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Jun 2 Election Year Cycles – What to Expect? Chris Vermeulen
Every election year over the past five US Presidential election cycles has presented a unique set of price rotation events. Particularly evident in strongly contested US Presidential candidate battles where the voters are consumed with pre-election rhetoric. The 2007-08 election cycle was, in our opinion, very similar to the current market cycle in terms of consumer sentiment and economic function. The 2015-16 election cycle was less similar – yet still important for our researchers. The economic conditions of the US economy and the global economy were vastly different prior to each US Presidential election cycle and continue to evolve throughout the current 2020 election cycle. Yet, our researchers believe the correlation of price volatility and rotation combined with the distraction for consumers as the election process occupies the hearts and minds of almost everyone across the globe takes a toll on the markets...

Jun 2 Is A Run on Comex and London Gold & Silver Occurring? Dave Kranzler
Indications of stress developing in the physical gold and silver markets of London and NYC were apparent last summer, well before anyone ever heard of the term “coronavirus.” The shortage of gold in NY that led to roll-out of the infamous “4G enhanced gold” contract that fractionalized LBMA gold bars for “delivery” on the Comex is just one of the “footprints” in the snow that lead us to this conclusion. In addition, the big spread between spot gold and gold futures which persisted for several weeks and now has spread to the silver market reflects a large dislocation between the physical market and the paper derivatives market for silver. Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics and I discuss what appears to be a drain on the physical supply of gold and silver on the Comex and LBMA...

Jun 2 Falling Into Place Theodore Butler
What I have described above are the makings for the most bullish case possible for silver. Up until now, it has largely been a gold show, with the big losses to the commercial shorts coming overwhelmingly from gold and not silver. Certainly, gold has climbed several hundred dollars from last summer, while silver has just recently started to move higher and is still largely unchanged from yearend. But whereas enough physical gold exists in the world to make delivery at least plausible to close out the big short positions, that same equation wouldn’t appear to exist in silver. With the 8 big shorts holding close to 400 million oz short on the COMEX and what now appears to be a separate short position of 100 million oz created over the past two months from leasing, it’s hard to see where the 500 million oz of silver necessary for actual delivery to close out the short position could come from...


Jun 1 Metals Nearing Critical Momentum For New Parabolic Rally Chris Vermeulen
While the US stock market has rallied over the past 5+ weeks, Gold has stalled near $1730 to $1740. We issued a research post suggesting the GREEN Fibonacci Price Amplitude Arc was acting as major resistance and once that level is breached, we expect a big upside move in Gold. Currently, Gold has reached just above the Green Price Amplitude Arc and this week may be a critical moment for both Gold and Silver in terms of a momentum base. Gold has continued to move high in a series of waves – moving higher, then stalling/basing, then attempting another move higher. This recent base near $1740, after the deeper price rotation in February/March, confirms our 2018/2019 predictive modeling research suggesting that $1750 would be a key level in the near future. Part of that research suggested once $1750 is breached, then a bigger upside move would take place targeting levels above $2400 – eventually targeting $3750...

Jun 1 Weekend Newsletter May 31, 2020 GoldPredict
I think metals and miners are approaching a cycle top. Silver has been leading gold higher, and that often happens at the end of an intermediate-term advance. To extend the current advance, gold would have to break decisively above $1800 and silver above $21.23 (the 2016 high). With the stock market’s rebounding, fear and panic have waned. Demand for physical bullion (gold and silver coins) has collapsed 90% from the March and April rush. Because demand for physical has plummeted, I think a breakout in gold (above $1800) and silver (above $21.23) is unlikely at this time – which is fine with me and will allow more time to accumulate. Premiums remain astronomical, especially on silver eagles. One of my go-to sites APMEX, is charging $10.99 per coin over spot. That is absurd...

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Jun 1 Silver Closes At The End Of May At An Important Technical Level SRSrocco
When the U.S. market begins trading on Monday, the first day of June, it could be very interesting for the silver price. Why? Well, the silver price closed right at an important technical level on the last trading day of May. More importantly, the silver price closed just a few cents shy from the highs for the month. This could be very bullish for traders, depending on where silver trades during the Asian market on Sunday night. According to, the silver price increased more than $3.50 in May, up a healthy 23%. I wrote about the technical levels for the silver price in my newest video, WARNING: Economic & Market Depression, Precious Metals Bull Market. On Thursday, May 28th, the silver price closed at $17.97. The chart below is a “Monthly Chart,” so the candlesticks represent one month of trading...

Jun 1 Still Risk of Further Downside in Precious Metals and Miners David Brady
No major changes in premiums in the past week from either a dollar or percentage basis relative to the paper spot price. Inventory levels in coins remain unchanged, and bars of 10 oz. or greater still remain virtually non-existent. Silver premiums remain significantly higher than those for Gold. The original blowout in premiums, which began in March, was triggered by a surge in demand the Friday before Powell had his ‘whatever it takes’ moment, then two days later when he also slashed the Fed Funds rate by 100 basis points on a Sunday. It was compounded by a shock on the supply side, due to the temporary closure of several refineries and miners because of the risk of COVID-19. Refineries have only partially reopened, and mines are slow to do so also...

