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Apr 1 The Selloff Structure Explained – Fibonacci On Deck Chris Vermeulen
Many traders become very emotional when the markets turn Bearish and fail to properly understand that price structure is still driving market price movement. This morning, I highlighted this structure to my subscribers attempting to alert them to the possibility that the markets could recover moderately over the next 3 to 5+ days attempting to set up the next “waterfall” downside price event. On January 29, 2020, I posted a research article detailing my belief that a “waterfall” type of event was setting up in the markets. This article was nearly 30 days prior to the peak in the markets. It explained how events take place and how markets tend to develop a moderate recovery phase between selloff price declines....

Apr 1 The CME Opens Pandora's Box Craig Hemke
With mines, mints, and refineries closed around the world due to coronavirus, the demand for physical gold has blown through the roof. This has led to some drastic measures by the CME Group, which in turn may have unwittingly sealed the fate of the COMEX and the entire fractional reserve and digital derivative pricing scheme. This latest crisis began last Tuesday, when the spot market for gold appeared to seize up as the futures price roared ahead following the announcement of formalized QE∞ by the U.S. Federal Reserve. The event has been chronicled by many analysts and experts, with even Reuters and Bloomberg joining in the reporting...


Apr 1 The Comex And LBMA: Paper Gold on Steroids Dave Kranzler
I truly thought I had seen all that was possible in the creation of paper gold when the Comex rolled out its “pledged gold” category which enabled technically insolvent banks like HSBC and JP Morgan – the only two Comex banks to have taken advantage of this new gold derivative product – to use paper gold to satisfy the performance bond requirement of CME clearing members. But now the LBMA and CME operators have rolled yet another paper gold derivative productive in the hopes that the two entities can stave off defaulting on futures and forward contractual delivery requirements. The Accumulated Certificates of Exchange (“ACE”) facilitates the “fractional” delivery of a 400 oz gold bar. There’s just one minor problem with this set-up.

Apr 1 Key Buy & Sell Zones For Gold Stewart Thomson
10.) The US stock market can rise in this mayhem, but the nation is in a depression. Because the government and citizens failed to take quick action, there won’t be any V-bottom for the US economy. 11.) The Fed predicts 30% unemployment is coming to America. What’s their plan of action to help? Well, in an act of pure insanity, the Fed is printing money and using it to buy ETFs on the stock exchange! 12.) This, while exhausted nurses work shifts on ridiculous hand pump respirators trying to keep patients alive. The bottom line: Socialism for the rich, while Corona ravages the nation. 13.) America’s central bankers are beginning to look psychotic...

Apr 1 From a Failed Breakout to a Failed Breakdown Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA
The historic action of the precious metals sector over the past few weeks has continued. The strong recovery in GDX, GDXJ, and Silver has potentially invalidated the technical breakdown that occurred during the crash. It appears to be a failed breakdown. Furthermore, Gold was looking vulnerable on the weekly, and monthly chart yet was able to slingshot back to $1700/oz. It is currently up $88/oz or 5.6% this month, while the S&P 500 is down 14%. The market provides and conveys information day to day and week by week. Still, monthly charts will smooth out the volatility, and that is especially important during periods of extreme volatility. We plot the monthly line charts for Silver, GDX, and GDXJ below...

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Mar 31 Important Trade and Investment Alert Was Issued Chris Vermeulen
We just issued this trade alert to members of The Technical Investor newsletter which allows members to protect their wealth and assets while continuing to take advantage of opportunities generated by the US and global markets. This is the first trade alert issued in 2020 of this kind. If you are an active investor or traders, have a retirement account of any type or have assets in the stock market, then we urge you to take action and sign up to get this investment trade signal. Our focus is to help traders and investors protect and grow their wealth. We use proprietary price modeling tools that can’t be found anywhere else. Our combined 55+ years investing and active trading experience provides you with incredible insight and opportunity. Passive investing is something for the “other guys”...

Mar 31 The Shortage Of LBMA Bars Persisted Before Coronavirus Dave Kranzler
I found it amusing that Zerohedge tried to take credit for reporting the problem of a physical gold shortage on the LBMA and Comex earlier last week. Several of we “gold bugs” have been discussing and reporting on this issue since before the virus crisis exploded. The Comex has been settling contracts that stand for deliver through EFT and PNT transactions by which the counterparty accepts cash payment or the transfer of the Comex obligation to London for several months. GATA’s Chris Powell expounded on this in a must-read essay on Friday: “What the heck are those mysterious ‘exchange for physicals,’ the mechanisms by which contracts to buy gold on the New York Commodities Exchange are neither fulfilled by delivery on the Comex nor settled for cash there but transported for supposed delivery elsewhere?...


Mar 31 Is the Meltdown Over? - Gold Silver Market Update with Mike Maloney GoldSilver
The question everyone is asking: is the market meltdown over? If you watched nothing other than mainstream news you might be inclined to think that we have come through the storm and are ready to pick up the pieces, board the rocket ship, and launch the markets back to the stars. Mike Maloney begs to differ. Join him in this latest update as he shows why he believes we are in either a dead cat bounce, or a ‘crack up boom’. Thanks for joining us...

Mar 31 Gold and Silver Break Free From Their Paper Chains David Brady
Last week I wrote “Paper Prices Dump, but Premiums for the Physical Metals Soar on Heavy Demand”. My sincere thanks to the many Twitter followers who alerted me to this phenomenon around the world almost two weeks ago now, in which prices for physical Gold and Silver were soaring and inventories were fast running out. Despite encroaching censorship, Twitter still remains an important tool for sharing valuable information. Since then, Silver prices reached a peak of around $35 CAD and ~$25 USD, but that was as of last Friday. It is now almost impossible to know what the real price is, because inventories have disappeared. It could be much, much higher now. We just don’t know. The final confirmation that Gold and Silver supply had almost run out came last Friday from the Royal Canadian Mint...

