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Jan 23 Gold Set Up For Big Move This Year – What About Cryptos? Dave Kranzler
Gold and silver had a sharp run-up in the last two weeks of 2017. However, the abrupt move in gold has been accompanied by a rapid rise in the gold futures open interest on the Comex. Furthermore, based on the last COT report the banks have dramatically increased their net short position and the hedge funds have gotten, once again, extremely net long. I don’t like the looks of the COT report right now plus I anticipate a possible brief “relief” rally in the dollar index. But what about cryptocurrencies? Over the past few weeks the largest and most actively traded cryptocurrencies have been massacred in price. This follows on the heels of the news that the founders of Bitcoin and Litecoin sold 100% of their holdings. Nothing like insider selling as a signal about the value of what was sold…

Jan 23 Market Underestimates Energy Consumption by Gold Mining Industry SRSrocco
While the gold mining industry reports energy as only 15-20% of its total production costs, the total amount consumed by the industry is much higher. The market underestimates the amount of energy consumed by the gold mining industry because of the way it is listed in their financial statements. Thus, it takes a great deal more energy to produce gold than the market realizes. Due to the complex supply chain system that we depend upon, most of the energy that is consumed in the production of goods, services, materials, metals, and commodities is hidden from plain sight. For example, a gold mining company will list “Tire Costs” in their Financial and Sustainability Reports. However, even though a tire cost is listed as a material cost, the majority of a tire’s production cost comes from burning energy… in all forms and in all stages...

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Jan 23 Bitcoin Forecast: If You Own Bitcoin This Rotation Causes Concern Chris Vermeulen
Recent downside price rotation in Bitcoin has caused quite a bit of concern for Crypto traders and investors. This recent breakdown move represented a failure of continued strength and has, and still is, testing critical support for a bottom. There are many external factors that are driving the demand and price for Bitcoin currently. The most recent news is that Crypto ETFs may run into some regulatory issues and that fears of a continued government crackdown may crash prices. Demand is still strong from believers in Blockchain and Cryptos, though, and we believe this contraction in price may continue for a few months...

Jan 23 Why You Must Own Silver in 2018 Jordan Roy-Byrne
While Gold is very close to a major breakout (in price) its strength has not filtered down to Silver yet. Gold is 3% away from a major breakout and comfortably above its long-term moving averages. However, Silver is well below its 2016 high and is currently battling its 200-day moving average. But that is okay. Silver typically lags and underperforms Gold until Gold gains momentum or breaks key resistance. A major breakout in Gold this year and its effect on Silver is just one reason why Silver could have a big year...

Jan 23 Two Factors for Gold That You Don’t Want to Miss Przemyslaw Radomski
Even though mining stocks closed last week below the Jan. 2 close and silver even declined below the Dec 31, 2017 close, gold moved higher. It’s not far from this year’s top either. So, is all well and are bullish gold price forecasts justified? Not necessarily. In today’s article, we show you two reasons why it’s a good idea to think twice before opening long positions in gold. Some time ago we discussed the apex technique for the HUI Index and it worked perfectly, triggering a reversal right at the apex of the triangle. Today, we can see something very similar on the long-term GDX ETF chart and in light of the mentioned performance, it shouldn’t be ignored. Let’s take a look at the details...


Jan 22 Warning: Markets Reaching Extreme Leverage SRSrocco
As investors’ bullish sentiment moves up to euphoric levels, the markets are reaching extreme leverage. This is terrible news because a lot of people are going to lose one heck of a lot of money. According to CNN Money’s Fear & Greed Index, the market is now at the “extreme greed” level and if we go by Yardeni Research on “Investor Intelligence Bull-Bear Ratio,” it’s also at the highest ratio in 30 years. But, of course… this time is different. Or is it? I continue to receive emails and comments on my blog that the Fed will continue to prop up the markets forever. Unfortunately, there is only so much the Fed can do to rig the markets. Furthermore, the Fed can’t do much to...

Jan 22 “Mother Of All Blow-Offs?” Dave Kranzler
There’s no telling how much longer this can persist without some type of accident. Judging by the data on cash in customer brokerage accounts at the big online brokers , I would have to believe that this last push from the retail investor is nearing its completion. Data from the fund industry has shown a massive migration of investor cash moving out of actively managed mutual funds and into passive index funds. This would include money managed on behalf of individuals by registered investment advisors. Most investor sentiment indicators are showing extreme levels of bullishness – historically unprecedented levels. The short interest on the NYSE has melted down nearly to zero...

Jan 22 Bond Market Bear Creating Gold Bull Rick Mills
Gold is climbing as bond yields rise and the dollar falls, over speculation that China is pulling back on buying US Treasuries and Japan signals it is winding down its quantitative easing program. Meanwhile, US debt continues to grow after the Republicans under President Trump pushed a trillion dollars worth of tax cuts through the Senate, that the Congressional Budget Office thinks will add $1.7 trillion to the deficit over the next decade. It’s all good news for gold which thrives on the spectre of high government debt leading to more money-printing (aka the Federal Reserve buying Treasuries) and inflation...

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Jan 22 Silver as a Strategic Metal and Why Prices Will Soar Jim Willie
The arguments in favor of silver as an investment asset are growing rapidly. In the opinion of the Jackass website, silver is the most under-valued hard asset in existence, with the highest potential for price appreciation on the globe. To begin with, central banks own no silver, but do own huge tracts of gold. Industry has huge demand for silver, but a trifling amount for gold demand. The investment demand is another key factor in favor of silver, but also for gold. Ever since the tech telecom bust in 2000, the precious metals growth curve has been evident. Ever since the subprime bond disaster in 2007, followed by the Lehman strangulation in 2008, the precious metals growth curve has continued...

Jan 22 Gold will Surge as the World Hits a Rock or a Hard Place Egon von Greyerz
The truth is that a manipulative elite has managed to totally destroy the natural forces of ebb and tide. There are natural cycles in nature that move gently between peaks and troughs. These cycles are self-correcting without any human interference or manipulation. But there are times in history when mankind want to play god and endeavour to set aside the laws of nature. This is what the world has experienced in the last 100 years with an elite interfering with the natural forces of supply and demand by manipulating the economy and financial markets. They have skilfully done this for a century without taking responsibility for the consequences. In the next few years, the world will experience the repercussions of the disastrous mismanagement of the world economy that governments and the elite have inflicted...

Jan 22 Gold: Is The Consolidation Over? Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge): SFS Key Charts & Video Update; SF60 Key Charts & Video Update; SF Juniors Key Charts & Video Analysis; SF Trader Time Key Charts & Video Analysis...

Jan 19 Alert to Texas Precious Metals Investors! Charles Savoie
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