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Aug 7 Face Masks are Now John the Baptist! Charles Savoie
Face mask “orders” and “mandates” are about control, domination and subservience, and about assertion of unaccountable elite rulership over ordinary people---not about “health protection.” Indeed, face masks are a very big negative for health as we will show. Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Alaska as of July 26, 2020, have governors who haven’t issued (illegal) mask orders. People in those states are much healthier due to receiving a full load of life sustaining oxygen and not being senselessly mandated to recycle deleterious carbon dioxide at every labored exhalation...

Aug 7 See What The 50-Year Long-Term Silver Chart Reveals SRSRocco
As the SILVER BULL MARKET continues on its ever-increasing upward trend, what does the 50-year long-term silver chart reveal?? Let’s just say, some of the indicators are pointing to much higher prices. And, if we include the lousy economic and financial fundamentals being propped up by massive Fed and central bank stimulus, it seems like there will be even more investor demand for gold and silver. Last night during Asian trading on my SRSrocco Report Twitter Feed, I posted this intra-day silver chart showing that it was getting ready to BREAKOUT through a new Ascending Triangle Formation. Just like in several Ascending Triangle formations this past month, it did exactly what I anticipated...

Aug 7 Thursday Gold Report August 6, 2020 GoldPredict
Gold is about to test the $2100 level while the S&P 500 is nearing its pre-coronavirus February peak. It feels like we are entering a crucial and potentially volatile period. I think things may start to selloff if Congress continues to defer a second stimulus package. Tomorrow’s employment data could trigger a multi-week correction in stocks and precious metals. This scenario requires a bottom in the US dollar. Note: If the dollar doesn’t bottom and continues its decline – then gold could continue above $2100 and enter a mini-bubble...


Aug 6 Walk Through the Gold and Silver Charts to See What to Expect Chris Vermeulen
Check out the analysis of this morning’s Gold and Silver charts by our own Chris Vermeulen, Chief Market Strategist and Founder of, to see what is in store for precious metals. Make sure you check out our Gold and Silver article from August 4th, 2020 for additional context behind our predictions and rationale for continued price appreciation...

Aug 6 The Coming Tiny Silver Market Explosion SRSRocco
Even though the silver price has surged over the past two months, we haven’t seen anything yet. Step aside, Tesla. Watch what happens when investors begin to understand the true meaning of “STORE OF VALUE.” I can assure you; Tesla is not a store of value but rather a perfect example of the 2000 TECH-BUBBLE 2.0. Unfortunately, the glitz, glamor, and allure of Technology will only last as long as the world is capable of supplying lots of cheap and available oil. Technology doesn’t really solve problems; it just consumes one hell of a lot more energy with the illusion of a FIX. Tesla isn’t solving our problem with fossil fuel addiction. Without the burning of one hell of a lot of oil, natural gas, and coal, Elon Musk wouldn’t be able to roll just one of his Model 3 Electric vehicles off the assembly line...

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Aug 6 The Surprising Truth About $50 Silver & the Hunt Brothers GoldSilver Team
You may have heard about 'that time back in 1980 when the Hunt brothers cornered the silver market - that's why silver went to fifty bucks!' It's quite a common story - but it's just not true. Watch this video from Mike Maloney to get his take on what really happened...

Aug 5 Revisiting Our Silver and Gold Predictions... Chris Vermeulen
If you have been following our research into Gold and Silver over the past years, then you were already prepared for the recent rally that has taken many investors by surprise. This year, 2020, Gold and Silver are set up to have their best year of price appreciation over the past 40+ years. It is no consequence that this is taking place right now. Our cycle research and our predictive modeling systems have helped us stay well ahead of this move. In fact, way back in early 2019, we were already warning this type of price move would take place and suggesting a target price level of $3750 for Gold was not out of the question.

Aug 5 Real Rates Push Gold Higher Craig Hemke
DO NOT let the know-nothing generalists and stockjobbers talk you out of your long-term positions. Of course prices will fluctuate, ebb, and flow as they always do...but the value of the U.S. dollar relative to other fiat currencies will only have a very small impact. Instead, sharply lower real interest rates will provide incentive for physical gold accumulation worldwide. THIS will drive prices higher in the weeks and months ahead. Failure to understand this CRITICAL point will cost you dearly as this bull market in the precious metals continues...


Aug 5 Tuesday Report August, 4 2020 GoldPredict
The Dollar and Gold remain near potential reversal levels. The daily RSI (14) in the Dollar dropped below 20 last week, supporting the potential for a near-term bottom. Gold is above $2000, and we could see prices spike higher over the next 72-hours. Friday’s employment report could be the trigger event. We are in unprecedented times, and this is an election year. If the Dollar collapses and stays below 92.00, gold could continue higher. Gold futures would have to close progressively above $2100 to promote a mini-bubble. Any spike above $2000 that quickly reverses and drops back below $1900 would establish a correction in gold back towards $1660...

Aug 5 AMZN’s Free Cash Flow and Profitability Myth Dave Kranzler
If I gross up the the first 6 months of 2020 operating income and add a couple billion for growth, I get full-year estimated operating income of $20 billion. This stock is trading at 80x estimated operating income for a business that generates a 6.5% operating margin and said margin declines almost every quarter. 88% of the business model generates just a 3% margin and that margin is declining. Right now it doesn’t matter. The stock algos, Chinese retail gunslingers and Robinhood idiots will chase anything that moves. You make a dead skunk carcass move and the Robinhood morons will chase it...

