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News and Commentary for the Week of  Apr 4 - Apr 10

Apr 9 What if the Fed is Wrong? David Brady
Apr 9 Silver Squeezes - A Mint Sneezes GoldSilverTeam
Apr 8 MidCap Sector May Continue To Rally 4% Or More Before Resistance Vermeulen
Apr 8 What Could Go Awry? Charles Hugh Smith
Apr 7 Sprott Money Precious Metals Projections Chris Vermeulen
Apr 7 Undesirable Unallocated Unavailability Craig Hemke
Apr 7 Gold and Silver Fall in Q1, But New Catalysts Loom Jeff Clark
Apr 7 A Golden Easter Egg Stewart Thomson
Apr 7 Possible Bottom in Gold and Silver? Dave Kranzler
Apr 7 Stronger US Dollar Reacts To Global Market Concerns - Part II Chris Vermeulen
Apr 6 The US has a Metals Problem Rick Mills
Apr 6 How Much Longer Will the United States Exist? Paul Craig Roberts
Apr 6 Peak Woke James Howard Kunstler
Apr 5 Find Out Which ETFs Will Benefit As A Stronger US Dollar Reacts Chris Vermeulen
Apr 5 “This Looks Like The Market Peak” Adam Taggart
Apr 5 Freegold Ventures: New Assays Continue to Show Resource Expansion Potential Mills
Apr 5 Say’s Law and the Destruction of Savings Alasdair Macleod
Apr 5 Paradigm Failure James Howard Kunstler
Apr 5 Precious Metals: It's Rally Time Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 28 - Apr 3

Apr 2 Lockdowns: Replay of March 2020? David Brady
Apr 2 News & Views April 2021 Michael J. Kosares
Apr 2 Silver: How High Can It Spike? GoldSilverTeam
Apr 1 Markets Remain Mixed But Some Sectors Show Continued Strength Chris Vermeulen
Apr 1 Here’s How Explosive—and Short-Lived—Silver’s Spikes Have Been Jeff Clark
Mar 31 The Surging Dollar Kills Commodities Craig Hemke
Mar 31 Mike Maloney: My Reaction To Gold & Silver Being Crushed GoldSilverTeam
Mar 31 Gridline Tactics: A KISS For Gold Stewart Thomson
Mar 30 Support On Transportation Index Suggests Rally Will Continue Chris Vermeulen
Mar 30 Want To Invest In Farmland? Here’s How Adam Taggart
Mar 30 Do You Believe in Magic? James Howard Kunstler
Mar 30 Gold, Stimulus, and Basel 3 David Brady
Mar 30 The Hazardous Detour in the Road to "Recovery" Few Foresee Charles Hugh Smith
Mar 29 Precious Metals Miners Setting Up For A Breakout Rally Chris Vermeulen
Mar 29 “Where Am I Here?” James Howard Kunstler
Mar 29 Wage Slaves vs Gold Owners Rick Mills
Mar 29 How To Spot Boom and Bust Cycles Chris Vermeulen
Mar 29 Gold Stocks: Is It Time To Buy? Morris Hubbartt
Mar 29 Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q4’20 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 14 - Mar 27

Mar 26 Have Commodities Peaked? We Doubt It Chris Vermeulen
Mar 26 Bill Holter – The Losses are Hidden Greg Hunter
Mar 26 Is This the Bottom For Silver & Gold? Where to Next? GoldSilverTeam
Mar 26 Do We Really Think a Band-Aid Will Heal a Tumor? Charles Hugh Smith
Mar 25 How to Stop Being Scared or Shaken Out Of Winning Trades Chris Vermeulen
Mar 25 Higher Inflation Is Coming – The #1 Way You Can Prepare Jeff Clark
Mar 25 Trader Tip of the Day – Real Estate Chris Vermeulen
Mar 24 When "Unallocated" Becomes Unavailable Craig Hemke
Mar 24 Full Metal Jacket: Intensive Gold And Silver Price Suppression Dave Kranzler
Mar 24 An Inflationary Fire: The Key Catalysts Stewart Thomson
Mar 24 Silver Stimulus to Come From Currency Catastrophe GoldSilverTeam
Mar 23 After The Fed Week – What’s Next? Part II Chris Vermeulen
Mar 23 The End of Capitalism? Adam Taggart
Mar 23 Silver, Simple and Effective Korbinian Koller
Mar 23 In the Shadows of Shadowland James Howard Kunstler
Mar 22 After The FOMC – What’s Next? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 22 We Don't Need The Great Reset, We Need The Great Rebalancing Charles Smith
Mar 22 Nick Barisheff: Covid Caused Massive Money Printing Like Never Before Greg Hunter
Mar 22 V. Putin Ain’t No Corn Pop James Howard Kunstler
Mar 22 Gold Miners’ Q4’20 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
Mar 22 Gold Miners: The Technical Picture Improves Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 21 - Mar 20

