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Jan 18 Technical Traders are using the BAN Hotlist triggers with huge success Vermeulen
Even though our BAN Trader Pro strategy and systems have just been released to members, the early price rotation in 2021 has shown how powerful it can be. Early 2021 BAN Hotlist triggers, used as extra trading signals for members, have caught some incredible early success recently. Depending on your style of trading and risk tolerance, you can trade the regular sector ETFs, or Leveraged ETFs, or Trade Options. The BAN Trader Pro system allocates trading capital into four high momentum ETFs with each new leg up in the stock market that meets the BAN trigger setup. This allows BAN Trader Pro members to capitalize on the strongest sectors presenting the highest BAN momentum ranking. We are able to target stronger trends with reduced draw-downs and risks by focusing on...

Jan 18 Weekend Gold Forecast January 17, 2021 GoldPredict
What does all this mean for Gold? Great question! All the liquidity and money printing is very bullish for gold, long-term. But in the near-term, money could continue to flow into the more speculative sectors, while optimism remains high. It is easy to get discouraged when you see prices exploding higher in one sector while yours is going nowhere. I assure you, this will not last forever. Eventually, the liquidity that we see going into stocks will shift to precious metals (that shift may have already started in platinum). Precious metals will have their turn – now is the time to be accumulating, in my opinion...

BAN ETF Trading Strategy & How To Profit from It!
Reserve your seat to Chris Vermeulen's BAN Trader Pro webinar now.

Jan 18 Signs and Wonders James Howard Kunstler
In case you don’t know what condition our condition is in, the name for it is a crisis of legitimacy. Four years of seditious harassment by a “Resistance” within-and-without the US Government culminates in the janky election of a mentally incapable grifter… run by whom? Does anyone seek to know who, exactly, is pulling Joe Biden’s strings? My guess would be…duh… Barack Obama and his posse. When will he be outed? Maybe today… or next week at the latest. Heads will explode to see liberalism’s bowling trophy fall off the national mantelpiece. If you think Nancy Pelosi is running around in a hebephrenic fugue state now, just wait...

Jan 18 Junior Resource Stocks Shine Brightest Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts. The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers. Double-click to enlarge the charts. SGS Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SG60 Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SGT Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SGJ Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis...

Jan 18 Will An Oil Price Spike Be The Next Blow To The Economy? Adam Taggart
Like it or not, our modern way of life remains extremely dependent on oil. And even using the rosiest of forecasts, that’s not going to change anytime soon. Which is why our friend, Adam Taggart at Peak Prosperity, sat down with petroleum geologist Art Berman to talk about his prediction of a 30% spike in oil prices later in 2021. Because when the price of oil rises, the price of everything goes up. And there are many vulnerable businesses that simply won’t be able to withstand this double-digit increase to their cost structure in today’s pandemic-stricken economy. The ripple effects could be severe and widespread...


Jan 15 Own the Best Asset Now for 2021 – Leading Sectors Are The Secret C. Vermeulen
My BAN strategy is so dynamic as a core-trading system that seeks the hottest sectors to ride out a 5%-25% price trend. We then identify three key advancement levels where we take profits out of the trade. By executing these exits dutifully, the BAN strategy is able to lock in profits, reduce risk exposure, and accrue even greater gains from longer trend runs that beat our own targets. This allows BAN traders to maximum returns with a high win rate for our trades and less drawdown. In the latest issue of TradersWorld, I go into greater detail in long term market stages, short term trends, relative strength between sectors, and some recent BAN trades. Click below to download the latest edition of TradersWorld for FREE!

Jan 15 Stimulus-on-Steroids Cometh David Brady
With massive fiscal and monetary stimulus to hit the U.S. this year and the need to cap bond yields, the biggest casualty is likely to be the dollar. This does not mean that the dollar can’t see significant short-term bounces, but the overall trend is likely to continue to be lower. Such a backdrop is only good for precious metals and miners, especially if inflation expectations rise while nominal yields are capped. The resulting decline in real yields would also support higher Gold and Silver prices. In the short term, both metals remain under pressure from a paper futures perspective. The dreaded lower low remains on the table for Gold after suffering a fake breakout to the upside last week...

Technical Traders Wealth Building Newsletter
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change your financial situation by reducing financial stress. The next
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Jan 15 Electric, Digital And Dutch Tulips Dave Kranzler
Bitcoin and TSLA have gone parabolic, just like tulip prices in the 1600’s. The charts above epitomize the degree to which the current stock market is in a massive bubble, the scale of which is considerably larger than the bubble. The M2 measure of the money supply is nearly 4x greater now than at the end of 1999, yet real GDP has grown just 40% over the same time period. Nominal GDP has only doubled. No one knows when the parabolic move of a stock will terminate. As happened when the Dutch tulip bubble imploded, buyers willing to pay a higher price disappeared. When this happens, the price collapse is spectacular. Bitcoin went through this cycle once already, though last time around it topped out at $20,000. It’s twice as high now...

Jan 15 Future For Silver: Why Tesla & Solar Could Lead to Supply Shock GoldSilverTeam
Join Mike Maloney and Jeff Clark in today’s Special Report as they explain how massive demand from the electric car and solar industries could mean future supply shocks for silver.


