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Jan 24 January 2018 Stock Market Repeat – Yikes! Chris Vermeulen
Our research team caught a very interesting price pattern that correlates with the Put/Call ratio. We are alerting our friends and followers with this research post of this exciting, yet unconfirmed, set up today. In late 2017, the US stock market rallied from July through December with moderately low volatility throughout this span of time. Near the end of 2017, the US stock market price activity stalled, then began a renewed price rally in early 2018 (see the first BLUE & YELLOW BOX on the chart below). Then, in January 2018, a very broad market reversion event took place which ultimately resulted in a very broad market correction in October through December 2018 of just over 20%. The current price rally ending 2019 and starting 2020 is strangely similar to...

Jan 24 The Tremendous Hidden Value in Every Silver Coin SRSRocco
Very few people understand the tremendous hidden value in every silver coin in the world. Unfortunately, most precious metals investors do not realize the critical factor in acquiring and holding the physical silver investment. The majority of gold and silver analysts provide forecasts for precious metals based on the negative symptoms taking place in the economy and market (debt, derivatives, fiat money, etc), and not the fundamental factor… ENERGY. In my newest video, Tremendous Hidden Value In Every Silver Coin, I explain in detail why physical silver investment is superior to the $15.4 trillion of U.S. M2 Money Supply. The overwhelming majority of precious metals and financial analysts do not understand why Silver is Money and a store of value...


Jan 24 MSM Gold Reporting becomes more Absurd by the Day Dave Kranzler
Central banks are the biggest participants in the gold market and yet rare is the gold market analyst who ever puts a critical question to them or reports that they refuse to answer questions about their interventions. Rarer still is the journalist who poses such questions himself instead of merely repeating the silly contrivances offered by the market analysts. The power to create and dispense infinite money in secret helps central banks rule the world, but most of all they require the negligence of financial journalism...

Jan 24 Gold Price Trend Forecast 2020 - Part 1 Nadeem Walayat
The gold bull market ended 2019 with a strong gain of 19%. The first half the year was marked with uncertainty as the price after an early year surge to $1350 gave up all of it's gains to drift lower to trade down on the year by early May. However, this was the calm before the bull market storm and that set the stage for a powerful bull run starting early June that saw the Gold price rocket higher to a early September peak of $1566, up over 25% on the year! Igniting Gold bug fever and encouraging prominent gold bugs to get carried away with headlines of Gold heading for $5000 and beyond...

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Jan 24 Does Palladium Signal the End of Paper Futures in Gold and Silver? David Brady
After a rally from January 2016 to January 2018 of over 150%, or $682, Palladium fell just 28%, or $318. Then it took off again, and as we know now, after a vain attempt to cap the price they decided to give up this time and not risk being even more record short this time around. They realized that paper futures no longer had the same effect on the price of the underlying commodity anymore and did not want to risk being caught massively short as the price continued to soar higher. Now going back to Gold and Silver, could we see the same pattern play out in those metals? Commercials hit a record high short position three weeks ago. They could hit a new record high yet, but based on...

Jan 24 Geophysical Work Begins at Finland Palladium Play Rick Mills
Palladium has found another gear as it races past $2,200 an ounce, leaving its sister platinum-group metal platinum, and even gold, eating its dust. On Tuesday palladium (Pd) hit a record $2,191 an ounce, building on nine straight sessions of gains, but even that wasn’t enough for the autocatalyst ingredient, as it powered higher on Wednesday to trade at a dizzying $2,227/oz, as of this writing. In comparison spot platinum (Pt), which up to 2016 was priced higher than Pd, was trading at $1,110/oz as of Wednesday afternoon, a long way below the $1,812/oz it commanded during the height of the mining supercycle, in September 2011, the same month gold powered up to its personal best of $1,900/oz. Why the enviable price performance?...

Jan 24 The Next Catalyst for Gold Jordan Roy-Byrne
The precious metals sector remains in a correction, and as long as the 200-day moving averages hold, a bullish consolidation that began last September. Sure, Gold made a new high and is still holding around the previous high, but the rest of the sector has not confirmed that strength. When Gold is outperforming Silver and the gold stocks, it is not a bullish signal for the short-term. With that in mind, we can look ahead to anticipate potential catalysts that could push the sector into breakout mode and to new highs...


Jan 23 Transportation Sector Crashed Hard and What it Means Chris Vermeulen
The Transportation Index, a common measure of economic optimism or pessimism, collapsed very early in trading after the Martin Luther King holiday (January 20, 22020). We found this very informative because a rotation like this suggests optimism may be waning by global investors and future expectations of growing economic activity may be reverting to more realistic expectations headed into a US election year on top of the US political circus. When we take a look at these TRAN charts, below, pay very special attention to the historical upper range of price activity over the past 20+ months and you’ll see why we believe a top formation/setup near these current levels in the TRAN could be a very strong topping pattern for the US and Global markets...

