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Nov 25 Financial Sector ETF Shows Unique Island Setup – What Next? Chris Vermeulen
This Monthly XLF chart below shows over 12 years of historical price data to allow our readers to understand the current market volatility and the current Double Top formation near $32. We’ve also added some trend lines to help you understand the current price channel (CYAN) and the expanding wedge formation (YELLOW) that has setup recently. The historical price channel (CYAN) shows the XLF is trading near the middle of this channel. The expanding wedge setup shows a moderately deep downside price capacity if the financial sector falls into a new bearish price trend. Overall, there are two levels that have the focus of my research team – the $27.40 & $25.05 levels (the horizontal MAGENTA lines). We believe these historical support/resistance continue to play very important roles as...

Nov 25 Another COMEX Price Smash Craig Hemke
It appears that there is no longer any reason at all to own gold in any form. Didn't you hear that there's now a Covid vaccine and that the Biden/Yellen combo will solve all future debt and deficit issues? So, sell it all and buy stocks and Bitcoin. At least, that's what The Banks hope you do. What a truly exasperating past few weeks this has been. Of course, I know that price actually peaked at $2080 over 100 days ago, but it's the past 16 days that have been the most excruciating. And now we are getting absolutely smoked this week on no new news and in spite of option expiration. What we now have is an utter liquidation of December positions—driving at times up to $5 of backwardation versus the spot price—all in the name of Covid Cures and an alleged removal of concern over a contested election. All of which is laughable, but none of that laughter can keep price above the 200-day moving average...


Nov 25 Gold Retested $1,800 As We Forecasted Over Two Months Ago SRSrocco
Disregard all the hype, manipulation chatter, and the silly mantra stating that “Gold is now Dead.” The gold price was going to retest the $1,800 regardless of anything to do with Bitcoin’s price rise or Janet Yellen becoming Treasury Secretary. If investors understood the gold fundamentals and technicals, they wouldn’t pay any attention to the Mainstream White Noise. Subscribers to the SRSrocco Report knew that I forecasted the gold price was going to RETEST the $1,800 level for months. The gold chart below, now released to the public, published on September 18th, shows why I saw the gold price retesting the $1,800 level...

Nov 25 Gold: Is It Time To Buy? Stewart Thomson
18.) Not all precious metal investors are comfortable buying price weakness in volatile mining stocks, but most of them like the oil and gas sector. 19.) Investors can “energize” their portfolios for 2021 with a decent allocation to oil and gas. 20.) Energy stocks are rallying now, but from a very low level. Momentum-oriented value investors should consider taking buy-side action right now and buy more on any pullbacks. 21.) Diversification, sector rotation, and seasonality are important keys to building sustained wealth over the long-term. Each asset class has a time to soar and a time to swoon...

Nov 25 Bitcoin Is Free From Counterparty Risk? Not So Much Dave Kranzler
Outside of the massive quantities of gold being imported by India every day right now, very little physical gold is changing hands. Yesterday I saw commentary accompanied by a chart that showed “a record outflow of cash from the largest gold fund.” Again, the withdrawal of cash from GLD does not at all trigger physical gold selling. Most of the cash that piled into GLD over the last 6 months has been leased from the Bank of England or ECB or counterparty to the massive quantities of BIS gold swaps since July. When enough cash leaves GLD, the gold lease expires or the BIS swap unwinds – not one ounce of gold is moved from the vaults. Contrary to the promoters of Bitcoin, and to the myth to which the believers in Bitcoin ascribe, Bitcoin has significant counterparty risk...

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Nov 24 NQ Has Stalled Above 1.382 Fibonacci Expansion Range 3 Times Chris Vermeulen
The weekly NASDAQ E-Mini Futures chart, below, highlights the original price range and the current Fibonacci price expansion from the March 2020 COVID-19 lows. We believe the sideways consolidation setting up on this NQ chart near the 1.382% Fibonacci expansion range suggests moderate price resistance exists near 12,055. We also believe the three failed attempts to rally above this level represents a strong possibility of a major price peak setting up in the NQ unless recent high price levels are breached by a strong breakout/rally. Whenever price failed to rally above resistance, as we are seeing on this chart, this support level becomes an even strong resistance level overall. You will also likely notice the CYAN support channel near recent lows. This level suggests a support channel is rising to create a FLAG formation – resulting in an APEX (breakout/breakdown) potential near the end of 2020...

Nov 24 A Vaccine is Coming, Sell Your Gold and Silver! Jeff Clark
A vaccine for Covid-19 is on the way, so gold investors should probably pack it in, right? After all, a valid and distributable vaccine will likely create euphoria, and push the stock market up and gold down. The economy will recover, maybe even roar, and with it fear of the pandemic will disappear and leave little need to own gold and silver. At least that’s the consensus view among many mainstream outlets. We know this because the kneejerk reaction to Pfizer’s vaccine announcement on November 9 caused the Dow to soar 3% and gold to fall 4%, with silver crashing 6.2%. Last week Pfizer and Moderna reported their vaccines are now roughly 95% effective, with Pfizer and BioNTech announcing plans today to file for authorization for emergency use, which would allow them to...