Mar 19 Are We Days Away From Potential Gann/Fibonacci Price Peak? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 19 Peak in Yields Is Close David Brady
Mar 19 Call for Domestic Mining of Critical Minerals is Finally Being Answered Rick Mills
Mar 19 If Stock Markets Crash, Won't Gold & Silver Follow? GoldSilverTeam
Mar 18 The Stock Market Crash Prep Kit for Silver & Gold Investors Jeff Clark
Mar 18 Our Dead Money Economy Charles Hugh Smith
Mar 17 COMEX "Delivery" Update Craig Hemke
Mar 17 Stupid Economics - Why You Should Own Gold & Bitcoin NOW GoldSilverTeam
Mar 17 Tesla’s Elon Musk: The Master of Con Dave Kranzler
Mar 16 Are The US Markets Sending A Warning Sign? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 16 The 50th Anniversary of Nixon’s Colossal Error Rick Mills
Mar 15 Dr. Mark Skidmore – Financial System Fake La La Land Greg Hunter
Mar 15 How Central Banks Rick Rolled the USA GoldSilverTeam
Mar 15 Copper Shortage Narrative Goes Mainstream Rick Mills
Mar 15 Previews of Coming Attractions James Howard Kunstler
Mar 15 Big US Stocks’ Q4’20 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
Mar 15 Inflation watch: Beware the ides of March Alasdair Macleod
Mar 15 The Miners: A Decent Opportunity Now Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Mar 7 - Mar 13

Mar 12 Everything is Looking Up David Brady
Mar 11 A Bottom or THE Bottom in COMEX Gold? Craig Hemke
Mar 11 Michael Pento – As Rates Spike Bubbles Pop Greg Hunter
Mar 10 Stimulus And Consumers Are The Keys To Recovery – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Mar 10 See Chris and Neil at The Mad Hedge Fund Traders & Investors Summit TTL
Mar 10 The End of High Silver Premiums - 2 Special Announcements GoldSilverTeam
Mar 10 A Tech Wreck & Gold Green Shoots Stewart Thomson
Mar 10 Buying ARKK Is Like Playing Russian Roulette Dave Kranzler
Mar 9 Swing Trading Secrets Revealed! Chris Vermeulen
Mar 9 Gold Price Manipulation, Money Printing and Inflation Dave Kranzler
Mar 9 Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Kaboom James Howard Kunstler
Mar 8 Stimulus And Consumers Are The Keys To Recovery – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Mar 8 Gold Market Update - at Critical Juncture NOW... Clive Maund
Mar 8 Silver Market Update - Nice Buy Spot for the Sector... Clive Maund
Mar 8 A Time To Act Ted Butler
Mar 8 Real Interest Rates and Gold Rick Mills
Mar 8 Gold’s Momentum Selloff Adam Hamilton
Mar 8 Gold Falls But Key Miners Are Strong Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 28 - Mar 6

Mar 5 Satan 666 Plans of Joe "National Emergencies" Biden! Charles Savoie
Mar 5 The Pain Is Almost Over David Brady
Mar 5 Doubling Down: Silver & Commodities GoldSilverTeam
Mar 5 When Does This Travesty of a Mockery of a Sham Finally Implode? Charles H Smith
Mar 5 Market Crashing And Why Getting Stopped Out Like I Just Did Is Good C Vermeulen
Mar 4 Gold Predictive Modeling Suggests A New Rally Targeting $2300+ Chris Vermeulen
Mar 4 Dolly Varden Advancing One of the World’s Few “Pure Play” Silver Projects Rick Mills
Mar 4 What is the Cheapest Asset in the World? GoldSilverTeam
Mar 3 Treasury Yields Rally May Trigger a Crazy Ivan Event – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Mar 3 Real Rates, Gold, & The Miners Stewart Thomson
Mar 3 In Like A Lamb, But Where Is March Going? Chris Vermeulen
Mar 2 Treasury Yields Rally May Trigger A Crazy Ivan Event (Again) Chris Vermeulen
Mar 2 Why Gold and Silver? Dave Kranzler
Mar 2 News & Views March 2021 Edition Michael J. Kosares
Mar 2 Learn How To Find And Use The Right Option Strategy Chris Vermeulen
Mar 2 Party Like It’s 1984 James Howard Kunstler
Mar 1 The Cheapest Asset in the World Jeff Clark
Mar 1 Shadowland James Howard Kunstler
Mar 1 The Great 2021 Bimodal Cusp Catastrophe Clive Maund
Mar 1 Gold Stocks' Spring Rally 6 Adam Hamilton
Mar 1 Gold Struggles While Food & Base Metals Surge Morris Hubbartt
Mar 1 Why Now Might be a Good Time to Buy Gold and Gold Juniors Rick Mills

