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May 21 Fibonacci And Elliot Wave Predict Breakout Highs Chris Vermeulen
There is nothing more exciting to us than reading the price action of the charts to see what will happen in the future. It becomes even more exciting when we find something that everyone else seems to have missed. Right now, traders need to pay attention to our research because we believe we have correctly identified a breakout pattern that is setting up in the US majors – and everyone seems to have missed it. Recently, our research team began a quest to properly identify the Elliot Wave structure of the US majors in relation to the recent price congestion after the February 2018 price collapse. You can read our earlier research post to better understand our conclusions...

May 21 WTF Just Happened? Gold, the Dollar and Interest Rates Eric Dubin/Dave Kranzler
What’s going on with gold, the dollar and interest rates – especially gold? All of the variables that fundamentally support much higher gold prices are lined up perfectly. Why isn’t gold moving higher? The popular narrative in the mainstream financial media would leave one to believe that the dollar is soaring. Eric and Dave put a big dent in that notion. Additionally, in a long-term historical context, the recent rise in interest rates is tiny, yet marginally higher interest are already wreaking havoc on the economy (retail, auto and home sales). What’s going to happen to the economy when the 10-yr Treasury hits 4%, which is still well below its long-run historical norm?...


May 21 How Lousy Shale Economics Will Pull Down the U.S. Economy SRSrocco
Few Americans realize that the U.S. economy is being propped up by the Shale Oil Industry. However, the shale oil industry is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme, so when it collapses, it will take down the U.S. economy with it. Unfortunately, the reason few Americans understand how lousy the economics are in producing shale oil and gas is due to the misinformation and propaganda being put out by the industry and energy analysts. I am quite surprised how bank analysts and brokerage firms can continue to fund the shale oil and gas or advise clients to purchase stock when the industry is behaving just like the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme. The only big difference is that the U.S. Shale Industry is a Ponzi at least four times greater than Madoff’s $65 billion fiasco...

May 21 Elliott Wave Predictions for US Stock Market 2018 and Beyond Chris Vermeulen
Recently, an interesting concept was discussed among our research team – a very interesting concept about the markets. As many of you know, part of the process or research is to test conclusions that may lie outside common thinking. While we were discussing the Fibonacci and Elliot Wave structures of the US market using longer-term charts, one item kept intriguing our research team. This one item could change everything in terms of how we are thinking about the US markets and Global markets. Almost everyone knows that Elliot Wave (EW) theory consists of Five Waves to complete a major EW Cycle. The most common form of EW price cycles is...

May 21 Gold Miners’ Q1’18 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
The bottom line is the major gold miners’ fundamentals are really strong based on their recently-reported Q1’18 results. While production declined fairly sharply, the miners still held the line on all-in sustaining costs. That fueled fat operating profits and strong cash flows. And many of the elite gold miners have forecast improving production throughout 2018 on higher-grade ores, which will push profits even higher. Yet gold stocks are priced today as if gold was half or less of current levels, which is truly fundamentally-absurd! They are the last super-undervalued sector in these euphoric, overvalued stock markets. When gold investment demand resumes on weakening stock markets and pushes gold higher, capital will flood back into the forgotten gold miners...

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May 21 Junior Miners Leapfrog Over Bullion Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge): SFS Key Charts & Video Update; SF60 Key Charts & Video Update; SF Juniors Key Charts & Video Analysis...

May 21 Natural Gas Flashes Buy Signal with Cycles Confirming Chris Vermeulen
Our research team has been following the energy sector quite intensely with Oil and Natural Gas making an impressive move. A little known seasonal pattern in Natural Gas has setup recently and we have alerted our members to this play which is already up over 16%. Our advanced price modeling systems and Adaptive Dynamic Learning Cycles have recently triggered another buy entry point which we share in this article but first look at the seasonal chart showing the month which Natural Gas is generally strong. This seasonality table refers to particular time frames when commodities are subjected to and influenced by recurring tendencies that produce patterns each year...

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May 18 Indexes Fill Tuesday Price Gap Now Where? Chris Vermeulen
The 30-minute chart price pattern with a large gap down in price on Tuesday morning created what we call a “Gap Window”. Almost all gaps in the SP500 get filled eventually, and both the top and bottom areas of a gap window become short-term resistance or support. A three-wave a-b-c correction is generally what causes stop orders to be run, panic selling, and creates a pivot low. This is displayed with a red line on the chart. If this very short-term pattern unfolds it would create fantastic entry point because...