Jun 1 Silver Miners’ Q1’20 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
The silver miners’ stocks have surged higher since mid-March’s COVID-19 stock panic, clocking in some big and fast gains. Nevertheless, this long-struggling sector remains vexing. By mid-May as their latest earnings season was wrapping up, the silver stocks were lagging the gold stocks’ powerful upleg. And the silver miners’ Q1’20 operational and financial results were disappointing compared to the gold miners’. Silver and its miners’ stocks have had one heck of a roller-coaster ride in recent months. With primary silver miners a dying breed, and silver stocks languishing deeply out of favor for years, there are only a couple silver-stock ETFs trading in the US. The leading one remains the SIL Global X Silver Miners ETF. And it is still tiny, a rounding error with just $527m in net assets in mid-May. Silver stocks are left for dead...


Jun 1 Warning: U.S. Economic Depression, Precious Metals Bull Market SRSrocco
With the U.S. heading into an economic depression, it will likely motivate more investors to protect their wealth in precious metals. Thus, we could experience a U.S. economic depression and, at the same time, a bull market in gold and silver. Interestingly, over the past two months, the major U.S. stock indexes heading higher even as economic indicators continued to show a BLINKING RED LIGHT. How? We can thank the Federal Reserve for single-handedly propping up the entire U.S. stock market. And, the important level on the Dow Jones which couldn’t be breached, was the critical 18,000 support level. So, when the Dow Jones Index miraculously bounced off this level back in March, shouldn’t be surprised. Watch the video below to find out why this is the case...

Jun 1 The Comex Has Big Problems Dave Kranzler
An article from Bloomberg was published 2 days ago which alleged that “New York Gold Traders Drown in Glut…” The Comex is now reporting there’s 26 million ozs of gold in Comex vaults, 17 million of which is in the “eligible” account. This is up from 9 million total ozs at the end of March, 5.5 million of which was “eligible.” I find it amusing that the mainstream media swallows the Comex data reports without fact-checking or insisting on an independent audit of the bars. Ronan Manly of Bullionstar published a research piece in which he dug up a letter from the CME to the CFTC which stated that the CME believes the deliverable supply of “eligible” is 50% of the reported number. That’s if we take the CME’s estimate prima facie...

Jun 1 Gold Price Dip: Key Miners To Buy Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts. The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers. Double-click to enlarge the charts. SFS Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SF60 Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SF Trader Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SFJ Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis...

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May 29 Real Estate Stats Show Big Wave Of Refinancing Is Coming Chris Vermeulen
Current data released for the May Real Estate and Consumer Spending activity suggests a wave of refinancing is taking place – and not much else. Pending home sales slipped to 69. That level is 7.4 points below the lowest level in 2010 – at the height of the 2008-09 credit crisis that collapsed the global Real Estate values. How big is this new low level in Pending home sales? It’s HUGE. It suggests the rate of sales in the US for Real Estate has collapsed beyond levels that were seen at the worst possible time in recent history (July 2010). In fact, over the past 20 years, there has never been a time when the pending home sales index has collapsed below 74 to 75 – until today. The sudden collapse of Pending Home Sales as a result of the COVID-19 virus event should not have come ...

May 29 Dow Jones Index Totally Disconnects from the Employment Data SRSrocco
It’s no surprise to most investors that the Fed is propping up the stock market. However, if we compare the Dow Jones Index versus the continued unemployment claims, something seriously wrong is going on. According to the St. Louis Federal Reserve, continued unemployment claims are nearly four times higher than the peak reached in June 2009. When the continued unemployment claims reached a peak in 2009, the Dow Jones Index had fallen 54% from its highs in 2007. On the other hand, today, with 25 million Americans receiving unemployment insurance, the Dow Jones is only down 13% from its high...

May 29 Statistics, Lies and the Reservoir Effect Alasdair Macleod
This article debunks the misconception that GDP represents economic health. It explains how monetary flows have led to markets in financial assets inflating while non-financials in the GDP bucket are in deep distress. And why, at a time of rapid monetary expansion, all attempts to quantify the effects of monetary policy on the real economy become even more meaningless. Financial markets are acting like an inflation reservoir. And when the dam bursts bond yields will rise substantially, undermining values of other financial assets. The non-financial GDP economy will then face the full force of monetary depreciation, with calamitous consequences for ordinary people: the unemployed (of which there will be many), the low-paid and retirees living on meagre pensions and savings...

May 28 Could A Bottom In Capital Velocity Be Setting Up? Chris Vermeulen
May 28 Many Dangers in Owning GLD, and SLV ETFs Nick Barisheff
May 28 Gold and Silver Correction Ahead? Jeff Clark
May 28 Suddenly Everything is Too Big to Fail – John Rubino Greg Hunter
May 27 “Real” Interest Rates Weigh on COMEX Gold Craig Hemke
May 27 Gold Stock Profits: A Horn Of Plenty Stewart Thomson
May 26 Are You An Idiot? Again? Bill Holter
May 26 Why Silver Stocks Should Be on Investors' Radar Clive Maund
May 26 Australian Perth Mint Silver & Gold Bullion Sales Surge In April SRSrocco
May 26 USA Entering A Period Of Decline And New World Order Chris Vermeulen
May 26 Getting Positioned for the Worst Depression in the History of the World Clive Maund
May 26 Predictive Modeling Suggests US Markets 12% Over Valued Chris Vermeulen
May 26 Gold Stocks: This Rally Isn't Done Morris Hubbartt



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