Aug 5 GDX: New Highs By Year End? Stewart Thomson
1.) The main theme for gold and silver investors right now is what I call the “SHO” theme; space helmets on! 2.) Simply put, as I predicted several years ago, gold (and silver) are becoming accepted as a major asset class for wealth building. Institutional money managers are first to embrace this new paradigm, but it won’t be long before Western retail investors accept it too. 3.) Because gold is so incredibly well-supported here in the $2000/ounce price area, many miners can become growth stocks that keep rising in price for years even if gold itself rises only modestly...

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Aug 4 Natural Gas Begins Upside Breakout Chris Vermeulen
First, we want to say “It took long enough!” and we’re happy to see this upside move in Natural Gas. We had been calling this move for many months. Our predictive modeling systems and cycle systems suggested the extended bottoming formation in Natural Gas was an excellent opportunity for skilled technical traders. Today’s big move suggests the downside price pressure is dissipating and a new bullish price trend may push Natural Gas prices above $2.85 quickly. Our research team spotted this potential setup in April and May articles where we correctly predicted an NG rally in April (it did!) and new upside targets for NG in May. We have been keeping our subscribers up-to-date with UNG as this bottom has played out...

Aug 4 Global Economy To Freeze Up, Here's Why Mike Maloney
“I am getting prepared for a freezing of the global economy, in which case there will be a period of time where credit cards don’t work…they’re going to be scrambling, trying to figure out what to do. Massive currency creation is the only thing they can do and that eventually ends in hyperinflation…”

Aug 4 ExxonMobil’s Financials Continue to Hemorrhage During Q2 2020 SRSRocco
With ExxonMobil’s release of its Q2 2020 Results, the FINANCIAL HEMORRHAGING continues. According to my estimates, based on the company’s Q2 2020 Supplemental Info and Quarterly Report, ExxonMobil paid out nearly $7.5 billion more in shareholder dividends and CAPEX spending during the quarter than it received in cash from operations. If we subtract the shareholder dividends ($3.7 billion/shown as $3,715 million) and CAPEX spending ($5.3 billion) from cash from operations ($1.5 billion), the net difference is $7.4 billion. So, I would bet my bottom SILVER DOLLAR that ExxonMobil will be borrowing a BOATLOAD of money during Q2 2020 when they finally release the company’s 10-Q report later this week...

Aug 4 Something Amazing Happened In The Silver Market SRSrocco
Something quite interesting took place in the silver market last week. There was a remarkable change in the dynamics controlling the silver market, indicating much higher prices to come. In my newest video update, I explain the positive changes not seen since silver was racing up towards $50 in 2010-2011. In my last video update, I stated that the silver price on the monthly chart needed to close on July 31st, above the $21 level, to remain in a BULL MARKET. Not only did it close above $21, but it also closed near the highs of the day at $24.50. However, there was a great deal of trading volatility, especially on Tuesday, when silver fell almost $4 in just a few hours...

Aug 3 Storm Clouds are Gathering... Clive Maund
Given that the Fed’s primary objective is to transfer wealth from the masses to the elites, and given that after months of the stockmarket trending higher, Dumb Money has been piling into the market again as Smart Money exits, as we can see on the latest Smart – Dumb chart below, it would seem irresistibly attractive to them to pretty soon rip the rug out from under the market and send it plunging again, as they did in the Spring, and then move in and pick up Dumb Money’s holdings when they sell in distress at the bottom, and start the whole wash, rinse and repeat cycle again – and if they crash the markets soon they should be able to achieve a long held objective of getting rid of Trump for good measure...

Aug 3 Mexico & Peru Silver Production Big Declines Again In May SRSrocco
The net loss of silver production from Mexico and Peru over the last three month period (March to May) is 770 mt, or 32% less than it was during the same period last year. Thus, just these two countries have lost nearly 25 million oz of silver production. I imagine once we factor in losses of silver production from other countries, we could see upwards of 35-40+ million oz decline so far. But, this is only PHASE ONE of the collapse in global silver production. I stated that as the U.S. and the global economy begin to roll-over in the second half of 2020, and onwards, we are going to see a reduction in base metal demand. With so many people becoming unemployed, the global recession-depression will cause a significant decrease in copper, zinc, and lead demand. Thus, in PHASE TWO, demand for base metals will decline, and with it, the curtailment of copper, zinc, and lead production...

Aug 3 Gold Stocks’ Autumn Rally 5 Adam Hamilton
The gold miners’ stocks have rocketed higher this summer, smashing out of their usual summer-doldrums sideways grind. That atypical strength has been driven by gold steadily marching to major new secular highs, fueled by strong investment demand. This has carried gold stocks and the metal they mine back to their traditional strong season, which begins with robust autumn rallies usually accelerating in late summers. Seasonality is the tendency for prices to exhibit recurring patterns at certain times during the calendar year. While seasonality doesn’t drive price action, it quantifies annually-repeating behavior driven by sentiment, technicals, and fundamentals. We humans are creatures of habit and herd, which naturally colors our trading decisions. The calendar year’s passage affects the timing and intensity of buying and selling...

Aug 3 Will USA Trigger Chinese Armageddon? Mike Maloney
Major news from Mike Maloney today - in this latest presentation he unscrambles the puzzle pieces of where the next economic disaster may come from. This video is packed with data, be sure to stick with it until the end to see Mike’s conclusions. Thank you as always for watching...

Aug 3 Gold Stock Uptrends Get Tested Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts. The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers. Double-click to enlarge the charts. SFS Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SF60 Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SF Trader Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SFJ Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis...



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