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Apr 27 Podcast: US Dollar Soaring With Eagles, What Does it Mean? Chris Vermeulen

Apr 27 Earnings: The Big Sucker Play Clive Maund
Decades ago, the famous market analyst Joseph Granville stated that "there is more maintained stupidity in this business than probably in any other business in the world," referring to the stock market. He was right, except that the government in Washington is now a strong contender for the title. Towards the end of his days poor old Joe "lost it" and kept making the same stubborn predictions and being proved wrong time and time again, which tarnished his reputation—he probably hadn’t reckoned on The Cabal and their machinations. In his younger days though, he was a pioneer, and invented such concepts as On-balance Volume, which is now a widely used indicator...

Apr 27 U.S. Exports Nearly All Gold Mine Supply to Hong Kong SRSrocco
The U.S. gold exports to Hong Kong surged in February consuming nearly all of the domestic gold mine supply. According to the USGS recent Gold Mineral Industry Survey, February gold exports to Hong Kong more than doubled compared to the prior month. This was an interesting increase in gold demand from Hong Kong as the market price increased slightly month over month. Not only did gold exports to Hong Kong jump, but total U.S. gold exports also increased 40% from 36.1 metric tons (mt) in January to 50.4 mt in February. The top three countries that received the majority of U.S. gold exports were...

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Apr 27 How to Trade Indexes with Fibonacci Chris Vermeulen
Currently, our ADL price modeling system is telling us the markets will attempt to rocket higher within 3~5+ weeks. You’ve probably seen that research or can view it on our web site or from our free email newsletter. Our Fibonacci price modeling system, is warning us that price could fall below support if it does not rally back above the Bullish Fibonacci Price Levels as our ADL model is predicting. Thus, we are suggesting this current downside price rotation is likely a “wash-out” price low that may become somewhat meaningless in the near future...

Apr 27 Did You Park The Truck Under the Waterfall? Rory Hall
WOW! That’s impressive. I hope you were waiting with some dry powder and picked up a few ounces during the blow-down. The banking cabal just hit the precious metals market, presumably, using the “Initial Claims Drop“, spike in stocks on “no real news” as cover? Who knows. It’s Thursday or said another way a day that ends in the letter “y” so, it must be a good day to beat the metals into submission. We can’t allow the gold and silver community to believe something good is happening with the metals, that would just be foolish. The good news is the charts have already started the recovery process and we await the next rally to the north or continued beating to the south. Either way, it seems...

Apr 27 Auto Sales Forecast To Tank In April Dave Kranzler
General Motors reported lousy Q1 numbers this morning. Revenues dropped 3.2% year over year in Q1. Revenues would have been worse but GM joined the rest of the country and extended financing to future deadbeats who took out loans greater than their annual pre-tax income in order to buy a pick-up truck. In other words, GM’s financing unit generated 25% growth in revenues, which cushioned drop in GM’s automotive revenues. Operating income fell off a cliff, plunging nearly 80% vs. Q1. Because of GAAP manipulations, EBIT was down only 55% from Q1 2017. BUT, GM was credited with a headline “beat” of the Street’s earnings estimates. Only in America can a company’s operating numbers go down the drain and yet still be credited with a headline GAAP-manipulated net income “beat.”...

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Apr 26 The Soaring Dollar Crushes the Commodity Rally Craig Hemke
Just last week, it appeared that a general rally in commodities was underway. Gold, silver, the base metals and crude oil were all soaring. But now, less than one week later, prices are falling sharply. And why? Blame the HFTs that trade the digital derivative contracts. They've "seen" the sudden, sharp rally in the US dollar, and they've been quick to dump their metals exposure as quickly as they bought it last week. Across the mainstream media, you'll see headlines like, "Investors Shunned the Yellow Metal Today as..." Yeah, whatever. You likely know better by now. Want to really see why COMEX gold has fallen so sharply? Just plot it with the euro...

Apr 26 Wells Fargo Peddles Fraud Dave Kranzler
I would have thought that after all of the fraudulent, illegal and unethical business activity for which Wells Fargo has endured, a situation placed in their lap by a concerned citizen would have received immediate attention. What’s most appalling about the story below is the haughty indifference with which this potentially criminal complaint was treated by Wells Fargo employees. While Wells has received some heavy wrist-slapping for getting caught with its pants down, its seems based on the bloated compensation awarded to the CEO and the fact that, based on the true accounting below, Wells doesn’t seem to mind continuing to operate with its pants and underwear draped like a pedophile around its ankles...


Apr 26 What to Expect at a Critical Market Point: End of a Wave 2 Rally EWI
The great game of Wall Street -- where huge amounts of money are at stake every trading day. Many speculators play this game by watching for events outside of the stock market that they believe will "trigger" the next big move in prices. However, the real driver of all those green up arrows and red down arrows is nothing more or less than investor psychology...

Apr 26 Small Business is the Mainstay of the Economy James Hall
While a society may offer opportunities on the edges, a serious small business environment must be founded upon an interaction with complementary enterprises. The goal of a working economy is to grow the prosperity of a region where money changes hands. While not all needs can be satisfied within your own communities, the objective is to increase the standard of living to be able to afford the disposable income for such purchases. No doubt there is a valid place and role for corporations to fill this vacuum. Still, the basic security of a full employment economy is best achieved when small businesses are strong and profitable ventures...

Apr 26 There’s More Than Silver, People! Przemyslaw Radomski
Silver, silver, and silver – that’s all there seems to matter to the more short-term oriented investors. But, there’s so much more that’s going on than just the rally in the white metal that just got invalidated! The dynamics in the precious metals market extend well beyond the above and the signal that’s coming from silver – as important as it is for the short run – is just one of many puzzles that create the entire precious metals picture. In today’s analysis, we’ll discuss the less popular, but still important factors that are worth considering whether one is investing in gold, silver or mining stocks, or just considering it...

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Apr 24 Happy Anniversary, Silver Investors! Przemyslaw Radomski
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Apr 23 Waiting for the Buy Signal: What’s Going On With Silver Investment SRSrocco
Apr 23 “The System Will Have To Collapse” Dave Kranzler
Apr 23 Gold, Silver and Jet Surf Boards Chris Vermeulen
Apr 23 Silver Breakout On Impressive Volume Morris Hubbartt
Apr 20 Thursday Report 4/19/2018 GoldPredict
Apr 20 Why Mark Cuban’s Comments on Gold Make Me Want to Buy More Dave Kranzler
Apr 20 Gold – A Unique Repeat of the 2007 and How to Profit Chris Vermeulen
Apr 17 Palladium Rally Driving Other Metals to Move? Chris Vermeulen
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Apr 16 Bombs, Missiles and War – What to expect... Chris Vermeulen
Apr 16 Gold Gaining as War Drums Beat Louder Rick Mills
Apr 16 Gold Stocks Rally Accelerates Morris Hubbartt



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