Jan 23 Guide to Gold and Silver Mining Stocks - Mike Maloney Buying Miners? GoldSilver
Mike Maloney plans on adding some select mining stocks to his portfolio soon. Until now Mike’s only related investments have been almost entirely physical gold and silver bullion, held in our storage accounts with BRINKS. The only other investments Mike has made during this precious metals bull run are some small ‘gambling’ positions in cryptocurrencies, and personal real estate acquisitions. Watch the new video and find out why Mike thinks the time for mining stocks may be here right now, and how he plans to participate...

Jan 23 Trading Strategies for GDXJ, SPY, BONDS, and Natural Gas Chris Vermeulen
Chris Vermeulen joins me today to shares his trading strategy for 4 different markets. While most of these markets are not correlated he has reasons for why he is long in each. Pick and choose where you want to deploy your capital...

Jan 23 NOT-Predictions for 2020 Gary Christenson
However, some believe the Fed has their back, markets will rise forever, and QE will support over-valued markets. They must ignore the stock market crashes in 1987, 2000 and 2008. They must ignore many crashes in crude oil, sugar, silver, and gold. They must ignore crazy politics, monetary failures, costly wars, “adjusted” statistics from government agencies, and a shortage of truthful responses from politicians and central bankers. The DOW hit a high in 1966 and regained that high in 1982, measured in devalued dollars. The DOW hit a high in 1929 and reached that high again in 1954, measured in devalued dollars. The DOW hit a high in 2007 and rose again to that high in 2013 after the Fed engaged in “emergency” measures and created $trillions of new digital dollars...

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Jan 22 Junior Gold Miners Setting Up For Another Rally Chris Vermeulen
The potential for a volatility spike resulting from a price peak formation (see the January 20, 2020 article above), could setup a moderately broad downside price reversion event that may prompt a 5% to 8%+ downside price correction. If that happens, as we expect, over the next 5 to 10+ trading days, then precious metals and miners should explode to the upside as a “risk-on” trade moves capital into the metals market. We believe the Miners (both Gold and Silver) are setting up for an explosive upside price move over the next 60+ days. The reality of the global markets is that it appears to be setting up in a very similar manner to what happened in the late 1990s. The rally in Rhodium, Palladium and Platinum are similar to..

Jan 22 Gold Trade Usage & Price Effect Jim Willie
The Gold price is poised to move upward in an aggressive manner. Rising moving averages lead the way. The consolidation endured over September, October, and November has finished. The annual Christmas run-up was impressive from 1480 toward 1600, which also has endured its own consolidation. Fading REPO attention span, along with fading Iran War expectations can be attributed. The trendlines are upward. The cyclicals are positive. One must remember that with proper inflation adjustment, the $1300 price from year 2013 would be over $1900 today. Therefore, the current Gold price is absurdly under-valued. The next price target is 1750, on the march to reach the hallowed $2000 level...

Jan 22 Tesla’s Warranty Expense “Income” Dave Kranzler
A long-time Tesla critic published an article in Seeking Alpha outlining the fraudulent nature of Tesla’s accounting for “warranty expense.” I did not read the article beyond the summary because it was placed behind Seeking Alpha’s subscription firewall. But I’ve detailed this aspect of Tesla’s accounting fraud in previous issues of the Short Seller’s Journal . Tesla has been reducing its provision for warranty expenses relative to the number of vehicles it sells for several quarters. While the warranty provision should rise inc correlation with rising number of vehicles delivered, Tesla and its auditor have decided an inverse relationship between these two variables makes more sense...

Jan 22 The Magic Palladium Bullet in 2020 Craig Hemke
Understand that palladium, just like gold and silver, is overseen by the bullion banks, which are responsible for physical delivery in London. There are OTC forwards, leases, and unallocated accounts. There are also futures that trade in New York. Through these processes, The Banks manage a fractional reserve system of just in time physical delivery. As gold and silver investors, we await the day when a "run" on these bullion banks exposes the lack of physical metal behind this system. The current price action in palladium suggests the possibility that this "run" may have already begun. First, it is very important to note that this move in palladium is NOT being "driven by speculators" who are "rushing to profit" and "blowing a bubble"...

Jan 22 Investing In Currency: Gold Or Fiat? Stewart Thomson
11.) Gold investors should feel very comfortable with their holdings. In fact, I will emphatically make the case that gold bullion investors have less to worry about now than at any point in the past 100 years. 12.) Government size, spending, and debt levels are “off the charts” in almost every major nation. Gold investors can sit comfortable because rather than reigning in the irresponsible actions of governments, central banks are promoting even more madness, with QE and rate cuts! 13.) What about the stock market? Well, the money elite at Davos appear concerned. They are looking at private equity. There’s a slow transition in the US stock market from strong hands to weak...

