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Feb 26 Silver – Primed & Ready for Explosive Upside Chris Vermeulen
Tom Bodrovics of Palisades Gold Radio welcomes Chris, founder of Technical Traders, back to the show. today, Chris provides an overview of the equity markets and warns of a possible multi-month consolidation period. A lot of profit-taking is occurring, and some of those profits appear to be rotating into utilities and energy along with key economic growth companies. The media often pushes the public into a given sector near the end of a bull run. This often results in losses for the small guys as they enter at the worst time. Much of the news cycle seems to drive stocks to pop and drop. Chris is bullish on silver, and the considerable public accumulation of physical should send the price of silver much higher. However, he has concerns about a potential pullback...

Feb 26 Monetary Inflation: The Next Step Alasdair Macleod
Earlier this month the US Treasury released its plan to flood the financial system with cash by reducing its balance on its general account at the Fed by $1.229 trillion by not renewing an equivalent amount of T-Bills. Separately, the Fed will continue with its QE at the rate of $120bn every month, which combined with the Treasury’s plans means an inflation of the money supply totalling $1.829 trillion [(120x5 months)+929+300] is in progress from the beginning of this month until end-June. This does not include the planned stimulus of $1.9 trillion. The banks do not have the balance sheet capacity to take this expansion on board, and if they are forced to turn new depositors away it will almost certainly be by charging for deposits (imposing negative interest rates). That being the case, not only will the US economy be...

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Feb 26 Silver Squeeze: Can the COMEX Be Broken? GoldSilverTeam
With all eyes on silver this week, take a deep dive into whether or not the COMEX could actually be broken. Is this a sprint to the finish? Or a marathon event? Join Mike Maloney and Jeff Clark as they welcome our new regular guest, Adam Taggart, to our team at

Feb 26 Gold to Bottom as Yields Peak Soon David Brady
Last week, I shared my views on sentiment, technical analysis, and positioning with respect to Gold, Silver, and the miners in the short-term. I also shared my fundamental rationale for why I believe they are all going much higher once we hit bottom here soon. These are tools I use in my ‘FIPEST xM” process, which I established years ago by identifying consistent signals from each tool at every major peak and trough in an asset class over the past ten to twenty years. Given the sharp rise in real yields and the continuation of the dump in the dollar, let’s take a look at inter-market analysis, the “I” in my process...


Feb 25 Bonds And Stimulus Are Driving Big Sector Trends... Chris Vermeulen
Falling Bonds and rising yields are creating a condition in the global markets where capital is shifting away from Technology, Communication Services and Discretionary stocks have suddenly fallen out of favor, and Financials, Energy, Real Estate, and Metals/Miners are gaining strength. The rise in yields presents an opportunity for Banks and Lenders to profit from increased yield rates. In addition, historically low interest rates have pushed the Real Estate sector, including commodities towards new highs. We also note Miners and Metals have shown strong support recently as the US Dollar and Bonds continue to collapse. The way the markets are shifting right now is suggesting that we may be close to a technology peak, similar to....

Feb 25 Gold is One of the Few Assets That’s NOT at a Record High Simon Black
The average company in the S&P 500 carries a Price/Earnings ratio of nearly 40 right now, nearly 3x the long-term median. It’s only been higher just prior to the dot-com crash, and the Global Financial Crisis in 2008/2009. The same goes for real estate; with interest rates so low (again, thanks to the Federal Reserve), the cost to borrow money to buy property is practically nothing. And this has driven up the price of real estate because people can afford to borrow (and pay) more. Whether stocks, real estate, or anything else, it’s hard to find refuge in an asset that’s already surged to an all-time high. Ironically, one asset that’s NOT at its all-time high is GOLD. This is almost comical considering the inflationary environment that we’re in, and the fact that gold is a traditional inflation hedge...