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Mar 30 Is Silver & Gold Mirroring 1999 to 2011 Again? Chris Vermeulen
Pay attention to the Gold/Silver ratio and the price of Silver compared to Gold over the next 30 to 60+ days. If our research is correct, the current low price of Silver will be a distant memory in less than 60 days and a tandem price advance in both Gold and Silver will propel the metals much higher. How much higher? From 2003 to the peak in 2011, Gold rallied 450% (from $350 to over $1900). Over that same span of time, Silver rallied 1024% (from $4.50 to just under $50). If we are right about this pattern setup and the future opportunities it may present, we could see Silver trading above $160 per ounce within 4 to 7 years. Can you guess where Gold would likely be trading if Silver rallied 1000% from current levels? Don’t miss this next big move in the metals...

Mar 30 Three Charts Every Trader and Investor Must See Chris Vermeulen
Understanding the stock market and its potential through the use of technical analysis and historical price events has been proven repeatedly to outperform all forms of fundamental trading styles. The following is a story that walks you through my experience, the shift in my mindset and how I came to the conclusion that the three charts I share in this article are critical to your understanding of to make money in today’s market! When I first learned to trade, I got all caught up with researching companies and finding the ones with the best earnings and future growth. I did that for several years after studying and following many “professional traders” who said it was the best way to trade and invest long term. We lost our shirts during the 2000 bear market by continuing to trade on...

Mar 30 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
The central problem here with regards to the Fed and other Central Banks “saving the world” with their largesse is that waving your arm gracefully over a keyboard to spirit a few trillion more dollars into existence does not actually produce anything and it will not stop the real world economy from dying. Corporate earnings are cratering right now, and “bottom line” earnings of many companies are set to drop off the bottom of the page. The Fed can attempt to “goose” stock prices by creating trillions to throw at the market all it likes, but it won’t alter the fact that production is collapsing, so this stance will rapidly become untenable as the flood of increasingly worthless dollars crashes the currency. Holders of stock will increasingly “call the Fed’s bluff” by selling onto rallies, so that eventually...

Mar 30 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Whichever way you cut it, silver’s chart looks bearish for the short to medium-term, but against this we must set its rapidly improving COT structure and the mega-bullish silver to gold ratio (by all past standards). Silver’s 7-month chart is a rather grim picture. On it we see that key support failed this month, leading to a dramatic plunge to new lows, and this support has now become resistance. In addition we see that moving averages have swung into bearish alignment, with a bearish “death cross” having occurred about a week ago. The relief rally of the past week or so in sympathy with the relief rally in the broad stockmarket fuelled by Fed intervention, that we predicted and played via leveraged silver ETFs and Calls, is therefore thought to be petering out and set to be followed by another probably steep selloff, congruent with another decline in the broad stockmarket, and a...

Mar 30 The Financial System Was FUBAR Before The Virus Crisis Dave Kranzler
While the coronavirus to be sure is the “black swan” that pricked the stock bubble, market forces eventually would have accomplished the same result. The Fed started bailing out the banking system in September, printing half a trillion dollars to save the banks well before anyone had ever heard of coronavirus or Covid-19. It knew back in September that a massive credit problem was starting to bubble up. The Prepared Mind invited myself and TFMetals’ Craig Hemke to discuss the Catch-22 global debt problem facilitated by the Central Banks, the eventual monetary system reset and, of course, gold and silver...

Mar 30 Silver Miners’ Q4’19 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
The carnage in the silver miners’ stocks has been apocalyptic, fueled by the astounding COVID-19 stock panic. As terrified traders frantically dumped everything and ran for the hills, silver and its miners’ stocks crashed. That catastrophic anomaly has potentially created epic contrarian buying opportunities. The silver miners’ recently-reported Q4’19 results reveal whether their fundamentals support a massive rebound. As long-time silver-stock traders are painfully aware, this tiny sector is no stranger to adversity. Only the most-hardened contrarians dare chasing the white metal’s occasional monster skyrocketings. Back in late February, silver was rallying nicely as gold surged over $1600 on mushrooming COVID-19 fears. But over the next 17 trading days silver collapsed 35.8%, with nearly 3/4ths of that loss in the final week alone!...

Mar 30 Stimulus Bill Gives The Banks $454 Billion In Taxpayer Bailout Money Dave Kranzler
The Government and the Federal Reserve are exploiting the virus crisis to implement another bailout – or attempted bailout – of the “Too Big To Fail Banks.” The stimulus Bill approved 96-0 by the Senate gives the Fed a $454 billion taxpayer funded “slush fund” for Wall Street bailouts. Just as troubling, the Bill suspends the Freedom Of Information Act for the Fed until the earlier of the time at which Trump terminates the National Emergency declaration or December 31, 2020. The latter provision means that the Fed can conduct meetings in secret, is not under any circumstances required to disclose the meeting details to the public and it does not have to keep a record of notes. The public will never know how its $454 billion was spent or which banks and hedge funds (or individuals?) were the recipients of this taxpayer largess...

Mar 30 Gold Stocks: Book Some Profits Now Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts. The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers. Double-click to enlarge the charts. SFS Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SF60 Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SF Trader Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SFJ Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis...



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