Nov 23 ADL Shows Possible Upside Price Rally In Gold & Silver Chris Vermeulen
Our advanced Adaptive Dynamic Learning (ADL) modeling system is showing some interesting future trends for both Gold and Silver. The rally in precious metals has really just started if our ADL system is accurately predicting future price trends. Over the past two years, we’ve highlighted a number of ADL research posts that have proven to be incredibly insightful regarding future market price trends. The ADL predictive modeling system is unique in that it maps out price and technical indicator DNA markers and attempts to correlate future price characteristics into highly probable outcomes. The result is a clear picture of what the ADL system believes is the most likely outcome based on the selected price bar...

Nov 23 Weekend Gold Forecast November 22, 2020 GoldPredict
Gold prices are rolling over, and I see the potential for a bearish breakdown as soon as next week. If gold breaks below $1850 sooner than later, that could open the door for an extended correction into December. Overall, precious metals are in structural bull markets, and sharp pullbacks are considered long-term buying opportunities. I do not mean to come across as overly bearish, but the post-election weakness in gold has me concerned. In fact, it is very similar to what we saw in 2016. Patterns do not always repeat, but it would be careless of me not to mention this possibility. The $1850 level is crucial going into next week...

Nov 23 Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q3’20 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
The mid-tier gold miners’ stocks are in this sector’s sweet spot for upside potential. After a spectacular run since March’s stock panic, they have been correcting since early August. That is doing its necessary work of rebalancing sentiment, paving the way for the next bull upleg. Higher prevailing gold prices have proven a huge fundamental windfall for mid-tiers, as their latest quarterly operating and financial results reveal. Mid-tier gold miners produce between 300k to 1m ounces of gold annually, more than smaller juniors but less than larger majors. Mid-tiers are far less risky than juniors, and amplify gold’s uplegs much more than majors. Their unique mix of sizable diversified gold production, material output-growth potential, and smaller market capitalizations is ideal for outsized gains. They are the best gold stocks for traders to own...

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Nov 23 Americans are Leading the World by Hedging Their Bets in Silver SRSRocco
When it comes to silver, Americans are leading the world in hedging their bets in the shiny metal. This year, Americans have purchased one out of every three ounces of physical silver bar and coin compared to the rest of the world. And, that’s not all. If we also consider total Silver ETF demand, the U.S. based SLV ETF has seen its inventories increase by over 200 million oz in 2020. Thus, Americans have purchased nearly half of all the global physical and ETF silver investment this year. According to the Metals Focus Silver Interim Report for the Silver Institute, the U.S. is projected to see a 62% increase in physical silver bar and coin demand this year over 2019. Based on the 2020 World Silver Survey data, total U.S. physical silver demand was 48.2 million oz (Moz) last year. Simple math puts the total estimate for U.S. silver bar and coin demand at...

Nov 23 John Williams – Hyperinflationary Great Depression Coming Greg Hunter
Economist John Williams says don’t think the happy news on CV19 vaccines is going to get the economy back to normal anytime soon. Williams explains, “Put all the political turmoil aside for the moment. The markets respond that this (CV19 vaccines) is going to turn the economy. My point is it is not going to turn the economy . . . at least not soon because of what has happened to the economy and the severe structural damage. We have had a lot of companies go out of business, in particular, small companies. A lot of people have suffered, and we are going to have more of that going ahead.” Because they has been so much damage done to the economy, Williams says there will have to be stimulus no matter who eventually makes it into the White House...

Nov 23 SPY/SPX Island Setups Warn Of A Potential Reversal... Chris Vermeulen
My researchers and I want to highlight a Weekly chart pattern that is warning of a potential Top/Reversal in the SPY & SPX. Although the current trend is Bullish and the markets are looking forward to the new year, new policies, and probably new stimulus which normally prompts some type of upward price rally in the markets, we see an “Island Setup” that has continued to form after all the positive COVID-19 vaccine news. An Island Setup in price is when price moves or Gaps away from a typical price range or boundaries, then stalls. This type of setup is similar in structure to a Doji Star setup in an “Evening Star” formation. Similarly, the Doji Star pattern also warns of a possible trend reversal. Our researchers believe any continued failure to rally at this stage points to...

Nov 23 The Next Move for Silver and Gold Dave Kranzler
The willingness of Comex longs to stand for delivery this year in historic amounts is putting enormous pressure on the Comex/LBMA fractional reserve bullion system. While I do not believe the December delivery period will “break” the Comex, as some suggest, if a large portion of the entities “safe” keeping their gold in Comex vaults decide to move their gold bars out of Comex vault custody and into non-Comex safekeeping, the Comex will implode. Chris (Arcadia Economics) and I discuss where it looks like gold and silver are headed over the next 6-12 months along with the factors that will drive the precious metals sector higher, not the least of which is the next round of money printing by the Fed...

Nov 23 The Global Reset Scam Alasdair Macleod
This article takes a tilt at increasing speculation about statist global resets, and why plans such as those promoted by the World Economic Forum will fail. Central bank digital currencies will simply run out of time. Instead, the collapse of unbacked fiat currencies will end all supra-national government solutions to their policy failures. Already, there is mounting evidence of money beginning to flee bank accounts into stocks, commodities and even bitcoin. This is an early warning of a rapidly developing monetary collapse. Moreover, nothing can now stop the collapse of fiat currencies, and with it schemes to control humanity for the convenience and ambitions of government planners. There can only be one statist solution and that is to...

Nov 23 XME Miners Lead. Will Others Follow? Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts. The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers. Double-click to enlarge the charts. SFS Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SF60 Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SF Trader Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SFJ Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis...



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