Us Stock Market? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 21 Not In The Business To Make Money, But To Take Money SRSrocco
Jan 21 Pay Attention To The Russell and Financial Sectors Chris Vermeulen
Jan 21 Gold, Silver, Miners—Get Ready to BTFD David Brady
Jan 21 Gold Stocks: Key Buy & Sell Zones Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 13 - Jan 19

Jan 18 Crude Oil Will Find Strong Resistance Between $52~55 ppb. Chris Vermeulen
Jan 18 Stock Market Volatility Reflects Systemic Instability Dave Kranzler
Jan 18 Thursday Report 1/17/2019 GoldPredict
Jan 17 Goldcorp-Newmont deal points to more M&A Rick Mills
Jan 17 Silver - 1993 and 2001 Repeat Gary Christenson
Jan 16 Gold and Silver 2019 Price Forecast Craig Hemke
Jan 16 Gold: An Institutional Stampede Into Miners Stewart Thomson
Jan 16 Bill Holter - Not A Chance Next Financial Crisis Can Be Avoided SilverBullionTV
Jan 16 Barkerville Gold: Quickly De-Risking And Undervalued Dave Kranzler
Jan 15 Are Global Stock Markets About To Rally 10 Percent? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 15 Commodities are the right story for 2019 Rick Mills
Jan 15 Get Ready for Turbulent Markets in 2019: Gold & Silver To Outperform Most SRSrocco
Jan 15 A Rally or a Bull Market? Jordan Roy-Byrne
Jan 14 Top Ten Trends Lead to Gold Jim Willie
Jan 14 Vista Gold: Overlooked And Undervalued Dave Kranzler
Jan 14 GOLD – Higher, Then Lower, Then Skyward David Brady
Jan 14 GDXJ Upside Bests GDX Adam Hamilton
Jan 14 Gold Stocks: "Next Rally Is Imminent" Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 6 - Jan 12

Jan 11 Two Must Know Trade Setups That Happen Every Week Chris Vermeulen
Jan 11 Thursday Report 1/10/2019 GoldPredict
Jan 11 Questions Only the DOJ Can Get Answered Theodore Butler
Jan 11 Simple Day Trades – Gap Windows and Price Spikes Chris Vermeulen
Jan 11 The Tragedy Of The Euro Alasdair Macleod
Jan 11 Warning Signs from Russell 2000 and Dow Transports Chris Vermeulen Video
Jan 10 Silver Outperforms Key Markets, Metals & Energy SRSRocco
Jan 10 The Powell Helium Pump Dave Kranzler
Jan 10 Forecasts, Commentary & Analysis on the Economy and Precious Metals Kosares
Jan 9 The Yuan-Gold "Peg" in 2019 Craig Hemke
Jan 9 Why I Believe 2019 Will Be The Year For Gold & Silver (Part 2) Mike Maloney
Jan 9 Gold: China Is Back In The Game Stewart Thomson
Jan 9 How to Spot A Tradable Market Top? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 8 Gold Hits Our $1300 Price Target – What Next? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 8 Declining Stocks, a Falling Dollar and Rising Gold / Silver Prices Dave Kranzler
Jan 8 Will the Momentum in Precious Metals Continue? Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA
Jan 7 Weekend Newsletter 1/06/2019 GoldPredict
Jan 7 Gold challenges $1300 Alasdair Macleod
Jan 7 A Quiet Bull Move in Gold, Silver and Mining Stocks Dave Kranzler
Jan 7 Gold-Stock Upleg Breaking Out Adam Hamilton
Jan 7 Gold: Core Position & Trading Tactics Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 1 - Jan 5

Jan 4 Top Morgan Chase Attourney Member Pilgrims Society! Charles Savoie
Jan 4 GOLD Takes Center Stage in a Fiat World David Brady
Jan 3 Expectations for Gold and Silver in 2019 Craig Hemke
Jan 3 Mining Stock Daily’s 2019 Outlook For Precious Metals Dave Kranzler
Jan 3 Why I Believe 2019 Will Be The Year For Gold & Silver (Part 1) Mike Maloney
Jan 2 What to expect within the first 3~5 months of 2019 Chris Vermeulen
Jan 2 2019 Market Meltdown: What The New Year Brings SRSrocco
Jan 2 Happy New Year From Queen Gold & King Silver Stewart Thomson
Jan 2 Pullback Ahead in Gold David Brady
Jan 2 2019 from a Fourth Turning Perspective The Burning Platform

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