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Oct 24 Why The Global Economy Will Disintegrate Rapidly SRSrocco
The world is heading towards a rapid disintegration of its economic and financial system due to a “Thermodynamic oil collapse.”  I spoke with Dr. Louis Arnoux of nGeni, about the details of the thermodynamics of oil depletion and its impact on the global economy. Unfortunately, the world is completely in the dark about this energy information and its dire implications to global economic trade and finance, in a relatively short period of time.  I would like to emphasize that this Thermodynamic Oil Collapse Video is the most important interview I have ever done...

Oct 24 A Look at the Mining Stocks Gary Savage
Mining stocks have completed week 1 of a new intermediate degree cycle. They are now expected to rally for 14-18 weeks. This video discusses the price projections for GDX, GDXJ and JNUG for the upcoming advance...

Oct 24 Trump is Molotov Cocktail... Catherine Austin Fitts/Greg Hunter
Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts is backing Donald Trump. Fitts explains, “Michael Moore said in an interview that Donald Trump is a Molotov cocktail you can throw on the system. Interestingly enough, if you look at the federal system, it has a negative return on investment to taxpayers. If you believe you can never fix that, then throwing a Molotov cocktail into the middle of that is the most intelligent thing you can do for productivity...


Oct 24 Junior Miners: Gold And Silver Are Ready To Rumble Dave Kranzler
The Fed was overtly aggressive in its attack on gold and silver during the past few weeks. As John Williams observes in the quote above, it’s probable that the Fed has made every effort to suppress the price of gold ahead of the implementation of more QE in some form (dollar debasement). Several analysts have been offering up theories with regard to the performance of gold based on the winner of the presidential election. But the truth is, gold and silver will do well for the foreseeable future regardless of which candidate wins...

Oct 24 October Comex Gold "Deliveries" TF Metals Report
I don't want to get bogged down in the minutiae as this post is not about attempting to unravel the riddle wrapped in mystery inside of an enigma that is The Comex. Instead, we simply wanted to draw your attention to the astonishing increase in the pace of Comex "deliveries". Again, this DOES NOT signal that some sort of Comex delivery failure is imminent or eventual. However, in an anecdotal indicator similar to surging ETF inventories, this massive expansion in the amount of gold allegedly "delivered" through Comex is clearly a sign of a significant increase in demand for gold and synthetic, gold-related investments in 2016...

Oct 24 Precious Metals: Right Shoulder Action Now Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge): Gold & Silver Bullion Video Analysis; Bonds, Currency, and Stock Markets Video Analysis; Precious Metal ETFs Video Analysis; SF60 Key Charts Video Analysis; SF Trader Time Key Charts Video Analysis...

 Stock & ETF Trading Signals

Oct 21 Gold Will Soar Regardless Who’s President Dave Kranzler
Regardless of who wins the election, gold and silver are getting ready for another surprising move higher. The Harry Dent Jr’s of the world will be left grasping for excuses for why their prediction for a much lower gold price is so horribly wrong. We discuss the tragic U.S. Presidential election and the reason why gold is getting ready to take off again in today’s episode of the Shadow of Truth...

Oct 21 Ganging Up on Gold Pater Tenebrarum
Gold remains the asset Wall Street loves to hate. It is currently under pressure due to the recent increase in rate hike odds and there was definitely a need for stale long positions to be cleared out. When we see the mainstream gang up on gold so quickly though, we tend doubt that the bears will be correct. Of course we have no crystal ball either, but we remain convinced that the monetary experiments of recent years will end quite badly. As far as we are concerned, the long term case for gold remains intact regardless of short term price gyrations...

Oct 21 Trump VS. Clinton-Who’s “Better” For Gold? Andrew Hoffman
...a Trump victory, like the BrExit referendum for the UK, is unequivocally – by many multiples – better for America.  And thus, after the initial shock – which frankly, could in and itself catalyze “the Big One” that destroys the global monetary system – I believe the outlook for the dollar maintaining its reserve currency status; and generally speaking, the potential for peace; would be viewed far more likely, and favorable. To the contrary, a Clinton victory is clearly more “expected” – that is, skillfully propagandized as a fait accompli that “markets” have “priced in.”...

Technical Trading Mastery for Traders & Investors
How To Win With Simplicity - Written for both traders and investors, this book explores tools and techniques needed to profit in today’s competitive markets.

Oct 21 3 Reasons Saudi Arabia Is So Desperate for Cash John Mauldin
The kingdom is built on oil money, and that money was used to create a technologically advanced and powerful country. But the plummet in oil prices with no sign of a quick recovery, a brewing crisis of succession, the potential for domestic unrest due to budget cutbacks, and unprecedented external challenges have pushed Saudi Arabia in a hazardous direction: the consideration of an IPO for their most valuable asset, Aramco...

Oct 21 Have You Taken These 4 Simple Steps to Improve Your Trading? EWI
...I would probably say, the single best piece of advice I can offer traders is to focus on quality, not quantity. Just because you trade more doesn't mean you're going to be more successful. Over the years, I've come to realize that I would much rather focus on a high-quality trade setup than one that maybe barely meets the standard of what I would consider to be a high-quality trade setup. So, simply put, focus on the quality. If you focus on quality, what will happen is you'll find that you trade less, and the attention that you do spend with the market will be focused on those higher-probability opportunities...

Oct 21 Infographic: Give Gold this Diwali Daniel Fisher
The wonderful Hindu festival of Divali is fast approaching, with its vibrant celebration of light. It’s dedicated to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity and exchanging gifts, particularly gold, is a major feature. Coming up with new and interesting presents can be a real headache though, so we’ve produced this colourful infographic, to give a wealth of ideas. Some are traditional and others are a little more alternative, from gold coins and glittering pendants to ornate statues...

Oct 20 As The World Crumbles, Gold And Silver Sit Inertly Andrew Hoffman
Oct 20 Silver Eagle Demand Returns With A Vengeance... SRSrocco
Oct 20 Phase Two of the Gold and Silver Train is now leaving the Station Peter Degraaf
Oct 20 A Bear Market In Stocks Began In May 2015 Dave Kranzler
Oct 20 Gold doesn’t care who wins the election Michael J. Kosares
Oct 19 The Economic Pendulum Swings from West to East Jeff Nielson
Oct 19 The Upcoming Central Banking “Nuclear” Explosion Andrew Hoffman
Oct 19 The Importance of Deutsche Bank Silver Fix Lawsuit Settlement TF Metals Report
Oct 19 Silver, Debt, and Deficits - From an Election Year Perspective Gary Christenson
Oct 19 The Cashless Society Is a Creepy Fantasy Elaine Ou
Oct 18 A Rigged Media Is The Death Of Democracy Dave Kranzler
Oct 18 My Most Passionate Warning Yet Andrew Hoffman
Oct 18 James Turk – The Coming Financial Storm Will Devastate The World KWN
Oct 18 Trump Victory is in Your Power SARTRE
Oct 17 The Hour Is Late... Bill Holter/X22Report Spotlight
Oct 17 Gold Technicals Gary Savage
Oct 17 QE/ZIRP Is Crushing the Global Supply Chain... Charles Hugh Smith
Oct 17 The Final Act will be World War Bill Holter
Oct 17 This Is Going To Shock World Financial Markets KWN
Oct 17 Gold Stocks: Accumulation Opportunity Now Morris Hubbartt



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