May 18 Are the Wheels Coming Off the System? Dave Kranzler
The dollar is said to be “soaring,” though I take issue with that characterization for now (see the chart below); 10-yr Treasury yields are also rising, though the yield on the 10-yr is only up about 67 basis points if you measure from January 1, 2017. What’s really going on? Ten years of money printing by the Federal Reserve has removed true price discovery from the markets. The best evidence is the inexorable rise in the stock market despite the fact that corporate earnings have been driven largely by share buybacks and GAAP accounting gimmicks. Measuring stock values on the basis of revenue and revenue growth multiples would reveal the most overvalued stock market in U.S. history...

May 18 Why Gold Is The King Monetary Asset, Not Bitcoin SRSrocco
There seems to be a lot of misinformation being peddled on the internet about gold and bitcoin. One major misconception is the notion that bitcoin will replace gold as a monetary instrument. Some analysts, once stanch precious metals advocates now turned crypto aficionados, believe in such theories that there is too much gold in the world to be used as money or that it is now just a barbarous relic. Just a year or so ago, these same supposed analysts were criticizing the Mainstream media financial network talking heads for calling gold as a barbarous relic, but now have jumped on the bandwagon...


May 17 PART I Next Fibonacci Price Targets – Get Ready! Chris Vermeulen
We can’t believe how so many people did not see this upside price swing setting up over the past few weeks. The research we conducted over the past few months was showing us a very clear picture that the US markets would advance in a dramatic format after settling a price bottom after the early February price drop. We would like to remind our readers to reference this link to see how we called this move months (published January 19, 2018) in advance. To quote our earlier work before the markets made all these moves…

May 17 PART II – Vix Cycles Point to Market Correction Chris Vermeulen
Recently, we authored an article about Fibonacci price levels in which we referred to a term called “Fibonacci Price Ladders”. This is our own term, as far as we know, and we used it as a way to attempt to explain how price operates within the Fibonacci theory. Our objective was to allow the reader to think of a standard ladder and how each ladder rung allows the climber to advance (move up) or decline (move down) using the ladder. We hope it helped all of our readers to better understand the concept of how price rotates within a trend to establish longer-term price trends...

May 17 No More Subtleness – It’s Show Time! Przemyslaw Radomski
On May 1st, we knew that the precious metals sector was starting a 2-week rally based on cyclical turning points, apex-based reversals, and True Seasonality for May. The rally is over, the profits cashed in… And growing once again thanks to the new short position. What’s in store for the rest of the month and the next few ones? Something epic. Let’s start today's analysis with the two most important short-term reasons due to which the outlook for the precious metals sector just became very bearish...

May 17 The Coming Copper Crunch Rick Mills
Copper had one of it best years ever in 2017, rising 27% on the back of supply disruptions and steady demand from China, by far the largest copper consumer. Commodities analysts are usually wrong about copper supply, always predicting a glut in the market for the ubiquitous metal used in everything from piping for plumbing to wiring in houses, to components of electric vehicles. What they fail to account for is the inevitable stoppages at the major copper mines due mostly to strikes and weather problems...

May 16 The Gold Spec Washout Begins Craig Hemke
May 16 Sparks Fly Toward the Debt Powder Keg Dave Kranzler
May 16 The Missing Link for Gold Jordan Roy-Byrne
May 16 Jack And The Golden Bean Stalk Stewart Thomson
May 16 Seattle Head Tax a Destructive Idea James Hall
May 15 Turkish Gold Imports Triple as the Central Bank Diversifies Out of Dollars SRSrocco
May 15 One Reversal Too Many Przemyslaw Radomski
May 15 People Are Holding Tight to Their Gold and Silver “Scrap” Rory Hall
May 14 Metals and Miners – The Sleeping Giant Trade Chris Vermeulen
May 14 Congestion Basing Can Present Incredible Opportunities Chris Vermeulen
May 14 Big US Stocks’ Q1’18 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
May 14 The 3 Stage Housing Bubble Collapse SRSrocco
May 14 Subprime Mortgages: The Dog Returns To Its Vomit Dave Kranzler
May 14 Gold Stocks Rally & Silver Stocks Soar Morris Hubbartt



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