Jan 21 Q4 Earnings Setup The Rally To The Peak Chris Vermeulen
Our research team believes the current Q4-2019 earnings season and expectations are prompting a “Rally To A Peak”. We’ve been warning our followers and clients that we believe the US Stock Market has rallied to levels that constitute a “near peak enthusiasm” related to historical price volatility. As you’ll see from these charts, below, we are not dismissing this current upside rally and the potential that it could last for many weeks or months longer – we’re just warning our followers and clients that we believe a very volatile period or price rotation is setting up within the next 10 to 25+ days as prices reach the historical upper boundary. Our researchers believe that price channels are a very common form of technical analysis. Price enters a channel when defined boundaries are established and when price continues to rotate within these boundaries. Historically...

Jan 21 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
At first glance gold looks like it may be about to advance out of a bull Flag, but there are a number of factors in play that we will examine which suggest that any near-term advance won’t get far before it turns and drops again, and that a longer period of consolidation and perhaps reaction is necessary before it makes significant further progress. On the 6-month chart we can see how gold stabbed into a zone of strong resistance on the Iran crisis around the time Iran’s General was murdered, but after a couple of bearish looking candles with high upper shadows formed, it backed off into what many are taking to be a bull Flag...

Jan 21 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
If gold is looking set to react back over the short to medium-term, which it does, then it implies that silver, which is weaker at this stage in the cycle, is set to react back too. On silver’s latest 6-month chart we can see that the fairly tight pattern that has developed over the past several weeks, which is widely interpreted to be a bull Flag, is now looking more like a small Head-and-Shoulders top, and being small, it has correspondingly small downside implications. It projects a drop soon at least to the upper boundary of the channel that silver broke out of in December. Factors making it more likely that the pattern is an H&S top are...

Jan 20 Energy Continues Basing Setup – Breakout Expected Near January 24th Vermeulen
We believe any opportunity to take advantage of this historical technical price pattern is advantageous for skilled traders/investors. This is a pure technical pattern based on price bar data mining. This is something you may not have ever considered unless you had the tools to search for historical price anomalies and rotation patterns. We have created a suite of tools and price modeling systems we use to help our members find incredible opportunities – this being one of them. Get ready, February will likely prompt a very nice rally in ERY if historical price triggers confirm future price activity. The price pattern in February suggests a large upside price move is likely in ERY and we believe these low price basing patterns are an excellent opportunity for skilled traders...

Jan 20 Cannibalization of the Financial System will Force Investors into Silver SRSRocco
I decided to compare the Fed’s balance sheet to silver rather than gold because I believe silver will be the GO TO ASSET once investors get PRECIOUS METALS RELIGION. Silver’s future price action or value will make Palladium’s current bubble look tame indeed. Unfortunately, Palladium’s value will crash once the global economy heads into a depression. Even though Palladium and Platinum are precious metals, the overwhelming majority of investment demand is in silver and gold. Palladium and Platinum’s value is based more on industrial demand rather than investment demand. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Acquire the 2,000+ year history of money… gold and silver...

Jan 20 Bullion Shortages Will Push Junior Mining Stocks Higher in 2020 Dave Kranzler
The chart above shows the ratio of GDXJ/GDX. Although I don’t consider GDXJ to be a junior ETF per se, the GDXJ index does contain smaller cap, later-stage juniors and smaller cap producers. In that sense, it offers slightly higher risk/returns than GDX. That ratio has popped above the downtrend line that was established at the peak of the last bull cycle in the sector. Prospectively, as long as it stays above that trendline and moves higher, it’s a great indicator that the precious metals sector will stage a big move higher for the next couple of years. Trevor Hall and I discuss the physical bullion shortage developing in London and New York and why the precious metals sector will likely make a big move in 2020...

Jan 20 Gold Stocks Wavering Adam Hamilton
Last summer the gold stocks were rocking, with the leading GDX VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF just soaring. Following gold’s decisive bull-market breakout to its first new highs in several years in late June, GDX blasted 29.0% higher over the next 2.5 months! That generated great bullishness, capping a larger 76.2% upleg over 11.8 months. The major gold stocks dominating GDX were becoming belles of the ball. That fast run left them super-overbought, so a correction was highly probable to rebalance sentiment in this hot sector. And that indeed looked to be getting underway, with GDX retreating 15.4% over the next 1.3 months into mid-October. The gold stocks mostly bumped along those correction lows for another 1.3 months into late November. Then GDX rallied a bit, but kept grinding sideways on balance for most of December. But on Christmas Eve’s throwaway half-day trading session, gold surged in a...

Jan 20 Gold Stocks: Bull Candlesticks Now Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts. The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers. Double-click to enlarge the charts. SFS Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SF60 Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SF Trader Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SFJ Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis...



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