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Sep 30 The Financial System Is On The Cusp Of Collapse Dave Kranzler
Deutsche Bank may well be the catalyst that throws a “spark” that lights the fuse on $100’s of trillions of financial weapons of mass destruction. It was just reported that DB’s hedge fund clients are rushing to draw all excess cash held at the bank. That’s how the run begins. DB’s stock is down 8% right now on 33 million shares. This is 3x the 10 day average trading volume and over 6x the 90 day average – with 2 hours left in the trading day. It’s as if someone turned on the light in the kitchen and the cockroaches are running for cover. Make no mistake, DB is not the only big bank in trouble right now. I have no doubt the phone wires between the U.S. and European Too Big To Fails are sizzling...

Sep 30 America is on a slippery slope Alasdair Macleod
The deep state is unlikely to accept that it’s Check Mate to China and Russia. Increasing desperation and the deep state’s groupthink place a high probability on the fourth option, another false flag operation, or a variant thereof. The world is at a critical juncture already with Syria, where the super-powers are at war through their proxies. Let’s just hope the fears expressed in this article over the senselessness of America’s future actions are overstated...

Sep 30 Was Goebbels Right? Andrew Hoffman
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie; and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” In a nutshell, this is what the world is facing today, as a handful of “elites” with all manner of “weapons of mass destruction” – principally, of the financial ilk – destroy the masses. Who, until recently, staunchly believed politicians, Central bankers, and corporate CEOs were their “allies.”...


Sep 29 Massive Chinese Debt And Why They Are On A Gold Buying Binge! Chris Vermeulen
Similar to that of other developed nations, the Chinese debt has also reached "bubbly" proportions. However, the Chinese are leaning towards gold in a big way, as witnessed in their latest holdings. They know that during the next crisis those nations with a large gold backing will not only survive, but will become prosperous as well! China is most certainly going to increase their gold reserves even further in the future. Imagine if only a portion of their U.S. treasury holdings are shifted to gold - the yellow metal will go parabolic. Therefore, keep an eye on gold and be well prepared to buy it when we reach that last dip before the bull run...

Sep 29 Top Four Precious Metals: Which Will Be The Best Investments... SRSrocco
When the next financial crash occurs, investors need to understand which of the top four precious metals are the best to invest in. Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of faulty analysis that has mislead many investors about the fundamentals of gold, platinum, palladium and silver. I will provide information in this article on the top four precious metals that has not been covered correctly by the majority of analysts. While some may have touched on individual aspects, very few have put together an in-depth analysis on these metals to properly educate investors. However, before I get into the details of these top four precious metals, I would like to share some very important information...

Sep 29 Damage Control for a Horse with Two Broken Legs Andrew Hoffman
Do you want to know why the Cartel was so hell bent on capping gold at $1,340/oz on Monday, in perhaps the most PM-bullish news environment imaginable? You know, when Deutsche Bank was plummeting 9%; the Algiers oil meeting was on the verge of failing; and the stock market was plunging – albeit, by exactly the PPT’s “ultimate limit down” of 1%; ahead of the potentially status quo changing debate that evening? Let alone yesterday, when DB plunged anew, and the Algiers meeting did in fact fail? Simple, because yesterday was COMEX options expiration day...

 Stock & ETF Trading Signals

Sep 29 88% Probability We Just Entered Recession First Rebuttal
Investors today, with median holding periods now less than 60 days, don’t care if a CEO can provide return through expansion of operations or contraction (raiding the balance sheet). For the past 8 years CEO’s have only been able to provide investors a return through contraction (as a result of a damaged demand function) and so they have done so. The problem is that while this is generally ok on a short term basis as an individual firm awaits its demand universe to correct, things are different this time. Demand isn’t coming back because all firms have implemented the same survival policies...

Sep 29 Scams & Fantasies – An Even Dozen Gary Christenson
A banker owns a vault. Inside that vault are 10,000 ounces of gold. He sells that gold, 100 ounces at a time, to 1,000 investors, assuming that nearly 100% will also pay the banker to safely store the gold instead of the buyers demanding delivery. In simple terms the banker has 10,000 ounces of gold and an IOU to the vault for 90,000 ounces of gold. The banker has an extra $100 million or so from investors for “paper gold” and everyone is temporarily happy. It appears to be a pleasing fantasy/scam...

Technical Trading Mastery for Traders & Investors
How To Win With Simplicity - Written for both traders and investors, this book explores tools and techniques needed to profit in today’s competitive markets.

Sep 28 Direct Price Manipulation and Chart-Painting TF Metals Report
I wish I had better news but you all know by now that The Banks remain (mostly) in control of their Paper Derivative Pricing Scheme and will remain so as long as The Scheme persists. Though we know how this all eventually ends, in between it's extraordinarily painful and frustrating to watch. In the end, all you can do is attempt to minimize your trading exposure so that you don't get crushed along with all of the other unwitting dupes. The correct strategy is to hold physical metal and..maybe, if so inclined...a high quality and diversified portfolio of mining shares. Other than that, you must recognize that The Banks will ALWAYS look to screw you because you are their enemy...

Sep 28 This Commodity Has Perked Up its Investors' Portfolios EWI
Imagine that the world's leading commodity markets were cars speeding down a two-lane highway. Who do you think is in the driver's seat controlling which direction prices go? Well, if you follow the mainstream school of wisdom, the answer to that question is simple: Outside factors, or "fundamentals," drive price trends in commodity markets. That can be a countless number of external factors related to the market itself, such as supply/demand data, weather patterns, political unrest in growing regions, other markets, and on. We see the picture quite differently. In our opinion, fundamentals are...

Sep 28  Famous Last Words – Deutsche Bank: “We Don’t Need A Bailout” Dave Kranzler
There’s no telling just how catastrophically insolvent DB is because we can’t look at its off-balance-sheet “assets,” which are primarily very risky OTC derivatives. I also do not believe that DB is the infamous “black swan” because we all see it coming – especially the Central Banks. But at some point some counter-party to DB is going to ask the bank to post more collateral against some type derivatives contract. That’s when the fun will begin. My bet is that right now the Bundesbank – with help from the Fed – is helping DB reinforce its collateral positions. But if DB’s stock keeps dropping, the collateral calls will likely intensify and come from places that are hidden from even Central Bank view....

Sep 28 John Embry Warns Global Implosion Edges Closer KWN
Sep 27 Fed Goes From ZIRP to NIRP! Chris Vermeulen
Sep 27 James Turk Issues WARNING For Gold & Silver Bull Markets This Week... KWN
Sep 26 Clear and Present Danger! Chris Vermeulen

Sep 26
Global Bonds: Why Our Analyst Says Things Just Got "Monumental" EWI
Sep 26 U.S. Imports Record Amount Of Gold From Switzerland In July SRSrocco
Sep 26 Gold Stocks: The Money Stick Play Morris Hubbartt



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