Jan 14 BAN SILJ Trade Recap Chris Vermeulen
After recently closing our SILJ BAN trade, we want to take this opportunity to dissect our trade, including the process of selecting the proper exit targets and protecting capital within a trade. The BAN Trader Pro strategy incorporates these same techniques automatically within the decision-making process of taking/generating trades/signals. Yet, many traders can find value in reviewing their completed trades to learn how to improve their trading picks and techniques. With our recent SILJ trade, we initiated the entry on the upside breakout in price on November 5, 2020 – near $15.50. This upside breakout move prompted a new BAN trade trigger with SILJ near the top of the BAN Hotlist. This suggested further upside trending would continue...

Jan 14 Craig Hemke – Fed Will Drive Gold to New All-Time Highs in 2021 Greg Hunter
About this time last year, financial writer, market analyst and precious metals expert Craig Hemke predicted the Fed would encourage inflation and gold would finish the year at around $1,800 per ounce. It finished at a little more than $1,900 per ounce. Hemke was spot on. So, what is Hemke predicting this year? Hemke says, “In my annual forecast that I just published last week, one of my themes was ‘don’t fight the Fed.’ If you have been a stock market investor, I am sure you have heard that term used before, and it works for the precious metals this year as well. The Fed will take some significant actions over the course of this year, and that will drive gold and silver higher. Gold will go to new all-time highs at some point, and silver is going to participate too.”...

Jan 14 Is 2021 an Echo of 1641? Charles Hugh Smith
Climate change (The Little Ice Age) generated scarcities of grain in a time of burgeoning human populations. As in the present day, everyone assumed ample harvests would continue forever--expanding abundance is the New Normal. Alas, Nature is not a steady-state system and cycles are not tamed by our desire for ever-expanding abundance. Humans respond to scarcity by assessing who's getting the biggest pieces of the shrinking pie. When hunger begets desperation, various dynamics are set into motion as those without agency and capital, i.e. political and financial power do whatever they can to get enough to survive while those holding the majority of political and financial power, jockey to maintain or expand their power.

Jan 13 2021 Gold and Silver Price Forecast Craig Hemke
Because the year ahead is going to be wildly volatile, perplexing, concerning, and fun. The gains that I expect us to post by December will not come easily, and as in any bull market, "riding the bull" all the way to the bell is going to be quite the challenge. It will kick and buck and do everything possible to throw you off and keep you from realizing the gains that you'll see if you complete the ride. So this year's macrocast concludes with a warning and some advice: be patient. Do not allow yourself to get aggressively caught up in the day-to-day and tick-for-tick. Instead, maintain your focus upon the long term and The Big Picture. For the past decade, we've warned you to "prepare for the end of The Great Keynesian Experiment", and the events of 2020 have only served to accelerate its demise...

Jan 13 Silver Eagle Sales Explode During First Two Weeks In January SRSRocco
With the continued disintegration of the economic and financial system in 2021, investment demand for physical precious metals continues to be strong. After the U.S. Mint posted a stunning 2.7 million Silver Eagles sold during the first week in January, they just posted another update, which already blew past last year’s figure by a wide margin. Remarkably, just the U.S. Mint Silver Eagle sales for the first two weeks in January accounts for 7% of the average monthly global silver mine supply. That’s a lot of silver demand, considering the U.S. Silver Eagle sales are only a small segment of the total global silver market. As I have mentioned in several articles, if we see another record year of physical and ETF silver demand this year like we had last year, the silver price will likely surpass the $35 level...

Jan 13 Gold, Silver, & Platinum: Key Tactics Now Stewart Thomson
1.) The traditional Chinese New Year “firecracker rally” for gold may be a dud this year, but investors who followed my “buy into $1788 and sell some into $1966” recommendation are in great shape. 2.) Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this weekly buy and sell zones chart. The $1767 low and the $2089 high should be the new zones of interest for gold investors. 3.) Gold could decline to $1767 or even $1671. If that happens, I will urge all investors to take buy-side action with physical market gold, silver… and the miners. 4.) What are the odds that it actually does happen? Well, Chinese gold prices have gone to a premium over London as of this morning, US election mayhem continues, and Goldman Sachs analyst Jeff Currie is predicting gold hits $2300 this spring and holds its ground...

Jan 13 Would I Take Out a Loan to Buy Gold & Silver? Mike Maloney
Today Mike Mike Maloney answers a very interesting question from Jeff Clark - “Is there a scenario under which you would take out a loan to buy gold and silver?” The answer may surprise you, thanks for watching...

Jan 12 Revisiting Our October 23 Four Stocks To Own Article – Part I Chris Vermeulen
Jan 12 A Stock Market Crash Of 65-80% This Year? Adam Taggart
Jan 12 Insurrection Versus Insurrection James Howard Kunstler
Jan 11 The BAN Hotlist Trade Setups Show Incredible Success... Chris Vermeulen
Jan 11 Gold And Silver Victimized By Paper Games Dave Kranzler
Jan 11 Fog and Noise James Howard Kunstler
Jan 11 Gold Stocks Break Out Adam Hamilton
Jan 11 Gold Price Reaction: Miners Look Good Morris Hubbartt



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