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 21 - Feb 27

Feb 26 Silver – Primed & Ready for Explosive Upside Chris Vermeulen
Feb 26 Monetary Inflation: The Next Step Alasdair Macleod
Feb 26 Silver Squeeze: Can the COMEX Be Broken? GoldSilverTeam
Feb 26 Gold to Bottom as Yields Peak Soon David Brady
Feb 25 Bonds And Stimulus Are Driving Big Sector Trends... Chris Vermeulen
Feb 25 Gold is One of the Few Assets That’s NOT at a Record High Simon Black
Feb 25 Anatomy of a Bubble and Crash Charles Hugh Smith
Feb 24 Markets Have Blood in the Streets! Time to Buy? Chris Vermeulen
Feb 24 Ahead of March COMEX Silver Deliveries Craig Hemke
Feb 24 Commodities and soon Juniors in vogue Rick Mills
Feb 24 Gold, Crypto, & Stk Mkt: Key Tactics Now Stewart Thomson
Feb 24 Is Something Big Coming in the Silver Market? GoldSilverTeam
Feb 23 How to Beat the S&P 500 & Nasdaq with a BAN ETF Strategy Chris Vermeulen
Feb 23 Deflation First, THEN Big or even HyperInflation Mike Maloney & Max Keiser
Feb 22 What Is The Next Move For Silver/Gold? Chris Vermeulen
Feb 22 The Future of Money is Gold Alasdair Macleod
Feb 22 Covid or No Covid James Howard Kunstler
Feb 22 Protect Your Positions From A Market Sell-Off Using Options Chris Vermeulen
Feb 22 Gold Stocks Retest Lows Adam Hamilton
Feb 22 The Inflation Super Cycle Is Here Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 14 - Feb 20

Feb 19 The Ides of March Cometh for the Banks David Brady
Feb 19 Silver & Gold CHART SPECIAL: Are the Big Boys Back in Control? GoldSilverTeam
Feb 19 SLV is Stealing Earning Power from You! Here’s How Jeff Clark
Feb 18 Gold Breakout Rally Soon? Chris Vermeulen
Feb 18 The iShares Silver “Trust” Is Likely A Fraud Dave Kranzler
Feb 18 Silver: The Twilight Zone - The GoldSilver Show GoldSilverTeam
Feb 17 Three More Reasons We Love To Trade Options! Chris Vermeulen
Feb 17 A Silver Price Manipulation Primer Craig Hemke
Feb 17 The Big Silver Update Mike Maloney
Feb 17 President Biden: Captain Of The Poseidon? Stewart Thomson
Feb 16 Everything ALT is HOT – Part II Chris Vermeulen
Feb 16 “Unity” James Howard Kunstler
Feb 16 5 Reasons Why People Prefer to Trade Options Over Stocks Neil Szczepanski
Feb 16 Goldman’s Jeff Currie on SLV: Either Ignorant or Willfully Mendacious Dave Kranzler
Feb 16 Timing Gold-Stock Trades Adam Hamilton
Feb 15 Everything ALT is HOT – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Feb 15 Gerald Celente – Currencies Will Be Worthless, Buy Precious Metals Greg Hunter
Feb 15 A Market Crash AND High Inflation? Adam Taggart
Feb 15 Debts Lift Gold Nick Barisheff
Feb 15 The Trials of Wokery James Howard Kunstler
Feb 15 Bullish Commodities & Bitcoin Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Feb 7 - Feb 13

Feb 12 It’s Just a Question of When David Brady
Feb 11 Platinum Begins Big Breakout Rally Chris Vermeulen
Feb 11 Debts Lift Gold Nick Barisheff
Feb 11 Does the US Still Have an Economy? Paul Craig Roberts
Feb 11 My Friend Spent 984 Bitcoin On A Tesla GoldSilverTeam
Feb 10 A Commodity Super Cycle: Are Investors Prepared? Stewart Thomson
Feb 10 Bitcoin & Tesla: What Everybody Missed in Elon Musk's Announcement GoldSilver
Feb 10 The Importance Of Stealth Investing Michael Ballanger
Feb 9 Will 2021 Prompt A Big Rotation In Sector Trends? – PART II Chris Vermeulen
Feb 9 Why Doctors Don’t Get Rich Adam Taggary
Feb 9 Baseless James Howard Kunstler
Feb 9 The Technical Traders Weekly Trade Idea – Feb 8 Chris Vermeulen
Feb 8 See What Sectors Are Set to Climb Even Higher Chris Vermeulen
Feb 8 Largest Sources of Industrial Demand For Silver About to Explode Higher Jeff Clark
Feb 8 Silver Is The Cheapest Investment In The World Dave Kranzler