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Feb 25 Anatomy of a Bubble and Crash Charles Hugh Smith
The dot-com bubble offers a classic example of bubble symmetry and scale invariance. (See chart below.) Note how the bubble arose in two legs of X duration and it crashed in two symmetrical legs of X duration. In both legs, the crash returned to the same levels from which the bubble took off. Scale invariance: this same symmetry is visible in bubbles that soar and crash in 6 days, 6 months or 6 years. The symmetry also holds whether the instrument soars from $1 to $5 or $100 to $500, or whether it is in index, commodity or equity. (See charts of Cisco Systems (CSCO) in 2000 and Tesla (TSLA) in 2020 below.) If bubble symmetry holds this time around, the explosive rallies visible in the charts of the Russell 2000 (IWM) and Global Nasdaq (NOGM) will crash back to their lift-off levels in an equally explosive collapse of similar duration to the explosive rise...

Feb 24 Markets Have Blood in the Streets! Time to Buy? Chris Vermeulen
A red day in the markets with panic selling across all sectors, including cryptos and precious metals, but is this just a quick washout low and we are headed for higher highs or is this a repeat of March 2020? Watch this rare hour long interview with Steve Hyland where they take a “Deep Dive” into the current short term trends of many different assets and also cover winning trades, when to use options, and Chris’s Best Asset Now (BAN) strategy he uses to consistently outperform the major indexes without being glued to the computer all day...

Feb 24 Ahead of March COMEX Silver Deliveries Craig Hemke
Look, my point in writing this is NOT to discourage or frustrate you. It's just that the likelihood of a "COMEX collapse" in March is extremely low, and if you are going around hanging your hopes on this one-time event occurring within the next 30 days, you are very likely to be disappointed. And frustration, despair, disappointment, and capitulation are the last things we need right now. Instead, if we are ever to defeat The Banks and force a change to their fraudulent pricing scheme, we need persistence. As we wrote three weeks ago, the only way to effect change is through a forced deleverage of the system...and only the removal of metal from the dirty hands of the Bankers can make this happen. Therefore, we must not get discouraged when the COMEX doesn't fail in March, and we must instead redouble our efforts in acquiring physical metal...


Feb 24 Commodities and soon Juniors in vogue Rick Mills
At AOTH we have long been of the opinion investors should be taking a hard look at commodities, which as an asset class, are up 43% since last April. Many are starting to see the light. According to John Normand, head of cross-asset fundamental strategy at JP Morgan, via Bloomberg, The lessons of history, current valuations and carry suggest that the best hedges for a “too-hot economy” are a commodity index, oil, agriculture, energy equities and emerging-market commodity FX. Variant Perception thinks we are on the cusp of a new commodities super-cycle and cites three big drivers: The long era of monetary-policy dominance is over, leading to a heightening of inflation risks not seen since the 1960; Investors are deeply underweight and will need real assets such as commodities as...

Feb 24 Gold, Crypto, & Stk Mkt: Key Tactics Now Stewart Thomson
9.) There are some great green shoots appearing on the daily chart, but to turn this rally into something really big, my weekly chart 14,5,5 Stochastics oscillator and 5,15 moving averages need to flash crossover buy signals… and do it as gold bounces from the $1767 support zone. 10.) That could happen by Friday of this week. 11.) Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this lively silver chart. Silver will likely be the leader of the next precious metals market rally. 12.) A move above $31 for silver that occurs alongside buy signals on the weekly gold chart would be very positive. 13.) For investors who find summers too hot and winters too cold, silver could be the ideal investment. It has less sizzle than bitcoin, but more than gold...

Feb 24 Is Something Big Coming in the Silver Market? GoldSilverTeam
Is something big coming in the silver market? Join Mike Maloney and Jeff Clark as they discuss recent events and what they may mean in the near future for silver investors...

Feb 23 How to Beat the S&P 500 & Nasdaq with a BAN ETF Strategy Chris Vermeulen
Chris Vermeulen, Founder & Chief Market Strategist for, was a featured speaker last week at the MoneyShow Conference. Chris’s half-hour presentation walks you through the essentials of the Best Asset Now (a.k.a. BAN) trading strategy that focuses on the hottest sector ETFs to trade. Learn how commonplace tools can help you determine which sectors will give you the best bang for your buck when trading or investing...