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 31 - Feb 6

Feb 5 Where Next for Silver? David Brady
Feb 5 Mid-Caps & Transportation Show Upside Targets For Next Rally Chris Vermeulen
Feb 4 Treasury Yields Suggest a Top Within the Next 6 Months Chris Vermeulen
Feb 4 Groundhog Day for Silver Investors Craig Hemke
Feb 4 Why I Invest In Silver - PHYSICAL Over ETFs Mike Maloney
Feb 4 Volatility Spike Shocks Markets – Resets Trend Systems Chris Vermeulen
Feb 3 Gamestop Plunges 80% From Highs… have Reddit Traders given up? C Vermeulen
Feb 3 Silver: What Next? Mike Maloney
Feb 3 No Good Reason to Be Short Ted Butler
Feb 3 The Reddit Revolution: Key Battle Tactics Stewart Thomson

Feb 2 Expectations for Silver Given the GameStop Price Action... Chris Vermeulen
Feb 2 News & Views February 2021 Edition Michael J. Kosares
Feb 2 The Game is On James Howard Kunstler
Feb 2 How Will Silver’s (SLV) Recent Spike End? Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 1 Bitcoin and Precious Metals May Be Disconnecting Trends Chris Vermeulen
Feb 1 Weekend Gold Forecast January 31, 2021 GoldPredict
Feb 1 The Silver Squeeze: Eat My Shorts Mike Maloney
Feb 1 Gold Miners’ Q4’20 Preview Adam Hamilton
Feb 1 Here’s What’s More Important than the Recent Reddit Mania Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 1 Silver May Rally Above $39 On Range Breakout Chris Vermeulen
Feb 1 The Man Who Isn’t There James Howard Kunstler
Feb 1 A Glorious Silver Market Breakout Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 24 - Jan 30

Jan 29 Welcome Back to the Real World David Brady
Jan 28 The Coming Revolt of the Middle Class Charles Hugh Smith
Jan 28 I’m Tired of Being Cooped Up—and That is Why Silver is Going to Soar Jeff Clark
Jan 28 How the Eurozone Affects Gold, and Why You Should Care Przemyslaw Radomski
Jan 28 Fourth Turning Detonation Jim Quinn
Jan 27 VIX and Defensive Sectors React To Perceived Trend Weakness Chris Vermeulen
Jan 27 The January FOMC and Gold Craig Hemke
Jan 27 SILJ: A Silver Mines ETF For Champions Stewart Thomson
Jan 27 If Markets are Overleveraged, What Does it Mean for Gold Investors? P Radomski
Jan 27 Dolly Varden Silver Rick Mills
Jan 27 Will Markets Crash in 2021? Mike Maloney
Jan 26 Russell 2000 ETF Initiates New Rally Trend Chris Vermeulen
Jan 26 Gold And Silver Are Looking Bullish Dave Kranzler
Jan 26 Silver 2021 Price Predictions and 5-Year Forecast Jeff Clark
Jan 26 Captain Biden now piloting MMT Adventure Rick Mills
Jan 26 After Your Recent High - Where to Now, Gold? Przemysław Radomski
Jan 26 Flying Blind James Howard Kunstler
Jan 25 Technology & Energy Sectors Are Hot – Are You Missing Out? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 25 Weekend Gold Forecast January 24, 2021 GoldPredict
Jan 25 The Silver Shorts’ Last Stand? Ted Butler
Jan 25 Nick Barisheff – Alternate Investments – Gold and Silver Jacqueline Louie
Jan 25 Why You Shouldn’t Get Excited About Gold’s Mini-Rally Przemysław Radomski
Jan 25 Rough Ridin’ with Biden James Howard Kunstler
Jan 25 Gold & Silver Miners: Key Candlesticks Now Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 17 - Jan 23

Jan 22 US Stock Markets May Enter a Rally Phase Chris Vermeulen
Jan 22 Focus on the Big Picture David Brady
Jan 21 Here’s Why Gold Recently Moved Up Przemyslaw Radomski
Jan 21 US Dollar Decline creates New Sector Opportunities to Trade Chris Vermeulen
Jan 21 The Dangerously Diminishing Returns on Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus CH Smith
Jan 20 Gold and The Fed in 2021 Craig Hemke
Jan 20 Money Printing, Money Printing and More Money Printing Dave Kranzler
Jan 20 Gold Investing: Is Diversification Required? Stewart Thomson
Jan 19 The Zeitgeist Wants What the Zeitgeist Wants James Howard Kunstler
Jan 19 The destructive force and failure of QE Alasdair Macleod
Jan 18 Technical Traders are using the BAN Hotlist triggers with huge success Vermeulen
Jan 18 Weekend Gold Forecast January 17, 2021 GoldPredict
Jan 18 Signs and Wonders James Howard Kunstler
Jan 18 Junior Resource Stocks Shine Brightest Morris Hubbartt
Jan 18 Will An Oil Price Spike Be The Next Blow To The Economy? Adam Taggart

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 10 - Jan 16

Jan 15 Own the Best Asset Now for 2021 – Leading Sectors Are The Secret C. Vermeulen
Jan 15 Stimulus-on-Steroids Cometh David Brady
Jan 15 Electric, Digital And Dutch Tulips Dave Kranzler
Jan 15 Future For Silver: Why Tesla & Solar Could Lead to Supply Shock GoldSilverTeam
Jan 14 BAN SILJ Trade Recap Chris Vermeulen
Jan 14 Craig Hemke – Fed Will Drive Gold to New All-Time Highs in 2021 Greg Hunter
Jan 14 Is 2021 an Echo of 1641? Charles Hugh Smith
Jan 13 2021 Gold and Silver Price Forecast Craig Hemke
Jan 13 Silver Eagle Sales Explode During First Two Weeks In January SRSRocco
Jan 13 Gold, Silver, & Platinum: Key Tactics Now Stewart Thomson
Jan 13 Would I Take Out a Loan to Buy Gold & Silver? Mike Maloney
Jan 12 Revisiting Our October 23 Four Stocks To Own Article – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Jan 12 A Stock Market Crash Of 65-80% This Year? Adam Taggart
Jan 12 Insurrection Versus Insurrection James Howard Kunstler
Jan 11 The BAN Hotlist Trade Setups Show Incredible Success... Chris Vermeulen
Jan 11 Gold And Silver Victimized By Paper Games Dave Kranzler
Jan 11 Fog and Noise James Howard Kunstler
Jan 11 Gold Stocks Break Out Adam Hamilton
Jan 11 Gold Price Reaction: Miners Look Good Morris Hubbartt

News and Commentary for the Week of  Jan 1 - Jan 9

Jan 8 Watch Out for Perverse Missinformation! Charles Savoie
Jan 8 The Road to $10,000 Gold, When and How? Nick Barisheff
Jan 8 Don’t Dismiss Gold and Silver… Alasdair Macleod
Jan 8 U.S. Mint Sells 2.7 Million Silver Eagles First Week Of 2021 SRSrocco
Jan 7 Metals rally early in 2021 Chris Vermeulen
Jan 7 What 2020 Signals about Gold and Silver in 2021 Jeff Clark
Jan 6 COMEX Year in Review Craig Hemke
Jan 6 The Coming War on Wealth and the Wealthy Charles Hugh Smith
Jan 6 Gold Mauls The Dollar & Silver Stocks Soar Stewart Thomson
Jan 6 Why Buy Gold If the System Will Be Crypto & Digital Fedcoin Dollars? GoldSilverTeam
Jan 5 ESG Flows Drive Clean Energy to Fresh Highs Chris Vermeulen
Jan 5 Gold Market Update - set to soar as hyperinflation looms... Clive Maund
Jan 5 Silver Market Update - powerful advance believed imminent... Clive Maund
Jan 5 Expect A Big Move In Gold, Silver And The Mining Stocks This Year Dave Kranzler
Jan 5 Giving Up the Ghost James Howard Kunstler
Jan 5 News & Views January 2021 Michael J. Kosares
Jan 4 2021 May Be A Good Year For The Cannabis/Marijuana Sector Chris Vermeulen
Jan 4 The Energy Cliff, Green Energy Myth, Gold, Crypto, & Mad Max Future SRSRocco
Jan 4 The Fed Is About To Go Weimar – Gold And Silver Will Soar Dave Kranzler
Jan 4 Key Metal Stocks In Play Now Morris Hubbartt
Jan 4 Chinese Fire Drills with a side of French Fries... James Howard Kunstler
Jan 4 Weekend Gold Forecast December 31, 2020 GoldPredict

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