Feb 23 Deflation First, THEN Big or even HyperInflation Mike Maloney & Max Keiser
Mike Maloney recently appeared on the Keiser Report, check out what he has to say about inflation and deflation when asked by Max if we are now at an inflection point...

Feb 22 What Is The Next Move For Silver/Gold? Chris Vermeulen
The first thing we want to highlight is that Silver tends to rally excessively in the later stages of any precious metals rally. For example, in mid-2010, Silver began an incredible upside price rally after Gold rallied from $720 (October 2008) to $1265 (June 2010). This suggests that the price relationship between Gold and Silver “dislocated” in the early stage breakdown of the financial markets near the peak of the 2008-09 Housing Crisis Peak. Then, in late 2010, Silver began to move dramatically higher while Gold continued to push an additional 80%+ higher. The Silver rally in 2010~11 is clearly evident on this Silver/Gold Weekly chart, below. The lack of any Silver price advance compared to Gold prior to the 2010 rally is also evident. One interesting fact relating to how Silver reacted to the 2008~09 Housing Crisis is the deep collapse we see...

Feb 22 The Future of Money is Gold Alasdair Macleod
This article explains why the successor money to failing fiat is gold, not cryptocurrencies. Cryptos can only act as stores of value so long as fiat exists. I describe how a world transacting with monetary gold and properly constituted gold substitutes works. It explains how and why unbacked bank credit expansion, which in natural Roman law was ruled to be fraudulent 1,800 years ago, can and should be eliminated in a post-fiat world, thereby ending destructive credit cycles. Gold exchange standards, which are comprised of gold-backed money administered by the state, worked extremely well when properly implemented, and it is the siren songs of inflationism that are at the root of the current crisis. If the transition from worthless fiat back to gold standards is handled properly, an initial recovery to fully functioning economies need not take more than a year or so.

Feb 22 Covid or No Covid James Howard Kunstler
Meanwhile, Covid or no Covid, there is now a very large class of people across this land who either can’t or won’t earn a living, and we are seeing last year’s idle chat about “guaranteed basic income” (GBI) rapidly congeal into solid policy proposals to supply just that. It’s insane, you know, having nothing to do with producing things of value, but such is the new faith in monetary techno-magic — of which Bitcoin is the exemplar — that the reigning grand viziers and necromancers of economics are unanimous that it’s actually possible to get something for nothing now. I’m sure enough Republicans would go along with it — in terror of their broke and wrathful voters — to pass GBI...

Feb 22 Protect Your Positions From A Market Sell-Off Using Options Chris Vermeulen
Today we are going to explore how you can use options to hedge against a sudden market reversal. As you know I am going to be launching a new options service with an options specialist, Neil Szczepanski, shortly so you should start seeing more and more research on options from us. The first question we need to answer is will there be a market sell-off? If we first look at the S&P chart below, we can see that we have had an incredible run. In order to determine if this trend is weakening, we need to look at what is happening with key sectors and sector rotation. Since the beginning of 2021, we have seen a rotation into commodity sectors which is typical of a late-cycle surge. This might give us a hint that higher volatility projections might be realized...

Feb 22 Gold Stocks Retest Lows Adam Hamilton
The gold miners’ stocks have had a tough week, sinking to marginal new correction lows. So far this is a technical retest, driven by a parallel one in gold. While uncommon and unpredictable, these retests are very challenging psychologically. The resulting drawdowns in gold-stock positions shake out the weak hands, spawning widespread capitulation. But holding on through retests rather than selling low is prudent. Trading stocks is hard, which is why the majority of people who try it end up losing money. The mission is simple, buy low then sell high. But actually executing on that is difficult, as it requires constantly battling your own emotions. It’s hard to buy low, because that’s only possible when prices have already fallen and nearly everyone else is scared and bearish. Correction-low retests create this psychological landscape...

Feb 22 The Inflation Super Cycle Is Here Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts. The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers. Double-click to enlarge the charts. SGS Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SG60 Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SGT Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SGJ Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis...



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